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The Dark & Chilling Case of Cruel Killer | Frederick Deeming

Apr 30, 2023
hello everyone, today we are looking at a


that was considered sensational in the 1890s and was covered by the press all over the world, we will start in Great Britain and end in Australia so sit back as we head to 19th century Melbourne. Fredrik


was born in the costumes of Ashe Padilla England on July 30, 1853 he was the youngest of seven children and in his youth he was known as Mad Freight due to his abnormal behaviour, perhaps his behavior developed after the many savage beatings he suffered given to him by his father, who died insane in an asylum having attempted suicide four times by all accounts Frederick had a strong relationship with his mother, a Sunday school teacher, who installed her interpretation of scripture in him.
the dark chilling case of cruel killer frederick deeming
She carried a Bible with him on her travels and was obsessed with the concepts of sin and punishment. his mother's death in 1875 was a great blow to the young Frederick at the age of sixteen he ran away to sea and as he traveled the world he invented different names and renowned occupations for each country he visited he returned to England and trained as a a gas fitter working on chester cathedral in 1881 when


was 27 he married maria james who was 26 and from wales the couple got tired of living in england and started a new life first in south africa and then in australia in Australia Frederick was working in Sydney Rockhampton and Melbourne as a gas fitter while his wife Marie gave birth to two children, he was considered a skilled worker but while working at Sydney gas fitting he was accused of stealing brass fittings .
the dark chilling case of cruel killer frederick deeming

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the dark chilling case of cruel killer frederick deeming...

He denied this crime and blamed a child assistant, but they found him. with them and sentenced to six weeks in prison after his release, he continued to work in Sydney as a gasfitter until in December 1887, when he was again sent to trial, this time for fraud, he disappeared from New South Wales while under bail and the family returned. to England via South Africa while in England he had two more children causing his total to drop due to his many rao's Frederick and Maria separated and he returned to South Africa where he became involved in the diamond mine scam transferred in 1889 on its way.
the dark chilling case of cruel killer frederick deeming
Back in England, he was remembered on the trip for his ostentatious display of jewelery and money and his unwanted attention to female passengers. He arrived in Hull in November 1889 and posed as a retired sheep farmer named Harry Lawson of Mount House Rockhampton farm in Queensland one February. on 18 1890 he had married Pigma Slee, a young woman named Helen Matheson, the 21-year-old daughter of his landlady, but he left Helen and disappeared immediately after their honeymoon. He briefly returned to his real wife and his four children, but then became embroiled in a jury scam and quickly. left the country for South America was arrested in Montevideo Uruguay and taken back to England to serve nine months in prison was released from jail in 1891 and called himself Albert Williams telling people he was a military officer on leave India reconciled with his wife and rented a house in Rain Hill, a small town on the outskirts of Liverpool, before his family joined him there. on earth in travel chests then he sent for his family to live in a new rented house but on the night of August 11 he murdered them in their night clothes, hitting them first with an ax and then cutting their throats, he spent the night burying their bodies and buried his family on the floor sealing them with cement the next day he had a cleaner clean the house he told the neighbors that the woman and children had seen the sister of the debris and her children visiting and that they had returned to the house they he told his brothers but his entire family had returned to Australia a month later he married local spinster Emily Mathis she was 27 and the newlyweds sailed on the kaiser wilhelm ii to melbourne australia where he settled on andrew street in the southeastern suburbs of the city on christmas eve of the same year, just ten days after moving into the house,


had an argument with his wife, so he took an ax and murdered her and then buried her under the half stone in the bedroom and covered the body in cement frederick then left Melbourne for Sydney and decided to call himself Baron Swanston in Sydney he wooed and proposed to a young woman named Kate Rounds Fall but to no avail in Sydney he soon left by boat to go to Fremantle in Western Australia just over two months later a prospective tenant of the Andrew Street house complained of an unpleasant smell in the second bedroom when the landlord lifted the half stone the smell became overpowering and police recalled they searched for more and recovered the body of Emily Mathur.
the dark chilling case of cruel killer frederick deeming
An autopsy concluded that her throat had been slit and her skull fractured. for several beatings, Victorian police interviewed local merchants and the home's owner and estate agent established a link to a newly arrived Mr. williams from an england ship, the police interviewed the kaiser wilhelm ii passengers who remembered the newlyweds, some passengers said they did not like mr. Williams due to his manners and pleas soon got a good description of the man they were looking for. Their inquiries led them to a man matching Fredrick's description who had auctioned off household items, possibly wedding gifts, in early January.
Australian authorities issued a national alert for Albert Williams. The description of him and the unusual features of him were cabled to every police station in Australia. Meanwhile, the circumstances surrounding the death of Emily Williams have captured public interest. Meanwhile, an employee of a coastal shipping company told police that he saw a man who responded to the missing mr. Description of Williams boarding a ship, but sailed on 23 January to Fremantle in Western Australia. However, the outlandish character was named Baron Swanston. Police immediately issued a wanted poster in all Western Australian settlements. Southern Cross located in the remote West of Australia Goldfields the baron had accepted a job as an engineer in charge of machinery at the Fraser gold mine the jury of barons The town closed the large and distinctive mustache and English accent stood out among the hard working Australians and the day after Emily Williams's remains were laid to rest.
A policeman wired Melbourne detectives to say the man they were looking for was safely locked up at Southern Cross. Those who remembered Frederick from his first visit to Australia remembered that his wife was nothing like Emily. Williams was found dead in the Windsor home, in fact, she was different in every way, shorter and with a much


er complexion, she looked like Mrs. hell but where was the original the children's mother the police searched the home and found a crumpled invitation to a dinner given by albert williams from a commercial hotel rain hill a town 14 kilometers east of liverpool in england australian police wired their counterparts in england asking them to investigate the dinner they wanted mr.
Williams and ask him if he could shed any light on Frederick Demon's missing wife and young family. Local police investigations led them to the Rain Hill news agency, which was owned and operated by Mrs Mathur, who turned out to be the mother of the dead woman Emily Williams found under the fireplace in the Melbourne house that collapsed when they informed him of the death of his daughter, Mrs. Mathur explained, but he also ran a Rain Hill leasing agency, his daughter had met Mr. Williams, who answered Frederick's description when he arrived in Rain Hill in late October 1891, he led the police to the house that Frederick had rented when he entered the house and was confronted with a horrible smell to them, it was most recognizable as the smell of death they carried from the chimney. apart with crowbars and shovels they removed the half stone, finding the bodies of a woman and two children, all in an advanced state of decomposition, the corpses were wrapped in oilcloth, the woman lay face up while the two children were lying face down one on each side of the other, they searched further and found two other children embedded in cement, one body was of a baby and the other was of a little girl lying at the woman's feet, the police found a book with the bodies in which her name is believed to have been struck out and Williams added that the police had no doubt that Deeming and Williams were, in fact, the same person as the unsolved London murder


s that occurred in the Whitechapel part of the city between 1888 and 1891 were still fresh in the public mind, so Frederick's British origins made it all but inevitable, but the sensation-seeking Australian press would accuse him of being Jack the Ripper.
This gave him the Neriah that he may have always been looking for and was reported, but he confessed to committing two of the Ripper murders. Articles soon appeared. in national newspapers with theories suggesting that Reign Hilde's motive for murder was to silence his wife, who discovered his terrible secret and the press began referring to him as Jack the Ripper of the South Seas. Frederick's writing was compared to samples credited to Jack the Ripper. when British and Australian newspapers claimed that he was Jack the Ripper, it emerged that he had been acquainted with the Ripper's victim, Catherine Eddowes.
Catherine was reported to have written to frederick during her travels, although like many other claims this was also proven on 8 April 1892, a report was published in the Melbourne Evening Standard claiming that a London dressmaker had identified him in the east end the night katherine was murdered seeing a photograph of frederick in the newspaper and recognizing him as mr lawson had been in the company of mr. Lawson on September 30, 1888, he claimed that he had met him again the next day when he showed intimate knowledge of the murder of Catherine Eddowes. He said that a few days after the crime he disappeared that he never saw him again.
The opinion that Frederick committed several of the murders. The Ripper's murders are strengthened in public opinion by the statement of the dressmaker Scotland Yard, who had ignored him as a suspect in 1888, took a belated interest when the bodies of his first family were found. London detectives rushed to the trial in Melbourne when it emerged that Frederick had written love. letters to Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes, the face was becoming sensational in the UK Australia and in many parts of the world additional rail services were put on as a morbidly curious public in 19th century Britain descended on Rain Hill alone to see the house where he had killed his family More than 10,000 people lined the streets near the cemetery to watch the funeral of Murray Deeming and his children.
His trial took place between April 28 and May 2, 1892 in Melbourne. Frederick was tried under the name of Williams, his defense team. He claimed that he was insane, but the Crown's psychiatric evaluation proved that he was not. It did not take long for the jury to convict him and he was sentenced to be executed by hanging on May 23, 1892 despite appeals against his sentence. Frederick accepted his fate and spent the last three weeks of his life writing his autobiography going through stacks of papers detailing his criminal career and alleged associations with high-ranking people, including royalty, when word came to publishers in England that he had been offered thousand pounds for the royalties, however after his execution the government ordered the manuscript to be destroyed with all his personal papers on the eve of his execution he was expected to make a full confession and our doctor and clergyman were asked if he really it was Jack the Ripper he refused to answer one way or the other no doubt enjoying the fame the prosecution had brought him walked calmly to the gallows smoking a cigar as some 12,000 people gathered at the prison to commemorate the execution of a monster earlier before the noose was placed around his neck the sheriff asked him if he had any last words he replied sir receive my spirit the hangman pulled the lever and the drop opened and Frederick considered he was hanged hello everyone and thank you very much for listening.
I really hope you enjoyed today's video and I'll see you in the next briefcase.

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