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The Doctor Changes His Daughter's Abuser Gender Into Beautiful Woman!

Apr 27, 2023
welcome to comedy nation, this time we will recap a 2000 thriller drama film called the skin eye liven, so let's get straight to the point, we first meet vera cruz, a young


in the spanish city of toledo at the beginning of the film, she is completely covered by a stalking skin-colored body with the exception of her head, is confined to a room, and is regularly fed by the maid. burn victims night falls robert returns home it turns out robert owns the farm in his home lab robert is developing artificial skin that is impervious to burns and insect bites after finishing visit robert's room vera to talk to her however he realizes that veer tried to commit suicide by cutting his body the thief takes her to the farm's operating room where he sews her up robert discovers that vera's skin is softer than he expected robert is working on creating a synthetic material that uncannily resembles human skin in appearance and even texture it appears that this artificial skin is more resistant to burns than real skin one day robert introduces his artificial skin substance which he has named gal at memory of his late wife who died in a car accident robert has been warned to stop his investigation immediately or he would be arrested as he crossed a moral line robert tells them he will stop his investigation as a result after that he goes to visit vera at home robert says no more work is necessary when she asks if there are any improvements she would like to make vera can now say she has the most


skin in the world because she has done everything she can vera is starting to feel like she practically she lives with robert after being imprisoned for so long she tries to get close to robert but he rejects her and walks away the next day, robert is informed by marilia, one of the maids who has been taking care of him since he was a little boy, that she heard By choosing Gal's face as a model for Vera, now Vera looks too much like her, which causes some confusion for Robert, so Roberts instructs Marilia to dismiss all the servants.
the doctor changes his daughter s abuser gender into beautiful woman
A man dressed as a carnival enters the estate like these three servants make zika the son of marilia whom she hasn't seen for ten years is called that way marilia opens the door for him and is delighted to see him soon discovers however that zika participated in a robbery in which he killed one of the employees and now he is hides in the police estate zika refuses to listen to marilya when she orders him to leave immediately then on one of the monitors he notices vera practicing yoga, zika takes the gun from marilya before she can shoot it when she points a gun at him and then after pinning marilia to a chair he walks into vera's room, vera tries to run away as he opens the door but zika grabs her and she kicks him. to her face zuka then returns vera to her room and forces a sexual encounter with her there robert arrives home just as marilya is being tied up zika is killed by robert when he pulls out a gun and shoots him several times afterwards while marilyn straightens the space she tells veera something neither of them knew that zika and robert were really half-siblings the owner of the farm robert's father had a relationship with marilia when robert was born the ledgers claimed he was his son and also his more late through marilia one of the maids gave birth to zika zika grew up on the streets and marilia met him for the first time 12 years ago when he showed up needing shelter gal discovered him and fell in love with him even though marilia had him hiding in a shed gal agreed to flee with zuka but his vehicle was destroyed zika escaped after the collision and survived gal did not die in the actual accident it is later clarified that robert discovered his wife terribly burned and injured on the property nursed her that day and night after saving her life he started conducting the study which resulted in the skin synthetic chemical at that time the girl finally fully recovered from her injuries and one day she was able to walk without help once she heard the singing of her


norma and got up to look out the window to see her she threw herself out the window to her death in front of norma because she was so scared by her reflection when she saw it vera gives robert a kind look when he comes home after the two mate they fall asleep in each other's arms robert dreams of a wedding that happened six years ago while they were sleeping there was also norma who had developed mental instability as a result of watching her mother die she smiles at some young people in the area as she and her new friends They have a few drinks Robert discovers that Norm is not there, at the party, later, he runs out to look for her and sees a young man leaving the property on a motorcycle, then Robert discovers Norm unconscious on the ground under the tree.
the doctor changes his daughter s abuser gender into beautiful woman

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the doctor changes his daughter s abuser gender into beautiful woman...

She screams hysterically when she sees her father for the first time once she wakes up young Vincent. who norma had smiled at during the wedding robert finds vincent and follows him a week later vincent is pushed off the road and then a tranquilizer dart is fired at him as his motorcycle is loaded into the vehicle before robert leaves the evening Weissen's mother contacts him to the police to report him missing, however, she discovers that the bison motorcycle was discovered at the base of the Finister cliffs, leading the police to suspect that the bison had drowned after the crash. incident.
the doctor changes his daughter s abuser gender into beautiful woman
Norma's mental state deteriorates and she develops a fear of all men, including Robert Visant being held captive in a dimly lit space while Vincent learns who Robert is but Robert hides the reason why he is keeping the bison locked up one day. norma follows in her mother's footsteps and commits suicide by jumping out of the hospital window vicente is to blame for his


's as he passes by, which breaks robert's heart, he knocks out vicent one day and takes him to the operating room at his estate soon after, many of robert's medical staff show up and help robert with the procedure vincent is shocked to learn that the procedure was a vaginoplasty when he wakes up and then robert locks bisontop in the same private room where he sees currently resides robert tells vincent to gradually stretch his new mating machine to prevent it from sticking together weissen has made a full recovery while robert carries out his experiments on him weisen waits for robert to finally do it lets him come home but robert tells him reports that his work is just beginning gal robert finishes erasing all signs of bison from his prisoner before changing her name to vira robert invites marilia to return to the property one day to help him care for both vera and the property for some reason marilia has been absent from the estate for over four years robert doesn't tell marilia much about tacking other than the fact that the estates clinic has treated her in the past;
the doctor changes his daughter s abuser gender into beautiful woman
However, when Marilia sees Vera, she instantly identifies Vera as a girl and realizes something is wrong when Marilia finally understands what is happening in the state she chooses to help prove Vera can now move around the house without Constraints in the present Marilia who doesn't trust Vira is wary about this approach of Vira and Robert Tarby as they continue to spend more time together Robert arranges a shopping trip for Marilia to take Vera one day Robert forces Marilia to take Vera to the city even though she doesn't want to take robert's gun off his desk and place it in the virus bag while she takes his bag robert gets the cream as he enters the space and starts to open it eagerly then vera pulls out the gun and he shoots her in the chest, the shot wakes her up happily and she grabs her own gun and runs to robert's room, she is horrified to discover her son's lifeless body in his bed, marilia is also murdered by viera, who is hiding under the bed, finally released from imprisonment.
She is present for the first time since her abduction. She leaves the mansion and returns to her mother's clothing store. His former co-worker, Christina, doesn't recognize him and thinks he's there. to buy a dress, vincent then confesses to christina who he is in a sad way, he was kidnapped six years ago and against his will they changed his


after killing two people, he managed to escape his captors and now he turned to christina looking for help. weissen the story surprises christina who starts to cry weissen's mom emerges to investigate the problem vincent says terribly to his mom that i'm visible thanks for watching we hope you had fun please subscribe share and like to help the channel to go out

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