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The Dangerous Worship of Dark Academia

Dec 24, 2021
Internet aesthetics have been around for as long as I can remember and with the rise of increasingly advanced social media platforms, the ideals of these digital movements have only become more pervasive, it used to be that one could only stumble upon posts or board images. trendy rooms with too many fairy lights on tumblr in the past, but with the launch of pinterest in 2010 and tiktok in 2016, the popularity of particular subcultures has grown almost as fast as the platforms themselves to the point where one can now being exposed to these aesthetics without even browsing these app feeds to put it simply, these aesthetics have evolved beyond visually pleasing images and have become actual lifestyles with a large following but with the rise of an aesthetic among my youtube companions known as


academy that I have since worried about is the devotion to what Is the beginning of these movements really in our best interest or is this aesthetic nothing more than a set of fa decades meant to hide superficiality and mindless conformity before we start looking into the matter, we must ask ourselves what is an aesthetic aesthetic as noun has been used to refer to the branch of philosophy related to the study and nature of beauty, however, the way aesthetics is used is an instant adjective, giving it a similar meaning, albeit ultimately instance, different.
the dangerous worship of dark academia
What both words have in common, however, is their interest in beauty. Things that are aesthetic, of course, denote a degree of beauty, but this raises some questions. aesthetic beautiful pretty or good looking, it's important to note that aside from the fact that the word aesthetic has fallen victim to overuse that most slang words are now often used as nothing more than an advanced form of call something beautiful, aesthetic things share with us. a very particular type of beauty that is undoubtedly synthetic classically aesthetic images suspended reality through the use of filters that change the colors of things in the original photo or a strange or truly unreal theme, these images harbor for us a kind of silliness in which we find satisfaction, but it suggests that the internet cannot produce real beauty even outside of these pre-existing limitations if you have ever tried to take a photograph of a sunset or a mountain ridge on the horizon, you will know it and you will have even told a friend that it does not compare with reality or, in other words, that the experience of being present before that scene leaves a different and stronger impression on you than simply looking at a photograph of it, in addition to the fact that these images aren't exactly of things that exist in the physical world, even if they were, would it make a difference since the internet can't provide us with the p The pleasure of being there can only offer us what aesthetic images do, so maybe we enjoy these images because they are an escape from reality and from real beauty something we can. find both awesome and horrible and perhaps that escapism is what may partly mean that something is aesthetic, if so then Nietzsche's statement that we have art so that we do not perish from the truth could be applied with aesthetics as the medium between incomprehensible nonsense and real art and beauty, regardless of when something that is imaginary is successfully created, it is done deliberately, and when this is the case, it is implied that there is a particular kind of intention behind it.
the dangerous worship of dark academia

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the dangerous worship of dark academia...

I think understanding this is the key to understanding the aesthetics of the Internet in general. the images are intended to make us feel a particular way while looking at them while not anything can be art anything can be the catalyst for an artistic experience frederick schiller the german poet whose joy would later inspire beethoven's famous composition of the same name suggested in a series of letters to a friend that the purpose of art was to teach us to feel though aesthetically thin gs may not exactly be art when done correctly, they inspire emotions within us, the most common being relief or a placid aesthetic and calm, things are often meant to calm us down, calm us down, and make life more pleasant or exciting, even for a brief moment. but not everyone will share the same aesthetic taste or, in other words, not everyone will agree on whether something is aesthetic or not. aesthetics as part of their identity comparable to a matter of style, this could be why some find liminal spaces to be aesthetic rather than existentially disturbing.
the dangerous worship of dark academia
I was surprised that so many commented on my last video that these images actually calmed them down and I was even more surprised to find images of liminal spaces populating the aesthetic subreddit, yet when exploring these spaces in person or online, the only thing in what everyone agrees is that these images feel different, they are often labeled as manifestations of an altered reality. I have a feeling that feeling and the emotion it instills in us are the two things that meet the criteria for an aesthetic experience for that particular group of people and why I find it that way.
the dangerous worship of dark academia
Many aesthetic images personally make me feel the same way liminal spaces do, though not as strongly. The phenomenon simply reinforces the idea that context matters even with things that are considered aesthetic. The previous experiences we've had with things and the way we approach them now. helps define what something will mean to us individually so if the description I just finished providing is what defines something as aesthetic and what is anesthetic this is actually a very simple concept comparatively an aesthetic is just the name of values ​​and contextual meaning. that unite a collection of aesthetic things, whether it be the principles of fashion, a particular color palette, or the value of the lifestyle represented by the nature of the aesthetic objects, is ultimately the context of an aesthetic that forms its values ​​and the values ​​that establish the contextual meaning of said aesthetic for some aesthetics its current form originated in real cultures and subcultures throughout the years of history then increasingly romanticized in the same way that wine ages now the Ideals and values ​​of said culture, including style conceptions of beauty and, to some extent, even morality have been passed down and fulfilled by those who find such ways of being admirable.
Dark academy is one such aesthetic. and has proven to be something of an enigma. The


academy has been around for a long time under other names, but now it has found a new voice and name through tiktok videos populated with the autumnal hues of tweed and knitted wool and references to classical music, art, literature and philosophy are the norm during the pandemic. de kova 19 saw a near-total closure of the ngs school building and universities in the united states in march 2020 according to education week the closures affected at least 55.1 million students and 124,000 public and private schools in the united states freed from the burden of essay exams and other mundane schoolwork 55.1 million American students were now free to spend their time as they wished and many chose to spend their time in a more authentic type of study without the prompting of any institution social and field only out of a sincere desire to learn and create.
I've seen some articles suggesting this happened because young female students were dying from college slave labor, but suicide is the second leading cause of death among US college students. the stressed anxious and downtrodden poster strikes me as absolutely absurd I think it much more plausible to consider the possibility that, freed from the demands of educational institutions, young poets, composers, authors, philosophers, and playwrights might finally sit back and happily participate in colorful realms of thought that would otherwise be unavailable. available through art through the power of art the way we approach our day to day business slowed down as many minds began to speed up until finally operating on their own terms under these conditions it is easy to see how one could develop a passion for learning and producing art if not kept pre Clearly during the early months of the pandemic, the dark academy hashtag exploded on tiktok taking an already relatively popular trend and growing it to its status as a current aesthetic, while the minute details of its growth remain unclear, the essence of the equation is that this becomes something for independent scholars to take refuge in maybe that's why the aesthetic is one of the most notable when it comes to an internet culture being transcribed from the internet into real life to become a movement lifestyle with core beliefs and ethics. before addressing it, rc walden has gone so far as to call the aesthetic the beginning of the next renaissance and in many ways this is a phenomenon to celebrate but if that were all i might stop the video here sadly the dark academy it is in many ways an enigma and a problem Journalists with a political agenda have called it Eurocentric, elitist and sexist, others further point out how it glorifies suicide, drug and alcohol abuse and depression, but I don't mean to add to the pile of articles and publications that affirm this. i want to investigate the dark academy from the point of view of a philosopher this is deconstructing the dark academy aesthetics in general is hard to define it is easy to point out that one t thing visually looks similar to another but when one asks what the dark academy is I like that many others were originally lost to better understand the aesthetic, I turn to what has been the bible of the dark academy since it came out in 1992 where the secret history begins although, like the real bible, it is rarely read and when often misunderstood, secret history served its purpose for me as the orthodox lexicon of dark academy. the novel tells the story of five students studying the Greek language at the elite university. in new england and their attempts to cover up the murder of the former sixth member in their coalition page one describes the murder of this bunny and the rest of the novel explains the events before and after this event as in any group of friends there is destined to be tension at times, however, the bunnies seemed to have a hole inside of him that could only be filled by the suffering of others and after learning that the group had acted up again. chanal without him one that led to the unexpected death of a farmer on private property blackmails the group to get what he wants from them henry winters stoic impervious to human emotion and in my opinion the real focus of this story cannot tolerate this being used for being in control, disobedience is the unforgivable sin and therefore the bunny drives himself to his own death.
This is an interestingly preachy novel about the idea of ​​divine madness in many ways. Henry casts the same peculiar shadow as Light Yagami's. Hero in his own respect, but as Charles said, who was on the verge of tears, how could you justify cold-blooded murder? Henry lit a cigarette. view of human life, everything suits him for such a comparison, in fact, after reading the seeker story, I began to wonder if Death Note had secretly been part of the dark academy. ng and perhaps it is for some in the same way that others claim that the harry potter books are the secret history clarified for me the mysterious inclusion of the word dark and the title of what often seems to be nothing more than an ode to the life of a prestigious academic referenced the hues and shades one would commonly find devotees of this aesthetic dressed in or referenced a more harrowing set of psychological phenomena the secret story showed me was actually so much a goth girl might dress in black we only consider this edgy because we understand the intended meaning that that person just doesn't have any of it when asked directly an individual in this category might answer that it's a reflection of how some online statements feel explain that for the gothic community, the color black symbolizes many things, such as death, night and the unknown, which are common themes. it is in the art and literature of gothic music, similarly, the colors of giving k Academic fashion is reminiscent of autumn, the season before winter, which is often a symbol of death itself.
There's something chilling about the images posted to Instagram by obscure academic accounts that often show gothic architecture and cloudy skies. If this sounds even relatively distressing, it is because it is intended to be loving someone who for some reason cannot reciprocate your feelings is painful but if you listen to the poet maybe there is a kind of beauty in that love dark academies mature academies with philosophiesmelancholy about death yearning for the passion and mystery of life itself this explains why the community has been so fond of gothic and ironic literature along with all this then comes the academic stylistic motifs those who are devoted to the style of dark academy fashion want to be perceived in a particular way, that is, they want to be perceived as something. similar to an intelligent but disturbed angsty scholar who want to be perceived this way because using that is what they want to be if it doesn't impart what they already are this is the beginning of my concern jean-paul sot in his great philosophical work being and the nothing disputes the idea of ​​bad faith the radical and absolute freedom of humanity was very important to sat we are absolutely free to choose to do what we want to be what we want the only thing that will stop us one day from deciding to commit suicide for no reason is that we currently don't want to whether or not we succeed in going through with that decision is irrelevant, but the fact that we are free to decide to do what we want to do was terrifying for salt one of saath's most famous insights on how humanity deals with this dilemma was the concept of bad faith for him bad faith is a form of self-deception inauthenticity in a denial of the reality of human freedom when we try to limit ourselves to In order to escape the infinite possibilities of our freedom then we are living in bad faith salsa did not believe that we as individuals possess an essence he is famous first quote existence precedes essence what it means to say that our being is not the same as a object is that of a table or a chair that type of being that is called being in itself because what we are and what we are in short our condition is in constant change we lack an essence in this way we seek to cause this b being that is to be human being by itself or consciousness by its own by-products bad faith then it is the effort to give oneself an essence in malpractice to escape the freedom of our condition those who live in bad faith play to be a thing like a table like a table or a chair is a chair a dreaming shopkeeper is offensive to the buyer because said shopkeeper is not quite a shopkeeper one of the biggest problems with any aesthetic is determining what is and what is not suitable to be considered a part of that aesthetic which is why the eurocentric argument for dark academy arises every label is inherently limiting, we can't go around calling basic things dark academy things or we'd be confused as to what those terms really mean and about the differences between them This is a bit of an extreme example but it clarifies the intent behind the gatekeeper for a given aesthetic in relation to this discussion, ultimately the gatekeeper acts as a double edged sword as gatekeeping in this case is an extreme and active way of determining what a thing is, it helps to maintain the dark academy philosophy and its aesthetic, but at the cost of possible innovation in dark academy style and values, of course, no innovation or adjustment will do. and it can be difficult to differentiate between valid creative and artistic decisions and to take aesthetic liberty without regard to the values ​​and context of the dark


or any aesthetic if one really wants to be considered part of this aesthetic then one must adhere to the more widely held ideal from the dark academy to do anything else would just be a dark academy but slightly different or get there but not close enough in the minds of most observers but it's not real sauce he himself writes that there are in fact many ways to imprisoning a man in what is as if we lived in perpetual fear that he might escape that which might suddenly break and elude his gateke eping condition is one such precaution while we adhere so strictly to the tenants of the dark academy and the How we want to look like others on social media may be the most aesthetically pleasing option of our own. vely, is the least authentic can point to nothing on social media being authentic as it's too easy to fix recorded moments to be whatever we want them to be, they could also point to the usual attitude on the subject and that because of this , the concession of the platform is nothing more than lies and half truths. fake bodies fake appearances fake attitudes and fake realities with their fake meaning what seems to be true online is just not true you could say we just make believe a child plays with his body to explore it we play with our condition and our feeds to realize it It's doing everything possible to make it real when it never can be.
It's hard for me to see how anyone could disagree with this train of thought, but I find aesthetic conformity to be inauthentic in the same way as bad faith. it is said that it sought to be authentic a fixed mode of being with its fixed modes of presentation it is dead it cannot stand the ever-changing attitudes and bursts of creativity and innovation that every individual experiences some sources have stated that the dark academy is the nostalgia of a life however, life is based on academic errors, but I cannot say that this is a life that any of the members of this movement are guaranteed to live and I cannot say that it will be as glorious as it is made out to be if ever experienced at the same time. maximum.
The standards put forward by dark


supporters remind that a dreaming shopkeeper is not fully a shopkeeper and an aesthetically innovating dark academic is not fully subscribed to the dark academia they live as something altered sometimes to the point of being irreconcilable with the original but if we can have a hope that it is our dreams that take us to new frontiers there is one thing that I have learned researching this video is that people are hungry for the beauty that we long for We need it and we need it. Psychologically impersonal atmospheres when perceived as such lead to decreased emotional well-being.
Get away from such things. People seek to incorporate beauty into everything, although this requires a deliberate and conscious effort. as donna tartt writes in the secret history, there is nothing wrong with a love of beauty, but beauty, unless it has led to something more significant, is always superficial if we are to believe that the dark academy as a movement of lifestyle is based on something more than absolute. superficiality, then we must investigate our claims, higher education has always been cherished as the holy grail of western society, it has been used as a way to ensure that the elite remain in positions of power, as in the case of the early catholic church and the lack of education. it has been used as a way to bind some groups in metaphorical chains, such as southern slave owners in the United States, keeping black people illiterate when this is a narrative we are taught in the West it becomes all too common to see education as one of the most valuable things a person can have and it is dark the academy knows this when it wants to find what a person thinks of as the meaning of life, yet watch how they carry theirs with such high expectations of what an education can offer, it is easy for those who are already relatively intelligent to learn more and more as their calling in life to value the intellect as the highest. faculty in man and thinking of intelligence as the highest virtue being intelligent becomes more than an attribute it becomes everything but intelligence by itself is not the highest virtue nor is it a search for knowledge the meaning of intelligence life there is more to this life than the embodiment of ideals of enlightenment, this is a concept that has been represented in the stories of many characters over time, but most notable is Faust, the story of an alchemist who after As most of what there is to know still finds his life hollow and empty, he turns to the devil Mephistopheles with a deal during this life, the devil will be four slaves granting him unlimited knowledge and all his desires, but if for a moment Faust discovers the meaning or happiness in which mephistopheles gives him faust will die instantly and sell his soul to the devil for all eternity true to his role in history mephistopheles stands as a symbol of the allure and dangers of unknowable knowledge faust demands genius from him and expects beauty without anticipating the dangers of either the pursuit of knowledge implies a basic state of ignorance a darkness covering the unknown that must be dispelled by the light of understanding but the radiance of light in a vacuum runs the horrible risk of revealing something terrible indeed the brightness of light itself can be terrible.
The more light we allow ourselves, the more we see that only more darkness is revealed. Life offers us no answer. It is true and therefore our futile clinging to certain knowledge does not give us lasting satisfaction or meaning, so Faust ultimately wins over the devil and thus Mephistopheles offers Faust magic beyond intelligibility and supposed power. that accompanies it Pushing beyond the limits of the human has always been part of the Faust tale encapsulated within the quest for knowledge. The desire to explore such magic and all its mystery lies at the heart of the dark academy, in addition to the already discussed intellectual facets of this concept of beauty is another type of magic that lies far beyond the limits of the human being and which we constantly try to capture at the beginning of this video.
I explain that the Internet aesthetic is meant to inspire some kind of emotional response in those who appreciate it. dark academy is dedicated to inspiring two emotions in particular an attitude that is itself mysterious wonder and awe when i began researching this video i was skeptical that there was anything about dark academy that i personally could find admirable but i can't help but recall moments when The ones I browsed the shelves of my local library with a kind of reverence surpassed by their majesty or the feelings of awe and determination I felt as I walked slowly around the stained glass display on my college campus.
These were special moments for me and they inspired me to do the things that led me to make this video today. These moments, even now, feel sacred, so I can sympathize with the dark academia's attempt to capture and preserve that feeling through a kind of beauty. Plato's Socrates states in the Dialogue of the Theaters that philosophy begins with astonishment but the astonishment that Plato is talking about here is an astonishment in the sense of bewilderment or perplexity and not astonishment according to Plato being bewildered and wishing to stop being that way is what awakens philosophical thought but they cannot help but think that one does not need to be confused in or to understand how little they know and be inspired to learn as a result of that, the realization of how small our understanding of the world really is is what I call wonder and, along with wonder, works to inspire us to venture into the dark . mists of our ignorance, but even these sentiments as inspiring as they are were not enough to convince me that the dark academy approach was justified. the secret story before i thought no now i think so and i think my thing is this a morbid yearning for the picturesque at all costs the actual plot of the secret story is more than anything else a story about the power of beauty is something that is Hard to avoid the allure of something that has such power over us that we yearn for the opportunities to implement it into our own lives, but it's the character's obsession with learning ideals. g and the beauty that end up being its final demise beauty is a tear pie writes perhaps contemplating how the beauty that once captivated the characters of his novel with its almost divine light then devoured their lives like acid to their flesh corroding the very fabric of his being ruined and rotten like faust and mephistopheles promise of unknowable knowledge there is also a danger to beauty and it is a danger that runs through the heart of the dark academy like a nasty scar a scar that can be found in the lives of those fanatics too who adore and try to emulate their ideals decay mutilate and disfigure any organic processes that were previously in operation man is not yet ripe for perfection and the struggle for that aesthetic perfection that is beyond all human limitations amounts to a losing battle it is better that we enjoy life for what it offers with a genuine and open heart because e is the very vulnerabilities and failings of humanity that make it beautiful.
Anything beyond that is pleasurable fantasy and the pursuit of the wrong ideal can wreak havoc at Dark Academy when used as a vehicle to instill in us that Wonder and the world can go a long way in fostering community-focused young minds. around it can be a help to those who wish to enter the world of philosophy, literature and art, but when the dark academy is used to promote the act of going beyond all human limitations with an insatiable appetite for aesthetic or intellectual perfection, I am afraid I see the danger in thisit's clearly the dark academy the modern renaissance might as well be the way it's leading so many to find the passion and art of educating themselves, but it can only fulfill its highest function if we appreciate but don't adore the aesthetic ideals it , when emulated, they will lead us only to distract you

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