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The Death of Late Night TV

May 17, 2023
In reality, foreigners no longer watch TV




. I mean, of course, we caught clips of the


online. Every once in a while you'll see a Jimmy Kimmel monologue or a closer look with Seth Meyers or a Jimmy Fallon tick tock, but do most people turn on the TV switch? the channel to network tv sit back and watch a


night episode from start to finish the answer of course for most people is no ratings for all late night shows for the last decade have pretty much been piling up in 2019 I did a video called Late Night TV Needs to Change and it seemed to resonate with people because audiences felt the format was getting stale.
the death of late night tv
Then during the quarantine in 2020, shows were forced to quickly change their format when they had to do their shows from home hello and welcome to a late show I'm your host Stephen Colbert it's my birthday in quarantine it's not so nice and then, unfortunately i was made to look like a jerk when jimmy fallon and paris hilton saved late night tv by shoving an nft board monkey on the tonight show this is you this is your ape debut its really cool the hair the shades now how did you choose because because you can choose your your ape yes I was going through a lot of them and I thought I wanted something that I like it reminds me of me but since this is what it does and then I made another piece by hand it took me six months and it's a collage from all my memories but years later it seems like the night is in a very strange place, i feel like we are in the limbo of the night and it seems like something that was once an institution in american entertainment is now a secondary thing happening in internet so first i want to start with the current state of the night and there's no better person to start with i'm sure a lot of people are wondering how i ended up here in this seat and i include myself in that there's a lot to say about james corden , but regardless of your opinion of him as a person, he's actually a very good example of where the current state of the night is at, that's because in April 2022, Gordon announced that he would end his show on the day his show ended. current contract as he had decided.
the death of late night tv

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the death of late night tv...

I've decided to sign on for another year on the show and that this will be my last year hosting The Late Nation that day is April 27, 2023 so officially The Late Late Show with James Corden is over. Some people liked the show. I'm sure it's okay now, if this was 10 years ago it would come as a shock to many that a host in such a highly sought after slot on network television would end his show so early that there would be constant discussion as to why Corden left so soon. and which comedian was being sought out to replace him for a shot at his own late-night show, but when James announced he was ending his career, the audience reaction was basically yeah yeah no that sounds good that's partly James Corden was made extremely I didn't like it in the public eye which don't worry I'll get to that in a minute but as someone in the US I had never even heard of James until it was announced that he was going to be made taking over Craig Ferguson's The Late Late Show when will he take over the show?
the death of late night tv
James we're starting March 23rd yeah oh unfortunate yeah I just wanted to say James I'm delighted it's you I'm delighted you're taking over and I'm so sorry about what's about to happen. cult following and had a very passionate fan base who loved his show and Corden wasn't the only one to replace a beloved host James was part of a new generation of late night hosts because from 2014 to 2015 there was a huge shake up of the late night lineup Jay Leno was retiring a second time passing the Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon now you might wonder how you retire twice and it's a really simple procedure first you quit your job after decades of holding it gracefully hand the job over to Conan O'Brien and then decide you you missed the spotlight, so you go back and destroy Conan's career for a year or two and then decide you're tired and retire yet again.
the death of late night tv
Jay approached you? I don't think I'll be hearing from him when Jimmy moved from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to The Tonight Show he passed Stephen Colbert so while all the older white guys were retiring a new group of Fresh hosts was taking over and this group it was much more diverse because yes they were all white and yes they were all dudes but one was British now James Corden is one of the most interesting TV presenters of all time because it feels like he's been on a multi-year campaign to make yourself unpleasant. a top restaurant in New York named Balthazar for being abusive to the staff, the owner of Balthazar said that James Corden is a very talented comedian but a little Cretan man and the most abusive customer to my Balthazar servers since the restaurant opened a few years ago 25 year old James argued that I think his wife had an allergy and he was just defending her but people who are servers in restaurants always accommodate allergies and don't always ban people and make a public statement about it so I tend to to lean towards the people who banned it instead of defending it.
However, I do not mention this to paint James Corden as a monster. I just mean when you're a late-night host and you're on people's TV screens every night. it's really important and part of that likability to me at least is how you treat your team and in 2016 james was playing a game on his show called spill your guts or fill your guts now personally i think this game is tremendously entertaining for tv on The basic premise is that James' writers and staff draft questions for him and his guests that are too juicy for them to answer on TV, and are usually very personal to the guest and James after they are asked. the question.
I want to answer this tough question on TV for everyone to watch or eat disgusting food and during filming of the game with Jimmy Kimmel two of the cameramen in this room were asked this name. two years as a show host to not even know his team names may have been a joke at the time but it's totally unacceptable Behavior I know people have different opinions about Jimmy Kimmel but I'm actually glad this has happened. in front of him because as a seasoned night host Jimmy is quite famous for the family culture surrounding his crew, I mean some of his crew are literally his family but I would bet Jimmy would easily know the names of his cameramen and the same goes for Colbert Conan Myers Trevor Noah and Fallon it's even more telling that his own staff were the ones asking this question, is this more important than being abusive to the restaurant staff?
No, but when you're constantly watching a show, you notice these little moments. and they can make you not want to watch things like James finding out that Alice Cooper has a phobia of rubbing balloons because she hates the sound and then James does this. I don't know if people know what you're talking about. if someone says oh yeah and that last one is a super specific detail that's not a real problem but as someone who lives in LA I have to talk about cordon crosswalk musicals they are a really fun idea and usually start with a funny sketch where James is parodying people who are too much in the theater industry but every time he does one of these I just think about the fact that this is a very busy street in LA how do I know ? because I walked there to show you the premise of the sketch. it's hilarious they do a musical number but the moment the crosswalk turns red they have to yell and run to allow the traffic to start but every time they do one of these we see clips of disgruntled drivers who don't care about James Corden. and i just wanna go home to tell you one two schedule this light to last longer and time traffic just so james can do a little bit out of the car buddy what are you doing but while i was there trying to get pictures to show you what so busy? the crosswalk can take its toll in the early afternoon.
I began to feel overwhelmed by the power of the stars. The entire crosswalk was labeled the Cordon Crosswalk and I could see his face pasted on the CBS building. International superstars had stopped right here. people like Harry Styles BTS or Josh Gad and that's when I realized I could cross the crosswalk myself, this was my time so I clicked the crosswalk button, waited for the countdown and finally it was exciting, okay, so I crossed the Cordon crosswalk and I feel great. I found myself crossing over and over again number three was good but how about number four?
I just couldn't get enough, okay, that's seven times the Across The Cordon crosswalk and I can't get enough. I could feel the energy and fame coursing through my veins. if you're famous, who cares if you stop traffic for people coming home from work, who cares if you're abusive to restaurant staff, smell like James, some people know your name and face, and that makes you more welcome. Welcome to The Tonight Show. here thanks for watching the reason I want to talk about Fallon after James Corden is because to me even though Gordon follows Colbert on CBS he always seemed like Diet Jimmy Fallon to me in 2014 when Jimmy took over he blew up the ratings of the shows of tonight and quite instantly became the king of the night this was mainly due to the Tonight Show's ability to showcase Jimmy's friendly personality while playing games and doing stunts with celebrities and right now we are going to try a new game called face get ball right now whether you like it or not Jimmy made The Tonight Show The Late Night show to watch on TV and YouTube but I think in the long run this ended up hurting Jimmy more than it helped but before I go any further , a quick word from our sponsor, hi everyone I just bought this new hat and I think it's the perfect size this video is sponsored by display this plaque is a unique metal poster designed to capture your unique passions you can personalize collect them and rearrange them at will this hat no they don't look very big do they look good it only takes 20 seconds to set them up no power tools no damage and no frustration they have branded designs like Star Wars or Bethesda and artistic designs like these they let me pick out some posters and I chose this one great Jaws classic and was extremely easy to set up.
This sheet also has a unique and easy magnet mounting system, so you don't have to go to the wall with a hammer. This plate is also printed in the EU. and has an expected delivery time of just four to five business days, so you can use code Eddie at burback for 32 percent off one to three disc plates or 42 percent off on four or more disk plates. it's the biggest sale they've ever made I think the hat is too big I think I have to send it back people expect a lot from a late night host they have to be nice yes but they also have to be quick and great at getting on their feet every single night one of the best in interviewers on tv and more and apart from the long time host the big draw of the night was his access to pre-internet celebrity culture if there was a celebrity you liked that you wanted to see interviewed you can tune in to The Tonight Show to see what they were like today you have almost unlimited access to content from the people you want to follow you can see daily social media posts from celebrities a million press events when they promote their movies or TV shows there are podcast appearances , YouTube interviews, live broadcasts and more.
I honestly think a change in that culture is also a big reason people don't tune in to these shows live, and during the 2016 election, a lot of audiences started wanting to see their host increase the amount they satirized on the news of the day, so when The Tonight Show put all its eggs in the fun basket of The Celebrity Show with Jimmy Fallon, it didn't have a smooth transition into this new era of Late Night with Jimmy actively avoiding politics and later admitting he regretted it. I also believe that, in addition to the 2016 election, there was a measurable shift in the public's desire for celebrity content at a point on a specific day that caused most people to lose interest in idolizing celebrities and eventually watch them. like normal people. out for a video imagine no help no heaven i like to pretend pedro wasn't in that video he was filming wonder woman did it for his co-star he was trying to be nice we forgive you pedro i will say though that in the past i think we were all too hard on Jimmy Fallon when someone takes a seat on such a prestigious Throne, we expected absolute perfection from them and I think filling Johnny's shoesCarson or being better than Conan O'Brien is too much to ask of the guy and it's not like The Tonight Show isn't watchable.
A lot of people really love him and the show. I will always praise Jimmy for going roots like his band and now Jimmy Kimmel. I feel incredibly neutral with Jimmy. Kimmel maybe once or twice a year. I'll watch a monologue he did or a viral segment of the show about him, but I've never been very attracted to him. I will say that I think he and Gordon had the most boring quarantine shows Jimmy Kim is alive. probably the most classic late night show format of them all, one thing I noticed is that Kimmel seems to intertwine much of his monologue with viral video clips and clips from the news before making jokes about them, it feels a bit more like a cover modern of a monologue because it's reacting to them a little bit more and they do really well on YouTube for that reason I think but yeah I don't know I don't know I really don't feel very good about Jimmy Kimmel ladies and gentlemen welcome welcome we're looking at the current state of the night and how the format works post quarantine many hosts haven't changed much since they came back especially the big three Fallon Colbert and Kimmel Fallon of course they weren't equipped for political change at night, but if anyone on the planet was, it was Stephen Colbert Fresh Off.
The Colbert Report in my older videos, I expressed that as a teenager The Colbert Report was one of the best pieces of satire and performance I had ever seen, myself and many others were a little disappointed to see that once The Late Show premiered and ran for about a year. The show wasn't as funny or as smart as The Colbert Report, but honestly, years later, I'm not sure if that would have been possible for him. a satirical character after almost a decade of playing him, he was hired to be himself and replace David Letterman in the late night format and I think Steven's comedy when it's not character based is not for me most of the time I think i speak for most young late night viewers, when i say i actually really like Stephen Colbert but i dont watch his show much anymore, i actually preferred to see even more of Steven's personality when he was unscripted with his wife Evie during quarantine , but since then he has gone back to exactly what he was before kovitz started.
However, I want to take back something I said in 2019 about Colbert being a mediocre interviewer, whereas I think some hosts like Myers or Conan are better at elevating comedians in interviews and Colbert is maybe not the best at it. I've seen some really honest and compassionate moments from Stephen with his guests. You yourself have suffered great grief recently with the loss of his mother and I am sorry for the loss of his family. Thank you and I wonder how to do this show or any show, how the art itself helps you deal with pain, yes. Colbert also added something to his YouTube lineup where he answers questions from the audience between tapings, which is something Trevor Noah originally started on the daytime show. but I love these segments, I think what's really special about Stephen Colbert is that he seems like an extremely intelligent and compassionate person.
He continued and said: what punishments from God are not gifts? Does he really think so? coming out of the loss makes you aware of other peoples lives well thats true allowing you to connect with that other person allowing you to love more deeply and understand what it is like to be a human being good night everyone , I'm Seth Meyers this is late at night, we hope you're doing well and now, if you don't mind, we're going to get to the news. now airing Late Night with Seth Meyers is easily my favorite Seth is funny he is great with guests and seems to have a great relationship with his team and the writers who ate my weed gummies wally tom there were a lot of gummies in this jar who ate them Bianca Sarah Brian during quarantine I commend Seth for being the first to quickly adapt his show to film from home.
His Closer Look segments were the only regular late-nights I got to see other than the occasional Trevor Noah segment of The Daily Show as a fan. late night because his shows were made at his house and they felt like YouTube videos. I started exclusively watching late night on YouTube and stopped watching it on TV altogether. This is where, in my opinion, we begin to see the beginning of the end of late night. as an institution in American culture because from 2014 to 2020 late night was forced to change rapidly with the times as internet video became the mainstream source of entertainment, each show began featuring segments that were meant to go viral on YouTube and for a while that was a great way to entice young people to get off YouTube and tune in to the show on TV, but since quarantine I've stopped watching live TV entirely as a 26 year old. watch cable or network TV unless it's on broadcast the next day with the sole exception of watching live SNL, which I've been doing less and less lately just because it's not normal for me to watch TV as a young person that I don't have a cable package and you can't make me get a cable package.
I will never do it. Comcast. You'll never get me very fast again. I completely forgot to mention this while I was doing the whole video. it's all new merch and I didn't think to mention it once it's on or the link is in the description to click I'm so sorry I didn't mention it before going back to the video and this is where I think I disagree with the energy of my video in 2019 because at the end of the day, no matter who changed the format in what way or who hosted what show, the night was past its prime simply because times have changed.
I mentioned access to celebrity. Culture is no longer a late-night draw, but almost every late-night TV feature has thousands of alternatives online or on streaming services. GQ or cable on YouTube, do you want to see current comedy on today's news? Everyone on Twitter is already over all the jokes on the subject before the day's Late Night episode even starts filming. The late-night crowd has seen some hosts change their format and continue to keep up with them on YouTube, but there's simply too much good content in the world to expect most people to turn everything off and tune in for an hour of TV on grid.
Conan had completely changed his show until he finally settled on the fact that late night was no longer a good format for him, he now has an extremely successful podcast where he does much more personal and in-depth interviews that he couldn't do in the old format, he's also been developing what appears to be an entire show for his remotes and travel remotes, which was a wildly successful new format for his show that showcased his talents much better than being forced to do a monologue in a suit in front of a live audience, which is why I don't blame Trevor Noah for leaving The Daily.
Show that you are young, very smart and full of potential, why waste it on a cable show on Comedy Central that people watch almost exclusively on YouTube, especially when all other late night shows have mostly become The Daily Show and other comedians like John Oliver Hassan minhaj and zeeway have tried to radically change the format and as a viewer these three shows totally work for me but Husson's Patriot Act on zeeway got cancelled. I think that's probably why we saw Trevor Noah walk away without approving the show. to a successor leaving The Daily Show to go through guest hosting for now and CBS ending The Late Late Show along with Gordon ending his run, they're actually replacing it with a midnight reboot of Comedy Central that I never thought I'd see return at midnight so shows like late night can work, yes of course, but I don't think we'll see late night as an institution again because at that time it was one of the three things on TV year after year the late late-night businesses make less money and ratings go down, and I think that has more to do with the atmosphere than the hosts themselves.
The first time my brother Tony and I had access to watch what we wanted later at night now, coincidentally, was right around the time that Conan O'Brien agreed to start his show back on TBS at that time. This was a big deal for The Tonight. Show drama so we tuned in to watch his premiere episode and I can't stress how instantly hooked we were on his show for years. I was glued to the television almost every night to watch it. I love how silly he allowed himself to be. became the butt of a joke to elevate his guests Andy was always fast and funny and every time Conan did a remote he was beyond excited and for most of my teenage years I had two dreams in my life one is that I wanted to make movies or be involved than make movies and the other was becoming a One Day comedian with my own late-night show and that's what made the transition from 2014 to 2015 so exciting for me.
It was really cool to see the differences in whatever he shows. to offer to the format, but just like the format, that dream has slowly faded over time and that's okay, times have changed, the world changes, and people's interests change, so who knows what the future of the night maybe it will go off and die or maybe it will just drop in ratings and never be as influential as it once was but there is one thing I do know for sure and that is the fact that if you have any positive memories laughing at a late night show with you or with friends or family, it would be one hundred percent impossible without the writers of The Talented on the staff of these shows now.
I'm sure you've heard of this, but if you haven't, the Writers Guild of America is currently on strike negotiating with the major studios. So let's start with the wga strike writers say they are fighting to make screenwriting a sustainable career once again, writers on average are now paid 23 per cent less than 15 years ago when adjusted for inflation. and positive production late-night shows to support writers in this situation. These are our writers and I will stay there because I am also a wga and they are very important to our show. I need, I need my writers. I really need them. wrong yeah i got no show without my writers no one watches no one is entitled to a job in show business but for those people who have a job in show business they are entitled to fair compensation uh they have the right to make a living because while some people who are critical of the online strike think that the Hollywood Elite are on strike for more money, that is not the case at all.
If you are against the Hollywood elite and you are for the little ones then you should be for this union and for the strike and with that being said I have one more important thing to do this will be my last year hosting the late lunch, this long-awaited conversation. I was falling apart the eggs are overcooked let's make the road to cry so now I thank you for making it easy to put it down.

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