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The Care Bears Movie | The Forest of Feelings, Care-A-Lot and Earth!

Jul 03, 2023
A long time ago I heard stories about other places, what are these other places like? Do you have a place where rainbows grow to take a bear that glides well? I have a rock in a cave below, perfect for hiding you. Do you have an entire house built? out of wood to keep you dry when it rains i stay on top when it rains drop look i'm hydroplaning home is in your heart do you have a star that can travel and tell you what my star told me? You know, but I have a tree that plays with me with branches, stop staying still, what I have outside of me are places with another name, you have a bed where you sleep at night, my bed is cozy, the light is a cloud, your bed is a cloud, oh yes, colors and flowers and hearts in a crowd are everywhere foreigners loving each other what we have are places with a different name making friends is very simple being a friend is also easy oh there is nothing like a friendly smile
the care bears movie the forest of feelings care a lot and earth

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