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Sep 15, 2023
So today's video will be another true crime kiss solved, today is the second part of the series that I posted the other day, three guys, one hammer, so today is the second part, if you haven't seen the first part, you need to see it. Because this won't make any sense, I'll link it here if you want to go and watch it, then come back here and let's go quickly before we get into this. I just want you to know that I totally got it. I started my second channel once again. I had a little break over Christmas, but I'm back there now, so if you want to subscribe, it's just called eleanor.
the dnepropetrovsk maniacs
I'll link it below in the description. I'd love to. See you there, so today we're going to talk about of course the three guys from One Hammer Case, but today we're more about capturing Disney's probatross


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the dnepropetrovsk maniacs

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the dnepropetrovsk maniacs...

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the dnepropetrovsk maniacs
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the dnepropetrovsk maniacs
I personally loved it and I know you will love Skillshare too and they have been very kind to give you a special little discount for the first 1000. of you who click the link below in the description of this video will get a free trial of Skillshare premium membership. I said free twice, but that's because, by the way, it's free and after that it's only about ten dollars a month, so what? You are waiting? Click the link below in the description. Thanks again to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Now let's get into the case, just a quick warning though before we move on to the second part of this case, it includes themes of animal abuse and the killing of animals and I know that's something that many of you struggle with in my videos, so I'll try to give warnings on the videos where that appears, so if that's not for you, if you have to click out of this video, don't worry, I'll be back as soon as I can with another video.
Okay, now before we move on to part two, I'm just going to give a quick recap of part one and we'll jump right into it. I'm sorry. It's been a long time The setting is Dinipra Ukraine in 2007. In the space of 21 days 21 bodies appeared on the streets of the city and all the victims appeared to have the same injuries, they were all brutally beaten with what looked like a large, heavy object. and their faces were virtually unrecognizable and there was no clear victim profile at this point. All of the victims seemed very different from each other.
There were men. There were women. There were children. There were all ages. all different professions, they seemed to be from different walks of life, it didn't seem like the killer was particularly targeting a specific type of person, however, as the murders progressed, the police realized what these victims had in mind. common and that was that each of them was vulnerable in some way when they were killed, whether it was a homeless man asleep on a bench and unable to defend himself, whether it was a somewhat small and petite woman or whether it was a drunk or a Child, you know that There was some place where the killer must have felt he could dominate each victim.
There was some kind of physical advantage that the killer must have had, so this led the police to believe that it was probably a man who was committing these murders. older man and there were a couple of survivors of these attacks, one survivor in particular who tried to help the police in this case as much as he could was a 14 year old boy whose best friend was murdered right in front of him and this boy told him Police said it was two young men who had attacked him and his friend. Now this changed the police's mind about what kind of killer they thought they had on their hands.
This guy gave as much information as he could, but because this was so traumatic. event and he was hiding from most of it, he couldn't tell the police much more than maybe they were in their early 20s and they were teenagers and they were kids, they were just little kids, two of them too, so now the police knew that they were looking for. For two people, two attackers also knew that the killers were stealing items from their victims, funds, money, any type of jewelry they had and so they decided to contact the local pawn shops in Denebra to see if any of these items stolen.
They had been sold to pawn shops because they could easily track down a killer and that was when the police finally got their big break. In this case, one of these pawn shops identified that they had been sold many of the items that appeared to have gone missing from these victims and so when they contacted the police about a particular phone that had just been sold to them, The police were able to track the GPS of this phone and when the owner of the pawn shop turned on the phone, they got a signal, so it was confirmed that this was one of the victims' funds, so now that the owner of the pawn shop pawn shop had the name of the person who sold them the phone and it makes sense that that would be the killer, I hope that makes sense, it's a confusing story.
Tell me, but now the owner of the pawn shop was able to give the police the name of the people who had sold them these stolen items on July 27, 2007, the police received these names. They were three boys named Victor Sayenka, Igor Saprinyak and Alexander Hansa, so that day the police went to all the boys in individual houses and arrested them and I mean you can barely call it arrest, they didn't read them their rights, they didn't give them any explanation, there was no den, absolutely nothing, the police just stunned them in their houses, beat them and put them in the back of a police car and took them to the station, they didn't tell them anything and when the police arrived at the Alexander Hansa's house in particular, he was caught in the process of flushing certain items down the toilet and these items were the lost phones, the lost jewelry. some money you know some very incriminating things, so while the kids were taken to the police station for questioning, other officers went and talked to their parents to try to get a better idea of ​​who these three teenage murder suspects were.
This was very unusual for three young people. guys to be involved in something so serious 21 murders in 21 days so the sayenko family victor syankur's family was made up of a computer engineer father who also worked in the prosecutor's office so he is a lawyer or someone who works within the law someone very tall anywhere and his mother was a housewife and the family sopranyuk igor sopranyuk his mother was also a housewife and both mothers were very loving, very dirty, very doting, they took care of their children to some extent and igor's father was a pilot, but not just any pilot, he was the pilot of the president of Ukraine, he transported the president everywhere, so they were both very high-level parents, but Alexander Hanza was the complete opposite of the other two children, actually He lived alone with his mother. a poorer part of the city after their father died, but more on that later, so all the children were born in early 1988.
Victor and Igor were both quite wealthy, they were middle class, of course, Their parents had good jobs, like I said, and so they lived in a good area, went to a good school, and that's where they met at school and became best friends. Victor introduced Igor to his friend Alexander Hanza. Now Alexander, like I said, was working class while the other kids were middle class. class that received some judgment from igor at first, however eventually the boys became three, but it was always victor and igor and then alexander, they weren't, they weren't a full three, it was like victor and igor were better friends. and then Alexander was his other friend and Alexander's life was very different from the other two children.
He didn't live in a very good place in the city. His apartment building where he lived with his mother was actually infested with rats and not just any rats. the size of dogs his father died when he was very young so he didn't have a father figure in his life, it was just him and his mother fighting for money all his life, but despite the obvious differences in origins between igor and victor and alexander all the children got along quite well, you know they were interested in the same things and they all came from happy families you know, although alexander was less well off than the other children it doesn't mean his mother loved him at all .
Less financial problems, but he didn't have a bad upbringing because of that, all the children were equally loved and supported by their parents and there were no family red flags, no history of delinquency, no history of mental illness, they came from very good. background the children were described by their families as handsome they all had girls you know they didn't have any problems with socialization they weren't outcasts they were you know they made friends easily their parents said they were smart they were kind they had good grades many of their parents were well behaved They even mentioned that they love animals and take care of them.
One of them even had a pet hamster in his room, which you'll learn to see why this is so strange to me, but anyway they liked spending a lot of time together just like that. hanging out on the streets because they couldn't really do much else. You know, the streets were like a social environment for them instead of going to one of their houses. they were just out on the streets and just walking around and doing nothing good they were looking for some kind of excitement and at first this manifested itself in vandalism, they started throwing rocks at houses, cars and trains and originally they got into a bit of trouble with the police So this was just a warning, but that was the beginning of what would become many problems with the police in their lives and then one day, these small petty crimes eventually escalated into robbery, one day when Victor and Igor were out without Alexander Alexander.
I was not there? They actually stole a bicycle. Now this ended with a fine for the children. The police went to their houses. He talked to his parents. The children were fined and given a warning. After this, the winner's parents forbade him to see and spend. time with igor because it seemed like igor was the main perpetrator, the main influence on this victor was a very impressionable person, you will see this a lot in this case, whatever igor says, victor says oh yeah, that would be a good idea, but in It was never Victor's idea in the first place, don't get me wrong, that doesn't make anything better.
He still participated in all of these, but it was like Igor was the brains and Victor was his right-hand man and was willing to do it. do whatever Igor would like, no matter how serious and horrible it is, anyway, Victor is forbidden to see Igor, but of course this doesn't last long because the parents can't really control what the children do in the street, you know, and before. For a long time the trio got back together as they grew up, Igor and Victor found themselves being the target of bullies, older boys who would bully them and it wasn't necessarily something personal to Igor and Victor, these older boys would literally just bully anyone in the younger years. that they thought they could do it, anyone they thought they had power over they would do it and igor and victor became one of theirvictims now these bullies used many different tactics than any of the bullies I have ever met I have heard in my life for them to identify the weaknesses of their victims so let's say if a child was really afraid of spiders they would use spiders to intimidate him then they would go to look for a spider in the schoolyard and they would throw it at the boy and tease him with their own fears and Victor and Igor became more and more worried that one day these kids would use their fear of heights against them and They knew they had to do something about it.
They had to cure this phobia before the bullies could arrive. In the mid-2000s, Igor and Victor got a computer in their house and this was completely new. You know, this was because they were just coming out and becoming popular. They were fascinated by what computers could do. You know you can write anything and get an article about anything, so one night the two of them were at one of their houses and decided that they were going to try to use the computer to find a way to overcome their phobia of heights so they searched on the internet how to overcome phobias and they found an article that said to cure a phobia you have to face it head on and the boys thought it was a great idea and so they made a plan that one day later That week in the school, they were both going to meet and they were going to climb to the top of one of the largest buildings in their city and this building was about 15 stories high, they climbed to the top to the roof of the building. and they came out and hung from the railings with their hands, their feet were swinging 15 stories high and they said that they were not going to move, that they were not going to get off until they were no longer afraid, so the children were hanging there . of these railings for hours, but finally he cured them when the children were no longer afraid, they climbed to the top of the building and suddenly they were no longer afraid of heights and from that moment on they felt powerful, they felt that they simply mastered their only weakness , so now they had no weaknesses, they had fixed that part of their brain that was considered weak and now they not only felt more powerful than the bullies, but they wanted to become them, so igor and victor.
They started doing exactly what they saw those bullies do to other kids all this time and started bullying the younger kids. Igor and Victor became the bullies. It was all about the power dynamic for Victor and Igor. They like to have this power over the younger children. which they had never had before, they were the powerless ones when they were being bullied and now they wanted to bully other people to make them feel like they had some kind of strength greater than what they had and this power dynamic, of course, because it's not specific to these. children who were bullying, that means it's easy to transfer this power dynamic to other things and eventually this transferred to animals, so the way this happened was because Igor and Victor had cured their phobia of heights and were now hanging out with Alexander one day. and they boasted to him that they now felt so powerful that they had tamed that weaker part of their brain that was afraid of something and Alexander confided to them that, you know, he was afraid of blood, he couldn't make blood, he was, You know? very apprehensive and that is why Victor and Igor knew exactly the way to kill him, they knew that he had to face his fear head on, so from that moment on the children began to kidnap domestic and wild animals so that any cat, dog or anything that they saw on the road. street and they would take them somewhere and they would torture, kill and mutilate these poor little animals, but that wasn't even the extent of it, this sadism and this evil only grew when the children started filming what they were doing to these animals , they would record them and take them away.
The photos on their phones and some of these videos that they would take of them torturing and murdering small animals would last up to 40 minutes, 40 minutes of continuous torture and then murder. A video that people discuss in reference to this case. This is quite graphic. So if you want to skip this, then do it because it's horrible to hear and in this particular video, this is one of the longest videos that the kids made, over 40 minutes, they kidnapped, tortured and killed a little white guy. kitten, they nailed him to a cross, they poured hot glue in his mouth and then finally they shot him with rubber bullets, rubber pellets until he died and then when he died, they skinned him on camera.
Now this part is debated, I don't know if this is 100 true or if they just talked or thought about it, but some sources said that they would then take these pictures and videos that they took of them torturing and killing these animals and post them online on sites gar website and subtitles. who were rumored to be in these posts were bragging a lot, you know, they were talking about this being their trophy for the day, they seemed very proud of what they had done and some of them are infamous photographs of this case, so that's one of the infamous videos one of the infamous images of this case, literally, if you Google these guys, this is one of the images that appears, they are standing in front of a tree from which they had hanged a dog, they had hanged and killed this . dog and then I took a selfie in front of it, it has been blurred in many of the images on Google Images, obviously you can tell why because it is horrible, but there are many similar ones of course as part of my research I had to look through . all these photos and stuff to find photos to put in the videos and there are so many, there are so many different dogs that have done this with cats, you know different different animals and it's hard to believe that these are the same kids that were described.
As animal lovers on their parents' side, one of them even had a pet hamster that he kept in his room, which I said at the time. I find it very strange because you know what sets that pet hamster apart from all these other animals that they were kidnapping and killing. From the streets in their minds you know that one of them is a pet and one of them is something they can kill. I also find it quite interesting that this hamster has never been hurt as a pet. You know he was a good owner for this hamster.
I supposedly find it really interesting that he can distinguish between the animals he likes and wants to take care of and the ones he doesn't, so on these forums and gory websites and stuff, it was mainly Igor who was interested in them because it was you. I know like I said he was the mastermind, but a lot of the ideas that these guys would do were originally Igor's ideas that he would get from these girl websites and the things he would look up online would get darker and darker. mafia murders, like videos of mafia murders and shootings, I would look for terrorist beheadings, videos of beheadings, you know, the ones that used to circulate, you know, to scare people from these terrorist organizations, I would look for them, I would forward the links to his friend Victor. and he would want to talk about them and he would be really interested in them and through this use of the internet, of course, websites weren't the only thing he would do, he would go to all kinds of dark forums and through this he really learned. much more about hitler and the nazis and eventually became a fan.
Igor especially liked that he shared the same birthday as Adolf Hitler and boasted to many people about it. he was very proud. He would often draw his toothbrush mustache and spray paint swastikas on the outside walls, sometimes he would even draw swastikas on the walls with the blood of the animals they killed and then take pictures in front of them with his little fake mustache drawn on them, he read all these different Nazi books and he kept them at home and for some reason his parents never realized or you know, they realized what was going on or they realized they didn't care, so now the kids were reaching the age of 18 or 19 and had had a slight problem with the police for a number of things during their adolescence, surprisingly nothing to do with animal abuse, but for other things such as vandalism, harassment by hitting the younger children and incredibly, they walked away free of every charge or every problem the police had with them they would come and talk to the children and just let them go with a warning each time and it is believed that this was due to the children's powerful parents , they both have very well-connected parents, let's say, and these were Serious Crimes that the kids were just getting warnings for, I mean, Igor once beat up a little kid, stole his bike and took it home and the parents of the boy saw this happen and campaigned with the police for some charges to be brought against him.
This 18-year-old kid who had just hit his little son and, you know, the police were like we had given him a warning at about the same time in his teenage years. Victor Syanka actually got a girlfriend and now it is unknown how much she this girl. He knew things, I think he knew a lot, but he told the police that he didn't really know anything. I think it takes a particular type of person to have a romantic relationship with someone who abuses and murders animals in the movie when the The boys graduated from school and started getting jobs and I say they, but it was just Victor.
Victor got a job as a part-time security guard, while Igor didn't want to work, he just relaxed at home and visited these websites. and like he didn't really have any drive, nothing, he didn't want to do anything, he was fine living off his family's money, alexander, he bounced between jobs, he never stuck with anything, um, but he could get jobs and now, even though The children were not Alexander but Victor and Igor, even though they had rich parents, their parents weren't exactly willing to let them live off their money for the rest of their lives, they wanted their children to get jobs, especially Igor's parents. because he wasn't doing anything, so his dad got him a green day woo car um for his graduation as a graduation gift and in 2007 the three kids just drove around in this car all day, every day, from afternoon until the early hours of the morning.
The morning this was early 2007 and finally Igor's father told him look, you're going to have to get a job and Igor said yes I have a job, I have a taxi service, now he doesn't, he didn't have a taxi service . but his father couldn't argue that since he knew his son was in his car all day, I mean, he just accepted that his son had a taxi, so he was running this unofficial, unregistered taxi service, and he got something small to wear. the top of his car, um, but of course it wasn't registered anywhere, so if something happened in his taxi, then no reports could be made because it's not a real taxi, so the guys decided that to get something of money they went. to start robbing people, they were going to pretend that they were actually a taxi service, they were going to pick someone up and then once they put this person in the car, they were going to take them to the middle of nowhere, beat them up, They would steal their money and then leave them on the side of the road with no fun with no way to get home now the three boys would participate in this Alexander who needed the money the most never really liked having to do this he felt like he had to do it because he needed it. money desperately, he knew that morally this was wrong and didn't sit well with him, but he did it anywhere, while Victor and Igor didn't really need the money because they could live off their parents, but what drove them. doing this was that they simply enjoyed inflicting terror on other people, so they did it for a couple of months.
I think they started around January 2007. They were doing it all through January, February and then March 1, 2007. Alexander Hanza. I had a breaking point with this, the robberies at this point had escalated to armed robberies somehow one of them had gotten a hold of a gun and they had started pointing it at their victims and Alexander didn't like that, he felt that Now this was something else. level another level that he didn't feel comfortable with i think he felt some kind of ulterior motive from his friends at first it was because of the money and alexander felt like he had to do it for the money but now he felt like his friends just enjoyed watching this people scream and get scared, so in early March 2007, Alexander told his friends that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with this and that he was not going to commit any more armed robberies and Victor and Igor said that was fine, but let's still do them and this continued until the summer of 2007 and this brings us back to the timeline the three children and now in the police station under suspicion of 21 murders in the city now Alexander Hanza insisted that He had no involvement in any of the murders He did not kill anyone He did not see anyone murdered He said that he had handled and sold some of the murder victims' items but he did not fully realize what he was doing He said that Igor and Victor They gave him these items to sell and, of course, since he had a salary as low as his mother'sSingle and needed the money so badly, she had never wondered where these items came from.
She had a good idea, she thought. They came from armed robberies, she never expected them to come from murder victims. Many people believe that Alexander knew the murders were happening and knew he was selling items from murder victims, but because he had no part in the murder he thought he could lie and say he didn't know the murders were happening, does that make sense? Many people think Alexander knew a lot more than she let on here later in the case. The public saw how a video of Alexander Hanza's interrogation was leaked, so the first day he was taken to the police station and interrogated, he was videotaped being beaten by the police and in this video you can literally find it on Youtube. spacing you can see that he has a black eye, his face is bruised and many people believe that this is because Alexander Hanza was the only one of the three children without an influential, powerful or rich father who could influence the police. in Ukraine they are or were, I don't want to make too many claims, but they are corrupt, especially right now, I don't know if that's still the case, but you know in this case they are very corrupt on multiple different points, so Alexander Hanza in his In the interrogation they were beating him.
He was very distracted. You know he was abused, while Igor and Victor didn't even once scratch them, but regardless it was the two of them who really broke down and confessed that the first one was Victor Syanka, the couple's kind of partner, said that he had acted only in the murders and then he changed that and said that igor was there when he committed the murders, but igor had no part in it, the police knew he was not telling the truth, they obviously knew that igor had to have been involved and that was confirmed When Igor also confessed later, it actually seemed Igor was the more violent one in the murders, although both had played a very important role, both had been very involved in each and every murder, but Igor simply had a much more mentality. private and a role in the murders he enjoyed.
He did it for the thrill, he did it for the experience, he didn't do it for any other reason than wanting to kill, so in their interviews with the police, in their confessions, the boys recounted the entire series of events from their first murder. every last one, so I'm going to go over all of that right now. It's a little irregular. Some of the murders don't really say anything about some of them, they say a lot, so they asked them how many people they killed. and Victor replied that I don't know, maybe 19 and when asked why he did it, Victor said that he didn't know, however a few hours later he changed that reason to money, he needed the money, but then he also continued saying: Igor , Well. he just liked to kill one of them.
He was also quoted as saying, in police custody, that they had read a book that said the more lives you take on earth, the more respect you will receive in heaven, but I mean, I think that's kind of the point. What one of the guys just said as a nasty comment, I think the main reason, the reason everyone believes in this case, is that the guys just wanted to kill, they just liked it, they just enjoyed inflicting terror on people and taking lives. , that's what they say their first murder was yakatarina ilchankar, the first body that turned up in this case, so there was nothing else the police didn't know about the kids, he said they were just out for a walk that night, that's exactly a quirk in which they were. a walk, the real reason they went out that night is unknown, maybe they were just walking, but they took a hammer with them, so who knows if they were actually just walking just to go out for a walk, why do you take a?
Hammer, anyway, they were walking that night when they saw you, Katarina, walking towards them alone. Katarina was less than a hundred meters from the door of her apartment when she passed the boys on the street and, as they did, Igor turned around. and he swung the hammer and hit her on the side of the head so it was like she was hit from behind so they passed each other in that direction and as soon as they passed each other he turned and hit her so I don't think . she saw something happening to him I think she just felt it there was no verbal communication there was no trigger there was nothing she was just walking and suddenly they hit her he didn't say anything to the two of them Some of them hit her until they were sure that She was dead and then when they were satisfied they moved on and wasted no time in finding their next victim who was the homeless man Roman Tatovich.
He was asleep on a bench literally around the corner from where you, Catharina, were murdered, so the boys literally killed you. Katarina walked around the corner and entered this park. They were looking for a new victim and then they found someone asleep on a bench and they knew he would be very easy to kill because he wasn't going to fight back, he was asleep, Roman had been drinking that night, he drank most nights and he had actually passed out. on the bench, he had not only fallen asleep, he had passed out, so he did not wake up during the attack.
He didn't know any of this had happened and this park bench was actually right in front of where Victor's father worked as a prosecutor. Uh, dude, I'm sorry, I don't know what that job is called, but I think that says a lot about these guys that their dad worked with in the law, they worked in the legal field and he was willing to murder someone in front of them. where his father worked. I mean, it just goes to show that these kids have never been punished a day in their lives. the police have never punished them they think they can get away with it they think their parents will get them out of anything but anyway the kids said they walked up to Roman Tatovich while he was sleeping on the bench and hit him with a hammer and killed him. while he was sleeping he didn't move the boys didn't give much more information about the attempted murder they attempted the next day or his third or fourth murder the next type of information they gave to the police was related to his fifth, sixth and seventh victims the night they made that big fuss and made like four in one night.
Victor claims that he had been at her girlfriend's house that night just chilling with her and then Igor called him and told him. that he was going to come pick him up and his plan that night was to go out in this green car that Igor's father bought him and do what they normally did, these armed robberies. I don't think his plan was to kill anyone that night. The plan was to literally just pick up about three or four people and do these usual unofficial taxi rides and then just take them to the middle of nowhere, rob them, and get rid of them, however at some point the plan changed somewhere. moment during the night, they should have done it.
They saw the young soldier named Igor walking home after his night of partying and they should have been able to tell that he was drunk and would have been an easy target and that was his fifth death and his sixth death, the second of the night In fact. It arrived just a few minutes after Igor was killed, so again they literally kept walking down the street, headed to a new one and that's where they saw Elena Sharam walking home from work. Now, at that moment, Igor was hiding the hammer under his shirt. They usually kept it in a plastic bag and kept the plastic bag on them when they hit people with it and he was hiding this in his chair while he walked towards Elena, the gun that he had literally just murdered someone with. .
One street away and Elena was clueless again, the two of them were walking towards each other and this time they didn't even have a chance to pass each other. This time Igor just pulled out the hammer and lunged at her so she could see everything that was about to happen, they said Elena fell after the first blur and was no longer responding so she was either knocked out or already dead. Igor said he then walked over to where her head was and continued hitting her over and over again. until, as I said, her face was unrecognizable, it continued after she was clearly dead, her skull was shattered, I could see her brain, but it continued, finally, when Igor was satisfied with this attack, he once again looked and the children They noticed that Elena had been carrying a bag and thought that what was in this bag was perfect, the children opened it in the hopes of finding something of value, however, in this bag there was only a bunch of clothes, she had just taken a change of clothes to work, so they were kind of disappointed, but they just took out these clothes and used them to clean the blood from their hands, their faces and the murder weapon that had just killed Elena, they were using their own clothes to clean their own blood from the gun when they were done.
They grabbed all of Elena's clothes and bag and just threw it all in a nearby container and left her body on the ground and continued on, finally walking down a few more streets and running into Valentina Hanza, who ended up being Elena's seventh death. she. in general and then finally when they killed the three people, they still weren't done that night, they decided to go back, find the car and drive to find a fourth victim, that's when they found themselves on that country road where they passed two children 14 year old on a bicycle, Andre and Vadim in a split second. igor and victor drove past the kids and formulated a plan together to ambush both kids at the same time and try to kill two people together, so they drove.
He passed them and parked a little further ahead and they both got out of the car and waited on either side so that the children couldn't go anywhere where they wouldn't be caught by Igor and Victor just as the children got close enough to the car, both Igor and Victor turned around and attacked them with their individual weapons, however this did not go as planned as we know that they managed to knock both boys off their bikes and Andre, who was Igor's victim, was left unconscious, while Vadim, who was Victor's victim, the one who finally survived, Vadim managed to get to his feet and flee away from the


Now this enraged Igor who was still hitting Andrea on the ground with a hammer, Andrea was probably dead at that moment and Igor started yelling at her. Victor got back in the car and went to chase the victim he lost. He was saying that they couldn't let another witness escape because they had left too many people alive at this point. This would have been the second assassination attempt on him. that they had ended up making it out alive so victor got in the car and started driving up and down this rural line and meanwhile vadim hides in the bushes terrified for his life seeing how this car stalks the road looking for him, it must have been like this .
Terrifying, Victor finally realized that he wasn't going to find Vadim, so he went back to Igor and said, "Look, we have to get out of here because I'm not going to find this guy. He's going to go to the police or someone we need." ". To get out, Igor gave Andre one last blow on the head and then put the hammer in the trunk of the car and the two men got into the car and drove off, leaving Andre in the middle of the road, where he later died within days. . After these murders and this attempted double murder that hadn't gone entirely as planned, somehow Igor and Victor found out where Andre's funeral was taking place and actually showed up at the funeral of their own victims of murder saying they were friends from school, now the boys.
They did this a lot with their murders, you'll see later. They like to delight in it. They liked seeing the devastation they had caused. They went to the funerals of their victims. They went to the graves of their victims. They liked to be a part of their murders for as long as possible, but some people believe that their appearance at Andrea's funeral was not just to revel in her murder. Some people believed that they were actually looking for Vadim, the victim they let escape now. I'm not 100 sure if I said this in the first part, so I'll say it again.
Vadim's mother actually didn't let him go to Andrea's funeral. Her best friend who she saw murdered in front of him because she felt it would be too much. traumatic for him and you know, maybe it's a good thing he didn't go because who knows what would have happened if Victor and Igor had seen and recognized Vadim at the funeral, would they have gone after him afterwards or, you know, this case would have been resolved. much earlier, maybe because if Adam had seen their faces at the funeral, maybe he would have been able to tell the police either way, that wasn't the case.
Now Victor and Igor don't give much information about their upcoming murders. The next one they openly talk about is murder number 11. This is the infamous recorded murder that goes by the title Three Guys, One Hammer and this is the murder of Sergey Yatsenko. They said they started filming that day with the intention of finding and killing their next victim, so that was their full intention when it came time to record, they knew they were going to film a murder that day, so I'll try to explain this video to you. Now keep in mind that there are some problems here, first of all.
InActually, I didn't watch the video because I'm not going to do that to myself. I'm pretty traumatized by these videos as is, so this information might not be 100 correct because I'm not willing to verify it myself. I have tried it. In fact, check out as much as you can from other people's transcripts of this video. There's also the fact that they were speaking in Ukrainian and I don't speak that and a lot of people who have seen the video don't speak that either, so translations. I may be a little off too just the warning that this may get a little graphic so maybe skip ahead a bit if you don't want to listen so the person who initially pressed record was victor and the video starts with Igor, who is standing on the street in this country later and is talking to the camera or to Victor behind the camera and says we can stop a car like that, if it's a bigger, stronger guy that comes out, we'll say no problem and we'll let him go, but if it's a little one we welcome him with this and then he takes the hammer out of a carrying bag he was holding and laughs, then he tells the camera how he would approach the victim and moves the hammer and He puts it back in the bag. he's laughing through the whole thing.
I've actually seen this part and it's really sinister, so this initial part of the video is just kind of waiting for a victim to arrive, so in the meantime they're just talking about other things related to about his murder, they're talking about things that are hoping to rob a victim, they also place the camera on top of the car, leaning against the taxi sign, so it's essentially a tripod situation, so the two of them walk into the frame and they're both pointing at different parts of the self saying that they were bloodstains from different victims and they were both arguing about which victim each bloodstain had come from.
Most of this video is Victor holding the camera over Egor so you can see that power dynamic even here through this and at one point Victor holds up a pair of binoculars and holds the camera up to the lens, so it's as if the camera is looking. through the binoculars and is just waiting to see if a potential victim is coming down the road and he finally saw one and alerts Igor and the two boys, quite excited, start drilling into the road where they are preparing to commit their next murder. Igor addresses Victor behind the camera and says if he's strong come help me kill him and Victor says of course, so Igor walked to the other side of the road.
Victor is still on this side next to the camera and they waited while a man on a bicycle approached and this. The man was Sergei as Sergey fell in line with Igor who was on this side of the road. Igor raised the hammer and hit it while he was still riding the bike and knocked it directly to the ground after this initial hit. on camera he runs and kneels in front of the body to try to get the best possible camera angle while Igor took another swing with the hammer and hit him once more after he was hit twice with the hammer, the boys grab the body of Sergey and they drag him away. into the woods on the side of the road and this is when the real horror of this video begins.
Once they were there, the kids laughed and made fun of Sergei for his inability to scream or ask for help because, like I said, he had that. emergency surgery for his throat cancer and since then he could barely speak all he could do was whisper now of course the kids didn't know this they thought he was whispering and he couldn't speak or scream because they had just hit him and they thought that he had been hurt so much that he couldn't speak when that wasn't the case, then igor continues hitting sergey with the hammer and halfway there victor still holding the camera in one hand pulled out a screwdriver with the other, then films himself stabbing Sergei in the stomach with this screwdriver and then he raises it to show Igor hitting him with the hammer and then he lowers it again to show him stabbing and finally Victor moves up.
Sergei's body in his head and supposedly you see in the video how Victor stabs Sergei in the eyeball directly through the eyeball to his brain and apparently you can see his brain when he was killed, even after all this, Sergei apparently still clinging to life. He is still moving his arms in the video, you hear Igor say that he is still alive and Victor responds that he is still moving his arms after he ruptured his intestines. Igor then walks further down until he is aligned with Sergey's torso and then begins to kick all over his body. stomach and then turns to Victor and tells him that he's having a challenge, meanwhile, through all of this, Victor the cameraman is getting all the different camera angles he can do different closeups on the blood and the wounds and everything and then, after a couple of minutes of this victor just tells igor to kill him and igor didn't really listen and then victor repeats kill him now and igor says that i already put the hammer in its place, he's already dead victor responds that i took him out. eyes and he is not dead yet.
Instead, Igor just grabs the hammer again and continues hitting Sergei in the head over and over again while Victor says more, finally when Sergey stops moving and the maniacs are satisfied with the death of him, then they film themselves and don't stop . In this recording, they then recorded themselves going back to the car, getting into the trunk of the car, getting a bottle of water out and washing their hands and faces all over and during this part of the clip where the guys are cleaning themselves up, they are still talking to each other. The other and they are discussing the murder they just committed.
One of them said that this time it was incredible and Victor in particular seemed very proud that he had stabbed the screwdriver all over his eye and brain. He even said I don't understand. Since he was still alive, I felt that the brain recording of him ends with Igor saying that we should take a photo with him and Victor saying yes with him and Igor saying yes with him for the memory. Then he turns to Victor behind the camera and says: Do I have blood? in my face and victor says yes on your forehead and in your hair and then igor continues washing and washing his hair with this bottle of water the recording then ends but that wasn't even the end of what the boys did, then they went and took photos with Sergey's body and these photos are also online, although most of them, especially the ones on Google, are blurry and these images include Igor and Victor doing Nazi salutes over Sergei's body and that was all the information that they gave about it. particular murder and now the kid is still there questioning, they're giving a little bit of information about some of the murders and a lot more information about others, so there were a lot of murders that I just skimmed towards the end of the one in part one just because there was no A lot of information about them at the time the police found the bodies and stuff and they couldn't really identify them, but now that they were talking to the kids and getting confessions, they could fill in certain gaps. and have a little more of an idea of ​​what was really going on with each one, so there was a 70 year old woman named Lydia who actually survived an attack by the boys and was able to give the police quite a bit of information and She said that She had gone out that day and was walking her three dogs in the park when the children attacked her from behind.
She said they hit her once with a hammer to knock her to the ground and then they actually did it. She didn't use any weapons, which is quite different for Igor and Victor. They really liked using weapons, but this time, instead of hitting her with a hammer or stabbing her or something, they decided to take turns kicking her. head and tried to loosen her gold teeth because they thought if they could get her teeth out then they had value maybe they could sell them now the guys said that while they were doing this while they were kicking this poor 70 year old woman A woman on the ground said that her three dogs started attacking them, of course protecting their owner, so at first they tried to just kick the dogs, but it didn't work and finally one of them pulled out a gun that shot rubber pellets and they were shooting this at the dogs and actually They killed two out of three dogs, like I said.
Fortunately, Lydia survived this ordeal, but she had to undergo full facial reconstruction surgery after this, so that was it for the children's confessions and their versions of events did not give more information about anything else. , so as the case progressed, of course, now the police were arresting people, the three arrested boys felt like they could reveal more information about this to the public, whereas before they really weren't. telling the audience everything because they didn't want to scare them, but there was a lot going on behind the scenes that the audience wasn't aware of, for example, most of the bodies were actually mutilated beyond just being hit in the head repeatedly.
In reality it was leaked to the public that some of the bodies were decapitated, some of their torsos had been cut open, their intestines had been torn out, they were dismembered, their teeth were pulled out one by one, horrible and horrible things, now, after these confessions, the Police decided to do a full investigation. they searched each of the boys' houses just looking for evidence that could be used in the trial and they found so much evidence specifically in igor and victor's houses that they went to their closets and looked at their clothes and literally one of the police officers said It wasn't a piece of clothing without some blood, there was a kind of blood splatter on everything those kids earned, shoes, socks, t-shirts, everything.
Also in this search, police found a pair of earrings believed to belong to one of the victims. They found all these books about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and all that and they also found in Igor's house a collection of newspaper clippings related to these murders, so he wanted to relive what he had done, he was proud of what he had done. made. In fact, they also found all the hard drives that contained all the photos and videos of the children's murders and, of course, they also found the murder weapon, that yellow-handled hammer, now the photos that the police found, they didn't actually have idea that any of these photos existed and there were so many at different levels of disrespect there were also photos of them literally on the bodies of their victims there were photos of them on the graves of their victims sticking the middle finger towards the graves of their victims There was even one where the kids had sneaked into a mog and I took a photo of a dead body lying on a table and then gave it the middle finger.
Now I don't think this was one of his murder victims, it didn't look like they had been hit in the head. all that wasn't a damn victim, he just looked like any kind of dead person they had found in the mog so many pictures of igor with the swastikas and the toothbrush mustache and everything at the police station in In their interrogations, the police asked the children why they had made these videos, these snuff films, believing that the answer they would likely get was for money, they hoped that the children had filmed these things to sell, however, Igor turned around and simply told them.
Just so you remember, there are many rumors in this case that Igor and Victor could sign an agreement or discuss or negotiate an agreement with someone to create these videos and sell them to this person, however, it was not mentioned in court, the police it did not. He actually looked into it so much that some of his friends from school and even Victor's girlfriend have said things. I'm not entirely sure what his exact quotes are because you know, in some cases like this there's a lot of false information out there, but a lot of friends from school are kind.
I knew that the boys were in contact with rich people online, like on these dark websites, I don't know how true that is, but I don't know, you know what that really means, anyway, the police just accepted the explanation that they gave. the videos to remember when the detective asked igor how he felt when he committed these murders igor simply said well, how do you feel when you cut a sausage? Honestly, it's probably the scariest thing I've heard in my three fours. years into this job, after days and days of interrogating the boys and hearing their full confessions, the boys received over 40 different charges related to 30 different incidents, this included 21 murders, eight more attempted murders and one more just charge of serious injury, animal cruelty charges and robbery charges Igor was given the most and then Victor and then Alexander Hanza were actually only given two charges.
The police actually believed Alexander when he said that he had no part in the murders, which is why these two charges they gave him were for different armed robberies. robberies that he was involved in now I feel like this is a good time to mention that there was actually a fourth boy that he was rumored to be ininvolved in these murders or these crimes, his name was Daniel and it was known that he was a close friend of Ego and Victors and he hung out with them a lot. Daniel's neighbors knew that he was close to Igor and Victor.
They saw how the green car of Igor came out of the house, he beeped at him and then Daniel ran out and got in the car and left with the boys, he was close to them, he spent a lot of time with them as did his friends, Daniel also had a very rich father, powerful and well connected, and this could explain why daniel was arrested on the same day as the three. However, these boys fired him on the exact same day, that same night, he admitted to his friends at school that he had seen the photographs and videos that Igor and Victor had taken of the murders, he said that he had also seen all. the money and all the funds and the jewelry and everything that they had stolen from their victims and he knew that they were making money from it.
The rumors are not very clear around Daniel. Some people believe he was involved in all the murders. and somehow his father was rich and powerful enough to get him out of this completely. Some people believe he was involved in a couple of murders, probably not all of them, and some people think he's just guilty of knowing all of them. this was happening and he just didn't contact the police, maybe that's why he was arrested, maybe he was just arrested because he knew things related to this and hadn't told the police in any way, it's just rumors that he wasn't charged .
He did not serve a prison sentence. Actually, he's not officially. You don't know a criminal. I just thought it was interesting to mention that there was a potential fourth accomplice in this. To this day, Victor and Igor's parents maintain their son's innocence. They think they didn't do anything. wrong and did everything they could with their power, their connections and their money to try to remove their children from their positions despite the literal confessions of the children who told the police in detail what they had done to them all his murder victims. not to mention the videos that literally show their faces while they are killing people somehow the parents don't believe any of that and believe that their children were actually created by the corrupt police to give a false confession, they believe that someone else committed these murders and Then they framed their children and now the police needed someone to quickly blame these murders, so they beat and forced these two children to confess the truth.
The children's parents have kept documents in their homes for years that they believe that are fake, like they have fake names, fake dates, things like that, like real legal documents that they believe are fake and they've also been quoted saying they believe. that the videos and photos of your children committing these horrible acts are special effects and Photoshop now this is almost literally impossible, this was 2007. Right now, probably in 2021 it will be possible to fake a video like that and put someone else's face on it, I mean. It was potentially possible in 2007, but it would have cost so much money that even today it would cost a lot of money, but the technology is a little more accessible now, in 2007, you have to think about what phones we all had in 2007. little brick Sony Ericssons there were no absolutely no way someone like a low level criminal would spend time retouching photos and putting special effects on a video to put their children's faces on a video, I mean parents should just believe their child's confessions, So all of the children, all three received psychiatric evaluations to see if they were of sound mind when they actually committed the murders and every professional who spoke to the three children concluded exactly the same thing: there was absolutely no mental illness. without disabilities, they were completely mentally healthy when they committed the murders, which is even more terrifying because they simply did it because they wanted to and they are very scary people, so the three children were sent to trial where they pleaded not guilty. and i think it was victor who actually pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity the insanity plea after the psychiatrists discovered they were completely sane he tried to plead insanity during the trial the children were kept in what can only be described as a cage for the whole procedures now I don't know if this is the standard for violent criminals in Ukraine or other countries but in the UK I have never seen anything like this before, criminals are not arrested like this in the UK and I just thought that the Clips of them in this cage were so crazy that Victor Sayenko was actually depicted.
His lawyer was his own father. As I said, he worked in the prosecutor's office. A very, very powerful man and his defense for his son was that he was now psychologically dependent on Igor. I think this is where the insanity claim comes in: he was terrified of Igor. He had supposedly bullied Victor in the past and Victor was so scared of it happening again that he had become friends with Igor and was now willing to do anything. that igor said anything that igor wanted to stop igor from turning on him no one believes this literally no one the boys had been friends for so long there were no signs of bullying in the past literally nothing there was nothing it seemed like victor's father had thought what angle can I come at this, that's semi-believable and he just chose that one, there really was no evidence behind this now, despite the best efforts of his defense attorneys, all the boys were found guilty of their charges, Alexander Hanza, who was believed. for not having been involved in the murders he was given nine years for his armed robberies his two counts of armed robberies nine years in prison he was actually released in 2019 he reintegrated into society and is in fact rumored to be forming a family that has a career, is starting a family and, you know, went back to having a normal life, while Victor and Igor, on the other hand, were sentenced to life in prison and this was for a bunch of different charges ranging from murder , animal abuse, literally everything else, and They will spend the rest of their lives behind bars.
Since then, Igor has confessed in prison that he actually intended to continue his killing spree. You know, if the police hadn't stopped him, he would have gone ahead and said that his plan was to eventually kill. his own parents so he could use their apartment as his headquarters his murder headquarters the scariest part of this whole case to me is the lack of motivation behind these crimes people have desperately tried to attribute a motivation to these kids because you know It's scary to look at a case and think that people are capable of doing this for no reason.
People want killers like this to have a reason for doing what they did. People have speculated that they were making the videos for profit. They were paid for it. They had a deal with someone to make these videos, but the fact is that that is unlikely, most likely they were simply doing this because they wanted to kill, they enjoyed killing, they wanted to take lives, they wanted to inflict terror, pain and fear on their loved ones. victims and It is difficult to accept that there are people like that in the world who want to kill other people and take their lives seemingly for no reason.
Now the Denis Proprov murders, as they were known, actually inspired a copycat murder or a series of copycat murders. by another male killing Duer in Russia, so this is exactly the same case copied and pasted. I might make a video about this someday, probably not for a while because it's very similar to this one, but they were also known as the academy maniacs. He went and murdered people for seemingly no reason in this really long killing spree with a hammer just like these guys had done and they also recorded some of the murders on their phones.
It's literally the exact same case, but that's all I have for this video. Thank you. Thank you so much for watching, if you enjoyed it be sure to leave a thumbs up below. I would really appreciate it thanks again to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Remember the first 1000 of you to go and click the link below in the description. I'll get a free trial of Skillshare's premium membership, so get it before they run out. Many thanks to all the members of my channel for helping me decide the cases I cover, especially my level 2 members, whose names are all on the screen.
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