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The Dark Side of Steroids in WWE, What They Don't Tell You (Complete History Explained)

Nov 13, 2023
Well if there's anyone I can trust it's a stranger at the gym holding a dirty needle here we're still trying yeah it's no secret that the industry has faced accusations and controversies surrounding the use of performance enhancing substances, including


, and throughout his


he has shared his personal opinions. experiences with


and the pressure to maintain a certain physique in this highly competitive world, so today we will take a look at some of the wrestlers who have come forward or have allegedly consumed some substance, starting the list with one of the most impactful wrestlers . At that time Hulk Hogan back in 1994, WWE owner Vince McMahon was put on trial after the US government accused him of distributing steroids to his wrestlers, which shocked many fans at the time, It was one of Vince McMahon's top stars who showed up in court and openly admitted to steroid abuse within the company.
the dark side of steroids in wwe what they don t tell you complete history explained
Hulk Hogan testified in the 1994 federal trial that he had not only taken steroids but had been doing so for 14 years. long years I was even going to say that when steroid orders arrived at WWE headquarters I would collect them along with my fan mail from my paycheck or


ever, when I got into the business the guys were huge, more big than life and steroids were illegal at the time, con


ring his company and it being the fake WWE on land, the pressure is on and so may be. he said for another major star at the time, arguably one of WWE's biggest stars of the late '80s and early '90s, in part due to his incredible physique.
the dark side of steroids in wwe what they don t tell you complete history explained

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the dark side of steroids in wwe what they don t tell you complete history explained...

The Ultimate Warrior, was at the top of his game and even managed to capture the WWE Title against Hogan at WrestleMania 6. Become the first Champion to hold both the WWE and Intercontinental Championships, but just like Hogan, the pressure and The culture of the business affects you when thousands of fans shout your name week after week, it can ultimately ruin one's mind. Warrior was fired by WWE in 1992. At a time when the government was investigating them for drug use, Vince McMahon stated that the Warriors' experimentation with growth hormones was the reason


fired him. However, Warrior in many interviews and exposed WWE stating the following.
the dark side of steroids in wwe what they don t tell you complete history explained
I think talking about steroids is a trap, so I won't even go into that. I think there's a certain level that athletes reach where


have to make a conscious decision, as mature adults, whether they're going to play or not. Under the rules, you will need to be the best in the world, and while many con


r the '80s and '90s to be the peak of steroid abuse in WWE, they would be wrong, as the trial finally stopped Royce's rampant abuse. WWE stopped providing it to their wrestlers, this subsequently put an end to the Horsemen mistake and introduced a new generation of wrestlers like Sean Michaels and Brett Hall, who were similar but more agile and technical wrestlers, however, in an industry with bigger characters that life once physique is an integral part of standing out from the crowd, technically you are right, one of those superstars who rose through the ranks very quickly was chai.
the dark side of steroids in wwe what they don t tell you complete history explained
She made her WWE debut in February 1997 as an enforcer of the villainous group known as Degeneration X with her muscular physique. and her imposing presence quickly stood out among the other female performers at the time, China's physique and her ability to compete against male wrestlers set her apart and attracted the attention of fans and critics alike, but many would say her body went through two transformations while in WWE one era. potentially, when she had been using steroids, I mean, just look at the picture of her, the jawline is a bit revealing and like others, she started in bodybuilding very young, where pediatrics are very common; the other was when China wanted to soften her appearance early in her career.
Moving forward, China took time off from the WWF in 1999 to undergo breast augmentation surgery, a nose job, and shave her jaw. She wanted to appear more feminine, which could have been one of the side effects of steroid abuse. I don't think it's suspicious that China tragically passed away due to heart problems, which are common problems among both long-time steroid users and fighters who die young, so while it hasn't been proven that he could have played a role, considering that Vince McMahon openly admitted to taking these things, it would be hard for others to say no. Vince McMahon admitted to using steroids in the '80s while under oath during his 1994 federal trial for distributing steroids to his wrestlers, and at 77, McMahon's physique defies his age.
I wish I looked like that at that moment. age bro, I don't even have that physique at five years old, so the issue with her physique was probably most prevalent in her 2002 Royal Rumble match against Ric Flair. McMahon came out like a beast and compared to Nature Boy, considering Ric Flair was 53 and Vince was 57 at the time, it's hard not to notice the equipment he may have been using, however he has denied any steroid use since the test, but with every physique like that at his age, McMahon doesn't fool anyone like that. case of The Rock, he admitted in a 2009 interview to having tried steroids in college, but apparently that's when he stopped, supposedly you're sure about that, but from his 1996 debut as Rocky Malvia until 2001, The Rock never had a physique worthy of screaming, it sure looked.
Great, but compared to the other wrestlers around him, he seemed average at best, but there may have been a moment in his weirdness where fans may have remembered when The Rock briefly wore a shirt and sweatpants in 1999. instead of his usual black Trunks. and pads, although some may have thought it was part of the badass gimmick, but the truth is The Rock had men's boots, you go and need surgery on your face just like you had on your breasts, he admitted to having surgery on his 90s, a procedure sometimes. It was called a moving job and the shirt was just to cover the scars while he recovered as at the time he was on the rise it should be noted that having gynecomastia is a common side effect of steroids where men experience growth in breast tissue, so considering where he is now in his career and the body he has, I don't think anyone would have any doubts about whether he could be wearing it or not, however, it is important to note that the appearance of a fighter It doesn't always indicate the PED abuse a wrestler may suffer.
It surprises many who are watching the video right now that Umaga had a successful stint in WWE, although he may have never captured any world titles, he nevertheless had memorable feuds with the likes of John Cena and CM Punk and It will probably be the most remembered. for his Battle of the Billionaires match against Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania 23, but since Eddie Guerrero's death in 2005 due to substance abuse, WWE wanted to take a stricter approach to any type of drug abuse in WWE and later they introduced the welfare policy. ended Umaga's career due to his use of anabolic steroids and growth hormones in 2007, it was reported that he and other professional wrestlers had purchased pharmaceuticals from an online pharmacy that violated WWE's talent wellness program and occurred a second incident in 2009 with refusal to receive treatment. releasing him from the company he tragically passed away in 2009 at the age of 36 due to a combination of heart disease and liver failure.
PED abuse has been linked to heart disease and when people have an enlarged heart that could have contributed to their heart problems, so another wrestler who admitted to using was Triple H. He was said to be taking medical steroids in 2002 only according to


doctors prescribed to help him heal from an injury, so while Triple H's physique has varied over the years, he remains impressive and rumored. It is believed that he may have lost his juice when he and Stephanie McMahon started a family and it was shown that over time the game seemed to lose mass and he even began to show a bit of spunk.
This was around 2004 when he started the Evolution stable. It's worth noting that WWE has strict rules and testing procedures to ensure wrestlers don't abuse performance-enhancing drugs; However, former WWE stars Ryback and Scott Steiner claim favoritism due to their family connection claiming that Triple H has not even had to take a drug test. Scott Steiner went on to say the following, oh we really love you, but we want you to take a drug test now, it's like, while Ryback mentioned that Hunter's entire career has been done on steroids without them, he engineered this in professional wrestling. I can't say if it's ever been tested or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if it never was.
Hunter's entire career has been done on steroids. I grew up seeing the guy without them, he doesn't exist in professional wrestling, so he's very biased. with what they do there and all that, but the policy itself is: I love it, I wish there was, I wish they had the strictest drug testing in all of wrestling. Triple H's nutritionist also admitted that he probably took small amounts of steroids, but points out that Triple H has never failed a drug test um guys, girls, do what you want with that information, but speaking of Ryback, known as the big guy , Ryback was a popular WWE star in the 2010s, he embodied the classic image of a wrestler, a massive, muscular powerhouse despite his imposing appearance.
Because of his physique, he never really connected with the fans and it can be argued that there was a brief moment where he was starting to connect with the fans with his you know, and although WWE did everything they could to get him there by making him feud with CM Punk This ultimately led to his downfall considering his position within WWE at the time and being very green, mistakes were bound to happen. This led CM Punk to have a deep, hated passion for the big guy, leading CM Punk to derisively call him a steroid guy and he is. very it's called I call it Legacy surprisingly Ryback confessed to confess Ryback's associated association with steroids even for his wrestling career this was at the age of 19 when a bodybuilder introduced him to that world from then on Ryback believed that the pediatrics were necessary to be successful in the professional field. wrestling, so you know, guys, what you're going to do.
I would know that he went on to say that he stopped using it, but the trend of bodybuilders becoming professional wrestlers and continuing to use the juice doesn't seem to have gone away. Recently, in a hilarious turn of events, Braun Strowman's colossal size has led many to wonder if he has been hitting the stereo jackpot since his WWE debut in 2015. Speculation reached new heights in October 2020 when Strawman shared an image on his Instagram Story with a syringe hanging near his bathroom sink, bro, you can't make this up. Buffet knew it, not for Strawman, he quickly put on a disappearing act in the photo and offered an explanation, claiming that the syringe was simply a supplement to his daily B12 injections and if you thought things couldn't be more fun.
Undertaker himself came to Strawman's defense in an interview with Joe Rogan, although you know that admitting his own steroid use, the dead man stated that Strawman's muscles are


ly natural. He talked about a twisted guy from the wrestling world. I'm kidding, I'm kidding, and finally, many people, including former fans of WWE wrestlers and even bodybuilders, have jokingly suggested that Jinder Mahal must have used steroids to gain such impressive muscle growth and definition upon his return to company in 2016, but even when Mahal didn't get much screen time on television, he managed to secure a title shot by winning a match to become the number one contender and in a hilarious turn of events, with the help of the Singh brothers, Jinda Mahal defeated Orton and became the WWE Champion by distracting.
Orton near the end of the match, many speculated that this was due to the expansion plan that WWE had in India, while others believed that Vince simply loved the body transformation and couldn't get enough of it, however, Jinder Mahal He playfully defended himself using the Royce by stating that his success is solely the result of his dedicated exercise routine and commitment to a healthy diet; In fact, Mahal proudly proclaims that he has never failed a drug test throughout his wrestling career, but come on guys, let's look at the side effects, let's see if he has any.
Of them, he is fine, he has an uneven back, bulging veins and I think it is safe to say that he may have been taking something, since these arecommon side effects, so until that day comes, all the speculation surrounding it can only be seen as good-natured banking. I love it. all these guys and we are just making these videos to have fun with Roy, you still have to do a great workout, you have the right diet, we are not discrediting their hard work, all these guys are amazing, make sure to like and subscribe. Watch our previous video about forbidden moments in WWE that can never be broadcast again

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