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The Day Before We Found Out…

Apr 04, 2024
She says when she comes how much she loves it and I've never been, but we're going to ride the carousel while we're here and there's no line because the parade is happening, okay? Your girls are in Peter Pan now, I'm so excited. I've never been, it's one of my favorites, really, really fun, we could all be there at the same time Sandy, it better live up to the hype after everything I heard the first time. Two minutes will leave you speechless. I swear, okay, our tour guide put us right front and center and said get ready, you need to be prepared to go, this is my favorite part, she said we're going to need a gas mask. the way this has been promoted to us, Liz is like oh my gosh, oh I can't believe she's never been here, okay I'll say it lived up to the hype.
the day before we found out
I really thought it was good, it's all happening for us, oh God. Oh my god, wait, this is the one everyone always tries to get right, I might actually start crying, isn't this the one all the girls always talk about like they can't get in? We literally just walked up to the blue bio which is the restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean and there was a reservation for three people oh oh wait not me it's Liz's party how did that make me die oh my god Shane is going to cringe? how long did you have to wait to get a reservation when you arrived, you don't have to I think?
the day before we found out

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the day before we found out...

Well, I think I also did A Walk in. It was like a scenario like this, like it was just open, but normally it's like months. I ask every time I'm here and it never worked. Okay, this is so cute. She explained it like We're in someone's backyard in New Orleans and she said it's always night here, it's always the perfect night, we're at this house owner's party and there are no mosquitoes here and there are shooting stars, no. There are mosquitoes and shooting stars, what more do you want? Honestly, nothing except delicious food, which I hope they have.
the day before we found out
Honestly, I'm so gagged and honored to have a reservation here because Shane and I watch the res or we watch the Disney vloggers and they always say you can. If you don't come in, you can't come in. Lizzie always campaigns for pickles here by acting like they're exponentially better than anywhere else and I'm like no, you're just so drunk with love in this environment that you think they taste better than the haters. to hate and suddenly I'm having a moment she wanted to go back to her wedding and order them for her wedding at Disneyland the pickles but why is it so much better here?
the day before we found out
They're big, they're thick, they're juicy but they're still crunchy. and it's not hard to get your teeth into them sometimes you'd like to break a tooth on a pickle, but they're good and wait, I'm not done yet, they have dill but they're not too salty and they're not. yellows are like a light dill, it's a beautiful crunchy dill, okay I think he's fighting for it too much, it has to be just because it's disne Do you think this is the best bucky pickle I've ever had? Do I need to have this celebration? treasure chest package or we are fine just buying a normal dessert.
Do I need to get the minion fet with rum shit? I mean, if that's what your heart desires, then yes, this is es cabiche es cabiche or delicious Cheers, cheers, okay, it tastes like a cold. salad at a family gathering you're like macaroni and cheese salad oh my gosh yes you get it yes it's delicious it has the same flavor profile as pasta salad from Costco Sandy after not wanting what this is called and baby after not wanting that, she said she likes it better than gumbo because it tastes like macaroni salad. Okay, I feel bad comparing it to Costco's pasta salad as I eat it, you can tell the ingredients are more elevated than that.
It just gave me the gist of it, but I'm pleasantly surprised by that entree because it's something that Sandy and I were looking at, but I was like Lizzie, if you want it, get it and now I'm surprised and happy that we got it. I love it, so would you say you like it more than gumbo? Definitely, yes, we were going for the gumbo. Yeah, and that just goes to show that sometimes you have to try some new things. Guys, I could kill you. I ran. Until now, because we noticed the magical Christmas fireworks were happening while we were eating here.
I sit there. I wait throughout the show. I start Googling when the fireworks will happen after this Christmas show. I think it is a complete spectacle. I text Lizzie and she says, "Well, your food is on the table" and I said, "I'll wait." I will be a team player. I want to get the Vlog footage for everyone because it will be magical. It ends and everyone starts walking. I walked up to an employee and thought, where are the fireworks they canceled tonight? Wow, this food looks amazing, it looks so good, this is amazing, really really good, and there's full-blown cauliflower.
I'm enjoying it, it's very spicy. Damn, you can have some of mine, okay guys, we need a bite of this, aha, wow, it's really good, it's really good. I would say I love it, it's like you can only eat a few bites, so it's good. I'm sharing it, but the flavor profiles are amazing, it's nice that there's melted chocolate on the outside, it's a thicker, denser chocolate on the inside and then there's the delicious frosting, it's like a warm, sticky slide down my throat, makes fun of how she checks the food but then she likes to do it I think you're great at it and it makes me wet, my only problem is that I was promised shooting stars and I didn't see one of them, there was a whole shooting star like a meteor shower when I went to see the fireworks that didn't exist I said don't refill the iced tea and they refilled it and it's like I have a substance abuse problem and if there's something about Lizzie it's that caffeine affects her ? largely, she drank Diet Coke and now she's had like four iced teas and now we're overdosing on the sugary dessert and she's going to go crazy, listen, I love the decadent T and we're getting treats too, right?
Stupid, she comes and goes to buy a candy apple that she's going to eat later and she's going to buy like seven things from that bakery on Main Street. I can't, I've had enough. I am a responsible young woman. I only spent $60 today here on the selection. This is the third time we've tried to try Indiana Jones. I've never ridden this well, so we're good here. We have achieved it. I can't believe it, although we are underway. Indiana Jones was worth the three vile attempts and breakdowns it had before I got on it. It was fantastic.
I loved. It was so good. He lives up to everything anyone has told me. Fabulous. Okay, guys, it's been fun. day at Disney you know I'll show you when I give my gifts to Shane because I ended up getting three so he knows I love him because I always forget that she literally couldn't be hotter she's beautiful look at that suit it's midnight it really is pure magic here even though we've spent, oh my god, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 10 hours in this park and we're having a great time, she's not criticizing me for having to count on my fingers but she can't understand what I'm doing beautiful, she's so crazy and awake past her bedtime, she's like a CR little girl who needs to go to bed as best she can in case we don't say goodbye.
Sandy on the Vlog, bye, that was so much fun, okay, my son is ready, what did you bring me? We're back from Disneyland and I finally remembered to buy you gifts at a theme park and I would say I got gifts to make up for all the Sometimes I don't get gifts for you because I kept seeing things and I kept buying things because I was eating it up, what is that? It's like a little Disney plush ornament and I thought it would be good for the new theater, so it is. cute, I love it, this is like a joint gift for both of us, I actually saw these and I wasn't necessarily buying them for you, I just couldn't pass them up, oh my gosh how cute, there's another one in there.
OMG, so they match the blue and white. And how old is he? 0 to 3 months. Wow, they are so cute. Thank you. I love them. They are adorable and beautiful. I've been wanting this. No way. I watch Disney vloggers and everyone is talking about these glasses with these straw toppers, well the thing is about the straw topper, I'm a little confused because it's like, what do you do with it? Put it on so nothing gets in. baby oh it comes out while it's still on it stays locked in while you take it off and I liked this one because it has the Disney logo on one side it has Disneyland and then Starbucks on the other the colors are really pretty and it goes up and it has the topper Perfect candy cane for vlogmas.
Wow, you did so well. I can't believe you bought me another mug. Can you believe we made it to the Bayou? Not long ago I was telling him how exclusive it is and how I went there. When I was younger and didn't know it was exclusive, I took it for granted because now when I hear about it on my Disney vloggers, I see everyone saying that if we got into the blue, it would be a dream come true. And I think I'd been there before. I had a great time, but I feel like it's a little overrated just because everyone talks about how unique it is.
Did you get the scotch potatoes? I didn't see that on the menu. I sent you a text message. Between. Why could the rolls? Why didn't you tell me what I did? You didn't receive the rolls. That's why rolls are famous. That's why when people are in PIR to the Caribbean and they leave. Passing by you on the boat, they say, throw me a bagel, that's a thing that happens. I go and then you throw away a bun. You asked our waiter what the most popular starter is. They jumped you. Well, at the present moment, it's a bit of poop.
It's like glass poop inside. a cute glass ornament I love Wy the Poo so much and I thought it goes with the vibe of our tree too yeah let me hang it and then I bought this for myself they called it apple pie candy apple it's 1:00am. now I'm going to take a bite of my candy apple take a shower oh my god Riley you're our Christmas dog you look like Christmas we're saving the world with Ryland's vlogmas n

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