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The Complete Futurama Timeline! | Channel Frederator

Feb 27, 2020
Good news everyone, one of the best shows in the smell of vision is getting the


treatment for a show that has everything from multiverses to whatchamacallits and just a ton of time travel. This show has a lot of time travel. Are we sure we want to do this? Okay, I mean as far as crazy sci-fi goes, Futurama is really well crafted and before we dive in we're going to assume you have at least a basic understanding of who's frying Leela Bender and the rest of the planet. Express Crew are because they're scattered throughout human history before we first meet them, whatever that is. in the early history of 10 billion B.C.
the complete futurama timeline channel frederator
C. to 274 a. C. Believe it or not, the history of Futurama dates back to before the creation of our universe. Yevo, a planet-sized alien from a different universe floats alone for a trillion years in the v In the last void of space. , it's not until the Big Bang happens that Schlee Schler even realizes his loneliness despite the terrifyingly cute Niblonian race who also predates the Big Bang, albeit only by about 17 years in 10 billion BC. The Big Bang occurs bringing about the entire physical universe as we know it exists mere milliseconds later the evil brainspawn emerges a race of flying sentient brains bent on destroying the universe after all knowledge has been compiled the nimblonians take up arms against the threat floating beginning a war that would continue well into the 31st century at some point during this period described in the show as eons ago a life-giving aura known as chi begins to spread throughout the universe allowing animals and plants to take shape this kick starts the evolutionary arms race a darwinian cycle between two predatory species endlessly adapting to each other, ultimately the evolutionary arms race leads to the creation of both dark ones and encyclopods.
the complete futurama timeline channel frederator

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Eventually, the life-giving qi recedes for unknown reasons, bringing both species to the brink of extinction. Billions of years later, the sun, earth, and moon are created, although it would take another 4 billion years for the first terrestrial fish to crawl onto land, then in 65,500,000 B.C. c. brain spawn invades earth presumably for the first time wiping out all dinosaurs on the planet skipping millions of years neanderthals in north america are wiped out over the next ten thousand years homo sapiens expels all remaining neanderthals from the planet Neander Valley where they eventually settle inside a glacier along with various other prehistoric creatures ripped from tomorrow's headlines 3,500 B.C.
the complete futurama timeline channel frederator
C. to 1775 AD. C. in 3500 a. The gravitational pull of the earth after his own began to decrease. The Egyptians worshiped them as gods and eventually became lazy and tame. icated to get their plants to save their homeworld for centuries and they are not the only ones to visit egypt 2,500 years later aliens from osiris-4 visit ancient egypt to learn how to build pyramids travel through space and prepare their dead leonardo da vinci an alien from the planet vinci visits earth during the renaissance although he is considered relatively stupid on his own planet he is revered as a genius by terrestrial standards tired of being ridiculed he decides to stay on earth where he becomes a famous scientist painter engineer and inventor Some hundred years later, Minuteman Yancey Fry is attacking the communists in the American Revolution, at least according to Fry's father. 17 1775 The crew of the Planet Express travel back in time to the American Revolution to prove that David Farnsworth, one of the most nefarious tradesmen in American history, is not related to or the professor hilarious time meddling shenanigans ensue briefly, resulting in an alternate reality where great britain wins the war, oh yeah, and new jersey has officially declared the country's official hoax setting during a secret meeting held by the continental congress, but i think we already knew that the frye family 1920-1999 in 1920 the distant ancestor of professor hubert j farnsworth real world inventor philo farnsworth invents funny tv easter egg the name of the professor on the show was actually inspired by the inventor himself of the real life attributed here as his ancestor travels the planet express crew back to 1947 causing the famous UFO incident of roswell in an emmy award winning back to the future spoof for the ages philip j fry becomes his own grandfather after accidentally killing his paternal grandfather enos fry and sleeping with his grandmother and fry will go on casually refer to this adventure how to do the nasty in the icky doughy kind, effectively nine months after father and son frying yancey fry senior is born no time paradoxes fun moving on philip's super jealous older brother and technically grandson yancy fry jr is born in 1971 and three years later in 1974 series protagonist philip j fry is born in brooklyn premed hospital instead of thriving in school fry spends most of his formative years playing video games and watching star trek which explains a lot i think who also mentions on the show that he used to drink a hundred cans of cola a day and had three heart attacks in high school in his teens, yancey tries to steal d's clover philip's seven leaves, which seems to grant incredible amounts of luck, but to prevent yancy from finding it, philip hides it in his grunt record vault, specifically inside the sleeve of the breakfast club soundtrack later in philip 20-year-old gets a job as a delivery man at pannucci's pizza and thank goodness he has that job because in 1994 fry fails coney island community college and while the show suggests that it was really just a carnival attraction.
the complete futurama timeline channel frederator
New Year's Rockin Evil comic reveals it to be a pretty legit institution, albeit with very low standards. Three years later, Fry adopts his shrimp and the ever-loyal dog Seymour. to see more asses then in 1999 fry accidentally takes the bachelorette lawyer series finale off the air a thousand years later the omicronians would invade earth demanding an end to the show but that's not the biggest mistake he makes that year that you can't prove it won't happen on december 31, 1999. hello pizza delivery for icy wiener ah crud the series officially begins philip j fry sent another fake pizza delivery this time for cryogenics applied just seconds into the new year fry slips in a cryotube and it freezes for exactly 1,000 years except it's not exactly a thousand years because for some reason it thawed like a day before new years at 29.99 none of this matters anyway turns out nibbler sent fry to pizza delivery fake and pushed him into the cryo tube and it's all because it was prophesied that fry would be the only one dumb enough to defeat the brain spawn once and for all but we'll get to that When it comes down to it, no need to feel bad for the guy, though before being frozen, the Fingerlings' bank account was left with a balance of 93 cents which, after 1,000 years of accruing interest, became a whopping $4.3 billion I mean it was finally stolen but that's your fault for telling random strangers what your pin number is in the meantime about seven years in the future ie 3007 using a time code paradox correction tattooed on his butt, time travels back to the year 2000, 30 minutes after he froze, there he is. just a bunch of crazy time travel shenanigans that take place in about five minutes, but all we need to focus on for now is that shortly after this future fry rents the upstairs storage room from panuchi's pizza where he has l an alternate life for 12 years and yes he looks after Seymour during this time too, Bender is being controlled by alien con artists to travel back in time and destroy both the time code and the Fry Terminator style but quickly loses it months later, Bender attacks by mistake.
Al Gore's manager, Philip Joshua Fry in Florida, ends up accidentally destroying all of Gore's ballots and nearly securing a victory for George W. Bush that may sound familiar, but the rest of the millennium plays out a little differently than you might expect on world of the 2000s 2000 to 2801 in the year 2000 once the landlocked city of atlanta georgia decides to move to the coast in order to attract more tourists unfortunately overdevelopment causes the city to sink to the bottom of the atlantic ocean the city she was apparently lost until the crew of the planet express stumbled upon her the merfolk civilization in the early 31st century sometime during this year yancey's son and fry's nephew philip j fry the second is born named for his uncle carry on his spirit and yancy, who finally found her seven leaf clover brother while rummaging through his basement for terrible music to clean up his wedding reception as gifts the priceless heirloom to his son with the help of the clover he grows on a businessman and philanthropist, not to mention the first man to walk on Mars around 2032.
The following year, 2001, Fry's ex-girlfriend Michelle leaves to her husband and family freezing until the year 2266. However, she doesn't wake up until the year 3001. because lars fillmore set the timer, wow, that was rude of her, whatever, it's not like we would hear from him again. york's garbage problem is out of control the city decides to create the world's largest barge and send all its garbage drifting aimlessly across the ocean for the next 50 years alone and lost read future duplicate of the somewhat fierce fry gets a job at an aquarium in 2003 working with a narwhal named lilu which for a while seems to help his feeling of loneliness in 2008 stop and drop becomes america's suicide booth choice suggesting that they have been around for as long as 21st century fun fact the cost of suicide is only 25 cents thats not a fun fact i have been lied to according to professor farnsworth 2008 also marks the year the svalbard global seed vault in norway started to preserve the seeds of every known plant species on earth and for the record, that's also true in our real world


, no one knows exactly when it's Mislocated and containing a sister site, the Biological Warfare Repository was erected, though after seven years of tying, the duplicate fry's new aquatic friend, Lilu, was released. in the wild to make room for the aquarium's new star attraction, a giant log wearing a Halloween mask made to look like the Loch Ness monster who isn't ready to let it fry.
Over the next two years searching for her with the help of Mr. Panucci's cousin Leroy, he also grows a beard that is a very different color from his trademark red hair and I don't agree with that detail, Fry's duplicate finally locates lilu but he decides to set her free when he sees that she is in love with another narwhal, his conclusion on the matter is that she needs what will make her happy, not what will make me happy, god we are like nine minutes in this timeline and i've already talked about what two or three things about this show that have made me cry this isn't going to get any easier it's sad and yet humble fry returns to his new york apartment above panucci's spree finally catches up with the sad sack and it blows up the place to the kingdom thankfully the explosion doesn't kill the fry but instead burns his hair, singes his beard and damages his larynx which reveals it to be lars which might not be very shocking in this moment, but ro becomes very important later, then he rushes to cryogenics la b gets into a cryotube with his ex-girlfriend michelle and resets the time to 3002. once a week he gets a job at the main museum where he looks forward to the day leela arrives 2019 to 2031. from 2019 military start project satan at 12 A year long attempt to create the world's most evil car which included parts like hitler's steering wheel and turn signal calculation of Charles Manson that functions as a mindless construction robotic arm at that time is subsequently infected with the place where the car is located according to lila.
All the oil reserves on Earth are running. by the end of 2038 alternative fuels are now the norm, including the wonders of whale oil for decades to come new york city solves its biggest environmental problems by launching the garbage barge into space and dumping giant blocks of ice into the ocean to combat global warming a great idea with no chance of failure at all thus solving the global warming problem once and for all but once and for all 2079- 2099 the first robot uprising in history occurs in 2079 and cyborgs totally enslave to humanity 20 years later the origins are not clear but they are probably motivated by prejudices between humans and half humans aalien species of giant carrots also enslaves humanity at some point during this period according to a Fry Man defrost in Logitorium Comfort Dome Inn A world without a carrot rule takes some getting used to in 2159 Central bureaucracy is established to handle financial and legal matters all other business affairs in New New York The building itself is a maze with no windows and simply finding a bathroom drives its inhabitants to the brink of madness the 2200s are a great century for earth to begin things come first decapods and feverishly devour anchovies to the point of extinction star trek becomes a major religion after star trek cast original series performs some musical reunion specials concerned about its influence on global population world leaders ban both its practice as the show that starts Star Trek Wars should not be confused with Star Wars Trek and the unspecified mass migration of Star Wars fans, the law of fairness in hell was passed in 2275 and states that Anyone who can defeat the robot demon in a violin contest wins a solid gold violin and can leave hell from robots with no more strings attached than you now have a solid gold violin that would weigh hundreds of pounds and sound awful First destruction of earth also occurs Around this time originally believed to be the work of aliens while the fry were frozen, though it turned out which was Bender's doing while on the run from the swedish air force while undergoing a massive heist while under the control of the aforementioned scammer aliens, many workers are trapped in the underground sewers of old new york after the destruction of the dirt add a pinch of feces and a pinch of radioactive waste and you have the origins of the first mutants sometime in the 2600s new yorkers elect a supervillain governor who steals many world monuments and moves them to Monument Beach and as if that's not evil enough carves his own face on Mount Rushmore you know you don't look so bad at 26 20 scientists are so tired of the immature jokes about the planet uranus that they rename it urectum, which to be fair is a lot less funny, but in another stupid way is a lot funnier less than 200 years later , mommy's friendly robot company builds a robot santa claus, unfortunately a glitch in his circuitry leads him to freak out and judge everyone as more naughty than nice capital punishment can you hear the sound of killing bells you get it kills spelled s-l-a-y because santa kills people professor and planet crew express 2841-2999 on april 9 2841 The super genius and lover of good news is born cias Professor Hubert Farnsworth Notable achievements in his early life include joining the adventure academy in his teens and early 20s and attending graduate school for 14 years for 2,900 Farnsworth teaches at Mars University there.
He wins over his most promising student, Ogden Woodstrom, a negative advantage that starts a rivalry that would last a lifetime. Eventually, Farnsworth gets a job designing robots for Mom's friendly robot company, where he stays for the next 50 years. . The most notable invention of his was the fuel-efficient sport utility robot that would become the gold standard for all robots well into the 31st century. The Professor meets Zoidberg on Triton, who he subsequently saves. his life while trying to kill a tritonian yeti after contracting hyper malaria the professor makes a pact with zoidberg asking to be killed at the first sign of symptoms a few years later professor farnsworth leaves mom's friendly robot company after breaking up with mom he was dating btw we didn't mention that but yeah they were a couple and it's exactly as horrible as the mental image you currently have to fund his independent research professor farnsworth founds a planet express delivery company the first team of delivery consists of zoidberg lando tucker candy and lifter, all but zoidberg are lost during his first delivery after getting lost in the bermuda tetrahedron farnswor th later discovers a method to convert dark matter into fuel only two years later the order democratic of the planets or deceit begins to fracture vergon 6 to the last drop, mom captures tens of Niblonians for their dark matter farm in Alaska sometime after this event, as Nablonians are natural. dark matter producers hermes conrad competes in the limbo for earth event at the 2980 olympics, though after a boy impersonating him fatally injures his back, hermes vows never to return to limbo nine years later, professor farnsworth begins to grow his clone covert farnsworth from cells scraped from his back coincidentally hermes' son dwight conrad is born that same week bender bending rodriguez is built in tijuana mexico in 2996 deemed defective by the friendly bender bending company mom robots for lacking a backup unit, hermes now works in assembly at the robot company, clears bender's approval before resigning from the company another two years pass and amy wong begins an internship for planet express as part of her ph ysics syllabus at mars university 2999 previous planet express crew was killed by space bees while collecting space honey al the adventure begins december 31 29.99 welcome back to episode one the fry thawed after a thousand years of sleep and weirdly cool never seeing family or friends again i mean i was saying he hated his life and what he probably it felt like a few minutes ago for him and i would say think seymour but future fries take care of him all is well therefore an adrenaline packed chase across nyc ensues between fry and the clerk of applied cryogenics leela and a newly introduced nihilistic fry robot named Bender it's basically lila's responsibility to outfit fry with a career chip that essentially marks someone with their fry qualifications who doesn't want to have to be saddled with being a delivery boy again for the rest of their lives. his life in the distant future takes off and when Leela finally tracks him down, he convinces her to quit her own job the next day. eela tracked down his closest living relative his great great great just great 30 times nephew professor farnsworth who promptly hires fry leela and bender as the crew of the new planet express and fry gets the job of delivery boy the rest of the new year is full of wacky misadventures for the planet express crew fry stops flirting with the professor and moves into an apartment with his new cool roommate bender briefly becomes a billionaire as we mentioned gets crowned emperor of trisole after drinking previous monarch attends and he subsequently withdraws from the university of mars and discovers the creepy but delicious truth behind the secret ingredient of his favorite drink slurm i tell slurms mckenzie to party but i feel like he's overjoyed bender finds his one true calling in chapek 9 and befriends some human-hating robots, he fights his way into the underworld. ace robot health, dump the dreaded chupanibre down the sewer and learn the force to feel real h human emotions lilo rescues nibbler from a collapsing vergon 6 sadly sleeps with cocky spaceship captain zapp brannigan and almost he gets sucked into a black hole while aboard the titanic cruise ship spaceship although everyone was also involved in that last one earth gets its fair share of action too in the new millennium it's not just invaded by omicronians looking for a fitting conclusion to A single lawyer and nearly decimated by the return of the ball of trash launched in 2052, but Earth also elects Richard Nixon as its next president after a year Earth barely can't catch a break Mother's Day goes bad afterwards that Mom programs all of her robots to rebel, making her the supreme ruler of the land.
If you're smart, you'll find out shortly after earth is invaded by omicronians again, only this time for a real good reason, the earthlings are consuming omicronian babs. ies as part of their latest fast food sensation popplers elsewhere yearning for intergalactic conquest and heavily inspired by the movie starship troopers earth successfully invades spheron1 not all is gloom though cubert farnsworth is pulled from his cloning tank the city is rediscovered sunken atlanta he invents the hypothetical machine and the curse of car 3002 is lifted the universe is threatened on more than one occasion the brain spawns begin their assault on earth but fry a temporarily stupid leela and are defeated by the niblonians thanks to the fry's lack of delta brainwave basically fry's actions where he became his own grandfather created a genetic abnormality that made him literally too stupid to function; however, his superior yet inferior mind grants him immunity against the brain spawn's power to make everyone he comes in contact with super dumb soon after the professor. destabilizes the space-time continuum by misusing the chronotones, causing time to jump forward at an accelerated rate but without retaining any of the memories of events that occurred during the time jump farnsworth enlists the help of the greatest scientific minds of the generation of harlem globetrotters and together they create a black hole that implodes the nebula freeing time by disturbing space dust during these time jumps, although fry and leela were married briefly and divorced even faster, and while fry finally learns how he got leela to love him, forever remains a mystery to leela on a much more lighthearted note, dr. zoidberg and acting legend harold zoid make a movie. together, the native Martians get some much-deserved repairs and a Star Trek convention takes place on the forbidden planet omega-3, Heck Bender even puts on an entire concert dedicated to broken robots everywhere.
Don't believe us, look it up in the dictionary. i think a bectionary would have all that information but i would tell you what odellae means, this is also the year the planet e The xpress team time travels to Roswell, New Mexico, 1947. Upon returning, they dig up the head of Bender, who was buried in 1947, where he remained for the last 1055 years, though perhaps more importantly, the Professor tunes his hypothetical machine and we learn the answer to the most important question in the universe, what if Bender were human, whose answer it's both sad and scary 3003 earth breaks up a bit on the invasion front oh wait, after zoidberg is sentenced to death for eating earth's flag the decapodeans retaliate by briefly enslaving the planet never mind, Bender has a romantic affair with the planet, newly installed fast ships, causing the destruction of many planets, including two gangster planets in a cowboy world, apparently the combination of candy hearts and quasars, while a powerful aphrodisiac. it doesn't sit well with life in other galaxies on the bright side global warming is no longer an issue thanks to professor n's ingenious plan to move earth away from the sun using gaseous emissions from robots, you know, the farting years of the robots are now a week longer as a result so president nixon declares the extra week of the robot party this is also the year that lila reunites with her parents and finds out that she is not an alien like I thought earlier but a mutant who passes enough for a normal human that she can live on the surface without persecution from the locals or the government and of course it wouldn't be a


video without mentioning that.
Fry finds the fossilized remains of his best friend Seymour The Luck of the Friars is one sadder episode than Jurassic Park Fight Me 3004 The brain spawns are back in the infosphere It's almost


, spelling doom for the universe Thankfully, Fry and the Nablonians defeat the brainspawn. once and for all by banishing them to an alternate dimension from which there is no return. At this point, Fry learns from the brainspawn the truth about Nibbler's dispatch. ing fry to the future with the help of spawn fry travels back in time to confront nibbler, but instead accepts his role in the universe and becomes the same person who dooms himself to life on 31st century earth conquer the spidery ends of the tarantula on the 6th resulting in everyone on earth getting a 300 refund and no one spending it wisely with the possible exception of fry who briefly transcends space-time after drinking 100 cups of coffee hermes conrad se weapon of courage to compete in the 3004 olympics but is ultimately disqualified for cheating meanwhile, Bender successfully cheats his way to the top in various events offembot bending under the alias Colette from Robonia, a land she didn't invent, Fry makes a deal with the demon robot to learn the notoriously difficult musical instrument, the holophonist, and win Leelah's heart and it doesn't backfire at all, no, definitely not even a bit, you know, I'm joking, but it didn't backfire, I mean a lot of horrible things.
It happened a few of which was Leela going deaf but it makes for a very sweet series finale well the first series finale at least a year later the brainless drones running the box network shut down Planet Express , they canceled his license to make deliveries and all hope is i lost him he just won't stay dead 3007 good news for all those stupid assholes in the cashier network they get fired for incompetence and then beaten up most die of their injuries and are ground to a pulp a fine dusty pink planet express is back baby and not a moment too.
As soon as the nudist alien hustlers take control of both the Planet Express and Earth, they finally send Bender back in time to steal all of Earth's treasures. Bender is under the control of the con artists thanks to a virus implanted in him. to prevent someone from using the time travel code tattooed on his butt afraid for his life and a little jealous of leela's adventure with her new toy boy lars fillmore fry travels back to new york time in the year 2000 where he reunites with seymour watch this video how a few minutes ago we need a timeline for our timeline this is the fry that becomes lars because of the way he makes another duplicate of himself when he travels back in time for the first time and then that fry becomes the fry we follow through the rest of the series yeah i know it's confusing that's why we're making this timeline to start in 3007 even though scammers evict people from earth with help from the robot santa hanukkah zombie and kwanzabot the quakes strike back and eventually win the battle for earth 3008 a time paradox of numerous duplicate benders left unresolved during the time heist mpo creates a massive rift in time and space while yevo's universe inhabits the other side of the rift due to unrelenting loneliness and an extreme lack of social skills, the genderless planet-sized being pushes tentacles through from the rift and forcibly bonds with everyone in our universe.
For a moment, things are good, but once Yevo discovers that Fry sent a letter to Bender, Schlerhart is devastated, devastated that Fry could have feelings for anyone. . Dark Evo Incident Commodity prices inexplicably tripled. It turns out that Mom Bill perpetuated an artificial supply shortage to boost profits and ruin Mom's dark matter empire. renders dark matter useless forcing all future spacecraft to run on whale oil 3009 the universal life-giving aura known as chi begins to reform resonating from the black dwarf system where it once headed the legion of madmen explains how all life originated from qi and an asteroid in the violet dwarf system will usher in a new green age, sadly that is exactly where amy's father leo wong plans to build the 18th hole of his course from interstellar miniature golf lila leads a radical group of ecofeminists to stop the implosion of the violet dwarf star the star itself is revealed to be an encyclopod egg the egg hatches and the encyclopod defeats the last of the dark baddies, this ends the race evolutionary weapons builder ushering in a new green age, so legend predicted that unfortunately the entire Planet Express team is sucked into a water. wormhole soon after but just before they do Lila finally confesses her love for the fry which makes for a very sweet well deserved series finale and then rebirth 3010 everyone climbs out of the wormhole and lands on the earth in one piece, well most of the crew died in a horrible explosion, but the professor puts them back together using adult stem cells, of course, 3010 is a big year for Hubert.
He discovers the fossilized skull of a missing link in humanity's evolution, but not before he invents a forward time machine. This time machine teaches us about the cyclical nature of the universe, among many other things, but we'll get to that, the gang. Gets more political than usual this year, Bender and Amy push the Infinity proposal for the legalization of robosexual marriage between humans and robots, while Lila fights for the mutant r. struggle to live on the surface and both win for their noble causes after thousands of years the earth cats decide to finally get up their lazy butts and revolt by stealing the planet's rotational energy for their lovely siblings in thuban 9. oh and the omicronians invade earth again, only this time it's more of a ploy to lure the planet's ruler, omicron's wife persei eight and dunda, into thinking that earth was invaded so that she would find him attractive with the help of the orson welle head, the decoy rekindles the fire of his marriage things we do for love wait for the wrong show 3011.
It's been 50 years since we lost the first crew of Planet Express in the Bermuda tetrahedron during a mission to recover a monument for the memorial holiday. We find out that the original crew is still alive engulfed by a tetrahedron. space whale bender gains the ability to exponentially self-replicate thanks to the professor's recent invention, the shrinking dupla banach tarski, his mini-selves multiply so fast that they are likely to invade earth but leave voluntarily once they decide conquering earth would be too much Annoyed, the professor's hyper malaria symptoms begin to flare prompting Zoidberg to keep his promise made all those years ago to kill the professor.
Fortunately, it was just a typical case of yetiism that is much easier to treat without the need for mercy killing. a slurmy a peabody junior and two coaching emmys for his work on rumble the hump despite ripping the show entirely from real life aliens fry finds a vampire egg bone from a local farmers market which eventually becomes mr pepe bone vampires are an endangered species so the crew returns to mr peppy to his homeworld on duhan 6 where he helps reduce the sheep population of planet fry bender leela and the professor travel back to 1775 in a failed attempt to save the reputation of hubert's family more that way at the beginning from this video the common cold was eradicated in the 2500's but of course frying re-introduces it in the 31st century causing a devastating outbreak that just wipes out the population of new nyc and i think the most amazing thing about this whole show so far now is that the fry somehow went 11 years without getting a cold as i sit here and i have had a cold for 11 years 3012 bender's son ben vending rodriguez is born after a one night stand with the vending machine planet express, he eventually enrolls at bending state university in santa cruz sometime after having his memory banks wiped as stated in an ancient martian prophecy found one that 3012 will be earth's doomsday much to everyone's disbelief the prophecy actually predicted the destruction of mars rocketing out of orbit and nearly colliding with earth other random events include richard nixon's head winning Earth's 3012 Presidential Election And Calculating To Die After Drinking A Vial Of Food Coloring To Beat Langdon Cobb In An Acting Competition One Year Later, Fry And Lila Spend A Lifetime Together Froze In Time Due To A Malfunction With the Professor's latest invention in time travel, eventually time is reset and both Fry and Lila agree to go around again for a perfectly satisfying series finale actually this time, except we're not done yet because Futurama still showed. other crazy future events how does that work later in 3028 the economy crashes and another robot uprising occurs to overthrow n ixon the politician chris travers born in 3012 travels back in time to run against nixon and stop him from winning which works but his full job and the robot uprising never happened he fades and then nixon is declared the winner uh the end of universe from here we only know earth history in places intelligent apes birds cows and slugs each taking a turn ruling the planet each erecting their own version of the statue of liberty there are like two medieval eras different ones one of which is ruled by giraffes the planet goes from an ice age to a burned wasteland to being totally covered in water at one point humans split into two species one is intelligent and sophisticated and the other fools are primitive and brutal and naturally fools take control cause violence by the year 50 million the earth is a true paradise blessed with beautiful intelligent women and technology to create machine ace of time backwards men are nearly extinct so even the old stupid like professor fryer valued but earth like all good things must come to an end in the year 1 trillion all life on the universe is extinct all that is left of planet earth is a vast empty desert and lilac's heartfelt message to fry written in billion year old stalagmites 10 duodecillion that's a one with 40 zeros sorry for the guy who has to put this graphic together the last protons


ly disintegrate ending the current universe seconds later another big bang happens and forms a whole new universe totally identical to the last one Give or take a few feet and go round and round so if you want to know what happens then just watch this video again and also make sure you subscribe to hypnotic toad.
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