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The Crafter's Guide to IKEA

Feb 27, 2020
Hi everyone, I'm ELISA and I'm the feisty wife behind feisty wife calm and today I'd like to take you on a field trip to one of my favorite places, IKEA. I live about ten minutes from Ikea, which I think is amazing, on the other hand, my husband might not agree. I think IKEA is a craftsman's dream. There are so many storage ideas and decorating ideas. Anything a craftsman could wish for. but I think if you really search the store and really think about what works for you, there are a lot of customizable options available in the store.
the crafter s guide to ikea
Now this is not a sponsored post, but I love the store. I would like to take you. through some general tips, some craft room decorating ideas, the various craft supplies IKEA offers, of course, storage ideas, and finally, the new item I found at IKEA that I'm in love with, now You won't hear me trying to pronounce all that Swedish. names or give you links to each of the items I show you in the store, however feel free to go to Ikea comm and search for any of the products I show you, also get inspired by what you see, you don't have to live near an Ikea to take advantage of these different storage solutions you can often find similar items at Walmart and Target and your local thrift store or get crafty and do it yourself come on my first big tip is small and you can take your kids to drop them off for have them play for an hour and a half if you are a family card member they love it and you can shop in peace while you go try not to look like a mom having justice games next in that IKEA cafe a dollar fifty will buy you this free breakfast and coffee again with that IKEA family card my biggest tip is to always visit the azov section first here you will find slightly damaged floor models and parts that can save you a lot Lots of money filling your craft room with the right furniture.
the crafter s guide to ikea

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the crafter s guide to ikea...

There's even this section of junk parts just waiting to be given a new life. This is where I got my bedroom desk tables. IKEA is a place full of bright colors and bold designs. You will find many decorating ideas for your craft room or even around it. the rest of your home i personally love bright colors and black and white to enhance my art supplies and projects in my craft dont ask to do value end tables and small tables in your craft area they are great for displaying items that you have created and for being mobile so you can move around your house I love how many of these tables have risers around them on our own wheels so they can be moved around in your living room in your kitchen wherever you decide you want to create these are located in the children's section and found for books, but they will do a great job displaying projects and travelers notebooks talking wall displays.
the crafter s guide to ikea
I love this one, the crown molding is meant as an accent on top but creates a great fit to hold even more craft supplies when you put them on display they will make your room pop what a neat display piece to pull out open cutouts and hiding things you don't want to see the kitchen section is full of great ideas here at IKEA there are tons of carts and islands but what excited me the most was a black metal bar that could be attached to a table seen here. Can you imagine hanging project lights from that bar?
the crafter s guide to ikea
So cool that any shelf made for displaying dishes is also going to make a great display case for scrapbooks, travelers notebooks, anything of the sort, crackers have been using these IKEA spice racks for years, they are a great deal and our great showcase for your supplies. I love this setup, great if you have a small space to work. it sticks to the wall and is not very deep. There are tons of decorative shelves at IKEA. I love these glass ones and then these black and white ones really caught my eye. I like how they use the corner.
There are so many desk options that IKEA is sure to find the one that best suits your needs, some are in bright colors, some are white, and some are in wood tones. Take a look and you'll find one you love, probably the best part of the desktop. The area is being able to create your own. There are a variety of leg and top combinations to help you build your ideal workspace. Personally, I plan on choosing one of these cushions for my craft chair. A touch of color and a bit of cushion. IKEA pegboard becomes really popular if you use pegboard, it's not just storage but also decoration, and many of these accessories really feel like they were designed with the


in mind.
IKEA also has a variety of picture captions and picture frames at an affordable price. price in recent years IKEA has started selling a lot of craft items, many of them can be found in the kids area but still usable for a higher level


the art journalist in me loved unique shapes and colors. in this activity book found in the kids section and these placemats found in the kitchen section work great for bible journaling when you go down to organization you can find many different supplies scissors clipboard post it notes notebooks washi tape tons of different things you could use in your office for crafts every time I visit the stationery section it gets bigger and bigger it's always fun to see what the new designs are and what the new color combinations IKEA it's known for its storage so this is going to be Whittle Tour of Sub-Options These baskets would work great for a planter that has extra stuff and this is in the kids section.
It's a tool box with pieces that come out and slide out to reveal different compartments and then on top is this clear acrylic. piece that protects these smaller divided drawers love it for any kind of project you want to do maybe bead or jewelry making I think this is a fantastic piece you can customize it yourself and don't worry I didn't break it. I love these white acrylic fins. I use these in my craft room in a few different places. I love the edge on one side and how easy it is to move now. The goblet units at IKEA or these cube-shaped storage pieces are very popular, but if you look a little deeper, there are plenty of ways to personalize them.
These pieces here have some crown molding that makes them a little more traditional. This office setup includes a set of Alex drawers that fold out and are very shallow, ideal for craft items and lots of ways to personalize the inside of your storage cube, not just baskets anymore. I'm a big fan of open storage in craft areas. I think it's easier to clean and I love seeing my supplies so I love shelves like this one also these CD holders would be great for small storage items and there are tons and tons of options in all shapes and sizes here At IKEA, my favorite place to look for storage options is the kitchen area.
I love this kitchen island and wish I could have it in my craft room. These bars are fantastic. See how the bins hang. They are using your wall space. these plate holders i love that these attach directly to the shelves i think they fit on the shelves in billy's footwell and can hold all sorts of stuff and here's the cheaper version of those metal bars these plastic bins only 79 cents each great for holding markers pencils all sorts of little things I get a lot of questions about the bins that are attached to the side of my desk and they are actually waste bins that you can find here in the kitchen section that I just attached and all that rolled paper for me there is also some different variety of those white acrylic containers there is the largest size found here and then you will see a variety of colors as well.
IKEA has no shortage of drawer systems in its office area. ea for you to take a look including their alex stores which are very popular but i love the kids area. There are plenty of versatile storage solutions here, including these bins that are easily removed and stackable too for a very affordable price. I actually have these pieces in my craft room repurposed from my daughter's room and they work great you can use rods attached to the wall to hang these fabric organizers they are also in the kids section always use vertical space it's a win the smaller size and shallow depth of the kids furniture really makes organizing your supplies easier and makes it easier to get to what you need seriously if you can't find the perfect container for your needs here not sure where will you find it there are tons of plastic glass and wooden pieces in the kitchen section of the market that will meet your needs these trinket trays were a new discovery for me and i think they would be perfect for a jewelry box this is like the version of plastic or For ten bucks, it's pretty hard to beat, there are all kinds of desk organizers in all colors, shapes, and sizes.
I love this bright blue piece and the sturdiness of all of its pieces and this piece of wood can be easily customized for your decor and don't forget to check out the utility area for me. I think this is where you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to shelving and storage. Well, here's my favorite IKEA find and no, it's not this pegboard, although they are great. Great, it's actually a new utility card that IKEA has come up with in two different sizes shown here. They are made of metal and have a wooden fold.
There is also a bar available that goes over the top. The bar is $50 and the cart is 99.9 or 1 $49.99 depending on the sides I think it's a super versatile cart that can be placed anywhere in your house in fact they have it displayed in various parts of the store which you will see in a room space organized with boxes and books. Just like in a kitchen space used as a kitchen cart I can see craftsmen making the most of this piece to personalize it you can spray paint the metal base and customize the wooden top and it can be used anywhere in your home as a crafty space On the go, okay, time to pick these two up and head home.
I hope you enjoyed our quick tour of Ikea. Thank you for accompanying me on my study trip. have a great day and keep it creative

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