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The C8 Corvette is going to change everything! Latest News!

Feb 27, 2020
Alright, we're live. How many people will be here very quickly? In fact, you're all right now, guys, we're here. and then the cameras right there so here when I look up sir what we're


to do guys is we're


to respond we're not just going to talk I'm going to respond I'm going to respond I'm going to do a few questions to Rick, omg this is your first live stream. This is my first live broadcast. First live broadcast. they're here until last night, everyone, we have no idea what an honor it is to be here with him, do we?
the c8 corvette is going to change everything latest news
You can see him now sitting next to a but I joked as soon as I got out of the car in the driveway I said wow I said I look taller on the internet and you look shorter I don't want to get here no I'm shorter he's taller but It is a pleasure to meet you in person and having me in your house is an honor. It is an honor. I'm happy that you're here. I know you a lot. You have many questions and we. I'm going to get to some of those questions and I'm going to be looking at your question from time to time so I can't follow it there on the phone, but first of all, Rick, this is uh, you guys don't know who Rick is.
the c8 corvette is going to change everything latest news

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the c8 corvette is going to change everything latest news...

This is Rick Corbett Conte. He is out of Ohio. the audience here a little bit about you how long have you been in coronary sales and so on. I would do it in a second if I can interrupt for a second. I just have something I wanted Chuck to get on camera. because of all the support you didn't give me, he told me a lot about you guys and I've been very pleased to have the opportunity to do business with you guys and share your stories on my channel your support is I don't have words for it I really don't , so just a little token of my appreciation, oh my gosh guys, you know, hey, can you guys follow Rick?
the c8 corvette is going to change everything latest news
Who doesn't know, tell us about this, well, I just have these ideas from Nutting and I really wanted to do a camouflage to cast Corvette with respect to the people who are serving and half serving the armed forces and then share that pride and that respect. through Corvette because that's what I do and I just laced it up. I was determined to do this and it was a very limited number I had made of these and someone like this guy and the desert may have won so again thank you these are how these are these are hard to find in the world do you think this is the r1 is hard to find on this watch right here is hard to find this is a preformed breakout I know you've been and you just know I'd see Chuck once in a while because I'm detail oriented but I'm still e Enthusiast so they saw me more fun than all of a sudden here this guy is talking about me and he contacted me and i'm like wow it was so awesome and still is and it's really much appreciated so be here and we talk before we can we'll talk more about that later in the video , but to be here no matter what you told me, what was happening, what was going to happen, I was going to be here, I'll see it to shake your hand, thank you, I appreciate it, I appreciate it. and you know the vast majority of you will see this live stream after playback in this way that live streams work about three or four percent of your total audience will actually see that line fine and then most of They're going to check it out later but we're going to respond to those who view we've got a hundred and twenty people here right now and again I wish I could say hello to everyone who shows up I'd love to do that we'll also answer some of the questions I posted On Instagram.
the c8 corvette is going to change everything latest news
Like Facebook now guys I'm going to have Rick on Instagram at some point yeah we'll put him on Instagram you guys can follow him there um so we have some questions and I want to answer them. those and then I have some questions for Rick he's fine and very briefly when he said yes we kind of strayed a bit so you get an idea of ​​who I am. I'm really just a normal guy who luckily has the opportunity to facilitate retail. entity of this car so that I can give you a different perspective of what is happening in the market what is happening with the car upon learning about the car I mean you guys have told me countless stories they are exhausting stories to hear about how I tried to buy this car and it wasn't dealt with properly, it's not good information, and at the end of the day, the internet has made the world very, very small, so it's given me many opportunities to work with you. car out of state i want to buy a special car from a specialist well i want to be your guy so i do all that kind of my channel to promote the car to promote you and share some great stories about your journeys to get the car and its awesome for me, so I've been selling this. car for 23 years poor vet and i loved it when i got into the business and i hated the car business.
I'll give you a short version because I'll save the rest for the book later, but I was like, oh, you can't. I'm only selling a car because I hated the car business in the game so the flexibility I have in my position allows me to do business a little differently and I think that's nice for you guys it's nice for me too I want spend four hours to find out what is the price of not having a car i mean really here if this is what is going to work great then let's talk about you let's talk about the car and


else so you know we're dealing with customers at this level it's so different and it's so unique and i respect it and treat you as such so when i quit i decided i would stay in the car business and my wife knows i hated it she keeps telling me these days because i thought that you hated the car business is an area of ​​23 years later but I was lucky enough to get into a specialty and I focused on if you know one person says no you can't be in a car business selling a car vile really look at me and that's how serious and how committed I am to this car and to you guys so here we are at a live stream and a big solo I'm really overwhelmed down here with you you know the camera I was like, oh my gosh life seems to go on forever so hey and okay we'll do this as long as there are people in your wife's dream so now it's an hour. but we have all kinds of people that are showing up here with questions but first of all I want to say guys you know for everyone who has been affected by Florence a lot of people a lot of you who watch North Carolina channel South Carolina all the way to Virginia some of you they have sent me pictures of just the damage that hurricane has caused once they know I am still thinking of you and praying for you and hoping you get well quickly so I wanted to tell you that you know that very quickly but as for John John Simon John Garrett Carolina Sir John is here, oh yes yes, he just answered a question.
Let's hear them, the best. I got the photos at tax time. No, that's nothing to deal with. Some of you got lucky. We are still dealing with this and we really wish you the best. Inverted camera angle. I have no idea John. He is talking about the camera angle. I guess this is what it looks like to them, so I don't know. own mind especially anytime he's doing live streams right now so we'll be answering some of your questions here live as well as some questions that some of you have already submitted so I'm going to move on to some of these first come from General Lee now that he's buying his carbon 65 from you know, but if you know who he is, don't you know he's been a great supporter, a great guy, and just a great Corvette guy?
He says this collaboration with Rick and Chuck, the most passionate guys I know, is epic. First question is for Rick Rick, basically, if you were to spec a Corvette, what Corvette would it be and how would you spec it, man. I really hate that question because I just went through one of my recent vlogs and channels on Corvette Conte red that's just my name and we share a guy who got a zr1 and me and me because I know Joe had a really hard time choosing his car Long Beach red with a red spice and I said you know yeah it's a little hard he says yes even to the point where you told me here you have to make your decision I have to place the order and I said yes I was going to buy one right now i dont know what i would choose i think i would go for this one i dont know why its coming ok this is what i would i would do it like the r1 like my son ryan cr 1 thats all i wanted to see we went to the bastion dad can't wait to see ours we got there and if you watch that vlog we were being silly sit here let's walk and count them and we were walking across the grass and rolling and coming 21z are the ones that was amazing to watch but would make a wing car big ok i would probably call now if i had to e order one right now i would probably do it on the elkhart lake blue car oh so you like that color that wood suits me with the matching blue pegs and it would do blue stitching and it would be an absolutely general auto competition seat that's how he's pecking around says Chuck I've been I've had a Corvette since I was 23 I'm 53 now I just love them now that you've had three Corvettes there's a car is the Corvette


you thought it would be let me tell you this he's afraid of many of you who know my story and how I got to Corvette in 2016 I actually bought a Mustang GT in January so don't wait don't risk anything I don't know yeah I had a Ford and it was a Mustang GT it was my first sports car and he was very excited about it he was a month old and he had an extreme course on him he had the thing dyed it was black mom before black mom and i went to texas and a friend of mine down there my brother had a friend there and he has the O six and he said: "O ye won't you take this for a spin i said ok i thought i hadn't been driving in the passenger seat no one gave me the keys so that was fine huh you gotta be kidding i got in that thing it took off i got home my wife i said Honey I'm selling my Mustang.
She said what she did. She just bought it. She just tagged him. I said I know. I'm selling it and she what she bought. and I bought it a week later and I tell you that Corvette is one of those cars that we see maybe you have never had one but nevertheless you have seen them yes definitely subscribe to Rick's channel but you will go out and you will know that he gets on these cars, you get those cars and when it's your car, something happens to you on the inside, I mean, it's something about starting that core and driving. on the road knowing it's yours Corvette will always be in your blood no matter you can take me back in life some of you who are older had them when you were younger they ran away the family


s different things


d in life and you walked away from Corvette, but you always had that pull to come back and that's what this car will do to you out of every other car that's out there no question about it and the training sessions that you would have had over the years where we were going to see the next generation car and i was so enthralled with the current car and then we were put behind the wheel of the new body style earlier as far as you guys and i would say the same thing its like i just cant believe your cars like a little kid it's like I didn't know there was a lot of room for improvement like well I'd be so excited when people come to the dealer it's not even a question if you can test drive a car because I know there is a version of someday that doesn't let you do that and that's a mistake because that's where you can really feel that passion and that excitement, I mean it's really really electric and I can describe it all I want you to need to. feel it and then you need to be behind the wheel so if you come see me you're welcome to drive anything anytime don't let them know you're the aunt there look they're there long enough for chuck to get them all on and then they're already gone, a lot of this, so if you come by and they have one, then it's already sold, I mean it's pretty much gone, so I'll be fine.
I'll jump here to the YouTube responses. one of you just asked a lot of questions everyone is blogging why this is support and many of you have told us from a channel in each of our comments on facebook on your instagram that you were looking forward to me and him getting together. I'm probably looking for more because it's really nice to have everyone here together right now, so thanks for the mocha - Peter Peter has this question I think it's a great question and I'm not even going to try to say your name last night Peter but Peter is what i'm about to say says hey guys i love your channels looking to buy used see 7:06 in a few years how many miles is it too high to buy buy to enjoy so i guess the question would be at what point if im looking for a


how many miles is too many and I think that's an easy question for me but what would you say if someone who sells these at what point when they get to a certain number of miles is it a little harder to move them?
Well, cars can be and what Chuck and I promote off of his channels is driving his cars and enjoying it, I mean, I think that's the most important thing, not just because of the money that he spends, but actually enjoying it the car and it's and it's the community and the people you meet and the events you get to go to I think are just wonderful,But I'm seeing people trading top cars with more miles on it's not uncommon now to see a two three year old car with twenty thirty forty thousand miles I think when you start going up to the 70's, 80's and 90's which is possible.
I know some people in Texas you know in those climates you drive them all the time you'll see those higher miles so the price will be justified and then you really just have to look in your heart at the car and go shop the state of the car and make sure everything is relative. car and it will say you know i added that front splitter how much do you guys know we get this stuff we want to make it our own? we started adding all kinds of things just know that what you add means absolutely nothing to a dealership means nothing to the person are you really selling it?
What do you have there when you went to Car Masters? C with the condition of it's load and the stereo should have really added some value to that so I think it was a little bit that shifted the rock up yeah yeah and if so you know that's a thing when you see someone's Corvette. You see some rock chips in front. You know they're enjoying it. correct user. You're driving when people have one and they look. I don't have any strategy. Ricky. I'm looking at these cars with a lot of rock. chips on you're really there if you want a real quick gauge People are enjoying the Corvette look at the front you know it's got some chips you're enjoying it so you've got some now and it's black and every time you wash it you look down and you go crazy.
Don't worry you're enjoying the car we'll be here for a while so I hope you guys get something to eat I brought some of the drinks this is really cool we'll talk, talk a bit. about AC I'm looking at some questions that will do that sort of thing towards the end, have we both done some videos about AC yet? Yeah, Rick has been doing a lot of great content if you really want to stay in the loop. of seeing a


coming out again if you're watching us on replay i'll have his channel link below so just go down and hit the thing it'll take you right to it hit subscribe hit the bell notification like that You know why Rick Rick can put out a video at 2:00 a.m.
I mean eat they wake you up in the middle of the night and you can see their video that's the best way to see their content and you're going to see if there's images you won't see anywhere else content you won't see anywhere else information not just about this da corvette there's a lot of guys that are looking for a lot of women that are looking to buy a corvette c7 yeah yeah maybe they're in awe of the water one see this is you know maybe they don't have the c7 anymore and they really enjoy it and they've been saving their money and ready to buy that car hey I can't bring you anyone else on this channel they can take better care of you than the guys here at Chuck's channel.
I have never seen my stuff or the number of my customers go back to when I said at the beginning that I have total respect for you as a potential customer as a current customer on this car. I'll tell you exactly what's going on. and go ahead just respect and let's advance in business and ease of doing business not just with knowledge I think it's a great value for what you guys are out of state looking at I'm looking for those opportunities to help you in any way I can and I'll be fine oh , I'm glad you're doing this it's flying through there's a lot Hey first of all everyone here look this is how cool these people are ready look at the number I sent you right there it says 14 guys make sure you're clean right now, go ahead and give this video a thumbs up. up help us i mean yeah you gotta give us a thumbs up oh yeah great i got some of the best we look we went from 17 to 32 like this any new animals keep going up just a little love , plus well known people are some of the best people, yes they really are because they have such a big heart and I've talked about it before again so as not to get sidetracked.
I have a poor memory oh my gosh so we'll do another vlog. do some videos together after this but if you saw a guy collapse on the side of the road most of you are just going to pass that guy but you know to give you the short version you saw a Corvette guy that broke down on the side of the road none of us would think twice to stop and help that personality mm -hmm oh whatever they need no matter where you go what are you doing if you see a fellow camper who has a problem, you're going to stop, you'll do whatever it takes to follow them, hello, we'll see. that all the time yes and that's what i've always said just the corvette it's not just owning a corvette it's a lifestyle it's a community it's a life experience that again you won't find with any other kind of car absolutely fine so Steve, thanks for being here.
Alfredo is here. Let's see. You may want to have me. Oh I got this now. Hey yeah I got the exact same thing yesterday. I know if you got it in the middle of this nice vision of Rick I. We previously exchanged a couple of emails. s to further prepare me for the purchase of my first Corvette I have been an avid viewer of your YouTube channel for some time now and really enjoy the content you put out I am currently deployed to Afghanistan thank you so much for your support stay safe mate appreciate your support service mate and i had some custom patches made at a local shop now they didn't turn out so great but i gave it some extras though what are you talking about?
Cool it's kind of like in that military Greenwood Corvette on him I love it you know so I thought I'd send one to you and my other favorite Corvette vlogger Chuck on Corvettes 9yt so he has one too and I want to share that just thanks here the live broadcast, José. I just got it before it went flying and thanks for that support it really means a lot so just a little something to say thanks for all the hard work you put into your content and sharing with everyone. from us when the time comes for I want you to buy my first Corvette.
I definitely hope that you and I can work something out. continued success. Jose, thank you. A big round of applause for you. we won't exactly do what we want to do without those you know ashton ashton ashton this is for you oh yeah i wonder why those two bespectacled sons here you know hey we've been telling rick rick if you're going to be a real youtuber, if you really want to boost your channel rate yeah go ahead I'll give you a pair of glasses oh be nice there will be classes let us know in the comments do you want me to wear glasses if you want rick he looks great give your thumbs up now go i don't know i know you want to see his eyes now look at him i mean look at him i mean you look great man i don't want any more burt reynolds like that that was for a dapper that was for you thank you, but I know where you don't like sunglasses, so no, we have people. here from Norway we have dzr one which is uh oh D have D Anthony be Anthony here g-money Oh Gary you know you got me this got me the special spaghetti sauce from a story in Westlake and now I drove to literally I drove two and a half hours on another day you bought a special cake for my kids and then i went to the grocery store and said i want 10 more jars, great we have a gentleman here let's talk corvette. in a sec sorry yeah bag salesman says this just in case you don't know anything about rick's channel I left him a message the other day and he returned my call personally.
Chuck has been a great help to me since I both got my car. best youtube guys thank you that's glen glen i want to thank you guys for leaving that comment again with everything going on with zr1 you see all that ki Also you have to sell the car there at your local place so people don't realize how long youtube takes. It takes a lot of time to edit videos, get the images and I even questioned doing it. It's like four or five hours to edit a video from 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning, but the immediate response and interaction from you guys in the comments and sharing is so nice, I couldn't imagine not doing this. another way to communicate and share things right away and i'm amazed i guess i was just sleeping at the wheel but really how many people are involved in youtube for various reasons but to have this neat little community is a blast and yeah i mean that's what's up with youtube and doing live streams now again.
I'm going to be. I'm working with Rick. He will try to do some live broadcasts in the future. Rick, I'll fly up. do another one we have okay we'll do it in your office look i don't have all the little big things behind me he's going to love his office don't subscribe go see his office it's uh it's amazing let's see oh look at all those guys so first of all let me apologize if we don't even get to your questions because there's, let's see, Rick Connie okay what I'm going to do is since there are so many guys answering questions there are a lot of people saying they love their channel.
Rick or I already went and subscribed. They want to know if the c7 is the last front engine. Do you see that the price goes up over time? So I want to say that it's a great question that a lot of people have even asked me. c7 will be done along with the CA, is Corvette ready to make that change and go straight to the CA Corvette? You know it's all speculation at this point we don't know 100% even someone who has inside information is just inside everyone thinks GM just did this they really compress their li PS about what they want to do so we like Corvette enthusiasts we are somebody in the market we have our ideas we have our assumptions of what we think might happen to me personally I did a video where I really think GM is ready for movement I think once this is released here , probably at the Los Angeles Auto Show, you know, if they wait until January for the December that you know shows up there in Detroit, they might want to do it since they did it last year in Los Angeles, right? i want to do in detroit try to help that show um but i think GM to me anyway is my own opinion i think they are ready to move on i think jim is going to ride this wave of momentum i think there will be a lot of buzz ya there i think we're looking at the Nurburgring footage they're looking at the footage they've seen it on their channel yeah um and the excitement is starting to build now they're going to get pushed back yeah there's going to be some people who are going to say I can't stand the thing looking like a Camaro up front I'm on rental motor everywhere you'll be driving one probably a year from now so you know and rick will sell it to you but that's my twist i think the c7 is done what will that do to you? the value of the c7 i think it's going to take a hit initially but i think the c7 is such a beautiful car yes it's so practical it's so comfortable with the mag ride system in it it's a car i've literally went to texas and many of you came to the meeting in Kansas City.
We did the meet and they were both 300 mile rides and when I came out with the competition season. I'm a bigger guy. Competition seats, you can get them. catch the bear come on don't think you have to be incredibly skinny to get a competition seat something that's comfortable even for the big guys so three hours came out of an amazing ride yeah and i agreed and did a couple of videos on the questions. in c7 c8 and there's a lot of questions so they have to wait we're doing everything we can guide you on the right path but you know I think Chuck's right some of the stuff he talked about on his channel you know and then I talked in the most recent video, think about the corvette assembly plant opening to the public in january that means, like you said, we're ready to rock, so you'll be moving a little faster.
I think then many are ready because you will be moving into a new age of Corvette and that will affect the price. a little bit but i also said in one of my recent videos and part of that affected the rain because there are so many cars not that many cars but i think they are ready to do the c8 in a big volume initially i thought they were going to do a very volume small and so we thought they were going to do you know c7 along with the addition of building cars mm-hmm General Motors they need to build cars but I think what we're seeing on the track and it's not what you're seeing it's not the final version that's All I can say right now, so when it's revealed, I think you'll see more opportunity for that car.
We're racing right there with that mid-engine car. Storage has been an issue. We'll beat 'em all, I know we'll smoke 'em all, tech, fuel efficiency, you name it, it's going to be an amazing car, so stay tuned. for all the details as we get Cleveland Freeman says I'm looking at the story in the making of Chuck and Tommy Jim's place which has a sunglasses emoji you know hey you know Rick hey Jim I know that I can not do it. Don't do it that's probably curtsying to a wall or something I can't do huh you know and that's what's so great about you and then do the live stream judging yeah you can commit toa lot of the feedback I get Rick is the time you spent with them on the phone and you guys have literally gone over each other I guess you're in front of the computer and we're looking at you know do you want a carbon fiber steering wheel do you, you know, a carbon fiber splitter? when they buy one they want to buy one but it's like which one I buy what will look good With one you know I'm going to be able to have resale value with it because a lot of these things you do want to make your own but at the same time you know what the smart thing to work on.
One thing about Rick is him. I'm going to help you get more bang for your buck because there are some things you can do after there are some things you can do earlier if you want but if you're on a budget Rick you know if it's good to use or if it's one you want to order or get that's where he was you know he was great with me i texted him and rick i'm with this car i had the paperwork i'd like you to know look we're going to take a day but wait a minute let me tell you the techsmith oh yeah well what's way yeah yeah the qtpie effects are on that yeah you know so I'm taking some pics. says well what you know what level this is and what this is and it goes back and forth amazing because they have someone who might be interested so I spend a couple of days answer all the questions and take a couple pictures of him and see what does my car say and then cosmo says ok i'll take it because i think it was fun but when you have your car order many times you'll do the chevy build and it's better than it's been but there's still a few short years yeah you know like i had a guy the other day he was ordering a grand sport 10 you wanted to order the air intake jake cause i get that 17 horsepower so i'm not that hard you're not mm-hmm who's gonna talk?
I said, didn't you read it too? I'll forget I'm going to spend $700 on it and look at little things like your emblems and your -- out loud the color of the seatbelts, the seams on the wheels, the calipers, all of that so you get an idea of ​​how you want it to look. see your car. I don't want to mess this up so that when the car shows up whether it's at the dealer it shows up in your driveway you say yeah that's my car and that's how I really do and I appreciate your knowledge on that because it makes me so proud and i take that time with you guys to help build that or even just help you understand the options i have chose a car you're looking at stock everything is purpose built and you choose for a reason hopefully it's for you yeah yeah because there are some things that you can override when you order something that you can't do on your website, right? so you can see something go right you know you're telling him you have to get this off so this carbon ceramic is a big thing now that your genome has heard the cry of the Corvette nation and said we don't want cup two rims we don't want the zo7 you know we want the carbon ceramic swim rail you can do it yeah and that's what it's been you know a lot of people said chuck you know I want those carbon ceramics but I don't want all this other things well and now they were able to do that and that's something you can't do on the website Cora does you for the Vizio seven pack they correct your dust you know you're right he's right so try to give you that flexibility give them some ideas I never want to offend them and how do you build the car I just want to make suggestions and maybe you'll say oh I never thought of that ok that's a good idea and then we go ahead and have a little fun enjoy your party it's all about the car absolutely It's about you know a lot of you have said Chuck, you know I've been waiting for 15 years to buy this car, so if you've had 20, well, there's a lot of people who've never owned one, right? and they're like Chuck this is the first one and I'm honest 6070 thousand bucks you know cause I got people talking Chuck should I do this or should I get this?
I'm going to show you guys and all that I can give you as my background and that's what I've always tried to do here for the last two and a half years that I've been making g videos and I think that's advice that's giving you guys in the channel and that's one of the things that drew me to your channel and you're so unique that we're here again but I love the advice you guys are giving on the car, the driving, the options of the different models, from the cleanup, it's like wow, bigger bikes, I think they're doing a wonderful job on that for the community of a man who owns the car like you and I understand that, so it's great to intertwine exactly the retail stuff and that's why you know if you're new, maybe this is the first time you've come through the channel that you think of these guys to channel and record. there's a ton of videos, i think i have over a hundred and eighty videos and those videos are there for you, they were there, they're a time capsule for me, so when i'm older i can go back and watch. these cars i had yeah but they're also there for people maybe it's you' want to put your 360 maxon want how you let me know put this on my rear view mirror i have a video showing hannity maybe you want pottery you know you went somewhere place that says it will cost you two grand to put ceramic coating on your car no you don't see it i have videos to show you how to do theirs when you hit these cars so the first thing we want to do is protect it yeah yeah we want to get it and we want you to know I've seen people leave yours all over the front of their blue you've got painters tape all over it and there's you know we got this thing and it's like we got this kid you know when you came out from the hospital is like Chuck, what do I do with this job?
You know it's like I've never had a Corvette before and that's where you know you're going to be on a part of Rick's channel watching his videos and when he comes out with different things, you have Chuck, who's amazing, you meet one of his guys. that does all the prep and different things works on Corvettes you'll see content on his channel all the changes whether you know different things you know you need to know as a Corvette owner rick shares that kind of information it's not about just hey these are cars i have to sell it also shows you how to maintain them how you know a few different things coming out you know if it's the new GM you know the mag ride upgrade was 350 bucks a lot I wonder if it was worth the sorry, you know different things. so just so you know this is a great resource for you as a potential Corvette owner and current Corvette owner or maybe just someone who likes Corvettes but maybe they were maybe never had a better one you know we have a lot of people they like that they watch the channel they just love cool cars they get inspired by seeing what we do and the interaction we have with the people we meet and it motivates them and they know that one day one day they will be a part of a whole but in this moment you're watching so you're a part of this and it's nice to share that it really is is yes and because people all the time will tell me to watch that's how hope my zo6 can.
I can't afford one, but that's how we do it. You know they move on, imagine eating that photo and that's great. That's right. That is incredible. That's good. I'm so sorry about that, how many people we directly hit everyone, but now there are still less than 50 people, let's see, sorry guys, we'll try. they're going to be more pertinent to us right now, but there's a lot of things, oh my gosh, there's a lot of things that just mean that you guys are also engaged and enjoying what we're doing and that means a lot to both of us, Jim really does He says this, he says he was able to basically buy a quarter for me, would it be crazy to drive a new Corvette back to California? yes fornia absolutely not much what you've had you have people coming to pick up your cars ok pick up the car and drive it all over the place well you know buy a Corvettes an event you guys already know so for the people who have come for us from California, or they have friends or relatives of their adults in this part of the country or in the Midwest the other cool thing is I encourage you all I'm on the way back I mean how could they be in a hurry back from ohio to california take your time enjoy it so go to the national corvette museum before you head home and many of you folks take advantage of that and shield yourself with a sheer bra or the painters will etch what They have, but it's the experience and it really gives you an opportunity to be fit with the car on that ride home and then a lot of times I'll settle in knowing where you guys are going.
I'll find out where you go for it if you're one of the vehicles th If you need the 500 mile oil change I'll call that leadership and set it up for you before you even leave make sure you're all set so you have your plan approximate. so again it's just a nice nice ride that's what i want them to do and i love that they're coming ok yeah and he just mentioned it's another thing i get a lot of questions about people who wanted know, do you know? Is it mandatory why? I had a guy say his dealer said oh you don't have to have a popular miles oil change I'll tell you right now if anything tells you number one isn't where you need to buy your Corvette you probably just had one at your Corvette dealer anyway but yeah no that's a must to get that out you want to change it because if there's any through them through the engine build shards or something then maybe some of the heads like that get stuck in that filter of oil you want to get that out I don't want new oil coming in and of course GM now has the new oil the Gen 40 yeah 0w 14-0 w 40 yeah and that's good now the older C7s they can put that in there so that's generally the quartermaster every now and then is nice and stuff is backwards compatible so often you'll see the following that comes next and you're like oh I wish I had that , I would like to get that office or you can not understand er that you know so you know the kind of technology itself is backwards compatible you even mentioned magnetic mind control I filmed a vlog later and shared it with you still because I knew I was coming to see Chuck I have a couple more things for you , friend of my channel.
I get to spend time with Matt. He's going to love you. I'm good Wow I had a blast so Matt was our first customer to get the magnetic right okay and really in Estes yeah you're right Gar. and you're watching the live stream right now you were watching a video on the way to your dealership to do an oil change it says i want it here lemme do that update they came back a couple hours north and it says ok you were right this is really good, a big difference only makes tours better that sport. Personally, I don't drive on the TR track.
I just know mm-hmm. don't do it unless you know what you're doing or you end up like the General Motors gentleman in the big every reason there's no reason to be on the TR track and unless you're really racing at that level sport mode goes to do everything you need to do to give it a little bit of help but giving it extra stiffness in the steering a little bit of stiffness in the suspension and you know we'll go through the mountains if you do the dragon board and that kind of thing but yeah , i will unless it's starting the weather you know i'll do the weather good of course you don't have that in zr1 but i tour your sport when i'm private that's all i do we have a question of let's see , you know it's weird because I feel like I've known him forever because we're his business so cool this is Chuck okay this is a bag peddler he says Chuck and Rick says what do you think the evolution of the models for how many years for the CA bass c-51 grand sport? yeah yeah we mentioned that a little bit earlier sir let's see sorry we were just trying to get to other questions but we talked about that and ideas about model progression and things like that and it's going to be a process i think i want the big daddy to show up first and he says no come on let's just step it up and then head to that so that's probably going to be the case because you know jeans are going to look volumes on that see a car will they have other models within that because now you're in the middle it's an era I don't know if they're really going to have that many different models you know c-51 Grand Sport stingrays I don't have that kind of thing okay Henry says this from Facebook, actually this is from Instagram, I say. m a subscriber to both channels go see both channels possible he says i look forward to a new video i look forward to videos every week he says i currently have a c6 coupe but have a strong interest in a c7 stingray 3lt or other grand sport than the body wide there is a lot of difference between the two models as a 3lt per wet by mag riders is a total dud so basically what you are saying is you want in now you own a c6 which is very common such see you guys have that and now you're looking to buy a c7 is there a big difference between a stingray and concessions for anything other than body width now anyway just for theDriving experience is going to be different because of the white body and it mentions 3LT and a lot of people look at 3LT and I think sometimes if you're a little flexible I know from a retail standpoint.
I'm doing a lot more with LTE or GM. I sell a lot more to LTS and you can add navigation so you have the content. He got inside three LT. Save a little. of money and you enjoy a little because let's face it you're not going to have these things forever maybe you're looking to get into another but you go from a common stripe to the grants on that wide body if you're on those on those roads that have those little truck tips and stuff like that on the zo6 grants board heavy wood you're going to feel a little bit of that so be careful with that so it's a really different experience and I guess if you're looking for a little more responsive if you're looking ng for maybe just a little more aggressiveness but still a comfortable right that's what you're going to get out of Grand Sport okay yeah that's a big thing as people you know there's some people who like that Pearce you know that pace Look at the car, you know, I know we lost this year.
I guess it was last year when they hit their 20's yeah and people are nineteen and 20's yeah yeah so they kind of made you go a little bit wider. Man, oh no, no, when they do things like that from a retail standpoint, when they do things like that, that tells me, as I've seen over the years, cars are almost gone because they start simplifying things by trying of buying things for production in the end is near so when I see stuff like that I know what's going on so just a little bit of my mentality that we should do it guys I pay attention to that so this gentleman here it says this is our en blase how how long is it from the time you are allowed to p place your order for zr1 until i actually get to your showroom that right there i tell you what i got for me in my experience was totally different my order came in december and i had it week 3 or mine was the one built on week 3 it was car number 49 correct so i got mine for real you will be quick and thats what a lot of people saw on this channel and many of you rushed to buy r a zr1, they found a dealer with an assignment you got it and you're still waiting.
I mean, there are guys who have had assignments. It is still sitting at 1100. It has been accepted. Right, the thing is, this car has so much carbon fiber and it's one of these cars that's just coming. if right where we're looking at now it's less than two unless up to I guess I said 200 yeah so even though you have that allowance it's something you'll have to wait for. I mean some people are getting them and you say why does that guy get his and I don't get mine and you know the questions come up they were limited in how much they gave it's an allocation based on sales from zo6, yeah, it doesn't build off of that mapping, so people think it's like, oh, can you still pre-order?
I mean they give us a letter last November so I'm still placing orders based on that to the people we committed to so some people say I'm going to wait for this now no problem but ok but the distribution part of zr1 for retail is totally different we don't control it gM says here's a zr1 to irrigate oh ok that's his discretion based on production and how it's progressing if you order a zo6 from stingray transport i can order that today and i bet i can reach it within 5 days and when it hits the lot because i can control the release a nd distribution that zr1 is hard now i had it and i talked about this on my channel i got zr1 for a gentleman in texas it was actually released not just ordered but took assignment GM said here we want to build this car they took that at the end of july these cars don't get built until the end of october oh wow and then when or are they built the zr1 seems to be sitting in bowling green aleeah ​​the longest so they know when it happened to a museum drop it says what do you think I'm going to get my car, I said because you're making a delivery to the museum.
I think you have a good chance of getting more thanksgiving music in there two three four weeks before they are shipped to the lead. Yes, it is a process. You have to be patient. I guess if a dealer tells you he's going to get one that's the win so sit back and wait for exactly the right baby and that's the problem but you have some people too. I've had dealerships oh yeah we have them and they're taking depo sits and yet there's hope and it's good that you get a support um because so many dealerships why should you order and hope GM will accept it right and just sit that's wrong if they send me a letter and let's say you get three and you asked for four ummm shame yeah yeah they just won't be there let's see hopefully then let's answer that question we answered that a lot of minions questions now here there is another do you think GM will do it? meet all the harmonica this is in tune with this but hey do you think they will meet all the zr1 assignment orders this calendar year with a 20-19 zr1?
Do you think all the assignments they were going to do? promote or what they gave are going to be you know the cars will be made so you're not in the calendar year the production information we got last november said this is your amount of zr we're going to allocate to you within one so they could put out one aw yeah or add one depends on how production is going at the moment it doesn't look good but that was March to March so they are planning right now as we know it and communicate via marches when we're going to see that car built and I'm so nervous I have a guy who says here I want to get the


assignment from you that you know we committed to a place and I spoke to him recently and I said we might want to try to move you if we can because the last one may not be there so there's some inconsistency to no avail, the lack of lack of volume and I think you know from what you talked about your channel that I've talked about I think I think they're ready to move. go ahead CH so we're right on the brink of this it's possible we'll get more than a few ideas on that towards the end of the video as Chuck was talking but hopefully that answers that question let's see let's meet Mike here - oh well again sorry if we're not getting to all the questions but for you guys to send all of this is really really awesome so thanks for that. look where jim is i think he's sitting in his car watching some youtube or something here peter carey gets pulled over you know pete's been sick he's been one of my subscribers he's the one that really got me thinking about this as a family and and and calling you family members you know y'all after i know this was a couple years ago and i thought chuck's leaving he's leaving i'm so blam apart from his family and when he said that i was like you know it is true this is a family you are not just a subscriber you are someone you know people know on my channel and it takes a while i almost reply almost every comment yeah and sometimes there are a hundred comments oh yeah and i will literally sit in a chair and fo r an hour just read your comments in antrim and answer your emails because that's something i know that rate does too and you know we have lives outside of youtube youtube is you know it hurts you so bad i do it right i do it anyway you know you know n that I play a lot of golf so you know something that this takes away from that but I have spent my you know about the progression of my channel you have seen the change of edition yes you know where there I was happening much more relaxed there, you know, how is my wife doing, you know chukka where you going i'm going to sue webster edits see you tomorrow too so i wanted to start creating it you know youtube is you know it's cool way to express the things that we like whether I have a YouTube channel but there's a lot of work to do but for me it was about putting out something nice whether most of my videos are like 10 or 12 months or how long is this live stream now or omg we make a great youtube.
You make him one of these crazy guys who are killing our airtime. it's going to be a little longer but you know people are going to see this on the thumbnail i'm not going i don't know what i got you're bored look at us if you can't sleep just watch this and then it will help you put you to sleep oh but great moment, you know, this is, you know, this is, I'm having a lot of fun, so am I and then, some of my videos have been going on longer lately and it's great for the people that I actually film who are excited.
To be on the channel and if I don't get it right away I'll be called out as once my episode continued for a repeat retailer and this car enthusiast. I have a lot to share and a lot. glad you did we got a lot for you guys so thanks for all the support you guys have given me over a couple of years making the record Brenda and her wife said they would just subscribe to your channel. Well then Brenda, well you're going to enjoy the content if you watch Rick's channel. One thing you feel. hey when you come to his channel he does Corvette it's fun you know it's not one of those things where it's just hello everyone I'm here too come on guys we just read you the stuff.
I never know how to read and write. I don't need you to read my windows and absolutely speaking of fun, I was running late because we talked at the beginning of this video that I was behind and there was a little bit that I was going to do for my actual vlog beyond the live one. stream so i wanted to make you laugh early but we didn't get a chance to but i will so yeah i would if i could make you guys smile maybe it's a memory we're sharing customer that we're sharing or something silly that I'm doing that's the point because that's the reason on this card does she do when you're walking up to her and you start to smile Sam?
I'm getting in my Corvette yeah that's what it's all about so I'm really privileged and I'm so proud to have the chance to be with you I really AM good let's go uh hi Chad it's good to see you it's that Randy Phillips, which makes some people scream here, okay, Randy, host of Hoover's and Randy is a Cincinnati cop, be nice too. okay oh yeah I know okay I know who you know it looks like he texted me or yeah you say hey can you text me? Go catch a bad guy. We already answered that one.
I'm taking this broadcast live. I'm going to have to. put my hai The promise might not last an hour says you two are Wally info heights let's see we have Steve Kearns this is not a chant this is an experience so he's enjoying it is um we have Peter says what's his take on the cameras that they're filing for a patent on electric clutch possibly in preparation for a mid-engine mania that's what you're talking about that's what we're talking about actually he said he's a little late so yeah yeah we talked about the patents coming as Rick said Those are usually four years in advance, I'm sure you know that's something they're thinking about, so yeah, Ronnie Oh, Rodney Owens, he's been a member of the channel, he wanted to give me a show.
Come on, Ronnie, okay Rodney Nash Rambler says he says it here. I'm trying to see this. I'm going to try to let you know that it's real time so just live stream stuff that all these guys comments are doing because there's a lot of stuff. that we can't share it will be there and that's new to you too, okay? What's good about it? Hey, you shouldn't talk. You did this every time you went through YouTube, even though it was gone, but now all of this is left behind, so people who are actually watching this on replay. they're watching these guys be their comments in real time well - fantastic um let's see me and my wife always enjoy watching them always put a smile on their face you know one of the things i talk about i'm going to do it's going to make they laugh you think why why why did you wear a pink bag paint bag I tell you it turns and it's too far for me what comes to mind is my mind just doesn't work that way.
Oh I'm glad you enjoyed he actually had some facebook stuff and I think he's handsome yeah stuff too ok what car is this from Chris Chris from Kansas City he says this isn't you two what car excites them that's not a corvette wow that's a great question ask first this is your channel you know yeah look look you have to think of something in there you know i would probably say for me if it wasn't a corvette i would probably go with a GT Porsche gt3 RS would be mine you know that wing in the back it's just a track car it's just that it's fast I'd probably say I know it's a huge $220,000 car so I probably won't fix it but I'd probably say go of that something GM makes probably the Camaro zl1 probably one but now the ACS compound which is a very good friend of this gutter platform. the arrow now that you can get this deal in italy now you know you didn't want to have a big ride cause the one that's gonna beat you ain't no man riding that thing is oklahoma yeah you don't needgo to the gym just hold on take a ride in that thing it'll hurt what you'd get out yeah you ever see something like this that's what the zl1 will even do but i really like the camaro now i'm a big admirer of the new Camaro. there you go let's just leave it at that so what worked out for you Rick I'm not a fourth Matt what would be the car you would like to have?
Well, and you know I probably would. I would probably look at something. in a Porsche derivative 'cause as a kid I loved Corvettes but I would always love those white bodied Porsches with a big whale tail in the back so yeah I'd look at something a Porsche you know you know And I love the Chevy product right now, the new Traverse is fantastic. I would love to have it, but I have a suburban for the kids, so I love the big truck, the big truck from a previous video. i have a truck on your channel that was kind of wrapped up in bed liners yeah crazy but yeah it would d be something that wouldn't be a GM product they would do.
I would definitely go to Porsche first, there's no question about that and, but you know, I ride the Suburban, which I love, that vehicle does everything I need. i do and i love looking at a big truck in your driveway ok hose i said this this is how many used rick's how many used c7's you usually have at your dealership not many at this Right now this is the time of year for our climate that we're not taking a lot of exchanges although I do get exchanges out of state in state you know if you have a couple people to talk to in Washington state we do a lot of business there as well and have traders now it's very expensive to switch trade back to ohio if you're not bringing it so at least give him an idea of ​​what trade it is give him some ideas on how he can help settle that and get some cash out locally and save money on shipping so we can do it different ways but this time of year people you meet don't tend to trade as much so my use market is totally different but I always keep busy with new exc ep you know that Christmas, New Years, it's a little quiet, but other than that, if there's 10 feet of snow around.
I'm busy every day with


so there really are two different mindsets in two different markets and I think also right now things are slowing down a bit hmm yeah we can see what one is going to have to see the ankle, so you have a split. market right now that's kind of what I wanted to talk about that and one thing with Rick which is great if you go to a dealership a lot of times they want you to buy what they have on the site yeah and so that's great about Rick let's just say you look at his inventory he just doesn't have what you're looking for he's so excited to build one for you sure new zealand yeah you would buy one from his lot mostly and that's where you won't find a lot a lot a lot of seller out there wanting to try to tell you a lot about her and all this kind of stuff but he's you meet rick again he wants you to have the experience of a lifetime what does he say stop draining start driving i mean what it's all that's that's that's that's that you're known for Thank you, you know, and there's a lot of people out there that because of you, because of you, they've stopped dreaming, yeah, and they start driving because they've seen what this car looks like .
You know that's a thing. here on this channel i have tried to get you to as many corvette events i attend so you can see these cars you know im the only guy that shows up at my vet club here i have shown up in a brand new zr1 it has nine cameras in there about what that they know it's chuck no but you know i do it so you can see these cars in motion yeah it's one thing to go to a car show and look how cool it is to see your mom drive and that kind of action there and that's something that many of you have I wanted to get involved with your local Corvette chapter because not only are they great with charities and doing things in their community, but it's also a great time to get together with 50 Corvettes and just go cruising down the road nothing I like it I mean you can have one and that's great but there's nothing like driving with another good editor what's your videos for that you went out somewhere and I love that togetherness that car generates but j Together you end up going to places you wouldn't normally think of going, so you wouldn't just get in a car, take your wife and you and your kid and just go here, but as a group, you're going to find that that's something you end up sharing. personally. with your family, so it really helps generate a lot of great things, not just a car, so I think it helped me in my travels to buy retail. and go, but I've learned about stuff I had to go to in training Spring Mountain, that I can't wait to get back there, but it's been exciting for me, so it's cool what this car does.
Is there anything you want to say to the audience here that will be watching the future? Well, I'll talk about the market, but I want to continue with that and God bless you for that and your support is just incredible, but I think that you there are people who are more oriented to these types of channels than yours and mine because we are giving you honest feedback we're giving you feedback from ourselves as enthusiasts retailer who loves car cares about car cares about future of car So we really call Beverages. You have two different markets right now.
I just had a guy come over from Virginia he bought a car that has a 1606 and he was the guy and he's still waiting in the wings for AC8 but he's like you know what I don't know if I want to play with tha freshman car i don't want to wait and see what this is all about and that will be another one even if they advertised the car yeah it's another year before any of you drive traffic yeah where is he looking in his car does he like to stay low the warranty says here i can take advantage of one of these great deals you have right now i can have that car for another two three years and then i'll be in a great position it's all well known developing processing on the c8 so you've got guys that are waiting on the CA the other guys say hey you know what i have a 14 15 16 i have a 12 i have a 13 let me jump into something joy and joy for a couple of three years It will go out of warranty and then it will go into ch so you have very split markets on this moment, for which keeps us extremely busy and on both platforms yeah and that's what's important you know I think with people waiting and that's a big question they have is do you know what to expect and the thing is that I if you don't have A Corvette now but you just want to feel like getting one the deals you can get on these C7's are amazing and again I think owning that car if you wanted to wait a year or more. two maybe you're going to buy one you want you know maybe you're going to contact rick next week and tell him great you know now rick he's not taking your money he's not taking deposits he's not doing those things but i'm sure you somehow i'll put them in an email chain or something where you can reach out to those like people who want to get them but you definitely know you know how to jump on a c7 and enjoy like that gentleman did for a few years because he's got, you know, a thing that he A lot of people don't realize it's when you get into the C7 Corvette if you haven't gotten into one how they redesigned that C6 thing, it's a total experience for the drivers, it's not made for the passenger anymore, not because everything. just moved and turned towards you as the driver enters payment ent systems minus everything um and there's nothing like you and now owned you know my wife's but i was you know everyone says i wasn't sure i ever got did you see driving that car no i did some two and i saw your workers in a couple of time yes and after owning three of them i can totally say you know the corvette c7 ain't gonna be anything short its not the c8 for me its not going to be a lot better than the c7 I think it's going to be a new platform and something totally different and I think over the next couple of years it's going to give them a lot of room to grow on that platform for sure it's going to be able to take them to the next level you know from the point of view performance view because you just saw you know the new Lamborghini is powered by technology just set a record at the Nurburgring and I think GM once they want to get it I think they can get there and I think they said themselves they're sold out s in the c 7o z r1 are the banks of what they can do with that platform yeah the cars are intimidating it's very very scary yeah you know so we talked about there was something else you wanted well I mean , I'm serious I just want to reiterate for anyone watching this exact part or place 154 people watching oh yeah that's pretty cool there's more people in the wife my city online I mean it's for that I tried Texas right there, mommy, look at it, you know, but she's not here to defend her snow support from so many.
I want the opportunity to do business with you and give you a different experience and make it easier. Yes, I'm a retailer, but I'm just a normal guy. I can't stand if a guy tells me oh you're just a sales car how I miss you I'm not I hate the car business I do but I acted on the commitment I made to this car I haven't been able to walk away because I really enjoy it and working with these people and see their journeys and see their stories and j There are some things where people are so nice it's just amazing it's such a different shopping experience for me and you guys so it's my pleasure but the support you've given me given I have no words, that's why I came.
I wanted to make sure that I was here with him to thank him to thank you guys for all the support and in the future I'm not going to have short content we have all kinds of things going on and I appreciate the ideas and feedback you give me do I really know my comments? I tried to remind everyone at home because I learned from that. I really know and it's really exciting to be a part of this car at this level and share it on YouTube. It's really amazing to me. and i can't thank you guys enough but i can't thank you enough kilo work thanks thanks for stopping by guys we're done and you know i'm not going to shut this down this was amazing you know what's the notice of a big this will be around forever yeah and that's what i love about youtube when i started my channel i had this footage of my new car and i said where can i put it so it doesn't get lost and i said i want to create a youtube channel and i'm going to put it there it's free i can put it there we will Be there forever YouTube ain't going anywhere Google ain't going anywhere Let them probably take over the world as it is and you know that's why you know this day for me is bittersweet and you know a lot of you guys, this is a time when you guys are going to hear this.
I'm going to go deeper into this in another video, but I'm leaving YouTube. Last week, both my wife gave it to me and some of you have already contacted me without fear. the zr1 that is is already gone and i'm going to get into it more and more, i know it will just be a bottom shelf for many people they are like what and the job sucks you just understood that you just said that this was the Corvette of your dreams yes, all of those things are true, but something has come up in my life and it's going to take all of my resources it's going to take all of my time for the next two years and I'm not going to be able to enjoy the card and one thing that I always I've talked on my channel is Drive Your Corvette I think any Corvette that just sits in a garage is a disservice to that Corvette you know and that Corvette deserves to be out there so you know me and my wife you know we talk and this was a month-long topic that we really debated about, do you know if we keep the cars, you know we won't be here to drive them, you know what we do and we got to the point where my wife said Chuck, you've been saying for years that you've been telling these people Let them drive these cars and yet you want ours to stay here and you know that doesn't mean In the future, I mean I know Corvettes in my blood so at some point I'll call Rick's and range.
I'm ready to order another Corvette and break somewhere. I'll buy it and call it and we. I'll order one and this time I'll fly and drive it home we won't ship it so I would say he called me Monday night and told me these new guys and I had to try really hard yeah to whatever we talked about today not to slip up and screw that up and that's one of the reasons I think this video got a little long, you know, because of her announcement and I'm going to have a separate vlog on that as well and another one to follow and no matter what you know i deal with the weather to get here and like i got there to see chuck and i you fucked my head all week all week because we love you man we love you love you respect you. now you've been helpful you've been encouraging you've been enthusiastic and you know you're not going to be here at least once a week for us yeah I'm really bummed about it so I want to thank you guys for everything well I still know since a week ago and its a total surprise to me man i contacted him and told him.
Hi Rick, I know it's 9 o'clock and I can call me about five minutes later, he calls me, I'm what's up,Chuck, you know, and I was standing up when he called me and then he says, I have to tell you that I know you. you're coming you're kidding because this I mean you've done a great job and it keeps growing and growing and growing and then for you to walk away right now and I respect that and you should take care of your family and stuff that I take care of my family for, that's what I do, but it's really going to be weird because you've been one of those and there aren't many out there, you've been one of those good ones, I mean.
Chuck's not trying to sell you something, he's not trying to click on videos as bait, I mean, he's just been genuine and enthusiastic. and passionate and that's what people have really gravitated towards you you know from his channel and when you're looking for something specific like this that's fine all yourself there's a couple other guys that are just Corvette just that's hard to find and if you like this car you're looking for that kind of connection and you have an amazing connection with this audience oh and they've been a mother we're already starting to explode there they go to what's going on in the world here me here me I'm putting this out live and Chuck He says he's leaving YouTube so his two Corvettes are you kidding me this April is April 1st as you know I'm usually the one full of jokes. that i'm having a hard time because i really look forward to your stuff and i look forward to your interaction as feedback it's not like we're not going to talk let's talk yeah i love your the message that you send a channel to corvette and corvet owners and future owners and so all of a sudden not being there when it comes to new content that's a bummer that's what's been a part of me for the last two and a half years every week you know most of the people when they came on my channel, i was always innovating, one of my channels was like, you know, see you next saturday morning at 9:00 am. m., it was 9:00 a.m. your cars at the end you know it was important to me when i started noticing people really see the pros now i'm 10 you know but as this is involved it was more about you it was less and less about me it was it was more about sharing with you not only my passion but also allowing you to share your passion and your feedback below you know I see a lot of you guys being great to each other you know the two meetups I did this year one in Dallas we showed up 80 Corvette, we did one in Kansas City and it was about nd 50 Corvettes or so showed up and we got to meet them in person, you know, like today, I'm being Rick in person, you know, we see people online and we don't realize they're people real and they know going out and seeing you and people walking around Chuck can you sign this?
You can do it? I'm with you. Are you kidding? affecting that is that exactly and you know saying goodbye to that is going to be the hardest part it was not getting rid of the cars yes that was difficult believe me but saying goodbye to you saying goodbye to being there with you every Monday or Tuesday at 17:00 when I would release a video I miss being with my vet club you know TBS it's local here I've met so many people through which many of you are members of the channel here and I'm going to miss that more than I am I'm going to miss the people more I miss the cars I miss to people I'll feel like that little kid at the grocery store I've never been that little kid at the grocery store and your mom says wait a second she walks off and all of a sudden you're standing there and we're just a bunch of little kids in the standard youtube screaming your name yeah chuck chuck where you at chuck chuck he's here there's going to be a void on youtube what's the point of trying to do wow? and that's why it's important again, there will be one more video.
I'm going to go into a wide left. What I'm going to do is not very specific, but a little more because there will be some people who won't look. so far in this video they're going to read what's going on and it won't be so cl Babies can be go get a baby. I've never been one, but I'll tell you what Mike might mean. I have established a relationship with Mike with the street. Most of you know it. I'm going to put his clickbait to shame. I'm going to get one out we're going to get some opinions on that one but hey I'm good but guys again as we leave this particular peek the private messages are coming in here.
Sorry the messages are coming through to my personal account oh I'm going to bottle it up to see what the heck is going on but yeah and I'm so glad I can get out there and do this with you here YouTube and again if you followed my channel if you like my content i'll tell you right now you should follow this guy on youtube not only on facebook but he's on youtube we'll put him on instagram so a lot of you guys are out there and he's going to take the potomac you know your channel is growing i think it was a little over seven thousand subscribe rs somewhere in there yeah so mine just hit 25k here i am y'all know about me but you know you guys are here and if you are supportive means that some of you are a supporter of Rick, but if you're not, definitely do that. because he will be able to satisfy that itch that you have for Corvette and that content that you will get that will be easy, no, you know, again, it's not about making thumbnails that are not true or something that easy, he is posting what he is doing and they know for anyone watching right now that they're coming to my channel from Chuck's channel.
I won't let you guys down, I'll help you in any way I can. More information on how to do it on my channel. I mean, I see it even the guy who just traded his 1606 and went to a 17 first. You guys don't even realize what you have and I want you to enjoy it so that you're only going to enjoy it if you know how to use it, so I'm going to put a lot of instructions in there when you're ready to do business. We have talked about it. Ice across the country. I love that you come here. we can ship to oklahoma if you are here in the area i am happy to help in any way i can and not let you down i dont respect you out of respect to you it means a lot and all very fast yes your grass really is 3/8 inch where is my putter?
Chuck right through the eye through the nickel and people say Chuck it's like it really happens yeah I'm an NFL football field baby you gon' have all the time now to work yeah , example ad, but guys I'll sing you one more video we'll sit down actually Rick will appear in that video and yeah he'll make a video because there's a camera behind this okay it's not Okay, oh, okay, but guys, I mean, I'm going to know when in the next video I'm going to show you the coral, there's even going to be other things going on there, so I want you to experience that with me, but I'm going to sit down and i'll give you a moment of my time and tell you exactly what they mean to me and but guys till that video i hope you have a blessed rest of the week and even though it's a live stream i can't say that now here it is some of your beautiful walks because I will put them at the end, but I will show some of your walks. at the end of the last the last the last round thanks for all the support and thanks for being here today has been so much fun great guys see you later bye

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