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the boys learn road safety

May 04, 2024
Hello, welcome back to uh guns and guns, my name is tony from guns and guns, here today I have my friend, uh, what's your name kid, that's josh, today we're going to talk about gun


, okay, we'll go over the do's and don'ts of guns, have you ever shot a gun before kid? No, okay, that was cool once I shot a neighborhood cat, so the first thing we're going to do is go over the things you shouldn't do and this is one of those. Hey guys, thanks for tuning in today, today's sponsor, Warface, brought you something very special.
the boys learn road safety
Let me tell you this quickly. The name is Warface and the game is free, yes you heard me right, a free dynamic shooter for PC, PS4. xbox one and even nintendo switch with over 96 million players buff alpha chad playing around the world yes ok you may have heard of warface before but this time it's a little different it's the new season of swarm which just arrived on PC and is about to hit consoles very soon is based on the atmosphere and aesthetics of classic 80's horror and looks amazing, comes with new weapon maps, achievements and obviously I don't need tell you it comes with a lot of carnage, but wait, there's more.
the boys learn road safety

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the boys learn road safety...

It also comes with a new swarm special operation game mode that follows the events that take place in the Mojave Desert where people have begun to mysteriously disappear and I can tell you right now that out there in the eerie darkness it can get Pretty hectic, let's just go. Just put it that way, that's right, all of this and more can be yours for the low price of free. It's free. Well, that makes it pretty easy. Don't follow the link in the description below to check out this game? Amazing new content and be sure to use code Josh to get tons of bonuses including Josh Dub's custom delivery so you can show everyone online that you are objectively superior to them Play Warface today Crushing Are you ready because today is something very Special, we are making sure to get you your safe


crossing certificate.
the boys learn road safety
Okay, it'll be really good. You have to make sure you cross the street safely. Honestly, I don't know how you got this far in your life without crossing the street. street says right here on my phone totally legit uh invisible that uh is right across the street are you kidding me? What are we doing here? Dude, you can't get cross-street licenses from a gun store narrator, give me a look at the Dude on the phone, you probably put the wrong address on Google Maps. You always do this every time. Welcome to Guns and Guns. What are you doing in front of my store?
the boys learn road safety
You are going to buy something. Come on, welcome to Guns and Guns. My father formed. this establishment during the first bitcoin crash, but we lost him in a tragic accident in which he actually shot himself in our one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, oh, but I've been trying to convey the family message of putting fun in weapons, wait. No, there's no fun with guns, buddy, say it again, don't say it again, girl, I know, I forgot, I forgot the fun, guns are fun, come on, let me give you a tour, come on, now, The number one rule in a gun store is we believe in


, I forgot to put the safety on, okay?
What might interest you? Do you want to buy some weapons? They have anything I can use to shoot the neighbors when they constantly look over my fence while I share. my window, oh okay I got it, yeah I have just the thing for you with this bad boy, you'll be able to shoot them right in their tiny size from the comfort of your living room, yeah the magnifying glass on the scope is great. I'll be sixteen hundred dollars. I don't really have a job. What are you here for? If they are not here to buy weapons.
I'm here to get my license to cross the street. I'm tired of doing it illegally. I want to start doing the right thing, you know, oh, so you're not, oh, okay, yeah, for the right amount, I can get you any license you want, boy, cool, what else, what, then, that license to cross the


, yeah, let's work on that? Okay, come here kids, so you want to


how to cross the street, uh, yeah, hey, hey, listen to this. It's a zone 45. the way is you have to look left, okay, rule number two is you look left again and the third step, I think there were three correct steps for the third step, you have to look, I think it was left again, how much time do I have? look to the left oh yeah oh I think um oh there was a fourth step I think there was a right there somewhere that got lost oh oh oh oh oh you guys are back yeah I spent three months in the hospital I can't feel my penis You made a Pretty poor job crossing the street, but crossing the street can be pretty tricky.
You know it's not complicated. We're holding a firearm here. Take that. Do you want to shoot guns? You want to buy a gun. How old are you? You, how old am I? It doesn't matter, come on, come on, let's shoot some guns, okay, hey, take this one, oh, hey, quick click, yeah, that's loaded, be careful, you might kill someone, oh, wait, oh my god, no, It's okay, you're okay. You're okay, I always wear my class 4 bulletproof vest, you're bleeding, yeah, that's it, oh, that's just the bottom line, let's shoot some guns guys, let's celebrate the little guy's big day outside the hospital, this is where it all happens, this shooting range you have here. right thank you so much my funny story about the shooting range actually my dad during prohibition built this shooting range and he and his friends used to come here all the time and then one day he thought hey what if we did ? a gun store and turned the entire rest of the lot into a store and unfortunately, in case you didn't know, he was actually hit by a train outside our one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn when I was 16, I didn't HE.
I know, I thought you said he, I thought you said he shot himself, yeah, yeah, he hanged himself. What do you want to shoot guns, little man? Yes, okay, so we have to start small. I don't really know how this works, just do what you do. I'm sure you can't go wrong, yeah, oh, you're a natural boy, no, this is for sure, maybe it's okay, I got this, this is cool, ready, you're shit, dude, Jesus Christ, listen, I think we got to move forward. to something a little bigger, yeah, okay, where did you get that? I'm American, I always wear one, try it, oh it's a natural look, what is it, Mr.
Tony? Do you ever feel small in this world, yes, insignificant? Have you ever felt powerless against the forces of the universe, huh, okay, have you ever wanted to do something about it, yeah, yeah, uh, yeah, I'm tired of you, tired of your friends calling you gay because your mom bought you one Wii U for Christmas, huh? kid, yeah, I love that, yeah, I bet you are, you already got some of that power back, yeah, okay, take that gun, follow me, everyone, go down the hole, go down the eternal wall, yeah, sure of this, what do you even have this hole, friend? right, he came with the police, get in the hole, come on, that works for me, oh, what you said, would you feed me, you haven't fed me, Tony, you haven't fed me, that's it, come here smashing, come here, let me kiss you. little forehead, it's true, you're a good boy, you know I do, I want you to kill that man, kill him, just what everyone here has to do, every American has done it, we've all shot someone in a sewer, come on. just shoot whoa no, I can't kill him, he's hungry, yeah, feed him, a leader boy, come on, hungry, shut up, decrepit, sewer, ride potato, bacon, the suit, this is no use, okay, this is it a waste of time, it's worse than I thought, Jesus.
Christ, you don't understand the magnitude of what's going on here, follow me, follow me, okay, I need to tell you something, boy, but it's cool, you're going to have to go stand in the corner, come on, closing guys. something is wrong with that kid there is a reason why he couldn't kill anyone and do you know what that reason is? Extra chromosomes blank rounds He was born addicted to drugs wrong The kids had a case of big gay balls I don't have big gay balls, do you want to see God? No, no, no, no, no, no, we have other means to try big gay balls.
Okay, there are two main methods, number one, it's called the big gay balls paradox. What is the biggest difference between big gay balls and normal ones? balls, how do you prove that big gay balls taste different, they taste like recent pieces, oh boy, wait, wait, that's the old question, that's the paradox, because by putting crushing balls in my mouth and checking it, so so much? I'm gay, it's an attack loop, how do we test for big gay balls? If the only way to prove it is to test it, you need to test your own balls. No, we have another way to test for large gay balls.
Follow me, gentlemen, come, it's okay. Gentlemen, if you're wondering where we are right now, this bunker was developed because the Russians hate big gay balls and they had a fragmented cell division that they developed and deployed in the United States to hunt down said perpetrators, do you know what those are? people called themselves those specialists not the kgb not the kgb bgb that's kgb bgb what does that mean what does that mean kgb with big gay balls in the end it's you that's I'm sorry I'm just I'm still trying to catch up, ya You know, we started this with Chris, we don't have much time to catch up, Molly, uh, the Russians have been trying to get this place back for me, my dad, for years.
Okay, gentlemen, do you know what this is? This is one of the best pieces of technology developed during the cold war by the kgb bgb do you know what they call it? no they call it bgbe mfsdm version 2.03 mark iv the big gay balls electromagnetic free tree speculation diffusion map what does that do Can we just lick his balls? There will be no ball licking. I'm not going to lick any balls. My super cool Russian bunker. Enter the chamber. Let's get this over with. I don't know. Enters. Get in. Get into something. Touch my bomb. I'm gay uh I have big gay balls the bgd fmf whatever no you're clear no big gay balls here wow that was um no you're clear boy you're just gay that's it oh come on where does that come from? certain guy, this is what you're going to say, okay, look at me, look at me, you're going to tell him to leave the hundred thousand dollars on the bridge at dawn or I'm going to put your little sister in a bread box. fill it with cement, throw it away, are we interrupting?
Yeah, what's going on here? Dude, oh I was, we were just, I mean this little spring chicken, we're just filming the next gun and gun commercials here, aren't we? We weren't even filming, man, I thought you said you were filming the new trailer oh, some guns, oh yeah, you got, you got more fingers to lose, right, boy, I'll see you nine, that's right, don't tell your friends. Parents, don't tell the cop or put one right there between your eyes, come on, move, kids are a lot of fun these days hello, welcome back to uh guns and guns my name is tony from guns and guns here today I have my buddy uh what's your name kid?
Josh, I've never been on TV before, that's cool, kid, today we're going to talk about gun safety, okay, we'll go over the do's and don'ts of guns, have you ever shot a gun? gun before, boy, no, okay, that's cool? I shot a neighborhood cat once, so the first thing we're going to do is go over the things you shouldn't do and this is one of those things, oh okay, thank you all for coming today, yeah, I had a great time. Honestly, I had a great time, what did you think of the place you trapped me in this hole for three years?
Whatever you know you have, you got your license to cross the road, now you broke every bone in your body, you didn't even give it to them. I broke my penis, no I got my gun license, oh okay, no you don't, I didn't understand that either, baby Jesus, oh wait, what the hell was that? What was that? Yes, it is the kgb. Oh, knock on the door they're coming through. the juicy bunker how did they find us? how did they find us? I guess he had big gay balls after all the kgb bgb has big gay balls sniffing dogs that can smell him from miles away knew about the bunker huh little guy huh?
Have you chosen balls? That's probably why he has knee pads. You are right to suck a big gay. Yes, this is the worst video we have ever made for you.

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