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THE CHAMPIONSHIP TRANSFER RUMOUR ROUND-UP! ft. Harry Winks, Luis Sinisterra & Tom Cairney!

Jul 02, 2023
Alright guys, we're back for another week of


speculation. There was a lot of talk in today's video. We have made agreements, more management talks and a lot of rumors circulating around the


right now, as always. I would like to hear from you in the comments. Below, plenty of teams are returning to pre-season action now and pre-season matches will soon begin too, so there's plenty of Championship content to get our teeth into over these next few weeks, but without further ado, let's jump in and start with a management chat and Shuffle Wednesday. Is there ever a dull day in Hillsborough?
the championship transfer rumour round up ft harry winks luis sinisterra tom cairney
There always seems to be some drama starting. As things stand, it looks like Dean Smith is the heavy favorite for Wednesday's chef spot. bookies what the journalists are saying right now and at the time of recording, he is the big favorite and more may have been announced when you watch this video. We also had an absolutely fascinating Club statement coming out of Shuffle Wednesday. from Chancery, which I urge all Championship fans to read, was absolutely fascinating, he basically talked about the departure of Darren Moore and how it happened from Chanceri's point of view, he basically clarified that Darmo was looking for a three-year deal and asking four. times his current salary, it is now difficult to make a general judgment on those comments as at the moment we only have the series side of possibilities and we do not know all the ins and outs of what Darren Moore's contract with Sheffield Wednesday was like while they were in League One, but as things stand it seems Dean Smith is the name on every Wednesday fans' lips, would they be happy with that?
the championship transfer rumour round up ft harry winks luis sinisterra tom cairney

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the championship transfer rumour round up ft harry winks luis sinisterra tom cairney...

It looks like Daniel Farco will be announced as the new Leeds United manager. I'm recording this on Thursday night, when you watch this on Friday you'll have more information. It may have even been announced at the time. I'm very excited about this one. It has taken a long time to reach potential clients in your management search. At one point it looked like they were on Viera, they were quite interested in Brendan Rogers, it looked like at one point before he left for Celtic, but they eventually landed on Daniel Farker who has been linked with the leader's job for quite some time since his three full seasons in the Championship, two promotions during that time, both with Norwich and GIF, if given the right resources at this level he is capable of weaving brilliantly brilliant football, those Two Notch promotions were absolutely fantastic to watch and, although he could never stay in the Premier League.
the championship transfer rumour round up ft harry winks luis sinisterra tom cairney
I think at this level it's a very good quote, then jumping to some done deals we saw Tottenham complete a deal for Leicester City's James Madison. It looked like they would move to Tottenham or Newcastle, but it was the North London club. who got the deal on the ground in the end £40m for Leicester we expected Madison to move some other of those salable assets I also hope to leave Leicester this summer but this deal could now have a knock-on effect on the rest of the Championship Leicester will enter the


market this summer with huge funding behind them as they looked to move on and rebuild their squad.
the championship transfer rumour round up ft harry winks luis sinisterra tom cairney
We also saw Paul Smith return to Queens Park after a couple of seasons with Leighton Orient, where he has impressed. In League Two he has returned to keep you up and in the Championship he will look to add a bit more firepower from that right side. It's all Keen kills Hayden, completing his move to Plymouth on a season-long loan from Aston. Villa are really excited to see how this loan deal works out because last season they felt their progression stagnated a bit, they didn't feel a move to Huddersfield on loan was in the best interest of either party, in the end Huddersfield or the player and after.
After two really progressive loan spells before that with Swindon and MK Dons, his career progress simply stagnated a bit. We all know the success that Plymouth have had in the down market, although in recent years, last season in particular and we said that that would also be one of their strengths to reach the Championship this season and I think there is much more to come from the young man of Aston Villa than what we saw last season in the Huddersfield game. We also saw Birmingham get a deal. We expect the line for Derby County's Christian Baleek to continue and I talked about it in a bit more detail in the video last time, but I think there's another solid piece of business there since Birmingham, Watford have sealed a deal for Tom since we spoke. about him in the previous transfer room around the video and that bill has already been passed, but those are some of the deals that we have seen in the


over these last few days now, without further ado, let's jump into some rumors and So we'll start with Leicester because we have a lot of Leicester rumors to look at at the moment but it looks like a deal is close for Conor Cody as the footage looks like he's doing his medical with Lester as a £7.5m deal .
It has been agreed between Leicester and the Wolves, it is interesting, we talked about the possibility of Cody falling to the championship a few videos ago. I thought maybe there would be one or two Premier League offers that he would be tempted to go for. But Lester has done quite well considering his current status as a champion club. Now Cody spent last season on loan at Everton and Everton had the option to sign the code. They ended up with 4.5 million, so financially, I think the Wolves really have it. It's a decent deal to be honest, when they could have lost him for 4.5m to Everton, they managed to squeeze a bit more out of Leicester in terms of Cody getting to the Championship, although I think he'll be a very classy operator at the moment . level, he is 30 years old, but he is someone who I still think Leicester can get many more years of service out of and you know, with them expecting to be at the top of the Championship this season, a personality like Cody who is more than capable of being one of the best defenders in the championship next season.
I think it's a good deal for Leicester, although I also think Wolves have done quite well by getting seven and a half million for him and Lester has also agreed a deal for Tottenham midfielder Harry


and a deal worth up to £10m now seems quite high, but I'm sure there was a bit of wiggle room with this deal, perhaps related to James Madison going in the opposite direction. Winx is interesting. He's obviously got a lot of experience in the Premier League, he's been the last one away only in Italy with Sampdoria and overall it was a bit of a frustrating loan spell for him.
He missed the first half of the season with an ankle injury and then managed to recover. By the second half of the season, he eventually started 19 games and dropped to the Championship. I have no doubt that someone like Winks has the potential to be one of the best midfielders at this level, no matter what you can say about him at Premier League level and while he hasn't always reached the heights that were expected and such maybe a Tottenham if he stays fit. I think he could make it in the championship. Leicester's links to Tom Kenny have surfaced once again this week and early in the transfer window this link emerged.
Since then, talks have arisen once again, now the 32-year-old is a class operator in the Championship, one of the best midfielders I think we have had in the Championship, more so than those you have met in the last five seasons. in which Kenny had those years of promotion. With Fulham, this largely depends on what Fullen wants to do with the player. They have the option to extend Kenny's stay with them until at least 2025. He played a supporting role last year. He ended up featuring 32 Premier League games, but only six. Those were starts, although he is clearly still qualified within that Fulham set-up and as they have managed his minutes quite carefully over this last season or two, it will be up to the forum's discretion whether or not they would be tempted to sell and how they can do so.
He sees this It has also been reported that Swansea are vying for a bid from Leicester City for star man Joel Peru. We expect a lot of interest in the leader this summer after two really impressive seasons in the championship 41 goals in these last two seasons. Perot is now, along with Leicester Southampton and an unnamed Serie A club, also said to be interested in him, but tensions perhaps between Swansea and Southampton over how the Russell Martin deal unfolded perhaps sour a bit That, we know Lester has money to I wouldn't be too surprised to see the deal done through a potential outbound at Leicester.
Jimmy Vardy had been linked with a move to Saudi Arabia, but Vadi himself reportedly rejected any offers coming from Saudi Collegi FC. Now Vardy himself is there. He did not say he was interested in any move in that way, as it would not be suitable for him and his family. He only has one year left on his contract at Leicester and it looks like those discussions about his future will take place throughout the year. It is understood that next week both Hull and Middlesbrough will have submitted offers for qbr goalkeeper Sunny Deang. Now it's interesting. He's a goalkeeper that I at Years Gone by rated pretty highly, but last season I don't think he was particularly good.
On the iron, looking at some of his underlying numbers, he underperformed his stance by 3.6 goals last season, which from a shot-stopping perspective is not gray. I'd like to get some perspectives from qbr fans on this next, how? He rates the finale after the season that just ended and how you would rate him currently at his best when he has his confidence up to par. I still think he is capable of being a very good goalie at this level, but he falls out of some of the others. He has been linked with goalkeepers from Hull and Middlesbrough who I would be a little more thoughtful about with this deal, perhaps just because there was quite an interesting transfer pipeline last season.
This Huddersfield have been interested in the move to move striker Callum Lang now last season. It was a bit disappointing from Lang's perspective, he was coming off the 15 goal, seven assist season in League One, he couldn't translate those numbers into championship football, a lot of that crazy team just seemed a little bit actually. He is not well prepared or prepared for the football championship, and only scored one goal and received four assists last season. However, Huddersfield have obviously seen enough to register interest in the player, now getting him out of Wigan may be more difficult than some people believe he has contracted to them. until 2025 and he has spent his entire career so far with the club after coming up through the Youth Academy there, so he is 24 years old.
Actually, I don't think another season in League One would do too much damage to his development at the moment. I think it might be best for him but Huddersfield have clearly seen the potential there and we will wait and see if any footage emerges in the coming days and weeks. Burnley. I said I was preparing another bid for Millwall Ford's millwall millwall have already started their recruitment quite Well, and I mean, from a selfish point of view, I would love to see Fleming hold on in the Championship next season with Millwall. I think a potential partnership between him floating around in this bet could be really fun and exciting on Den next season. but money talks and it will all be a question of whether or not Burnley are prepared to meet Millwall's valuation of the player, as according to the latest reports, it looks like Victoria's will be moving to Sporting Lisbon now there has been plenty of interest in the Premier League.
In their careers, we've covered him in almost every Championship transfer room around that video so far, but the latest talk doing the rounds is that a deal of around 17m could have been agreed with Coventry with the possible sell-on clause. 35 on that deal as good, and taking all things into consideration, I think it would be a great deal for Coventry considering that Yachtress only has one more year left to fulfill its agreement with Coventry. We talked earlier about his comments and how much he wants to move out this summer. I think that's true, you know, after a few good years of service at Coventry and they themselves will get a really good fee for him and potentially be able to reinvest it in the rest of the team.
Swansea striker Morgan Whitaker is being linked with a move to Coventry. He is talked about as if he were the potential successor to his career. I don't see it that way. I think so CoventryWere he to replace Whitaker, he would most likely be a replacement for the outgoing Tyler or Sean McGuire. I don't think Whitaker is at York res level and I think Coventry will be in the market for a couple more strikers this summer, but plenty of Championship clubs, as we discussed previously, are interested in the 22-year-old as well as in the Rangers. who have been interested in the Swansea striker for quite some time, this will be a very interesting transfer link.
Rotherham United have been linked with Cry Thai move. He impressed during the second half of last season. I thought about Wigan Athletics, but the second half. from last season on loan with Latex obviously couldn't keep them up in the end but I thought in his relatively short spell he impressed and would definitely justify and advance the championship next season Plymouth Argyle have been rebuffed in their attempts to sign Terry Taylor now The 22-year-old is out of contract this summer, but due to his age, Burton will have to pay compensation, so it is up to Plymouth to increase their offer if they do.
I want to get this deal done, some other clubs are said to be interested in Cardiff from the Championship, another club are investigating this deal but with their embargo at the moment I'm not sure how it would work in terms of being able to pay. compensation package, but I definitely want to keep it close for the next few days. Newcastle remained in talks with Southampton regarding a deal for Tino, one of Southampton's top-flight assets heading into the Championship this season. X I anticipate things will heat up in Southampton. Over the next couple of weeks, now that Mark has been officially introduced, things have been a bit slow at Southampton so far, but as we've seen an explosion of rumors coming out of Leicester recently, I think something similar will happen with Southampton, especially as some of these possible expenses are sealed, but lirimento, how much would you say, since the fans certainly expect more than the 50 million that Newcastle Louis originally withdrew and Estera is a player of interest for many European clubs?
AC Milan, the latest club linked to Leeds United, have so far made no formal offers or concrete negotiations for him, but he appears to be on Milan's radar, disappearing from some of the recent reports as there is a player. who I would love to see in the Championship next season and in glimpses of last season in the Premier League. I think he showed what it's all about. Yes, his injury history has been excellent in recent years. He missed a lot of football last year. He leads the fourth season, but at his best I want to say that he is a player who is more than capable of shining in the championship and I want more of those players in the league and in the next season, but despite his injury history, He is a player who is still highly valued by Leeds United and I will have to keep an eye on this space over the coming weeks and months if significant offers come in from some European teams.
It looks like Millwall are getting closer to completing a deal for Joe Brian and I'll be there. In all of this, as a Millwall fan, once again a very promising recruitment, we've talked about this in a little more detail in the video above. Cardiff are said to be interested in a move for Yakumete, the striker who is now a free agent after. Leaving Redden is a player of interest to many clubs, you can see why Force two goals in 156 appearances to read in the Championship now Cardiff find themselves in a rather unique situation at the moment where they have to deal with loans and free transfers for this. summer window as they are still under embargo and can't spend any transfer fee, the problem with the deal may say that he seems more likely to go abroad from now on, what would happen with a move to Islamani ? name I haven't heard for quite some time, but we know the type of football Ishmael will be looking to play at Watford next season, so it makes sense that they would be looking for a striker in that sort of Target mold that Slimani would certainly do.
He adds a lot of experience, is 35 years old and is available on a free transfer this summer. He had a good spell with Andalect in the second half of last season. He scored eight goals in 10 League appearances for them, but there are also said to be a few more clubs across Europe. be interested Ipswich City are said to be interested in Nottingham Forest striker Sam Surridge, another ambitious move for the IPs we've talked about quite a bit in recent videos, but the 24-year-old played a supporting role for the first time. Last season in the Premier League, he made just one start in the league and 19 appearances off the bench.
He's someone really interesting that I've had different opinions on over the years. Bournemouth originally thought he was a really promising prospect, which sparked a move for him. where I wasn't entirely convinced about the player but they made that move for enforest and they did very well in their promotion push and in the end they got them into the Premier League so for a sad one like Ipswich where they are rats, someone like storage at 24, who can develop, would be another sensible option. I think from all reports it looks like Josh Gianelli is on his way to Swansea City.
Some Championship clubs were said to be interested in the winger, but after a successful season with Hearts and Hearts he decided not to extend his contract with the Scottish club, making him available on a free transfer. It's interesting. He had a spell at Michael Preston North End early in his career and things just didn't quite work out. It went well for him at Deepdale, maybe the move came too early for him, he didn't seem up to the task of Championship football, but on the other hand, we didn't really give him as many first team opportunities as he's had since.
He came back and you know, to Scotland to develop his career and he's done very well, four hearts, and I think he rightly moved to Swansea, so I'll certainly be keeping an eye on that, it certainly adds a bit of trickery. . Off to Swansea for next season, well guys there we have it and now we'll wrap it up for today's video. Thank you so much for tuning in, if you went and enjoyed be sure to leave a like, stay and subscribe or something regular. Championship content, thanks for watching guys and I'll see you all in the next one.

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