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The Dangerous World of Nikocado Avocado

Apr 18, 2024
Alright, today we're going to talk about nicocado


, look guys, I know it's been almost two weeks since I last posted anything. I'm so sorry, this is the longest time I've gone without uploading something. I was busy with family things and my PC. I ended up rebooting and lost a bunch of files. Luckily I still have my main YouTube files, but I still have to download all my editing programs and I lost all my presets, so I'll have to start editing again anyway, I hope you can. It's all good by the time this video comes out, I think we'll almost have 40,000 subscribers, guys, 40,000, what, yeah, I'm going to change my hair again, so in the next video I'll probably have my different color. guys follow me on Instagram you guys already know the color be sure to follow me on Instagram you're just fans but like in my life I was also busy getting a bunch of tattoos so I got this alien and this one was of my cousin and she got it this was her first tattoo ever it came out really good I know I'm wearing plaid vans I know they're like such a basic shoe but hey I'm not in school anymore right?
the dangerous world of nikocado avocado
I don't have to see them. in the hallways every 10 seconds anyway before this video starts I want to give credit to this person on Instagram because she recommended me to talk about this topic. I also want to mention that if you are looking for editing software for your phone, make sure to download Video Jump, it is a fun and free editing app that is super easy to use and if you want to help support the channel, all you have to do is to click the link in my description and use my link, seriously guys, use the like link.
the dangerous world of nikocado avocado

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the dangerous world of nikocado avocado...

Video Jump hired a bunch of Instagram influencers but they got me too so I'm like the only youtuber on the team so please can we prove them wrong and download it for me? Not only for me, but also if you want. A good editing app, be sure to download who's first. By the way, all sources will be linked in the description below. Nicholas Perry, born May 19, 1992, age 29, better known online as Nicocado Avocado, is a Ukrainian YouTuber and mukbanger known for his mukbang videos. Mukbang which translates to cast eating is a genre of videos where the creator eats food in front of the camera.
the dangerous world of nikocado avocado
Now this trend originally started in South Korea and then later took over in the United States. Why do people like to watch other people consume food? Yes, let me. Know if you guys really watch mukbang videos I'm interested and why it has five channels nicocado


nicocado avocado 2 nicocado avocado 3 plus avocado and noodle king with a combined following of 8.6 million subscribers across all channels it has become infamous on youtube and mukbang community due to his crazy personality and drastic weight gain with uploads consisting of him crying while eating, arguing with his boyfriend Orlan or just engaging in some kind of drama, there is no way you guys haven't heard about from the name cacado avocado.
the dangerous world of nikocado avocado
Well you clicked on the video so it has to have some kind of relevance in your memory or maybe you just saw the crazy thumbnail not even crazy bro that thumbnail was clean bro this looks like a movie in the vegan days. I was going to name this as skinny days, yes we're going to talk about him being vegan but also when he was skinny, I don't know if that's rude but we're going to stick with vegan days so in case you didn't know that nicocado avocado used to play. the violin professionally i don't really know how i feel saying he used to play it professionally because he's played it in some older videos where he's eating and he's still very good at it on trisha paytas' podcast called plate with trish, i'm pretty sure which is an old podcast, I don't know if it's still going.
He talks about his career before YouTube and how, as a freelance violinist living in New York at the age of 21, Nikocaro Aguacate dreamed of playing in the Broadway orchestra. show let's also introduce her boyfriend orlan at home now orlan used to live in colombia in an old video orlean actually explains that they met in an old facebook group called vegan gay men this was around 2013. after several months of communication they ended up meeting each other in a new york where he was serenaded by nicocado avocado while wearing a tuxedo, he's very cute, I'm not going to lie, he's very cute, so when I put the second channel nicocado avocado 2 on a wayback machine, you can see that they were co-owners of that channel, it actually seems to have started.
We are going to be Orlan's channel, as you can see the name is simply Orlan Home, so as time went on Nicholas appeared on multiple YouTube channels trying to promote the healthy vegan lifestyle which also influenced him to start uploading your own videos as a vegan vlogger now later. 2015, 2016 was when vegans really got into mukbanging, but things started to change when Nicholas started promoting these vegan mukbang videos where he ate an unhealthy amount of food. Now, if you go to the first video of him on his main channel, you will see that he is the one explaining that he is no longer vegan.
Now I'm pretty sure there were videos before that but they were simply deleted or private but he basically explains that he experienced severe fatigue, increased sensory sensitivity and a significant vitamin deficiency just because he was vegan and he also explains that the vegan community on youtube is very toxic and that is why these new loads with meat begin. I guess you could say meat, uh, normal people's food, not vegan food, basically, at first his loads were pretty innocent and Orlan would show up sometimes. next to him, but he also had this cute pair on his shoulder.
As time passed, viewers began to notice a change in his appearance. By the way, he started gaining weight, guys, if you are this far into the video, be sure to leave a like and leave a comment. Comments help a lot and likes too, because those two are like commitment, so make sure you leave a like and a comment and if you haven't already, do what that pillow tells you to do, subscribe. and also do what that man tells you to do which is kiss me on the lips, not only that but it was clear that mukbangs were no longer the reason viewers tuned in to watch his videos, people were clicking to see the random arguments Nick would make.
He has other YouTubers with his boyfriend or even Nicholas himself. He has said that he has always been dramatic and chooses to take advantage of his low moments for success on YouTube. I'm like this, well, either everyone hates me or I'm already dramatic, let me grab it. the camera and film it, he also acknowledged on Trisha's podcast that the videos in which he is emotionally dramatic get the most views. they like it when i'm angry, they like it when i'm crying, they like it when i'm hyper, he said and added that he intentionally makes video titles click baity okay so stephanie sues another mukbang youtuber uploaded a video on 21 December 2019 titled why I'm afraid of nicocado avocado okay guys I'm telling you I had to watch many hours of this avocado and he uploaded his. version where he responded and she responded so I'll try to summarize it as best as I can because I really don't want this segment to take up the entire video so basically nick was messaging stephanie and asking for a collaboration and she would always deny him for other reasons, you know, he doesn't know him.
Eventually he is in Los Angeles so they decide to have dinner and it seems like they become good friends, they share a lot of personal things with each other and they are great friends at that point, they eventually decide. to collaborate and release three videos, now they're going to collide with an additional person named zac coy, I think that's his name, zach coy, so that's one video for each channel. She explains that the avocado nicocado made her extremely uncomfortable when trying to get her to talk. about the drama she was recently involved in, he was trying to pressure her to talk about the drama on video, there is video proof of him trying to do it, she explains that she was really scared because it seemed like after he just he was cheating on her and saying but you're the one who wanted to talk about it and she says well she never really wanted to, she also explains that he was taking pictures of the inside of her house which is pretty weird I don't know why He did that so cool.
Aguacate ended up responding with a video of his own, but as you can see, he got an extremely nasty bombshell, then Stephanie uploads another video with even more receipts and proves him wrong, so as 2020 goes on, Nicocado keeps uploading these boosted videos For extremely clicky drama. -Baity's titles didn't even need to involve drama, sometimes they were just really weird and strange videos, it seemed like something was going on in her personal life, her viewers were starting to worry, even random people clicking on the videos, I mean . Who does not? This guy is slowly ending his life and that sounds really messed up but we are witnessing a man slowly ending his life due to eating an unhealthy amount of food and it doesn't help that I put him in line and cry.
Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself, Nico Aguacate even ended up creating and just fans, so if you're ever feeling up to it, be sure to subscribe to that and then he also stated that he was leaving YouTube to focus on his health because he weighed 320 pounds I thought I would come here to let you know that yesterday's video was my last mukbang, it wasn't a troll, it wasn't a joke, that's why everyone is freaking out because I'm not posting my first one today. time in three years not posting like I missed a day but I meant it, if I don't take control of my health I'm going to die, 320 pounds is nothing to laugh about anymore and I need to work on my relationship. camera, so anyway yesterday's video was the last one he didn't end up with, he just kept uploading more mukbang videos, so on the podcast with trisha he ended up saying that he was adopted at a young age and had a hard time understanding it.
As to why his biological parents had given him up for adoption and as a result, he said he ended up acting out most of his childhood and even received mental health interventions as one of the spotlights, which is very different of how I am now. Especially off camera I'm very reserved and stuff, but I'm surprised that they want to put you in therapy, that seems like a normal thing, a five year old is so loud sometimes he wants to be, yeah, they put me in. I also took medication at five or seven seven was my first time seven so loft yeah no yeah I don't agree with that but of course I wasn't raising me my parents said it was difficult but I don't know the disorder personality or anything, but I have They say I have OCD and OCD at age seven, no, that was more like a preteen when they told me that, so you were diagnosed with depression at age seven, yeah, yeah, I didn't know I had disorders Legitimate mental problems, I knew.
I had an eating disorder, but that really makes you think. For the most part, we are done with the information. Now let's get to my opinion and realize that this man has mental problems and an eating disorder. It's very sad to see him use food. as a way to get views and money and also get attention, it's really sad because he didn't have to be like that. You know, it's a little scary that he's almost rewarded in some way for doing this, I mean, he's not even almost rewarded. he gets views he gets money he gets enough money to buy a new apartment I feel like YouTube monetization allows him to feel like he is being rewarded for having these disorders.
I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube ends up demonetizing his channel because it endangers his body. that is, a term that endangers the body or endangers itself, not only itself but others, I mean, I don't know how healthy it is to see people with eating disorders and mental disabilities eat their hearts out vs. the camera and it's really scary not even the fact that he has mental disorders but the fact that he could drop dead, I know it sounds weird but he could literally have a heart attack at any moment and that's scary it's super sad I really hope may he get help somehow but nicocado avocado has been a big topic on youtube since he started being dramatic on camera look guys if you have an eating disorder or any type of body dysmorphia make sure you talk to someone to get help , here's a link and a phone number if you want Call, I understand it's a problem and in some cases, by chance, nicado, if you're watching this video, just get help, like actually, legitimately, get help.
I hope that wasn't a weird way to say it, but I'm not. I don't think there's any other way to say that I wasn't at the center of it all this time. This is the sensor, guys. Sorry if I wasn't in the center of the screen. Well, that's all for this video, I hope you guys. I like the introduction at the beginning of the video. I think it's really cool, it's kind ofcreepy. I give them that creepy vibe. I also want to thank the current members of my channel. Worry guys, we're back to the usual schedule of uploading videos every three or four days, okay, so that's two videos a week, don't worry, but yeah, make sure you follow me on Instagram, follow me on Twitter, do all that and download the video link.
I really love you guys and I'll see you next time I come up rich boy barb baby I just want a rich boy bar rich barber I just want a pocket full of cash

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