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The Craziest Airsoftguns of 2018

Feb 27, 2020
hey guys welcome to this wacky gun like a little video here i just have a wacky gun sir that i used last year from the bottle gun that cost me like 20 bucks to build and it shoots actually 16 rounds per second about anti-materiel 50 BMG sniper rifle one here this M 200 and then even a 640 mike loaded grenade launcher so with a bunch of shooters it fires 200 rounds at a time towards the end of the video. I'm going to do a giveaway with one of those weapons, so stick around. all the way down to find out which one and how we can earn it right let's start debacle gun this is by far the best gun as far as price performance goes because building this thing will cost you about 20 bucks and that's mostly for debacle gun air everything else you know you have this wound at home anyway so just cut it the way you want a bottle mount the air gun then you need Eric though and what's really cool about the setting is you can actually adjust the FPS of th is a weapon so you know because it puts out sixty beams per second which is a peavey beam you probably want to know lower the choice a bit so you can do this I think you can adjust it between 0.2 tools. up to choose so anything is possible with this thing then of course i slew an optic on a log because the range is pretty limited due to no such thing as a jump but see for yourself next up is the six grenade launcher ICS shells crazy thing because it's actually semi-auto you spawned spring loaded then when you fire it drops grenade after grenade. the peas come out not too powerful but it sounds scary the babies don't fly too far actually it's like you know how to fill your hand with spears and just throw them at people but because it's so loud you know it scares the hell out of people What's really cool about this gun is retail price for only 150 bucks which is great for a gun this big the reason it's too cheap because it's made of polymer which you know it's a fun gun.
the craziest airsoftguns of 2018
It doesn't need to be made from CNC machined aluminum so that's a big plus but now let's see how this works with ICS shells after Papa made the game with this grenade launcher airsoft innovation released their 40 mic which is very different to discriminate against you. I know that instead of the PB cloud, it releases this crazy laser beam on 200 people at a time. Really cool product I used at first with the standalone grenade launcher here and then tried to make the game with the 40 Mike inside the ICS grenade. launcher, but not just one of them, but six, let's take a look guys, today I'm playing with a new crazy product, the heirs of generations 40 Mike, what's up guys, do you remember 40 Mike from the previous game?
the craziest airsoftguns of 2018

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the craziest airsoftguns of 2018...

Play Cha Chi today it's six of them loaded into his crazy battery magazine launcher. Here's the classic army micro pistol mounted on this wooden stock because at first I used it you know you're supposed to use a mini pistol so with this setup it was kind of hard to play because you can't really aim like that you know when you hold it like a saw that's why I mounted it on this wooden stock and before I had a scope in there to make another one The nice thing about the game is the magazine capacity I think four thousand shots so you can keep spraying with this thing that you don't have to twist and wheel or know everything you do with a high capacity loader, so great fun. playing gets a lot of attention because of the barrel rotation but see for yourself it was a great game possible at the start of the game right here is a talking marui sgr 12 it's a fully automatic three barrel shotgun which means you shoot three pins in o Once it's full auto there's also three jumps so you can adjust the spread of each barrel you know just the jump here on top goes up and the jump on the side bears goes to the side to that you can adjust the extension to whatever you want. i want a really cool concept i was very happy to receive the gun but at the end range the accuracy was very limited it was bad then i had feel issues and mocking weights and a whopping 7-8 kilograms i think so it wasn't very nice to play with this thing.
the craziest airsoftguns of 2018
I got a few kills anyway, so let's take a look at the gameplay. Here is the Intervention 602 Pro Shop m200, a beast of a sniper rifle that will turn heads in the field because it won't be a bigger gun. It weighs 10 kilograms. and it's five feet long and you know a foot long and a huge sniper rifle you wouldn't believe how hard it is to play with it internally it's a big bolt poodle precision scratchie you know the peas are all over the place so mal come play but again it looks very very cool so let's take a look at how they fought the riots with the sniper rifle.
the craziest airsoftguns of 2018
Try running two six packs of your mates for a few hours in a ghillie suit in 35 degrees Celsius and you'll know how. our reveals right now the toxin our airsoft mortar cool concept you fill this cartridge right here we see you - close the chamber then put what you want here you know what you want to keep put apples in there you can put water bombs in there you can put bees in there , then you also put some water in there and then you just drop it in there and it shoots some crazy fire I think it was 150 meters but I'm serious about this so let's take a look.
You're not supposed to do this so back you can see how far it went let's measure it real quick 67 meters ok ok we saw the impact let's fight the onion then measure again so we can confirm the distance oh I think it's right there. alright 103 meters so that's actually won this unique weapon here's a lever action Terminator style shell ejecting shotgun so whenever Iraq draws a shell such a unique gas powered system shoots at three babies at a time not too accurate not too reliable but know a very unique design and you don't see something like this very often in the field Georgie in the pleasure or challenge of the mother to play with this as a secondary along with density 24, so let's see how we did it.
Someone is hiding on the other side of the cabin. here it looks very standard but it's not it's a check thing because it's the rare weapon that ejects the SL 25 at the cost of itself it's very good because it works like the real guard even the magazine looks like the real one . have the shells put the bb's in there from the front it runs a Cu 2 cartridge here in the grip and every time it fires it just checks the shell as a real one also the bolt latch works so if I keep the pin g pong right here send the bolt home very good system the problem is it never works as soon as this stuff gets dirty it doesn't work at all it's not very playable it's definitely a collector car but because i was told i still made one the game loves it , so let's take a look at how this is repeated over and over again, last but not least my two trusted fear partners: s24 and SP one post with serial number c01 so it's first of its kind, the weapon that did everything. tests with and are still in operation, but some of them can see that we just saw, like the Winchester for example, or like the standalone forty mike grenade launcher.
I was actually using this as G as my main and there's P as my backup in case something goes wrong because on some of those cons I didn't have too much hope when it comes to getting actual gameplay footage and that's why I always I bring those two. I know you've seen a lot of takes. with SG on the SP on this channel but anyway here are my favorite top five kills we guess from those cars ok guys this is not about giving away you can win this cool Terminator style shell ejecting shotgun to get more information on how you can win this, just go to my Instagram, it's linked in the video description and there you can find all the details on how to enter the giveaway.
I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you want to see the games with each of those weapons. to the actual game please this is leverage and see you guys next thursday

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