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The Doctor Is In | Little Nightmares 2- Part 3

Jun 06, 2021
Here, oh, she's trying to keep it at one, six, keep it, keep it, oh no, no, ah, no, yeah, so you gotta be like that. Your game with that man is alright, alright, where is he? It's behind, come here, come on, it's okay, there's one, there's one, one hand is down, though come on, stop moving, I'll be like this. I'm glad once we're out of this area, I hate it like this, it's not a vibe, what is this buffalo, what is that noise, wait, wait, is this where the chefs get their masks? It's just that there it goes, wait, what no, I don't understand, I heard that you're supposed to stink, I don't know, the flashlight doesn't hide under the shelf, okay, so what triggered them?, although I'm sure everything. right, so don't have a flashlight, I don't know either, go over there, I don't know what I'm doing, I think I have to go, oh God, here you see that space on the shelf on the right, oh, oh my God.
the doctor is in little nightmares 2  part 3
Oh my god, oh okay, where am I going? I kept running, but maybe I don't think you can. I think he sees you and I can't. I can't move the camera to see it either. I see his boxes there, yes, but you can. I don't go in because whatever you're doing, dude, I'm not a fan, so he does it, why is he on the roof? I wish he could look and see what he's doing. He won't let me, for some reason, do I hide? behind the register maybe I think you'll see me, I don't know, I think that might be the time to go and then I'll hear the trinkets, yeah, I think you know what the hell, I'm so fast.
the doctor is in little nightmares 2  part 3

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the doctor is in little nightmares 2 part 3...

I guess he'll come here oh yeah what the hell? How is he the one who makes the mannequins and then I think we hide behind the table and then I think there, yes, there is a button, oh, what do I press the button with where does he go? He probably could have left, but I want to make sure of his pattern first. I received that noise. How does it stay on the ceiling? You're not Spider-Man. I don't know, does he have legs? Yeah, he's fine, so what do I hit? the button with though um oh this blocks the way back oh I think I see what I have to do you can come in from this side here okay yeah that's what you do six you're not under the bed much I can't I see alright, I think when it comes back the other way that's when I grab the block, not like this, it comes back the other way, it's like a


or something, dude, I'm trying to get this block back here or whatever I can throw, so if you give Me like two seconds to wait until he's in that other bed, not this one, go to the other bed, you know, he's weird, he's more human than anyone we've seen, other than himself, crawling through the roof, stay there. you doing six I told you guys six are outside please character flat armor I think you have enough time to make the two beds before he does whatever he does and we wait here until he gets back there I think this is where The chase come in I guess you can't go to the back one although no, I don't even know how it stays up there, let's go to the back, let's go to the back, I don't know, oh God, don't look here, oh.
the doctor is in little nightmares 2  part 3
God, oh this makes me start here, thank God, okay, so don't go there, okay, keep running, keep running, wait, but hiding under the bed doesn't work, running doesn't work, so yeah , because there's nowhere else to go except run in that direction and ew, his lip is so flabby, dude, how are you staying up there? I guess he just saw you, yeah, that was very strange. Are you going to like reaching the ground here? I think you'd like there to be an oh yeah, yeah, there's another one here. Okay, so don't touch those holes because he can touch them.
the doctor is in little nightmares 2  part 3
Yeah, I don't think you should jump. down here because that glitch will kill oh no, can it come up here? He's probably fine, so he jumps down there, okay, oh, I need a key, yeah, and then we'll sneak in there. What's here is a thing, a switch, I don't think. Can I go up there or can I Oh, I thought it was a switch on the door, okay, wait, where is he? I thought that's loud. Where are you? I tought you were here. I guess he's not here. Oh, there's a door, though it'll probably come. at some point, oh, I bet this is going to make noise and then he'll come in, yeah, or boy, maybe, oh, I jump in there, why don't I wait, how do I do it?
Oh, there's a key there, okay, so I need to get here somehow, yeah. Ok, I see it, so I close that, now my knees, okay, there we go, okay, yeah, and then we jump up there and I bet we stand out under the table, he's not going to come in, something's going to happen, oh, Sure, like I have to hear this. It's probably going to go through the doors or something, okay, go up six, there you go, okay, damn, yeah, it's the same baby six, you didn't have to go down right, if you jumped off a bridge, it would follow you, okay six .
Please don't, oh, I'm stupid, you had the chance here, okay, come on, six, we're back, okay, apparently it's coming in handy, so obviously we need a plug to open that one, okay, six, oh, at least it's Hygienic, I guess not. No matter, oh, how we're going to get there, I think I think we'll pull this. It looks like you need something, yeah, I don't know, I thought maybe you would pull on one side here and that would allow you to jump, but I'll try. pulling again when he comes back you can't do anything about this I think six needs to boost me I just realized yeah I think she might I think because she hasn't boosted me in a while oh what the hell that's not that's not that's that's not the janitor , oh, I don't think it is, it's not very short, oh, I need to drop down and flip the switch, oh, and then I have to hide under the bed, okay, oh boy, okay, oh my god, dude , okay and then you should probably do it.
I've run, I think he'll be there trying to do it. Now, why did we come here? Six are going in that direction. I do not know how much time. I don't know if there is a timer. Okay, monkey. There you take it. go, go, yeah, here she comes, oh, I go, oh, no, yeah, she's definitely faster than him, oh my god, go, magnetic hands, that's serious, because at least with the first game they had to catch you to catch you, not just magnetize you to you monkey why are you? No wonder he doesn't have the stamina to do this he just doesn't want to oh my god let's oh my god we are oh my god that would be horrible oh my god yes six six please I mean a


kinky darling , and then look again at what happened in the first game, she's like roasted, toasted, six, we have, we have to leave six, six, come on, can I not, can't I drag her away either?
We have to go, okay, just follow you, yes, yes, she has to lose me again, so I needed that moment, God, what a way to go, she looks like a bloated corpse, yes, I wonder how she stayed on the roof.

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