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The Champions: Season 1 in Full

May 30, 2021
What happens when 800 of the world's most elite footballers and their coaches live together under one roof? The player stops being polite and starts criticizing. This is the champion. Some say I'm the best in the world. I agree with them. I'm Lena Messi. Let my football speak for itself. Kevin, people said you couldn't take Egypt. They were right, so today is arrival day and I'm going to meet my new Ventus mates. It is difficult because in Italy they are very focused on the image. It's like everyone. about his appearance, his hair, his tan, everything is very new to me and I try to connect with the average Italian, so I bought that typical Italian car, some traditional Italian clothes and I have been reading about local politics, what is well my happy man stay with my life when my son was born reading my fifth bell at the door ok so i like the change of colors guys this is not about what country are you from but about psg yo , just from Paris, it's about Ryan's baby, yeah, oh look, everyone and Bobby brought. the wunderkind ld work so good so donate all your money to charity daddy yes me yes for you to win a world cup he is good pictures i want to push gus there is still little water the wool is ok bro the man has a joke sir lo i do if he makes jokes actually holding a story nerd english rachel ricky runs so i thought i'd take some of them three lines to explore gordon's life this and the time you know of a long journey so head down the road that you said you could take us right there I need to get over that Oh Harry I'm so sorry it's just none of us have any idea what you just said what happens when 800 of the world's most elite footballers and their coaches live together under one roof . real, this is the champion, people say that I lack concentration.
the champions season 1 in full
I made a friend and that would be good because I'm a bit lonely in rial at f First I thought it was a language barrier issue but now he speaks Spanish and still no one. I have been in barsa most of my life. It is more than a football club. It's more like a family. From Donald Ressler. emotional leader from a city far away is afraid we have to play a La Liga match in America it's my job to make sure all the players in the team are happy as I've noticed Messi has been a bit down since the World Cup I think who realizes he will never win a World Cup with Argentina, so I thought it would be fun to take Messi and the Resta team to a pottery class.
the champions season 1 in full

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the champions season 1 in full...

If she can't win a World Cup she can make one so I'm doing a Latin Grammy for Mia cry shakira she collects them when you gonna give it away when what are you doing Malcolm? Raise your world cup so I can take a picture with it No PK It's not for me It's for Cristiano Of course he's not sad for Argentina He said because he misses Ronaldo in the league Without the joker there's no batman without fraser there's no ally without in Russian sport there is no anti-doping agency these things are needed I am very excited to give it Not in my gift, dear Christiano, we had so many epic classics together, but that is how I will always remember you.
the champions season 1 in full
What happens when 800 of the world's most elite footballers and their coaches live together under one roof. The player stops being polite and starts being real. This is the champion man you like the most man I don't dress to impress I dress bouquet and press him tell us a little more about yourself kevin el branagh we remember that incredible goal I scored it to win the puskas me neither is he coming he is coming you guys, our great teacher guys how are you terrible i could use a massage my back is killing me hello red devils sorry i'm late i lost the locker room i mean i lost my way to the locker room. it's the media the media want to say that things are wrong here they say that my players are sad because they are wrong and to prove this I am forcing all the players to come to my party tonight I have gathered you all here to remind you that just because don't be nice doesn't mean we can't have a good time now enjoy your obligatory meal what's the matter luke not enough cholesterol and is it for you what is this this looks like crap excuse me ma but i had a bigger role i don't get it mcguire you don't have more food ok let's party electric play the game coach I really don't want to do this never include extra skills on your CV hello oh hello David Moyes is here bye he's gone oh the man is a newborn anywhere again count how much you miss your wife ok who wants to play a game you guys want to play a game so the object of this game is to try to score once and then sit down and waiting for time to run out is the best way to waste 90 minutes oh a special one which means i understand t throw a player under the bus let's see so many options how about you don't want to play this anymore? it's not fun the games aren't supposed to be fun they're supposed to be hard and tedious what is this this is rubbish Paul oh we can go coach you no problem you londa Millwall hey what are you doing here someone told me this belt II you needed new energy you weren't invited leave what happens when 800 of the world's most elite footballers and their coaches live together under one roof?
the champions season 1 in full
Solomon mm I said okay Noah Gallagher I'm so good I'm in MLS and they could still be in this intro everyone knows I'm on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo why is everyone absolutely laughing? First, the World Cup now. this, i can't go to anything good, okay, one is the World Cup sucks this year, second, this party is for dummkopf Sark, oh please have a chocolate fountain at home as your captain . great fun guys but really it's all just a ploy to steal the best young players from other Bundesliga teams. Marco is a bit sensitive to cysts because he has lost a lot of friends from Dortmund over the years. let's just say he was young and he needed to pet my cherry hey not even the boys have seen my lederhosen i can't find them sorry oh hey yuppie puppy.
Wow the sales are like twice as many people at this party as at Oppenheimer yeah I just saw someone I didn't know hey head coach oh come on let me through Wow the team is there sorry gotta see ID for anyone who looks minor 16 year old oh hi Jules the American boy for Dalton's girlfriend Chris Christian yeah yeah oh great I'm Jerome this is Thomas so please. yes you can call me running daughter a daughter is a nickname i gave myself there is no vert in english fourth but its some kind of space interpreter its cool actually you see it anywhere nah-ha a device first breakfast sausage station later breakfast time horrible cr zone years come on so yeah spend new bars a flying dutch we're going to have a sour after party you should come we're not going to die boss yeah what's your favorite Bundesliga thing I mean yeah yo being honest we really don't I consider to support this League, why are we like PSG and the League in our Justin Timberlake, for example, let's say the Bundesliga is exposed because it is only 20 years old, Bavarian pancake scam.
Are you OK? No, I'm in space, just give me some room to interpret, you can't talk to them, they're all idiots, you're not my dad, you're just bitter because they never won, how are they? you want him 70 million euros and he's yours fit but for him what happens when 800 of the world's most elite footballers and their coaches live together under one roof player stops being polite and starts being real this is the champion Bonnie would see my veins forget john terry i'm the real mr. steal me, girl, what's up? Nice it's hurricane


we do it one more time how do I really get that what makes an actor out of 10,000 right outside your window it's Harry Kane


nope amanda go to space here remember we have six seconds to hit each other in six seconds got it no you talk too fast we just shot some paintballs last year the lads played paint after i lost in make up then we won the premier league like this I think why don't we do it again.
Listen, it's fun. I like to get involved. I like to pretend everyone is American whenever I'm doing things with guns. Kyle WalkerTexas Ranger. Not bad. Company done I can't do it come on it's all fun no I mean I just pulled my calf oh it hurts it's just pain that means no I pulled my other calf guys here quick count the counter, hmm, wait, we're not. wearing this red paint scouts leave ah now i actually got pimple shot of the year for that ha ha Here it's ok guys be careful what you get there's always nothing new from these bastards they never walk alone huh? what are they doing?
It looks like they're playing a game, but they have this backwards. frowns and they're making sounds like ha ha ha it's called smiling and having fun overrated don't get the idea oh now pepper piastre yelling at someone it's Jurgen Klopp what aren't real rivals I'm peps just true competition him and this German trick had a throwback in the Bundesliga now everyone wants to act like they are great opponents. It's disrespectful to all of Manchester and Derby history, but even more importantly, it's disrespectful to me. Why do you have to ruin our whole undefeated season our sleep ops champ and no this we're just having some fun no we're the fun team clearly you haven't seen all or nothing and clearly you haven't seen James Milnes Twitter yes but everyone knows that im the most quirky manager nice and football i'm probably just the normal guy exactly wait that was very like damn well no one is nicer than david silva except masala now you really are my biggest rival smart smart god you're mine great barcelonian balls oh my god get yourselves one room you two are not rivals I'm your rival and everyone's rival I'm the most decorated I'll be your rival Josie, not you What happens when 800 of the world's most elite soccer players and their coaches live together under one? roof play stop being polite and start being real this is the champ a nice suit are you marcello's tax lawyer i'm going to speak at a charity event tonight you're wearing this well wait i need to make a coffee so today we're going to be helping to one of the best playmakers in the game looks like a mortgage Oh, Luca Luca is one of the most entertaining creative footballers on the pitch, but off the pitch he could use a little help and Nats.
No, I understand you have to give a big talk at the benefit dinner tonight. Jerry's events are a gray opportunity to build your brand and get great press. Lucas was able to take advantage of that and we're here to show him what your jersey looks like. ladies plus you just offended the whole croatia weather please take that off Lukas Thailand dress should reflect his style of playing sharp creative unpredictable I don't know about this I know you need a way out come here ok show me your celebration yeah right after a goal is the best time to divert attention from your team and focus on you but without the signature celebration its like why now that Lukas guys on the field celebrate I need to show you how to celebrate off the field Joe man they are these Bobo who are my wife and kids look like a family man and I respect that I just want to expand his family to include some influential models and maybe an American rapper Luka I want you to meet Tiger so fair oh I don't know this one weird ass in wilson looking to do this but they're a ten grand a day family so four so Lucas has great hair but she can do so much more look that's a gal Actic, well, you may not be a striker, but you look striking, I'm going to Chile. tonight so remember if i can go refugee to Galactica so can you tada so do you guys have any questions do you know he's dying up there what is this don't care about him yet i think we need to bring the big guns stop sweating Kisame Mario Papa Balotelli all for one power What happens when 800 of the world's most elite soccer players and their coaches live together under one roof? giving advantage to other teams and the Bundesliga i wear black because every game is a funeral for the other team right now this show is good people are happy wait until the third season things will go very bad now you will see it now you don't It's not about breaking an ax here.
Let's not do that for my last trick. I need two volunteers. Anyone else feels really bad about this. Please dim the lights. it really happened you can break us up i'm not the doctor i can what do you mean you caused this you fix this so you were nice you catch more flies with honey so oh what do you hear it's alright if you don't use your little wizard Magic to fix this then i'll make you disappear. I'm just a little wizard. Okay, not a great magician. You need a real wizard. Take this Red to Porto Alegre.
The great warlock and to this day it still gives me nightmares, I think it's cool, this place gives me the creeps, man, maybe we should go see a normal doctor. Oh Lord. The tough guy is shaking in his boots listen, noyou know what this is capable of ok well whatever it is custom nice house oh great jean will seek your help. Ronaldinho would be happy to help you. thankful if you could split us up if there's anyone in this whole world who knows about splitting up with Sergio Ramos it's me baby let me see here it's definitely a curse the curse the curse but the good news is this curse looks a lot like Sergio it's so easy to break through sorry my shoulder is some kind of jerk Ramos i'm not scared of his violence it's a compliment it's his way of letting you know he can't stop you oh that's the right thing to do don't make me break your other shoulder, one season you wonder, at least i agree back, okay, now if you want to listen, it seems that when he went on with his incantation, he didn't take into account the animosity they had towards each other, you can't have hate in your soul when you go from box to box I learned this lesson well as a man who has two or wives I can tell you but don't worry it's very easy to fix these cars they will stand up when you sergio apologize to me for hurting your shoulder and everything you have to e doing mo is just forgiving Sergio, nah, forget it, it's not worth it, what happens when 800 of the most elite footballers in the world and their managers live together under one roof the player stops being polite and starts being real this is the champion I am Fellini and in this program I will never cut my hair sorry I'm sorry I'm late hello I am very happy for Luca because he won the Ballon d'Or, but Phil Jones and nobody wants to face me.
Oh sure, yeah, wait. I have taught you this. fitness it was seven years before we started courting oh really oh easy now let's hit this anywhere on the board and beat the brilliant morris can you turn the lights back on neymar? He has been murdered, it could well be an Emer what kind of animal would this Suarez make I'm a biter that's my thing I bite this guy they stabbed him this is a stab in the back and who is the biggest traitor of all mauro he called you the he could take a man's wife he can take a man's life and he does it with a knife okay wait the only crime i'm guilty of is falling in love with my friend's wife and then marrying her and then getting a tattoo of his three children, it's wrong, I get it, but I just metaphorically backstabbed whoever did this is somebody. true story of violence someone like Sergio Ramos I was with the model time is true unfortunately nothing more to say and also I have no reason to kill anima unlike coutinho that if you the dark magician who wants to have the place of neymar as the jewel of the el connery crown me oh this is ridiculous me stop it in the first place why is no one accusing Ronaldo?
I mean, it's kind of weird that he's not here, right? He's had problems and it looks like he fixed them by murdering him, except he didn't and how do you know because I'm Thomas Mueller, the wrong doctor aka the space researcher. I thought he was the space interpreter. Val says there's no proper English translation but really both a valid one it's great actually the room closes the Rama bathroom doors I mean Romelu Lukaku the doors I mean never mind now I'll look into the Space, hey, talk about molar research, am I right? A killer like this requires an elite attacker.
I am a lead attacker. Ah, you're very good, but this was done by one of the best. Okay, well, I'm definitely one of the best, so I think I should be suspicious of the real perpetrator. it's someone who has worn red and blue but you don't see anymore this person shouldn't even be in the


league house show yourself massacre right haha ​​I'm the best player in the world but that's not what I said but I'm NOT here to murder i'm here to take what's right


y mine repelling ain't so easy when you're not in america enough with this we all know who the killer is paul oh my god enough Hate all that waits who was the last person named was talking about this before even dead he was telling the story of how i met my fiancée i solved the crime who did it nobody because neymar is not dead he is just acting everything to avoid small talk miss hurricane and i would have gotten That too if it wasn't for you pesky Germans and your technical quality, what would happen is that 800 of the world's most elite footballers and their coaches live together under one roof one in the debut season of the


we found out hello everyone and welcome to the first season of the champions reunion show.
I'm Kate Abdo, here with some of the most notable footballers and of course their managers this season. most decorated manager so i have to start by asking how are things between you and paul me and paul we are good last week we even made eye contact he knows what i think of him he is very talented i just want him to focus , I'm very focused I'm focused on soccer I'm focused on my rap career I'm focused on my shoe business I'm focused on my hair commercials and focused on everything Luca it looks like you've gone back to your old look after your makeover from flat five the pot mostly so what did you learn from that experience? time with Fellini was actually amazing we smoothed his hair down Kevin de Bruyne err i understand if you feel the show portrayed you a bit unfairly made you look simple do you support kevin ok?
I wonder if you're the only one Is there anyone else here? I feel like they were unfairly portrayed I was made to look like a lisp when I actually enunciate quite clearly, I'm sorry, and you carry a cane, the captain of the three lions, and a very hot spur. No, wait a minute. No, you are not. who played matthew crawley and i mean other things you know i played sir lancelot in a third night fun a movie i could kill you stupid poor like you yeah kick your stupid alright i wanna change gear now to criticize Ronaldo GaN, who would you be? let's say he's the best player in Madrid moi we manage Madrid now who needs Galactica when you have a galactic cost oh please everyone know you're just jealous of me the real bad boy of La Liga and you're jealous that we have a real manager no sorry oh i noticed you still stuck Sergio will you ever apologize to mo and end this curse already?
I will never apologize for who I am most sorry for at this point. I understand that you will always be an idiot and I accept that. One of the unfortunate things about having more than 800 people in a house is that we can't accommodate everyone. We heard a lot from Galatasaray fans who were looking forward to seeing their club, so let's take Selcuk out on a Galatasaray one. The Champions League season is not going very well. It's all very exciting. Let's move on to Delhi Ali. I heard you're working on a New Delhi Ali challenge. Wait a minute. to the mansion for the knockout stage no if i take the room first just to beat me well that's definitely not the right way wait this is not dimension well get used to it because this is your new home now welcome to the Europa League it's not that bad here but it's not that good either

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