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The Day Kobe Bryant Showed LeBron James Who Is The Boss

May 30, 2024
the Lakers 20 and 3 here at Staples the three home losses to Detroit New Orleans and Orlando one point they won 15 in a row here at home and their last game last Friday night here in Los Angeles they lost to the magic we just started here in The H, his hand, athletic trainer Gary VY, walks over to see Kobe Bryant, wait, you don't like to jump on anything, but usually something like that worries you about a dislocation, you normally know the way Kobe held, let's see what happens here while Kobe watches. like he put his hand on his hip and there, I don't know if he got it stuck in his body, but he feels obvious pain right there, when he went for the basketball, you could see Kobe reach back and take that hand and it doesn't go. come out of a game like this and you see the tape on the finger here by Gary Vey Bryant doing the pavlovich move bounced for you here's James getting slapped by Bryant and James' last touch that's where LeBron is a nightmare when that ball comes in the open court, I mean the 260 of this guy plus PBS, they have the new fiser clock, yeah, and the loss to the magical lot of dribbling here from LeBron James, shots and hits from below, look, after Kobe committed his first foul, they moved Ramanovic. and uh, you can see LeBron's eyes light up victories by 10 or more points and they are winning games by 12 points, yes, LeBron James in a change of direction, Mar, he was going to the left and it was pure marriage and he made a 36, ​​the Cavaliers had a seven. -point lead as we get to four minutes left in this first quarter here's James making moves on Gasol a wild throw towards James and F was actually intercepted in the middle he's two of three from Beyond that line three points here tonight Bryant Yes, and the foul, the foul on PA.
the day kobe bryant showed lebron james who is the boss
I think you have to come get Kobe. That time Hixon was on top of the court, he looked like he was going to double team, he faked Kobe and then he came back, I think in that situation. I have to go there and take the ball out of his hands Trevor Arza has signed up for the Lakers odm coming off his best game of the season here is James off balance and scored it odm got the pass and the pass was broken up by James Lakers none for Cleveland we have to pay attention to that statistic LeBron makes a play Kobe the ball is stolen by buic buic oh rejected from behind by James Bui by three 3 second difference between the game clock and the shot clock Brock's try to watch the other way the last few seconds Bui yeah, another three seasons Stop, their numbers are down serak on the turn Oh, what a move by W serak they have a two-point lead W serak has scored the last seven for the Cavaliers here's James twisting those two points is erased P gauze returns, so the Lakers now have a James rant game tied at 41 here's James' big game 43 in New Jersey in the primetime shootout AR guy re said: I don't know why this LeBron James gets all this publicity, my LeBron took it seriously and scored 52.
the day kobe bryant showed lebron james who is the boss

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the day kobe bryant showed lebron james who is the boss...

Now there is an anecdote that we have not heard, since OD can go very deep in his notes. Here's James. Yes, his attention to detail has improved a lot in the last four. or five years, a right back LeBron arrives with 2 minutes left in this first half Bryant and he has been out Bryant received James good pass odm leaves it at home that is where odm really moves without the ball catching him and James CAU in Bryant's place CAU fouled, here's James and it's a foul, watch out, Odin with the push at three, here's Bryant on James with a t in the remaining second, so that's the end of the first half, let them We said they dislocated their ring finger.
the day kobe bryant showed lebron james who is the boss
Athletic trainer Gary V was raped. at halftime


said it was swollen and very painful right recovered by fiser and here is


getting his feet ready for three he chased


that initial shot made him hesitate and he missed the jumper here is


looking like he's really offensive minded around Williams Good move to play now 22 minutes, James has a hard angled shot and it's handled by Gasol Ryan coming in and that doesn't count. That's the third offensive interference. The fiser received by Williams Bryant played by James took the step and the ball knocked down the bids 56. - 54 Bryant went behind the back and scored now Kobe really grimaced the last two possessions with that hand, you can see he is very sore and you know, Marv, it's a dislocation, it popped back, you hope there's no fracture or anything, that's when you have a The problem now they want to keep LeBron on the outside of the court, not let him return to the middle like that when he does , it's a problem with Gasol that will make Wallace jump in to help Bryant, here's Kobe, yes, 133 runs for the Lakers.
the day kobe bryant showed lebron james who is the boss
James challenged by him bounced by Gau didn't get that call today Bryant for three good passes from James Paich with the bucket with that pending contract and the injuries that set him back never really came in Gasol both CL hitting his shots Brant with a beautiful pass to C in this third quarter jumping off Bryant and here's Kobe going all the way Mar points in the paint Bryan is back on James and here's LeBron coming in for things six at 24 Bryant 4 three get a good possession. There are 11, good look from James and Vara. The Lakers shot 12 of 19 from the field in the third quarter.
Here's Bryant Qui. Three and started shooting. R was intercepted by Hixon. Here's James, who's a two. line there Bry took the step and was rejected in the fourth quarter Kobe don't forget trust me shot clock at two here's Bryant yeah what's the shot now you can't play better defense than that that's just a brilliant offense bam received the note on rebounds he had a defensive rebound the other night against Orlando Dwight Howard Ryan yes and the foul in the fourth quarter the Lakers by 14 Bryant looking to add he couldn't force BR Bryant's turnover by three and Odin James got his head off his hands off the dribble taken away K James and LeBron getting slapped by AER with no foul call bleeding into the fast break bucket LeBron getting hit here tonight to jump ahead by 18 points here's James oh beautifully done in a scoop 9175 Lakers 20 points for LeBron only four points for the pain, he made that spectacular dunk with his left hand on that drive, so they did a good job.
The shot clock was reduced to six. Bryant with the step back. The Cavaliers tried to put together a run. James with a long triple against the Celtics. They are now 34 and nine years old and have the fourth best record in the NBA. Well, these two guys have played the entire second half and have plenty of time left. There are three and 1 half left to play here. James comes, tries to rack it up, and then gets the AA tip. by three 10 points for ARA all here in the fourth quarter James can't hit and here is LeBron with his left hand and he is down, that will count the screen roll, which means they are doubling it to get it out of his hands and the Lakers . you're managing to open up areas, this is what you do with your film session, nine rebounds, four assists, shooting just nine of 25 from the field and, again, a game with high turnovers and that will do it.
Kobe Bryant will play for that dislocated ring man who could have been the worst crane I've ever played with, it was really painful, man, and you know, I'm glad we got through this one.

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