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The Castlevania Timeline Part 1: Origins of Evil - Button Smash

Jun 06, 2021
and kastlevania, one of the most beloved video game franchises among gamers and my personal favorite above all the others. Castlevania tells the story of the heroic Belmont clan and their lineage, who are destined to pass down the magical whip known as the Vampire Slayer, a whip that had the ability to shapeshift and constantly upgrade itself and was powerful enough to strike fear into the darkest creatures, including death himself and his master Dracula, king of the vampires since 1986. Castlevania has spawned multiple sequels, prequels, remakes, side stories and spin-offs, however, most of them. The games were not made in chronological order and some were even included and taken out of official canon, so we will clean up the


and make sense of the entire story, including most of the main games, while filling in some details between them . games before we start, let's set some rules as you may notice some games are missing from this


the castlevania timeline part 1 origins of evil   button smash
Castlevania legend has been removed from the official Canon, but more importantly, it directly conflicts with the events surrounding Dracula's hatred of humanity, leaving out some games like Like the Original Castlevania Chronicles super Castlevania 4 and Castlevania tell the same story in a different way, so for the purpose of the timeline we will only choose the originals, the Order of Shadows 2007 mobile phone game was never meant to be. canon, if it were canon, it would conflict with the original Castlevania, so one is also left out of Castlevania's Judgment and Harmony of Despair or simply side stories that combine the different generations of Castlevania characters into a single game and never They were


of the main timeline that is Child Dracula. just a humorous parody of the Castlevania games that should not be taken seriously as far as arcade games go.
the castlevania timeline part 1 origins of evil   button smash

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the castlevania timeline part 1 origins of evil button smash...

Many saw the haunted castle as a different version of Simon's adventure from the original Castlevania, and the 2009 Japanese arcade Castlevania had little to no story and involved unnamed names. generic characters, so they both came out too, so let's go ahead and get this started. Welcome to the Castlevania timeline






, let's go back in time to the end of the 11th century, at the time when Europe was being protected by knights appointed by the church knight battalion was so skilled in the combat they were said to be invincible thanks to the efforts of two men leon belmont and matthias cronquist leon was one of the fiercest warriors in the church and matthias was a tactical genius together they developed a strong friendship and led a group of knights to victory again and again, but when they finally returned home after the battle, Matthias received devastating news that his wife Elizabeth Ax had suddenly passed away while he was away, his pain was so intense that he could no longer fight and he went mad. .
the castlevania timeline part 1 origins of evil   button smash
Bedridden for the next year, Leon continued fighting without his friend and discovered an army of monsters in the region for which he was responsible. He asked the church for permission to destroy these monsters, but was denied due to the Crusades being fought in the east while Leo was away. While trying to obtain permission from the church, his fiancée Sara was kidnapped. Mathias discovered that the appearance of the monsters was linked to a vampire named Walter Bernard who lives in a castle in the forest of eternal night and that Leon Sara was taken there, so he tells her this.
the castlevania timeline part 1 origins of evil   button smash
He informs her close friend and León decides to leave behind his knighthood and the church to go rescue her. This takes us to the year 1094 to the events of Castlevania Lament of Innocence on his way through the forest Leon met a shop owner named Rinaldo. Gandolfi, whose daughter Justine was turned into a vampire five years ago by Walter, killed her mother and her brother and escaped through a window using the art of alchemy. Rinaldo built a whip that had the potential to become more powerful, but he was never able to complete it. Anyway, he went after Walter, but the whip couldn't hurt him.
Walter allowed him to live and allowed him to stay in the forest so he could help others who were trying to confront him, so Walter, this was all just a game and he enjoyed it. kidnapping women to lure Philander to his castle, the fourth of your quiz can only make me stronger, thank you, thinking Leon could unlock the whips to his full potential. Ronaldo gave him the alchemy whip and enchanted his glove with magic that would allow him to use the ancient relics found in the castle ready to save Serah Leon's head, it is Walters Castle.
I'm going to save you and he also discovered that he had to test his strength against five guardians guarding the door to the chambers of Walters, the snake-headed Greek monster. mythology Medusa is Renaldo's whip no big deal oh my god a fire breathing parasite undead a golem bound by rocks the seductive demon known as a succubus and a vampire called aji marm stare who longed to get revenge on Walter after being locked up by his master after defeating him The five guardians Leon met Walter and attacked him with an alchemy whip, well it can't be that my attack didn't work but it had no effect on the taunt.
Leon Walter returned Sara to him and went to her throne room thinking she was hurt. Leon took Sara Dorer to Renaldo and asked for her help and realized that Walter had bitten her and that she was slowly turning into a vampire. What do you speak? It's not possible. You're lying. It just can't be. This time the masses gradually lose their social form. Manatee as she slowly lost her. For humanity, it was impossible to stop the transformation by listening to the conversation. Sara ran away and threatened her own life to avoid becoming a vampire. Rinaldo revealed to Leone that the only way to harm Walter would be to complete the whip so that the whip would gain power from him.
True form required the sacrifice of a tainted soul willing to merge with her. Sara begged Leon to use the whip against her so she could stop Walter and save others from sharing her faith. I don't want anything, why please use the whip again. 12 you know more what your destiny suffers Sacrificing Sarah for the whip unlocked the power of the whip and became the legendary Vampire Killer, the only weapon capable of hurting Walter and one of the few weapons strong enough to take on the


forces fueled by anger. and armed with the vampire slayer we rush to face Walter again in combat, welcome, I have been waiting, please, I will never forgive you, I see that it seems that you have enjoyed the gift I gave you, thank you for defeating you, well, that power It's quite a bit, but I am. beloved by the night I will kill you and the night yes, now there is nothing left to protect you I will fulfill my promise to Terra now shock that he could have been defeated by a human the immortal Walter promised to return to life but how he did it, the incarnation of the Death appeared and was absorbed into the soul.
The vampire's powers were not transferred to another person. Leon's old friend Mathias suddenly appeared and revealed that he had manipulated the entire situation so that Leon would take down Walter Mathias. He had recreated the crimson stone and artifact that could trap the soul of a powerful vampire who wishes to take revenge on God for taking away his wife. Mathias was filled with hatred and used the crimson stone to gain eternal life and controlled death. Mathias was the reason why. the one where Sarah was dead, you abandoned humanity, that's right next door. becoming a woman, my revenge against God and becoming God.
God must steal my only limited life. You have the cream and I found him fired and inside the gaming table of Eternity forever and he offered Leon the same immortality that he had now, but. Leon refused and Mathias said goodbye to his dear friend Walter would feel it in his heart - yes he would be lying if he said otherwise but defeating him will not prevent others from suffering the same italicized fate that was dying to wish and unleash the death upon him that is coming. goodbye beyond, masters orders, you will be destroyed after defeating death with vampire slayer.
Death revealed that he would return as long as his new master Matthias survives and Leon promises that his bloodline will one day hunt him down and destroy him. Give him this message. swim and my kin will destroy themselves won from this day the Belmont clan will hunt the night that concludes the events of Castlevania lament of innocence after destroying Walter and defeating death Leon lived his life and passed on the Vampire Slayer to their children throughout Belmont The children would be trained as vampire hunters and the WIPP would be passed down from generation to generation in preparation for the day when Matthias would reappear.
Mathias went into hiding and eventually used dark powers to create a castle that would constantly change shape and have a life of its own to further separate himself from his previous human identity, changing his name to flag de peche and crowning himself vampire lord and king. of the night. He recruited anyone who would turn their backs on the city and allow them to practice dark arts and forbidden magic. In his castle and in the 1450s a boy named Hector was born who would play a very important role in the future of humanity. He was raised by abusive parents and the children and adults of the town thought his silver hair and love of animals were unnatural, so they avoided him one day, the local church in town burned down and the blame immediately fell on Hector. and fearing for his life, Hector escaped from the city and was guided by an unnatural voice to the castle of Glads.
Hector was accepted into the castle and was raised within. walls of him as they learned how to harness dark powers to summon and control demons, along with another man named Issac, they became highly trained in these dark arts and were known as masters of the devil forge during this time. Vlad also met a kind woman named Lisa who reminded him of Elizabeth Axe, he fell in love with her and she loved him even though he was a vampire who hated everything sacred and together they had a half-human half-vampire son named Adrian Fahrenheit. de peche, who would later play a fundamental role in the story. protection of the human race sometime in the 1470s false rumors began to spread that Lisa was practicing witchcraft and she was arrested and sentenced to death in the middle of the day.
Adrian ran to his mother's aid, but she stopped him from interfering and He told his son not to do it. hating humans for what they did to him and telling her father that she would always love him. Then Adrian saw his mother being burned at the stake. This is the event that left the man who once was Mathias in darkness, he would never return. In addition to being angry at God, he now decided that all of humanity needed to be destroyed, he renamed himself Dracula, which means son of the Dragon or son of the devil, then built an army of followers in his castle and named Hector and Isaac as generals. of his legions and sent them against the people of Europe unable to agree with his father's hatred of humanity.
Adrien renamed himself Album Card to oppose his father and refuse to fight for him, creating a rift between father and son. These were the darkest times humanity has ever had. Seen Dracula's forces burned entire cities and showed no mercy. The church sent its own armies against Dracula, but no one returned. They did not have a force powerful enough to confront the king of darkness, but there was hope and in these devastated lands a man appeared. named Trevor Belmont, who began fighting against Dracula's armies, stories began to spread about this man equipped with a sacred whip and powers that monsters feared.
Members of the Belmont clan were known to the church as powerful vampire hunters, but they feared their power and exiled them from society. Long ago, the stories of Trevor and the whip reached Dracula and he realized that Trevor was a direct descendant of Leon Belmont and remembered the promise his old friend made almost 400 years before his women and my kin destroyed you. someday from this day. The Belmont clan will hunt the knight. He knew that Trevor and the vampire slayer were a direct threat to his rule and sent Hector with a group of monsters to find and kill him.
Hector left him on his mission, but was wracked with guilt over the devastation Dracula was causing and the role he had played in betraying his master, he decided to let Trevor live in hopes that he would finish . Dracula. Hector destroyed the monsters that were sent with him and fled, but not before being seriously injured. Hector collapsed from the ground. He was in pain, but he was found by a young woman named Rosa Lee. Rosa Lee took Hector to her home and slowly nursed him back to health. She heard more stories of Trevor Belmont's aerobics. Dracula realized that Hector had betrayed him and, angry, sent Isaac to bring Hector back to the castle to face punishment for him leaving the castle unprotected.
This brings us to the year 1476 in the events ofReturn to the abyss from which the curse came was gone and the darkness that the world had suffered for her for so long disappeared. Julia invited Hector to stay with her in her house near the mountain and Hector agreed to live the rest of his days in peace and close the events of Castlevania The Curse of Darkness Trevor Belmont having survived his injuries returned to his home in Sipho and finally passed the vampire slayer on to his children in the hopes that it would never be needed again Join me tomorrow as we explore a world fearful of Dracula's return, a world in which the descendants of Trevor Stay alert with the vampire slayer in hand in the Castlevania timeline, part 2, destiny in the Belmont clan.

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