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The Complete Super Mario Timeline...So Far | The Leaderboard

May 10, 2020
(electronic beeps) (calm music) - (sighs) Mario has been in a lot of games. I don't think Nintendo has a solid


linking them all, so I made my own! It wasn't easy, so do me a favor and subscribe to The Leaderboard, okay? Other YouTubers like ConnorTheWaffle and MatPat have attempted the monstrous task of stitching together a Super Mario


, and I congratulate them, but I have yet to see one with every Mario title. So it's time for me, Marcus, to give it a try. The rules are simple: if Mario is in the game's title or is a central playable character, he must be included.
the complete super mario timeline so far the leaderboard
Sorry Qix, cutscenes alone don't count. I won't try too hard to fit into the Paper Mario games. They take place in a separate paper universe and Paper Mario is a different character. But Jumpman and Mario are the same person according to Nintendo. In agreement? It's okay. Let's give this a chance. Yoshi's Island series. When Mario is a baby, a stork takes him and Luigi on a delivery route. Suddenly, Kamek arrives and knocks poor Mario out of the sky, sending him to the island below. Luckily, it's Yoshi's island, so eight adorable Yoshi help carry him back home.
the complete super mario timeline so far the leaderboard

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the complete super mario timeline so far the leaderboard...

You can see the whole adventure in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and it's retold, Yoshi's Touch & Go. After an epic final battle against a giant baby Bowser, Mario and his brother return home, safe and sound. But wait, it's the wrong home. Oh come on, the stork had a job. So, we have Yoshi's New Island, basically a rinse and repeat where Kamek's kidnapping plans are thwarted yet again. Kamek expands his horizons and attempts to kidnap baby Mario along with Luigi, Wario, DK, and Peach in Yoshi's Island DS, but Yoshi's Guardians prevail once again. Now that Mario and Luigi have seen some action, they can fend for themselves and join their adult counterparts from the future in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Crime.
the complete super mario timeline so far the leaderboard
Hey, five titles down already! Only about 100 missing. Military service and carpentry. We don't know much about Mario's childhood and adolescence. Make the Super Mario popper happen, Miyamoto. But in his youth, Mario joins the army in Mario's Bombs Away, blowing things up in jungle operations. After returning to civilian life, Mario can't shake the itch to blow things up. War changes a man. So, he satisfies his appetite for destruction in Wrecking Crew along with his younger brother Luigi's. As Mario matures, he decides to expand his resume beyond making things happen and actually builds at Mario's Cement Factory. Now that he's making that sweet, sweet marriage money, the charming Italian attracts the attention of the beautiful Pauline, who soon becomes his girlfriend.
the complete super mario timeline so far the leaderboard
That's where Pinball falls, because Pauline is there and Mario bounces the ball off a construction beam. He then puts this ball-bouncing ability to good use at another industrial gig with Alleyway. Unfortunately, Pauline's beauty brings other suitors, namely Mario's pet Donkey Kong, a great ape whom she woefully mistreats. DK kidnaps Pauline and Mario must track her down through various construction sites and a cake factory within Donkey Kong. He has to navigate a lot more places in his expanded remake/sequel, Donkey Kong '94. Mario succeeds, and while he appreciates Mario's heroism, Pauline owes the sweaty carpenter nothing. Staying with Mario makes her a target for future kidnappings, so she leaves him a few weeks later, leaving Mario in a deep depression.
First, Mario lashes out at DK even more, trapping him in a cage. DK Jr. comes to his rescue, kicking Mario around (beeps) and further humiliating the carpenter in Donkey Kong Jr. aka Donkey Kong II Game & Watch. Mario realizes that everything related to carpentry reminds him of his old muse, Pauline, so he decides to change careers. Like many young people in his 20s, he becomes an artist, trying his hand at drawing, music and animation through Mario Paint. However, he's only good at coloring, as seen in Super Mario Bros. and Friends: When I Grow Up. Eventually, Mario realizes that all of his art projects were just unbalanced collaborations with, well, the player. .
He really didn't do anything, and he figures he has no artistic talent in the first place. Desperate, Mario then tries a street performance with Mario the Juggler, another Game & Watch title he just found out about, collecting nickels and pennies on the boardwalk. Over time, Mario tires of the life of a starving artist and returns to his working-class roots. Plumbing days. Mario joins little brother Luigi in an exciting new trade: plumbing. They start a lucrative business by going through the sewer systems, removing various crawlers, shell nuthatches, gameflies, and freezers from beneath the streets of New York in Mario Brothers.
Eventually, Mario begins to earn a lot of money, collecting solid gold coins that are as big as his head. Mario continues cleaning the pipes in Mario Clash, where he encounters enemies that seem out of this world, such as Para-Goombas and Pokeys. It isn't long before the brothers stumble upon a portal to the Mushroom Kingdom, a magical world of enchanting mushrooms ruled by Princess Toadstool. Unfortunately, they arrive just as she is kidnapped by the infamous King Koopa, aka Bowser. Remembering his lost love Pauline, Mario channels his military days and becomes Rambo in the Mushroom Kingdom to save this princess.
During the events of Super Mario Bros., he destroys countless Goombas, Koopa-Troopas, and bricks on his way through eight worlds to the princess. He included bricks because it turns out that Bowser turned many of the poor mushrooms into these blocks that cover the kingdom. After much collateral damage, Mario and Luigi, I guess, save Princess Toadstool. Mario really enjoys this job of saving princesses, so he removes the plunger from him and stays in the Mushroom Kingdom as his guardian. However, the peace does not last long. Bowser is stubborn and persistent, which is why he kidnaps Princess Toadstool again in Super Mario Bros. 2, aka Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
Things are much more difficult this time, but it doesn't matter to our man Mario. Mario and Princess Toadstool like each other, but they both try to play it cool. Mario wants to take this romance in stride. He's had some baggage since Pauline left him. A few months later, for Super Mario 64, Princess Toadstool breaks first and treats Mario to cake. She even signs the letter with his nickname, Peach. The way to gain a hand in the situation, Mario. Unfortunately, Mario just can't catch a break. Bowser hijacks the castle, traps Peach inside it, and hides the Power Stars needed to reach her across 15 worlds scattered across the paintings.
So, Mario does what he does best: he collects all the stars and says goodbye to Bowser, foiling his plan. Once he's safe, Peach rewards him with a kiss, finally breaking that romantic tension. Over the moon with joy, Mario makes his way to the castle roof where his childhood savior Yoshi is relaxing. This meeting inspires Mario to take a little vacation at Yoshi's house: Dinosaur Land. Lands beyond the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Peach, and the third flyer Luigi are relaxing on a beach in Dinosaur Land. When the brothers turn their backs for, I don't know, two seconds, flip, Peach gets kidnapped again!
A hatching Yoshi egg is found, and this new Yoshi teams up with the brothers to save the dino brothers from him and the princess in Super Mario World, or Super Mario Bros. 4 on Nelson Game Watch. The brothers traverse various lands of the world, including the Donut Plains, Forest of Illusion, Chocolate Island, Valley of Bowser, and more. Once they reach Bowser, they rescue the flailing princess, ending what is surely the worst vacation of her life, at least until Sunshine. Completely defeated, Bowser gives up the chase to kidnap the princess. It is not a joke. Soon after, he picks her up again in her Koopa Clown Car and takes her hostage for the start of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Rushing to her rescue, Mario arrives in time for Exor, a massive sword, to crash into Star Road and Bowser's castle, sending the princess, Mario, and Bowser hurtling in separate directions. This is all so that Smithy and his gang can take over the lucrative Mushroom Kingdom. With the Star Road gone, wishes can no longer be granted, and Mario doesn't stand a chance against the Smithy Gang. He must travel across seven major worlds including Mole Mountains, Seaside, Nimbus Land, and more to collect seven star pieces to restore the Star Road. Along the way, Mario gets help from a cloud, oh sorry, a frog named Mallow and a warrior/doll/future Super Smash Bros. character from Star Road, please, Geno.
Even Bowser joins the fight. The enemy of my enemy is my friend after all. Later, Princess Peach joins the list and proves, she hears, all of a sudden, that she can stand on her own! Mario begins to doubt how defenseless she is. Regardless, the heroes prevail, defeating Smithy in his factory, restoring Star Road, and saving the day. If you really want to push the Paper Mario series, you can put them in the release order here if you want. Technically, Paper Mario was developed as a sequel to this RPG after all. There, happy? After this exhausting RPG adventure, Mario needs a deep rest.
Have you ever had crazy dreams after a stressful day? Well, that's exactly what happens, as Mario finds himself joined by Luigi, Toad, and the now battle-hardened Princess Peach in the world of Subcon. Subconscious, subconscious. So clever. This is the world of Super Mario Bros. 2 but the American Super Mario Bros. 2. Subcon also has seven diverse worlds including deserts, sky, and ice. The gang has to fight enemies like the Shy Guys and Birdos and a bunch of new bosses, like the bomb-spewing Mouser and Wart, whose weakness is vegetables. After stopping Wart, Mario wakes up. So he waits, was this all a dream?
Let's say yes. We've already spent too much time on this. From there, Peach tasks Mario with saving her friends King Fret and Prince Pine in Jewelry Land. As his adventures start to get stale, she insists on riding his friend Yoshi all the time and using the Super Scope so she doesn't get her hands dirty on Yoshi's Safari. Beginnings of a tycoon. So, do you remember how Mario started collecting coins in Mario Bros.? Well, he never quite stopped, and now he's got a fortune. Gold may be common in the Mushroom Kingdom, but it's still quite valuable here in our reality.
Now that he's a billionaire, Mario decides to pursue his artistic passions once again, and what better way to spend millions than by financing a Broadway play? As many people now know, Super Mario Bros. 3 is pretty much confirmed as a play. It's a dramatic retelling of the adventures of Mario's Mushroom Kingdom,


with hanging pieces, bolt-on platforms, and a red curtain. It's a pretty successful show. He thinks the stage ambition of "The Lion King" meets the popularity of "Hamilton." So now, not only is Mario filthy rich, he's more famous than Lin-Manuel Miranda. Mario becomes a household name, and this fame allows him to be a famous referee in games like Tennis and Punch-Out.
But it wasn't just about PR, he took those roles seriously! He even refereed the world heavyweight championship match between Little Mac and Mike Tyson. I know I don't really need to include these cameos by my rules, but come on, it's Punch-Out! But with fame comes a price. More notoriously, the tabloids begin digging into Mario's past for skeletons in his closet. And what do they find? A strong dose of animal abuse. It was a dark time for him, but Mario locked Donkey Kong in a cage. The statute of limitations has not yet been reached, so Mario finds himself convicted by a jury and sitting in front of a judge.
Community service days. As punishment, Mario is sentenced to community service, helping to educate the youth of the world. First, he develops a trifecta learning curriculum for kids with Mario Early Years!: Letter Fun, Number Fun, and Preschool Fun. For the slightly older audience learning computers or entering the workforce, go on qwerty adventures, Mario teaches typing 1 and 2. Then, to build excitement about learning about geography and history, create two interactive skits more in Mario is lost and Mario's Time Machine respectively. With his service


and his probation expired, Mario decides to treat himself and Peach to another vacation, this time to Isle Delfino.
Unfortunately, when he arrives, a mysterious Shadow Mario has made a mess of the entire island. Along with his past convictions, Mario is immediately accused of hooliganism and finds himself on trial once more. He must clean up the island while bringing sunlight to Isle Delfino through 120 Shine Sprites in Super Mario Sunshine. At least he doesn't have to polish everything, he's got the F.L.U.D.D. developed by E. Gadd. to make cleanup and decking a breeze. It turns out that Bowser Jr. is actuallyShadow Mario! When he makes his debut, he kidnaps the princess, thinking that Peach is his own mother.
From there, he is rinse and repeat while Mario fights his way to Corona Mountain and defeats Jr. and his father once more. Returning to the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser decides to enlist the help of his now-hardened son once more to kidnap the Princess through New Super Mario Bros. princess once more, and Bowser leaves to reassess his plans. But there is a new threat that the now experienced team of Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi must face. One of Mario's fans creates the SupaMerge visor, which a group of Rabbids steal after messing with their time washer. They open a portal to the Mushroom Kingdom, suck in our Mario friends, and launch a desperate tactical fight for control of the land of mushrooms in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, complete with the threat of growing interdimensional space-time portals.
Team Mario prevails, taking out Bowser Jr., Spawny, Bowser, and Megabug, eventually restoring the continuum with the help of the robot Beep-O and his future self, FB. Midlife crisis. With other heroic adventures under his belt, and with thousands more giant gold coins in his wallet, Mario decides it's time to play, a lot. He spends millions traveling the world with his entourage, which now includes the likes of Daisy, Wario and more, playing every sport imaginable. Every countless iteration of Mario Golf, soccer with Mario Strikers games, every Mario Tennis, adventure racing with every Mario Kart, over-budget competitive matches, lavish parties with the Mario Party series, Mario Super Sluggers and other baseball titles , Mario Hoops 3-on-3, and NBA Streets V3, Mario Sports Mix, Mario Sports SuperStars, you get the idea.
We are talking about dozens of titles. Hell, it even slotted into some Olympic Games with the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series. But eventually, this endless game starts to bore our hero. He's just doing the same things over and over and over again. How can he add a little emotion to feel alive? Simple: Fight Club, also known as Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee. This becomes more and more popular, as seen with the ever-growing list. And the brothers face a collective threat in Subspace Emissary, the adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Super Smash Bros 4 is more harmless and fun, but the gang comes together again in World of Light during Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. After all this excitement, Mario decides to take up a more relaxed hobby: baking at Yoshi's Cookie. Back to adventures. With Mario's hand in so many cookie jars, constantly fighting or playing sports, Peach begins to feel a bit abandoned. As Mario and Luigi abandon her to go on a coin-hunting adventure, Peach contacts Bowser's Koopalings to set up a kidnapping and get some more attention from her. This triggers New Super Mario Bros. 2, which backfires on Peach.
With coins everywhere, Mario's immense wealth only grows. He uses this spare billion to invest and grow an even bigger empire, turning the cutthroat world of real estate into a competitive game against his friends on Fortune Street. Still determined, Peach then tries to do the whole cake/kidnapping trick again with Super Mario Run. By now, Mario has gotten so used to saving her that she can do it with one hand. She then allows herself to be kidnapped by Goombas through an air cannon at a fair. Really? Goombas? Come on, Peach, nobody's going to believe this. Regardless, Mario has to chase her down using the Spheralizer, triggering the events of Mario Pinball Land.
Going back to a cake caper, we get it, Peach likes cakes, we have New Super Mario Bros. Wii where a giant cake filled with Koopalings arrives in time for Peach's birthday. Little does Mario know that the damn damsel ordered the damn cake herself. She is kidnapped again, and Mario, Luigi, and the Blue and Yellow Toads embark on a cooperative adventure of epic proportions. After being successful, Peach recruits Bowser and The Koopalings once more, now with a giant mechanical arm, for another second attempt at attention in New Super Mario Bros. U. Mario, Luigi, and the Toads oblige her again, but unfortunately for her. the princess, this sisterly and cooperative bond only further widens the gap between Peach and Mario.
Fraternal revival. Look, all these rescue missions have made Mario and Luigi's brotherly bond stronger than ever! Because they work so well together, the brothers agree to spend even more time together. First, they head to the Beanbean Kingdom with Bowser under the pretense of retrieving Peach's voice from Cackletta in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. They then travel through time to fend off the Shroobs, meeting up with their babies at the beginning of our timeline with Partners in Time. Soon after, they venture on Bowser himself, to the Magic School Bus, Bowser's Inside Story. Luigi then gets the Subcon treatment when he and Mario visit his dreams in Dream Team, fighting Antasma and Dreamy Bowser with the use of the Dream Stone.
Ultimately, they liberate the entire world of Paper in the Mushroom Kingdom and must bring these 2D beings back to their magical storybook in Paper Jam. Jealous as ever, Peach goes out of her way to invite the siblings over for a picnic. Luigi hopes that he has made a lot of spaghetti. While they are busy, he lets Bowser take over the kingdom, setting up seven Koopa hotels, and eventually hiding the princess in one. And just like that, the stage is set for Hotel Mario. Mario and Luigi find Peach at the largest and most conspicuous hotel, and she rewards them both with a kiss, only to make Mario jealous.
Kidnappings out of this world. When her most elaborate plan yet doesn't work, Peach fills in with the Beastie Boys, intergalactic planetarium. During the star festival in the Mushroom Kingdom at the beginning of Super Mario Galaxy, she puts herself in a vulnerable position to be abducted again by Bowser, as if he were an alien, because he takes her into space. After Kamek throws Mario into the void, he finds himself in Rosalina's observatory. In order to save Peach, she must gather 120 power stars and countless star shards with the help of Lumas to restore power to the observatory. Once the starship is up and running, Mario travels to the center of the universe to face Bowser once more.
There, a giant black hole forms, engulfs the universe, and eventually collapses into the singularity, creating a


nova. Do you remember when Mario was just a plumber? Fortunately, Rosalina recreates the universe, allowing Mario to basically relive the entire adventure again, this time with Starship Mario and Yoshi in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Once he's grounded at home, Peach lures Bowser out with the Tail- Mature tree, offering you flight. skills for all his minions. Bowser runs dry and kidnaps Peach in the process, triggering the events of Super Mario 3D Land. Here, there are obstacles and level settings similar to those found across the galaxy in the previous adventure, but Mario can also use Super Leaves, so he quickly kicks Bowser's butt more.
Peach realizes that constantly kidnapping her is not the best way to win over Mario. Indeed, she believes that her best chance of spending time with the man is to join him on his adventures, just as she did in Super Mario RPG. She joins Mario, Luigi and Toad as they save the Sprixie Princesses from Bowser in Super Mario 3D World, while the entire cast discovers her love for cats. Bowser takes a brief hiatus from the kidnapping to finally cure her deafness, stealing the four music keys from Truffle Tower with Waluigi's help, ridding the land of his musical powers.
Mario defeats him in a dance at the end of DDR: Mario Mix, but feels bad about Bowser's lack of musicality. Mario knows the plight of a struggling artist more than anyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, so he turns Bowser's castle into a lush green setting with the mystical keys, igniting music in everyone's souls and inspiring them to dance. But despite the song in his heart, Bowser is still upset by the runaround Peach gave him. She has been cheating on him, using him just to get Mario's attention. Bowser has had enough of her, so he finally forces her to marry with the help of the Broodals in Super Mario Odyssey.
He also kidnaps a Bonneter named Tiara. They are hat beings with the ability to capture most things. Mario teams up with Tiara's brother, Cappy, to save her and Peach. The sombrero/plumber duo travels through many new lands, such as the Cascade and Metro Kingdoms, collecting energy moons to power their ship before tracking Bowser down on the moon. After King Koopa's final defeat, Mario falls in love with Peach all over again, probably because he sees that his ex Pauline is doing pretty well without him. He makes some sort of proposition, pathetically competing with Bowser for his affections, but Peach sees how ridiculous this all is.
Fed up, Peach finally sees that she's fine on her own and decides to tour the kingdoms with Tiara, leaving Mario to ponder what she really wants in life. Goodbye Mushroom Kingdom. Well, Peach sure as hell isn't bland, so she decides to save another damsel in distress she knows from her lazy days: Daisy. He leaves the Mushroom Kingdom in favor of Sarasaland in Super Mario Land, facing off against the alien Tatanga. He's a short and fun romp, but he bought his greedy old Wario enough time to take over Mario Land. Yes, Mario was rich enough to found his own nation, he probably should have mentioned that earlier.
Mario has to find the six gold coins that act as keys to his own castle spread across different zones like Tree Zone, Macro Zone and Mario Zone. Much arrogance? Before claiming his throne from Wario in Super Mario Land 2. Wow! Don't worry, Wario continues to star in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. Sitting on his throne, Mario knows that he still isn't satisfied. He uses his unlimited resources to create Mushroom Kingdom levels to recall his glory days with Super Mario Maker 1 and 2. He even uses his brand successful toy line to upset his past rivalry with DK in Mario vs.
Donkey Kong. series, or maybe he is the grandson of Donkey Kong? It's this whole family tree thing. We made a video about it. Anyway, playing puzzles with his friend Yoshi, like in Yoshi, is another fun way to pass the time. But without a doubt, there is more to life. Why not go back to school? He channels the Dr. Alan Grant within him and becomes an archaeologist, as recounted in Mario's Picross. Still not ambitious enough, Mario embarks on a journey to earn his medical degree. He knows that he can afford it. He spends the rest of his work days fighting viruses in the Dr.
Mario series. Mario eventually retires, allowing him to spend his twilight days playing checkers and backgammon in the Mario Arcade. And this is the best part: aside from the baby things, Mario made all of this when he was around 24 or 25 years old. Let that sink in! And hey, if this timeline doesn't sink in, let me know how you'd tie Mario's story together. Two head cannons are better than one. Oh, and be sure to subscribe to The Leaderboard while he's at it. After all, all players are welcome. I've been Marcus, thanks for looking! (upbeat techno music)

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