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The Boys Got LiquorDaled - Featuring Rod Brind'Amour + Nick Suzuki

Apr 13, 2023
Foreign people, you know, I'm suspended for life behind hockey, it's my duty to please the loot, you hold it all the time, yes, he still only drinks Coca-Cola, he doesn't drink water. from spit and chewing gum brought to you by pink whitney for my friends in new amsterdam vladia here at the bar stool sports podcast family what's going on gang the


kicked off a crazy february in south florida last weekend all skills competition -Star Game Biz who knows where it ended up, but let's check in with the guys to see how they feel. The producer could eat grinnelli Kodak Black's trap house.
the boys got liquordaled   featuring rod brind amour nick suzuki
That's where I ended up on Friday night and we interviewed Rob Brenda Moore. he's going to be up front here, however, from being in Lauderdale all weekend at the All-Star, that hi is a 12 out of 10. You sound great. You didn't really have your usual Gong Show style trip. It was pretty much the opposite of the boss. The weekend we had here. I was, I think, not just in bed, but asleep at midnight every night. I'm an old. I just can't go like I used to without um you know some Red Bulls you might say so I went to bed early I've been well behaved by my standards this week but I had a great time though group break for that ra being in the drone you know you're a raised cat when you get a round of applause for acting like a normal human being for being the most sober good job I think the girls might be licking me who wasn't a normal civilian I was 30 years old.
the boys got liquordaled   featuring rod brind amour nick suzuki

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the boys got liquordaled featuring rod brind amour nick suzuki...

Mike Grinnell happy birthday dude happy birthday dude thanks guys thanks guys zero today 3-0 today yeah bean pop monday 3-0 there's no better way to get into your 30's than to stay up all night saturday night go to the airport to 6 a.m. you're doing something good and then you don't get home until 10 p.m. m., so it was a hard day of traveling for me, huh, but yeah, that's how I got into the '30s, well, the guys got a Lauderdale, as Whit would like to call it. liquor order liquor deal liquor Dale excuse me we all have a story your travel situation with you your help your phone got hijacked at some point had a rough morning one sunday morning over the weekend i've had a tough week and during a guy al who doesn't like to complain you know it's just about moving on like i might complain a little bit this week but im going to grinnelli quick grinnelli released a video about how much jetblue was beating them and geez lemme tell you when they put you on the plane you they make you sit on the runway and then they don't take off for hours and then they tell you the plane is broken and they won't let you get off that's horrible i felt brutal for you no kidding you were the biggest help ever to your witty guy on friday at night just an absolute legend and great friend but you posted the video of you on the plane with the kid screaming hell on earth and i just mentioned i like it for everyone who doesn't have kids when a kid is crying on a plane is a kick in the penis for everyone.
the boys got liquordaled   featuring rod brind amour nick suzuki
I can't understand more of what you are talking about, but there is no person in the world who feels worse than parents. of that child because you're helpless you're absolutely in one and there's nothing you can do to make a child stop crying so I've actually had times where our children were screaming crying on a plane and I was so nervous and freaking out that i was like please somebody tell me something i want to kill someone right now i probably would have been kidding if something ever happened but i know you were mad but you gotta pity the parents and i saw some people on twitter like don't bring your kids on a plane but i'm going on vacation no i really don't care in the end if you're struggling they don't take them under oh no yeah sometimes they go with him the dogs in cages aren't those they're the only ones those are the only kids that misbehave though you put a muzzle on them too in that case i'm definitely not going to have kids no god no i knew that to begin with but geez i felt so bad for you that's a kick to the floor yeah , it was also difficult because they so me, you know how I'm fine when I get on the plane I fall asleep so right when we get on I fall asleep and I wake up and we still haven't taken off and it's an hour it's like an hour and a half more late and i'm like what's going on and the lady next to me is like oh they said the plane is not safe to fly they haven't told us anything else good then three hours go by and we still haven't heard anything else and the worst Part is I have perfect direct view like the flight attendant just squashing pretzels They're laughing telling stories they're drinking water just having a blast time and a half I don't have water I don't have snacks I have a parched throat I was dying and these people are having a great time from the beginning i wanted i wanted to kill myself it was terrible it was horrible making fun of you it's not like sticking your head out saying oh yeah oh yeah you like wanting to put cheese on it oh and they knew and they and they knew I didn't need anything all weekend I'm going on these girls trips I like my Adderall I don't need to eat it and they were just making fun of me G for a guy who travels as much as you how don't you have headphones broken by noise for such situations because I don't travel without a man I don't want no I want to get into this because this could lead to a much darker and deeper conspiracy, but I'm completely, completely out of bluetooth headsets.
the boys got liquordaled   featuring rod brind amour nick suzuki
I was watching this video on Tick Tock one night at 3am. to your head it's like burning your brain so i just wear plug in headphones now you eat cash and take adderall all the time. I'm pretty sure it's worse than a bluetooth headset on your eardrum so it's like I got two strikes against me like why you got three you know jesus right the horrible reason not to make noise cancers yeah oh yeah it's just I'm a pathetic human like us too now that you're 30 I'm sure you will. grow up a bit and hey i mean it's a way out and style though what a weekend ra who uh wit you wanted to go to your uh your show with the house yeah quick um so granted i left tuesday and came back saturday then i I'm leaving Tuesday I'm leaving Scott's tomorrow until I get back Saturday so I mean when you're gone eight nights of a possible I don't know what 12 and you've got two little kids you're kind of a well not to mention we're renovating the basement my friend Chris Paul is doing an amazing job and we had to waterproof everything.
There can be no more water in the basement once you have a putting green and an area for my kids to play hockey and a tall tub of hot puppies, we just had to make sure everything was okay. They told me a couple of months ago, doesn't it feel great? You know the guy will never have water here again. feels amazing good left on tuesday actually crashed my car into a pole parking my car at the airport on tuesday after a red road incident entering the freeway so it was a bit of a disaster in terms of getting to the airport, well then i got a call we got water in the basement so the old warranty and you're not happy you'll never have water in your basement again that was fake that was a phantom call so there's water in the basement so now the basement can't go on until we resolve outside that there will never be any water in there again who knows if that will ever happen Wednesday I get the call from uh wife yeah so the heat is off in our house the heat broke in about two days it's going to be minus 10 degrees in boston now now i'm in florida now for any married man out there if you're on a work trip friends trip it doesn't matter if your wife is -10 and you're in fort liquordale you're in problems is this is how it goes that's marriage honey so i said holy so it's ok i'm going to my mom's for a few nights that's not fixed yet so my house is 52 right now I don't mind, but I like cold weather. so everything that's going on and I'm under the liquor Dale and Friday night we can talk about it later.
I don't know. Basically a fucking Uber stole my phone. home i get a text from her let me read this message hey you might want to mix some waters on the way home i'm leaving tomorrow morning to do things i don't know when i'll be home you have the kids i was like oh no you know like a sunday with the kids you're in one and sure it's safe she left at 10 am. m. she came back around 7:30 p.m. he comes home no we are we are at his parents house I said listen I'm taking Ryder home I don't care the house was like 58 he could sleep on that ride or sleep in the bed with me I can carry him. up with a sweatshirt and stuff I have to go to the city early I'll take him to school no problem so we got home at eight o'clock I was going to sleep I'm done drinking my liquor dude I opened the garage door there were gallons and gallons of water coming through the ceiling ruining my whole pink Whitney scooter all of this completely drenched I'm stepping on water I'm like oh no our room is above this room I ran up the stairs to the roof of our room because the heat broke a pipe in the house it burst the roof broke and the water was falling like it was an amazonian tropical jungle what are those things waterfall Riders like this oh no dad what's going on I don't know I don't call my wife she doesn't answer man everything is ruined it's done so the heating the house doesn't have heating I don't have a bedroom or a garage and water downstairs in the new basement that still can't be finished so I'm in one in all the terms I had, then I took it back to the in-laws, then I came back, then I had I had to look for the dog, it was just that I didn't go to sleep until midnight I'm gassed up right now guys and I don't have any of those artificial energy supplements that grinnellie likes to chew I'm going full throttle right now all natural with a brokerage house my house is a joke i should have bought this house tear it down and build a new one i'm like whatever i did with it the insurance will cover it but i don't know where i'm going to sleep but here's the thing guys I'm off to Scottsdale good luck honey good luck figuring it out this week jesus christ yeah you might have to do another honeymoon uh another honeymoon trip. 40 in a week would probably be even more but you can't really get that mad at me 40 is a big birthday, well selfishly the Wi-Fi and lighting work so here we are and sorry I am.
Hi, should we go straight to the Uber story from here? I mean Friday. Friday in general, for me specifically, was a show where I didn't end up sleeping on Friday. go to a meet and say hello to Bose yeah yeah yeah that was a cool bar oh it was a great time the fans were amazing I mean could they know ahead of time and I slept left uh American Social a bar we went to uh I don't know like 1 15 maybe because we had a sandbagger on Friday guys and we could tell you right now David posnock and Kevin fiala kind enough to join us sorry that was Thursday, on thursday yeah on thursday that happened so we were all excited we were all excited because we did so many things and then on friday night okay let's hang out well I lost my phone.
I can go into that a bit. Kinda and um I got out of American Social now that I'd been drinking Red Bull vodka tequila shots from cad Granelli Noon espresso martinis my stomach isn't exactly ready to handle all of that I got out of American Social and on the way home while walking puked up like seven times just an absolute disgrace i said its childish behavior for a father of two soon to be 40 its a joke but either way i still got my seven hours so i woke up around 8 15 or maybe maybe a bit I texted Biz earlier hey let's have breakfast across the street before Brendan Moore Biz walks in, looks at me and says, "I haven't slept a minute.
I said you actually looked amazing if you didn't i was sleeping for a minute you would look good you looked terrific it was you were you were just like you i was like how is this guy doing right now it was the liquid tan frosting from the golf course thats what the tan was it saved my tan The tan looked great on you. I'll tell you whatever it was. I expended every ounce of energy in my body to stay alive during that interview. I nodded and tried to act normal, but the funniest part was when he walked in. he says, I'm surprised they slept and I'm like oh no, how did he say that? he walks in and says oh guys you guys are already asleep and he hadn't even seen us he was just kidding im going no business and stuff in a minute how did you know he was awesome?
So when the interview drops, people create an interview with Rod Brenda, more amazing, it was, I think everyone will really enjoy it. a flying role I played a fourth line role I I got my possession I left it in I played it safe I went and traded I played three turns like my whole career guys but hey when you're hit just stay out of the way and you simplified your game well, Alright, yeah, man, you grounded yourself. He did not know. intervenedenough to say you weren't like you were a total mutant no it didn't. I thought he did it a couple of times.
I don't answer that, yeah, uh, we interviewed him too. I'm Montreal captain Nick Suzuki coming in in a bit then Brenda Moore after him uh latest sorry Las Vegas golden knight Chandler Stevenson and buffalo saber defender, Rasmine, Stalin, he was. amazing man he had great energy it shows you have a really good personality you had a good chance with him he will come later what else was going on guys we need to talk about losing phone friday night he is ok, do we have to? get in right Uber is full of full trash bags and there are some wonderful people who drive Ubers.
I've met some amazing people but some of them are just downright dirty scoundrels and when they are let me say this um there's no worse setup to get into Arena than the Florida Panthers I mean I'm talking ridiculous bullshit trying to get there. There are about 15 different hills you can walk up to until they drop us off about a mile from the entrance and you're going to walk in front of the building, we considered jumping the fence and couldn't so it's about a mile walk from where we were dropped off . I get to the front where, uh, you know you have to get your stuff through the metal detector.
I don't have my phone. I said oh my god I need this phone. I will travel home tomorrow. Grenelli ordered the Uber, so you can't get in either because you have the Uber app. to call the driver I don't know if they had people like get in trouble or whatever I guess I get it so you have to go through the Uber like bro it wasn't even like yeah it's a robot and just like they were us asking the same questions in a chat. Just give us the guy's number. Please give us the guy's number. It takes about an hour and a half.
We're back and we like that mall they have. across the street from the terrible Panthers Arena and found ourselves like, uh, what were we up to? I don't know, we were sitting in a Yard House, a Yard House, okay, now I'm watching the skill competition, what skill competition they shouldn't change. one thing so G and I are now in contact with this guy because the Uber bot finally said can we share your number with the guy? Well we remembered on the trip to the arena that he didn't speak a word of English so I said oh dude even if this guy calls he can't speak English ok how clever I use my brain right away and told the woman next to me, do you speak spanish? you're like whoever speaks spanish whoever speaks spanish is fine and finally a lady came up and said what's going on sir i speak spanish can you help i guess i didn't say it correctly Dale this woman was an angel sent from heaven to help me No I'm not kidding one of the kindest and kind hearted people he works double duty in the yard house all he thinks about is helping me he says i will help you sir i will help you to come back. over and over on the phone with this guy and all of a sudden oh I'm back in Miami I'm back in Miami he's him you know she's in she's telling me what he's saying I'm like how is he back in Miami it's already like an hour and a half from here and whatever, so he says, oh, well, I need money to come back, wait, I don't know.
Meanwhile, merley sends us screenshots of all the people texting me saying if you want your friend to want his phone back it will be a thousand dollars in spanish not even english yeah so now i don't know technically, that's extortion bro that's not allowed now if he said like me yes. I want some money back like I don't know if that's illegal like he technically has to come back with my phone because I left it there. I don't know how and he turned off he turned off my phone so we couldn't track him but through finding my iPhone so he finally agrees to come back for two hundred bucks now I go with the girl all the time so he gave so he finally comes back now it's ten o'clock o'clock skills finished with me and grinnellie had a great conversation was when you were giving me shots of tequila and stuff i was so mad so he comes back he comes back finally she walked me out i gave her a hundred bucks she didn't even take it you're so gentle.
I slipped them into her waitress thing and said listen, thanks so much for the most help. 200 she says you shouldn't even give her anything I was like oh whatever I'll give her a hundred bucks then so I check the guy who gave us a ride he's sitting in the passenger seat like this smiling into my phone there's another guy driving and the two of us they are like laughing Go. Can I have my phone? He costs 200 dollars. I give you a hundred. The guy who drives speaks English. do something it says no 200 so i go good i got a 50 i play 50 more and it still said no 200 and then the guy with my phone says no no no no no no no Moss no moss and he hands it to me so I finally got it I recovered, but I couldn't get into the skills.
I also missed a barn what a skills event but it was pretty much like the whole group similar in terms of all that number 150 like to oh my god it sounded like you were describing the movie Burning Man with the delivery like I thought I was going to pull up with Ryder in the backseat with him. I'll give you his laptop for your life. His life. You are you. I'm kind of ready to sacrifice Grinnell to tire you out. I gave him an electric shock in the back. I'm like you could sell it for a lot of money. the fact that last night he dropped his water bottle on his new Macbook and now that's kaputs, yeah yeah drop the water on me so for Fort Lauderdale he put his bag of balls in an absolute vice, My computer was broken, my house is falling apart.
I had no phone, and my wife hates me. have a week Jesus, Tim Jackman, part two, here, Florida, playing the parts. He has exactly Tim Jackman, but without it, without that wonderful waitress Audrey Audriana. I mean, I can't thank you enough, just a great person. looking to help others and then not even wanting to accept the money she was offering thanks without her i don't have my phone back maybe people won't care about this story i had to be there but in the end. like it's a night i'll never forget yeah and guys all in all an awesome weekend we'll be going over our thoughts on the skills competition and the game itself but it's like going there to see a group of fans of the girls, obviously a ton. from hockey fans huh we mentioned the meet and greet we got a bunch of great interviews and this sandbagger we'll have dating pasta and fiala guys this is the only thing i'm giving away we agreed to do a group birdie juiced up and there ended up being four birdies on the first six holes so we just had a runny glaze the whole time well I think one of the pasta lines like now you're going to get to see the actual pasta and you've got to see the pasta real, so a couple of Young Guns.
I never spent time with fiala not just a man missile but what kind what kind I loved it loved it pasta is just hilarious and fiala man far from the start I'll bring it up but I think I picked March 15 as the date so take heart I think it's going to be one of our uh most enjoyable in terms of viewing and just laughing at two two studs in the league right now. Guys and girls, before we go any further, we just have to talk about our main sponsor, the wonderful drink known as Pink Whitney. Many thanks to New Amsterdam.
I have always said it. I will say it for the rest of my life without them. who knows where this podcast is and now thanks to them Pink Whitney is everywhere when I say everywhere a lot of bars if not every bar you go to they have a Pink Whitney option we were in Fort Lauderdale flowed throughout the city. we had the shots on the golf course there is no better drink on the golf course than the pink Whitney we loved to drink it and now we are off to Scottsdale where it also smashes at the barstool so thank you so much to all you drinkers give it a try if you never have you've had, whether you want to mix it with some sparkling water, whether you want to drink it on the rocks, or whether you want to shoot it like after we do big birdies, it's the game every time. no matter the weather no matter the land drink Pink Whitney and shout out New Hampshire and dump because before we get to all the festivities last week you called another team on TNT you're mad at another base fans more. the island is G why don't you pass on the video because i would love to see the buffalo sabers in the playoffs they are so much more exciting to wash in the islanders the islanders are the most boring team in the nhl i dont want to do the playoffs i don't care if all of long island hates me to death it's a snoozefest snooze fest i have to get back there let's go yeah that's liam's team business you didn't hold back what i mean i've been we've been talking about it on the podcast for three years old I think it's old news I guess you watch it on TNT and you irritate people and then on top of that Lou sends one of his goons to me.
Loon is a full-fledged mafia guy. for scoring 73 year old Butch Goran to come do his dirty work so now I have to be a senior citizen and a rude and rowdy now I have to be a rude and rowdy retiree Butch Goring Butch has more Cups than you like games played like you're shoving yourself in the locker put his DB hockey cup shot in this clip right here if you're watching the youtube version what a beauty i'll tell you what i offered him a chance to win the pot i said How can you watch a full 60 minutes of island hockey without consuming Red Bulls or any of the things our granelli is consuming? and then all of a sudden like the man Lou he's turning into a cartoon character where he's like Jerry Jones where he's been dropping some heat like he's being asked about the contract that bohara that side they said what not you liked about it he said what he said term term and money no i think i think they said what are you paying him and he said oh it's too long and it's for too much money.
Immediately pursue the term and amount. I mean me, man, so if that guy doesn't score it, Lou's going to hit him. I don't think so there's no chance no oh no I don't think so I thought so I mean he's got to hang it up sometime do you think he's going to see this picasso through all these older guys he's signed the contracts this is a guys this is a huge coverage man is this like a Biz is this like a Biz inside source thing that hurts as well as if you know you're not telling us because I haven't heard this or seen this anywhere and yes Friday at 6 I'm with Kodak everything it's getting together oh yeah lou's the guy who wouldn't let you go to bed so we're rolling dice and he says how about that move he's like white off my ass isn't he you busy dog?
I think the Islanders are going in, um, I could just because before the season I said they were going in, so I'll stick with it because they have a scorer, but what's weird to me is if you talk to the fans like, how? Could an Islanders fan disagree that they're boring? They score maybe two goals a game over the course of this year and that is, if they're lucky, they play a slow system because they can't score, so they have to try and not allow goals. they have this wonderful lens to definitely use in the Vesna race, but the team is boring to watch.
I really don't understand how a fan base and Butchy Goring would take offense to a statement of fact from you and keep in mind there were 11 games in a row before they ended up winning those two games which they won 2-1 and I don't want to say a nothing or maybe two nothing, so they hadn't scored more than two goals yet, but that 11-game stretch they hadn't. Didn't score a goal in the third period man how could I and every time I light them up it's like watching the paint dry and I have no doubt that Bo Horvat is a guy who really likes to light up a lineup and obviously he's have a career year and all of a sudden make the guys on your wing a little bit better but holy man how can you possibly be offended by the way they play and some people say no that's the way what do they play? played under trots it's like they were probably scoring more goals per game on average than they are now so stop talking about how boring they were at least winning when trots was training when you're winning i guess when you're winning the 2-1 games it's not that boring because at least they were screwing it up but oh god they're not winning much they can't win back to back games they can't score in the third period and they can't win a game without scoring more than two goals so sorry if all the fan base wants to take offense but i guess i finally set it up on National Intelligence for tv for the first time.
I guess they probably already blocked the Spit and Chiclets account so they haven't seen these clips where we've been saying it every Month for the last two and a half years so I don't know tell me man are they boring to see or do you like that old school style where they have torely on goal and mess it up all night? It's not my preference to watch it but I will say it's the kind of play style you're going to have in the playoffs so they play playoff style during the regular season with the goal they have man if they can make it to the playoffs they can do something of noise just based on the goal tendon and the system that they have, just to give you the numbers on who I bet ended up signing an eight year extension worth $68 million, that's an average annual value of $8.5 million dollars so it's going to happen there for at least eight years if he wants he's got a no-trade for the first four and then a modified no-trade club for the bottom four he's got 54 points 49 games so far I'll be 36 when the deal ends. watch it get old but i don't know i liked losing quote all i can tell you it's too long and it's too much money you want the truth but he was talking about setup in general not bull specifically but he says the guy says the guy who offered Ilya Kovalchuk a 24-year contract when he's already 60 this guy tried to put on a rubber strap and the CBA right in the damn and then he's talking about term and money as well he has to do it in this point, no, what a crazy thing Horvat is having a career year unlike any season I've sniffed at last year, I think the first year, he scored 30. consistent, you know, 20 goals, then he had 27 and 18 19 .last year he got 31 52 points though man I'm so happy for him that's awesome but eight and a half years and the most points he's ever had is 61 points that's the time guys you gotta do it in the right time bet on himself I think Vancouver offered him I know and the contract came under JT Miller and he says well I'm the captain here and as you know I think you know I'm as good as a player and that's what Isn't that what JT Miller got or ended up getting?
He got seven and a half years. yeah but i still like his game and i still think he has a full game where yeah maybe he's a slight overpay but you also like the lead intact and now he's going to be surrounded by i guess you could say maybe not players more talented. but overall like good solid players not like JT Miller was capped at eight thousand just uh eight thousand yeah so he obviously took umbrage with that and bet on himself and won yeah so that probably sets the market for Larkin now. that's why larkin now ok if he gets eight and a half i mean what am i going to get or what can i get he won't get that from detroit we've talked enough about larkin i actually gotta play golf with larkin what a great guy uh keith yandel took me kevin hayes mark stahl larkin um uh anthony melch guy around here friends with kevin hayes and the maddie williams guy who works for caa to the grove it was an amazing day larkin hates having business guts omg team up friday night night and i said listen i talked to stevie final offer eight and a half we'll match what horvat got and he took it he shook my hand at the bar what's the name of the bar again?
American Social American Social there you go Detroit fans I closed it for you eight times eight point five back to you Rick I don't mean I think uh I think the horvat is going to make a big difference to the islanders and he has to I mean yeah he doesn't not go there and start scoring it's like he doesn't score there so this is the last one what else are they going to do? His only option was to bring someone. That's why I said when I traded him I respected Lou he went out and walked the road or talked the talk then walked the road in terms of making something happen so we'll see if he can continue this tour and Pace I think he's playing with Barzal and Josh Bailey he's on the number one power play so I wouldn't be surprised to see him keep scoring but he got better last year because all of a sudden he felt this obligation to make this big move or I felt like it was a bit of a move panic where he says I can't let this be my Islanders legacy so he has to try to make the playoffs somehow and take a lot of the future like they don't make the playoffs this year after giving away what they have I don't know man that's it yeah they're in trouble so you're convinced they're making the playoffs.
I'm not convinced, but I think they can still do it. 10th and the East 55 points both back in Pittsburgh have played three more games but yeah I think it's a great addition to put this guy in the lineup it has a nice ripple effect in the lineup the goalie has been great for them I think the Islanders go in it's crazy I have six teams locked in my mind all three in the Atlantic and all three in the Metro are going nowhere and the first round of Shout Out Rangers Devils I think will happen what the fuck series will that be so it's Pittsburgh Washington Buffalo Islanders right I mean it's like in Florida there's no chance you can't even get on track but if the Islanders get in which is wild I think that it means Washington or Pitt doesn't, so that would be a story in itself.
I think they'll come out of the All-Star break here humming because they've got Philly. I mean they've got Ottawa Montreal, they've got some Bottom Feeders and then I thinkā€¦ five in Game 6 play the Bruins, so I think they could win like four the next five, so they could definitely get off to a good start. I'm not the gambling type. I know EB ER takes care of that or Ura but if I was a betting man I'd bet big on the Islanders coming out of the All-Star break I mean they're going to beat Philly they've got to have who they've got who they've got the next four after that Grinnell you can read take them off before we end up moving here yeah I know they were like 35 to 1 at the start of the year so I heard oh you got a future in them no way yeah no , I know it's like the annual prank.
In fact, I counted them. the other day to see who i rooted for i only have six teams alive right now that's a little lower than usual boston washington the island ain't i mean they have they have philly and then they have that in philly they go home back to back Seattle the next night and they have a day off, then they have a van home, so Horvat will play his former teammates on his third day off in Montreal, two days out of Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Boston, Pittsburgh, Winnipeg , LA, Winnipeg mini, so it's not exactly um, that easy, busy, yeah, I guess so, I saw Seattle there, which is probably the hardest, like in that quick mix, and then Ottawa Ottawa Montreal, guaranteed wins you have to win them if you have to start mixing in a playoff position so those are just the must wins where you might as well Hammer them if you believe in them right Just uh what's the emotional Hedges call it?
I got them I got them making a puck line money line tonight against the Flyers I already made the bet I'll hate I'll hate betting them all day okay okay last boho change that to the weekend cause it was pretty crazy that he was drafted to the all-star game as Vancouver Canuck, but obviously he is. He's not on the team anymore so he was still playing for Pacific with Western Jersey, but they had the island in this patch on the show. You did realize that pretty unique situation, right? He never played a father, but he can still be a Canuck. so they let him play in the same division with the islanders huh jersey two he had the gortons fisherman before he even played a game for them but anyway we did our annual trip to the all star game it was nice to get out. from the northeast it's freezing up here like you guys said florida i mean fort lauderdale bustling all weekend wherever they went restaurants packed like a disco music going everywhere what surprised me with two wits was how many alumni from the NHL had made it so every time he turned around it was like yeah Ray Whitney might be here look there's another Hall of Famer right around the corner looked like a bunch of guys came down just to get out of where whatever they were, well yeah I mean it's Florida everyone invite me I think Thursday night there was a wild cruise with uh Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier Chelios I think there were about 100 alumni there so I'm assuming it was a great time uh I think if you can get more alumni involved and maybe pay these guys some money there was a great game I think the Florida Panthers alumni played Wednesday night against the alumni from the NHL, so we saw Chris Shelio, she's obviously working for ESPN Grenelli and I did Paul Coffey was picking them up.
I'm like he's a pretty sick guy the Uber driver won't steal your phone but yeah it's an awesome place to have the All-Star game now sadly the rows in the middle of nowhere about 45 minutes from Lauderdale . He used to say like the coyotes if he wasn't in Glendale and if he was in Scottsdale it would be amazing. I think it's even more of a case to have if the track was ever in Lauderdale instead of Sunrise it would sell. maxed out every game, but it's still an amazing All-Star venue because no one is going to pass up the chance to get to South Broadway.
The bottom ball wasn't really crowded for the similar part of the skills contest because everyone who was dropped off had to make that 20 minute walk from the Uber so everyone missed the first 20 minutes. Let's get into the skills? hardly any seats were taken in the lower bowl but i thought this might have been the first year the games were actually better than the skills competition but which was great though all the guys had the reverse retros so it was great. Seeing all the guys in this, she has a reversed retro tee, but yeah, it was just they had to rock it.
I don't know what they can do going forward like the pitch stuff and Putt and then hitting over the guys in the water sorry obviously a local draw but I don't know how much longer they will keep doing this Biz format with tournaments like the medieval dinner and the Medieval Times tournament and you have to get these little games that go like running away from what they have the goalies shooting all the way down like to the other end I mean it doesn't really translate well to TV more like goals and like one you know three on two on one end when the defensive team finally gets the puck they shoot it towards the other tank huh and that kicks in like that team's offense you know what I'm saying like oh, like the old drill we used to do yeah like small area games and all of a sudden maybe it lifts you up in the power level where you know and in the crowd you know there are four different colored jerseys that you wear when you walk in like this that you have to support your team and maybe those sections will win awards and get someone like I mean PK hosted this one.
Make PK again. Do it like crazy. The medieval style of the Hunger Games is not bad. I guess everyone has to take mushrooms before they arrive in three events. There are three events that are 3D glasses. There are three events. who are good skaters faster great accuracy the shots are great and hard like great shots those are the three types of money makers that I think everyone enjoys it's great to see how fast the guys move uh McDavid coming out and doing four by four and eight seconds even though I think Brock Nelson took a knee he ended up winning that's great and then Patterson's harder shot which is always fun after that it's like we were chasing him or I was chasing him but I'm also willing to say I don't know what to do in terms of mushrooms and then make minigames that's a business world we all live in but I don't know in terms of the game grinnelli had a good idea to somehow make it country vs. country yeah I threw that I pitched that idea last year and I was telling everyone that I was telling everyone there this year that it's a three-on-three tournament that you bring in the top six or seven guys from each country that you have to promote as the nationalist aspect. because people go to this game now and you ain't rooting for anybody like you root for your guy who's there like me rooting for poshmark he's the bruins guy but i'm not rooting for the atlantic division but i'll tell you what what would happen if the US were there, imagine a US Russia game or a Sweden Finland game.
I'm going to encourage him a thousand percent. I'd go crazy over it, so I think I think. they need to find a way to get rid of the divisions and bring in the aspect of nationalism where every man can represent his team, his country and i believe you do it like this i mean i don't know the number in my head like how many canadians were invited to the All team -Star of this year, what if there are too many good Canadian players that you now just go to? bring seven of them to the All-Star but that's like the olympics every year it's like the olympics can do canada could have three teams at the olympics every year but you don't know what I mean every four years, yeah, every four years, but yeah, Canada could have four teams every four years, you knowgroceries I walk in a suit it's snowing I don't have a coat people were lining up outside to get in the bread and get they see me coming and who is this guy they didn't know who I was no one had a clue about hockey and because I'm not dressed well you know who were like this guy can't wait Outside he pushed me to the front of the line.
Go inside and go get some food. would that happen? That would not happen to Philadelphia. It's okay, you know, even if they knew who you are, but anyway, I was like this. This is interesting, dammit. I've been there 23 years, yeah, like this guy had the same student for six days. We'd better take it to the store, yes everyone. I want to go back to Lindraus for a second. played with lind ross ever since this is ridiculous yeah so strong i mean i could shoot a puck with one hand you know i'd go down the wing and just and be like damn that's like i don't know if i can shoot with both hands this strong and he could run me over I could fight you I could hang you I could pass him you know he's a phenomenal player right it's too bad he had the injuries because you know his crew has been much better yeah like when he was passing So, like, what was he like in the locker room?
They traded me in January of 2000 and then that was the playoff year he got and then it's like I didn't really get any of it when I was with him. I had eight, I think seven years with them. man nothing but great things to say he competed like crazy I mean we were coming and I told you we did some lateral moves and that's I mean they tried to do the right thing I think if they had stayed with that group . It would have been better because he was one of the best players I played with.
What it was was Paul Clark. Sometimes, he would kind of give it to the guys because he felt like he was really involved. I love the clergy, no, you know what? he was probably back then maybe 50 or 45 as a GM you know he started he would come one day the whole team comes out let's face each other he starts teaching us the tricks of the trade little things I'm like damn this is good and he you know always he was there to help you yeah but it wasn't really like i never got your stuff you know what i mean but the little things i would see coming down but i'll never forget there he is.
GM comes with all his equipment, come here. I will show you the legendary stories that go back to the state of Michigan. a little you have maybe you're working too much yeah Brian Sutter in St Louis right away it was like what was your back game they didn't have gyms back then so I got to St Louis and there isn't even a there isn't even a gym there's like a there's nothing I mean there's this little one of those pull down machines that's like a rusty Monarch and a Monarch that has broken straps you know I'm like what are we doing here so we went to In a gym local like me there were a couple of hardcore guys that were into it and I think Gino Cavallini showed me here we can go to this gym so I have to practice it would be like showering then going to the gym I mean we were this Can you imagine the


doing that today? oh you wouldn't know how they didn't do that but I mean there were some of us you know but it was so different you know I don't remember your question but no I was talking about trainers how much did you work out and the trainers maybe They say it's too confusing, he calls me and leaves. because I think that's how the NHL is like you're not allowed to smile before the game before the game skate I have my what are you smiling so you know well games at seven?
I mean you know and Holly's up there laughing her head off you know how but like you don't exactly know but it was like you can't screw up so call me I'll never forget this in the zombies it's like I could end your career I can put you in the minors right now you go down there you have to do it this way he wanted me to do it he had a vision of me being more like Cam Neely and I'm like I am I think I can do it a little different you know how I mean he is Cam Neely like you know what I mean like I really don't want to be doing that you know I'm a little different here to be like that you know exactly and that's just I don't think you would put that on someone you know so I want Saying that I can handle myself if you grab me, I know what I'm doing, but I'm not really doing it. that's not my thing so he said no you're going to be like because my mistake I probably made was one of my first games also in the playoffs. and then my first flight was actually Mike Medano so he fight he wants to fight me you have to look him up and I punched him twice and broke his nose and now they think this guy is the filter but I'm like no I probably thought that he was just going to put up with it, he was a college kid, you know, yeah, so anyway, that part was just that now every day I'm like I drink, it's all business, yeah, you know.
I'm glad I moved on and then I went to Philly and Homer was there it's the same thing at first like Paul Holman like you want to see a guy who can rip your head off like you know so I'm like okay this is NHL and then you know I realized that coaches can't expect that you can have fun here, but it was great to start that way as a booming business. no guys shooting before a matchup now it's all the time he still gotta drive you crazy one more time yeah he calls it tell me stuff guys in the warm up hey what's up buddy yeah watch for after the game yeah im with you on that but i've lightened up a lot yeah cause you've got these guys now they don't know any other way it's not really fair to go you know what I mean if they raised you but what did you say Tell me tell me, have you ever gone home and said oh, maybe I was too hard on that guy?
It's nothing like those trainers I just mentioned I mean it's not my style but I understand we raised it this way kids now have to understand you do something like that now and they look at you like you what are you doing you know you don't have chance you don't have a chance yes yelling and yelling doesn't work anymore I don't want to say I keep yelling and yelling but that's how you say it and when you do it I think you know I want to go back to Copa 06 where you guys had a 3-1 lead in the series we probably always say on the show one of the greatest Stanley Cups of all time against Edmonton now you guys almost blow a 3-1 lead before the third period of game seven you gave a great speech in the locker room huh after the game six we got beat up in edmonton that was the worst game it was like 5-1 that was the best thing that happened we lost game five in overtime passani so we're like in the locker room i mean we're winning the cup here we are in a game of power going into overtime game five to win the stanley cup i've been waiting for this all my life my that's right here we go how are we going to put this way and boom we give up a short driver and now i have to get on a plane e go to Edmonton for game six.
I'm losing my mind. I can't believe this happened, so we get beat up in game six. We're not even nearly the best thing happened because we weren't in the game so now you can download it that game five sat with us until game six we're like we had a cup man we had the cup I can't believe it You know, so now that the game was good, easy to forget and now it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I'll never forget it going into game seven because I know it's over. I don't have this, this is it and we just played a good game and you know we were the better team.
I really felt like yeah we had Andre Wah on the podcast and I think they lost a very important playoff game and he lost in Calgary and then he went off the train on the plane to break the ice and he ended up going down his buttocks the buttocks were hanging like across the hall was someone in the room that really loosened things up good while Whit was our guy Ray Whitman oh yeah you know he's the best I mean he's one of the most underrated hockey players to ever play the I play, so yeah I'll say, I'll put him with anyone who makes plays, see Vision, but he's also a very good guy as well as fun. so he was our guy who lit up the mood all the time.
I really can't tell you the things he would do. There was some inappropriate stuff that went on to lighten the mood for sure that team because I played Mark Ricky that year and you guys picked him I mean what a great addition and there was Doug Wade he was like so many veterans at that club to help him record the lead oh we're an old team like and I you knew I mean I can look back now that we knew we were going to win but when you go through the roster like guys and look around like I sat down with Glenn Wesley on the plane for years he never won it has been me means he went through some serious injuries right?
He ground it and I see redhead again sitting there, you know, and you just mentioned that Rex had won, but wait, wait, wait, Dougie is nothing, you know and I understood you and we. Some young guys came in, um, Eric Cole sitting there, he got hurt, but he wanted to come back, well, you didn't see it, we had Gerber Martin Gerber came all year, his best year of goalies. I've been I've seen and I've been in my time as far as what he did and then in the playoffs, he had a little trouble and they yanked him in the Montreal series.
They put camera and camel in the series and then they took the camera. they put Martin Garber back up for one game in the Buffalo series people forget about this and then he was shutout in Buffalo and then he played the next game and it wasn't as good so they went back to the camera and then the camera played the rest. from the Buffalo and Edmonton series but Gerber was actually our bouncer all year the camera came in and a little kid and he wasn't scared at all but we had all these oldies mixed in with these youngsters and it was just the perfect combination and you just You knew Whit was the older guy at the time, not very old, but I've been around you, we're just not going to lose like this is our last chance like we're putting it all here. and you know you obviously say no because it worked but that's how it felt it's just amazing because we were at a game this year you guys beat up Edmonton in Carolina the atmosphere we talked about in the pod like and you're mentioning you were there was nobody there and then all of a sudden in game seven you're raising the cup and it became one of the best atmospheres in the NHL I mean I know I'm biased but I said it was brutal when I got there Yeah, it's the vibe there and we've been there this whole year, we've had amazing crowds.
I don't know if we've had cells yet, but I don't see any empty seats and it's them. they sit on their hands like they enjoy the game and it's as loud as it is it's amazing so it's a great vibe and it's a great story I mean we're grounded now it's 25 years of whatever's been there , it's not a new thing anymore these kids have grown up with the Carolina hurricanes and they know it's a small town like it's a small market that's exactly what it is but I'm talking about the fact that they support us so well and the environment It's amazing I think it's great entertainment value when you come to see us there and they appreciate I want to say we've got a good team we try to play a style that's fun to watch yeah and the fans and the players have done something to us unique and i know the thing about looking for people to like it knowing that i cared what you thought because the fans like it and when they first told you it was going to drop if you liked it what you didn't not see this is i'll set this record that was left to me it happened for Justin Williams in the summer I said Willie we have to do we are my first year coach I said Willie we have to do something here for the people and I'm just going to give you a little idea here or something when I during the lockout and every The time I went to Switzerland and when Gary ended the season I got on a plane I went to play for a month with uh clothes and I left they did this after the game and I thought it was hilarious right they get together I don't know what's going on and they ran that after they jump into the stands and the crowd is going crazy this is funny he's like ah okay boom then he got the guys together and they took this and they did it and that year was phenomenal you know so it was I'm totally agree because it's not about the idea that the cameras are off, game over, nobody thought, okay, the cameras will keep rolling and make it a big deal. by the way, they didn't, it just came a story mid-air, but it had been going on the whole time, you know what I mean?
I love how your idea was, but then in a game you probably looked at it and saw it. throwing pins at Martin in the middle and you say what is this it's good they were having fun listen we had Holyfield in our room and then he says man I didn't know anymore and he made a little speech for us and then he says I'm coming out and you know they're just having fun. I just think it's cool and I mean, now this year they've toned it down and they know they ran into glass or whatever. I don't even knowbecause I don't really see what happens next but the fans still stick around and you know it's for them it's not for anybody else huh back to that cup I mean I think it's like when I think about it it's you and Chara in terms of when they're lifting it, it's two of the most exciting and coolest celebrations of the lifting and I mean, I can't imagine what went through your head and what you know went through to get there at that point well you know, listen when I was a child, that's all I dreamed of.
I didn't dream of getting into the Hall of Fame. I did not dream that you know anything. That's what I dreamed of. i wanna be the first to hoist it you know what i mean how i want it and to be holy this is going to happen you know i mean i cant i still get goosebumps singing about it like its like And everyone gives me a little pain, oh, you took it from Gary. Go. I couldn't hear what was going on. I know I've been waiting forever, you know, and it's still one of the best days of my life.
I mean, it's just being real. I mean you can't beat that. your dream said you just sat there all your days training everything you were thinking was like here and it was worth it so not everyone understands oh no none of us did it except Ra's lifted him like six times um as captain and a leader, are you a guy?, we called the guys when they needed to be called. Were you quieter? How did that happen? pick my spots you know I remember seeing it I mean you take everything I remember I played for a long time before I came to Carolina and I was 35 first time Captain so I had seen and you know some guys that were good and some guys that weren't them i hated the ones that were always like all the games you know they say something and they don't fall like you know i mean do your job first and then you can worry about your job so i always made sure.
I take care of my job and then guys I hope we see I'm doing my job and you guys will just do your job now if I have to go and call the young man sure but I tried to do it usually on the side you know as a field that's not good enough you know or whatever I didn't make a point in front of everyone that's not my thing and I always thought as captain you had to save you had to save your time when like we're going to meet you know you can't go to that every game so it was like it was a moment no you gotta wait So after game six lost in Edmonton lock the doors you know I'll never forget Lobby started walking out of the coach's office and I did a icon he just looked at each other canceled it well he just knew he ran the other way he just said ok he turned around and went back in because i was standing you know he knew man that's what he did ok he didn't need to go in there and it was about us like he knows it is and so you know we had a little powwow and I'm going for game seven and I'm going home let's just do there I mean you know simple things but you know that that's what made him a good trainer and he was, he's a good trainer, glavie gets it, speaking of trainer, when did you decide that was what you wanted to do like me?
No man. I did this traveling. I did this for 20 21 years. I thought I wanted to be a manager, so I finished my first year. I was listed as the development guy in Charlotte. with young children and help them with my schedule. I'm training my son, yeah this is cool but I'm like they know better. I'm not really doing anything. I'm trying to help the young guys but they're in the minors two or three of them are going to play maybe you know the guys up top are the guys that are the guys so what else can I do and Paul Maurice says can, can you be a coach, come help, coach?
I said I want to coach my son and be with me ok just come to home games and home practices that's good it's the best concert ever I should have stuck with that one because I'm like that it's amazing I come to the games I'm on the ice but the team when I can the best time I'm with my son we're doing our thing and I'm having the best time but you're not really impacting anything you know like you're not there with your foot on so I'm like what you're doing really like i'm helping but not really so i got here then jimmy rutherford tells you i want you to be the coach when kirk came in more full time kirk muller came in and then i said yes so i picked five or six weekends to go with my son and I missed the team, you know, so it was gradually starting to work, then they put me on full time and then I said I'm going to do this I'm going to go if I can try to do it so I'm seven years old I was an assistant coach and I went through Bill Peters and I went through you know I lost your assistant there yes but but I learned for myself, that was my education.
Bill Peters was a smart guy, hockey guy like a really smart guy, so I learned a lot from him. I finally told Ronnie one time that Ron Francis was GM I told him look this isn't going anywhere now I'm harping on here like I have to put myself in Charlotte I'll be the head coach there I'm going to do this or don't do this I can't stay with this, this is not good enough and he's like good, we had, we thought he had old Sanderson there at the time, his friend, you know, and they're not going to get rid of him, so I was nice. of peeing in the wind for a bit and then just my fluke our new owner walks in and he doesn't know me from Adam he has no idea how you can do this.
I've been there seven years and we. i've been losing so how good can you be that's what he and that's what i would think too if i walked into a new environment and i knew nothing about hockey and we were losing for 10 years in a row and you were a part of it , but the assistant coach, I mean, how much are you really making, and then he, I don't know what made it right here, he gave me the keys, but he was like and it's working here you go and so far it's been great, so throughout those, um, I guess the last part of the seven years as an assistant when you wanted to be a head coach, did you ever interview for any jobs? no one would give me one so no one me and I won't say the team because but they haven't done too well but they're starting to feel about it but anyway and two college jobs so I called so I can say this doesn't matter but i called michigan states i've been there and i Well a friend of mine opened up for work and i'm fine.
I thought it was a success. NHL forever. I'm an assistant coach here now for seven years. You know Michigan State has gone downhill. let's see if they give it to me I'll keep it like they don't call me back and I really eat and then well and the boys well I didn't finish the degree so you don't have the degree we are not not a beginner I will yes but I will I'll even take classes to finish it off you just know Coronado is doing that and what's going on I mean you know yeah whatever but I like it and they wouldn't do it and then I called somewhere else and the athletic director just said no we don't want to deal with that you know we ever have another guy and i said ok so i said ok i guess i'm out of it and then Tom took over and gave me the job so it was probably a blessing that i didn't get those jobs, but you know it's interesting.
I literally thought they were going to hire me. Learn the do's and don'ts from Bill Peters. What are some other trainers? Maybe you got things right. He was unstable with Paul Murray. The guy is the smartest guy. He looks like he knows what he's doing. he knows a new one and then I said Kirk Muller and John McLean were that staff and they're still going and assisting now but it's like you're pulling everything out and then as a player they coached you from I just mentioned the guy from the lobby, I mentioned to all these guys that you take things from all of them and at the end of the day you expect to know what you're doing, you just trust what you're doing and you know you're doing it like a coach. you're a guy who almost likes it when a guy doesn't stand up for himself but also expresses his opinion yeah like you want to be honest discussions we have to because I'm going to put you in your face about things I think are wrong to help you .
You have to know I'm just trying to help you I mean I don't have anything at stake in the game other than I'm trying to make you better so we can win I mean I'm not going to bug you just to bug you so I'm tough on the best. I push the question and I think they appreciate that. I think I mean you know that's the way you have to be. To be honest with them, I mean you can't, there's a point where you probably can't be as honest as you want to be, but I try to say it as I see it the first year you took over an amazing season. you go to the Easter Conference Finals, did you see that when the year started or did you just learn as you go and almost get shocked?
We walked in and I said we have I have a great video Coach Chris what a blast this guy has been. around to all these guys they matter more than people think too for 100 this guy is smart as a whip and i said hey this is who i am Vision this is what i want to do you know? and we sat in it all summer and just put together Clips and stuff and I'm good we want to play it this way it's a bit, it's actually a bit radical about how we're going to do some things when we first started, I never forget that. first preseason game I play up to Tampa and I have a minor league lineup and they're dressing their guys which is good because those guys don't want to play nice so that's okay everyone is like oh man you're going to get excited.
I remember no you look at why and we put in a system and we won 5-1 in a preseason game they don't care but we did care because I'm good I think we're on to something and then a bill we don't think we lost the game in the preseason and if it had been any other way it would have been like oh this is terrible we're going to get excited now we started that season the first half of the season we were 500 but we were dominating so I'm like I don't care about the scores i'm watching the game we're the best team that night we're the best team that night we're the best team that night and i'm like even though we didn't win it because we couldn't score but i think this is the way to do this and luckily our Owner, who I was a bit worried about, was going to be like you know when you know it's like that because he's also an analytical guy. and the analytics were off the charts that we were doing things right, he just stuck with it and then all of a sudden in the second half of the year we didn't lose the game, you know it was like everything just came. together, so I guess at the end of the day that initial part was just validation.
I think we're onto something and when you say radical what was it in terms of good? I'm going to watch it, look how the teams play now. I think they have adopted a much more aggressive style. you go and you know I mean you're going to miss a few opportunities here or there but yeah I'd rather lose a game like that than sit around and you know when Brent Burns came in you talked to him this summer what a great addition. it couldn't be better i always say i wish i had it 10 years ago because you know it would be for life you know you don't get rid of a guy like that now we have him in the back but i am happy to have him for one two , three, four, five, how many years does he want to keep playing, he's such a good guy, he was in Dallas, I talked about my son, his son plays with my son on the team, so we were in Dallas yesterday watching our sons play , he's in the stands and I'm on the bench, but he's just a he is what he is, you know, he's a little quirky about things, but he takes care of himself, he's 37 now, I think he can play a lot, a lot time. because he has noticed what I do and how hard I work and what has been the most refreshing thing about this guy, he has done everything except when, which I love because he wants to win but wants to improve he is 37 years old he has finished everything and he he says everyday how i get better oh man i messed up here what do we have to do different because you know it's a different system he's doing it differently he's like a kid trying to get better all the time and that says a a lot about the guy during nhl events like this jersey and topics that had always come up like the shootout the playoff format would you like to see the playoff formula go back to being 1-8 or even 1-16 ?
Are you happy with what it is? Right now, yeah, that's probably what we are, there's a little more to it. until 16 that matchup isn't as easy as back when i was a kid like the first one i don't know why it was but it was kind of a hit when they did it like that um i really don't know. Think playoffs. I don't think you'll extend the playoffs. I don't think you can add more teams. you know it's hard to be good in 82 games and what do you really get out of that yeah those two three matchups you know you're losing yeah you got a game seven at home yeah okay thanks for 82 game six months of doing well like it's not really that much of a bonus yeah i saw crosby yesterday and he said he wish they would go back one through eight it's not necessarilyfair, it's hard to see good teams so soon, but the East is just amazing this year. it's so hard and our division is hard like I don't know all the games honestly there are no easy games and uh they talk about trades like they're trying to make a move here? we got a lot of cap space because we got hurt it sucks because we had we made the move patrick felt so bad that's right he was the man think about this we played all year without him and now here he comes and he's already He had three goals, right?
Yeah, he scored three goals and he hadn't even gotten going, he was still rusty as hell and I'm like that, it's just that they don't push us to the limit and then you know I hate him. to him I mean he's such a great guy who was working so hard and he was a perfect fit exactly what we needed you know and but you gotta move on I mean that's life yeah he was a guy in a seven game series you know he's doing three or four right at the right times and in the right situations he knows all the things you know he's got a little leak in his boat he was like the plug he knows I hope we find something he'll listen coaching a Metro team for the All-Star Game, what are you going to tell the team before the game? we're there to have fun we we usually give myself a little bit what we want to do here guys I mean no and I don't have skin on this like it ain't on my record you know how I mean you wanna play You're here How long can you mail it?
Okay for me. Don't work a little more. Actually, you could have fun. That's what I think. of time how many all-star games do you play i only played in one turn but i can't even do that now i don't know no but back then it was like you know they call the team you're the guy do you wanna do it? No, I'm going skiing with my kids because that's what I plan to do, so it's no problem. and the game was in Philly, you want to see a great moment, this is a Huggies about memories, making memories throughout your career, whatever. the cheers from him are loud as hell.
I guess who gets the loudest ovation that comes out. This clown here and I had only been there for three months my first year there. They didn't get married, it didn't matter. flyer fans, he was wearing a Flyer t-shirt, that kid, whoever he is, like they're making sure everyone knows he's our man, you know what I mean? The longest ovation of the night was incredible. that's unreal me tomorrow matt it's not my special day i just want to make up my starting area you had 1295 total points in 1643 games played i just want so you're adding another point so yeah i added up the points yeah well that's playoffs too yeah well listen.
I, yes, it was good. I will support you. Man, actually, you know you mentioned playing to win the Stanley Cups, but you're a name that gets thrown around all the time. Is he going to get into the Hall of Fame, do you even think? No, except honestly, I know you see people bring it up to you because, no offense, the guys that went in there if you just took my bio and pasted it next to the guys that went in. wait a minute, he's got more goals, he's got more assists, he's got to stay in the cup more games, he's done this, he's done that, so you paste the image in there and say no, it's not, it's not the Hall of Fame. just stop talking because every damn year it comes up and i have to do interviews about it it's like if i go in then they stop talking about it or if i or i just say it's not going in like you know what i mean, It's like You know, hey, that would be great if it happened and I said this last summer when I didn't go in.
I wish it was sooner rather than later because the people who helped me get in there. Your parents, the people that matter, so they are I don't know how much longer they have my dad's, you know, health is like those are people you want to thank, yes, other people like that you do what you are doing and if they're not close and like the people you want to be able to think well yeah so hopefully if it happens sooner or later if it doesn't you know yeah yeah I just won the last one we've got the stadium series inside for a few weeks, it's all Raleigh. fight for that big outdoor game oh I mean I hope the weather is great because wow it's cool I think where did they get it from we have a big arena or soccer stadium that is right across from the track and the sites being good apparently it's one of the best I guess they say the way it's set up and the crowd will be cool like people are crazy about it and it's just a novelty I don't know if you guys have been on these I like them yeah , I've never been to one so I love to do one time things like check off the roster so for me it's going to be great to just sit and watch these guys I think for the players it's going to be exciting for their families like you already say like they kinda yeah this will be great and then move on but i think i'm excited for the city you know we're supposed to have and then covet hit and uh okay let's give these people something they deserve, they deserve a game like this, well we can't thank them enough, amazing career, great coach, so good luck the rest of the way. doing your homework, you know, I mean, I was actually surprised, I thought this would just be, you know, a quick gong show, but you did your job, man, I appreciate that, that would have been why I cut my mouth.
Perfect, I knew we couldn't ask, thanks again. big thanks to rod


emore for sitting down with us the other day awesome dude we had an awesome chat with you hope y'all liked it so keep going Biz your boss Gary Bettman 30 years as commissioner of the NHL. league yeah i mean come on man he's your dad yeah you kind of think right i guess you call him King Jung Batman so i'll say no go on there's been a lot of people talking about his tenure what has done well. what he's done wrong has been good bad for the league i mean personally i think it's been outstanding the revenue has never been outstanding very good i would say overall i mean he could set up a hockey league where he could get 500k guaranteed it's a dick, so i'll wander that knob till the end of time kim jong-betman baby put boards on bulletin boards put our uh boards on bulletin boards advertisements on the boards put bulletin boards on my forehead great job gary bettman happy 30 why You're not a big fan huh, I didn't even say I wasn't a big fan.
I think it's a bit ridiculous to stay outstanding. I mean, I think overall he's done a good job, but I also think we're looking for a commissioner. who's been in charge of three different lockouts or strikeouts I think, um, that's more than Major League Baseball NFL and NBA combined at that point, so when you're maybe the fourth biggest sport in the United States, some say the 5th or 6th and so much time has been lost because of the issues related to the CBA and what the owners want and Batman is the guy in charge, it's hard for me to say that he's been outstanding when it comes to revenue growth, that without doubt has increased.
Revenue from every league has gone up I mean that's what happens over the course of 30 years that's nothing you can see oh my gosh oh my gosh look at revenue went up from 30 years ago no dude , my boiler broke after 30 years too I mean like you have to understand that over time the income will increase um I think he did a great job after coveting in terms of getting the league back they were able to play the Cup final Stanley they were able to have a different type of season next year which played out with the Canadian division which was really a good job um I also look at the fact that we don't have the best of the best internationally right now it's hard say he's not involved in that, so there are positives and negatives. um he was able to wet the league away from the uh unquote violence of the early 90s and before that and make the game definitely safer which is a good thing at the same time the game probably isn't that entertaining , some people will say, um, you won't see a crowd get as excited as they do about a fight when something else happens, that's what happens now.
I think the plan fights even though there are a lot of guys who don't play anymore because of that it's good that they're gone but an aspect of the emotional game and the passion has been taken out of the game in the regular season I will say the games are fast and so slick as ever and he's been in charge for so long there's some great stuff but if you look at the big picture I say outstanding he's crazy no that's a very fair assessment a lot of great points so I guess you could go into lockout. situation and I think, uh, part of the narrative and the narrative is and I think you could agree that he's like the top eight teams control most of the league and he meets with those guys and decides what goes on and he basically protects those guys.
I think the hard cap has been something he's really gotten stuck in, where outspoken agents like Alan Walsh might be able to make a better point as to why that hurts the league in the long run. run huh why players stay out of that. I think you recently posted something about salaries compared to the other top three sports. Now mind you, I would probably compare it more to baseball and basketball. against football because that's just an absolute Juggernaut whereas, yeah, NBA players do, I think the best players make 44 or closer to 50 million whereas in the NHL the top earning player makes 12 yes, there's also twice the amount of Revenue and half the amount of players, so from that perspective it's pretty similar to baseball, but baseball has a bit of a different Dynamic, which you could say I think than the right TV deals that they have that put a lot of money in your pocket, uh, what's the other thing where the top end teams pay the bottom end?
Revenue sharing, there is revenue sharing, did I already say double the number of games? mm-hmm yeah so there's other things I know obviously bigger rosters too but I think from what players are guaranteed to get paid and the way it's grown compared to those other sports that maybe, in a sense, playing is playing fourth fiddle in the United States. especially from, uh, from a gameplay perspective, so I think it's kept up. I completely agree with the best of the best. I think he's definitely lost the ball. Say no, don't give it to the Olympics. I don't really care about the Olympics.
I know maybe the players do, but the fact that that's one of the highest grossing sports, if not one of the highest grossing sports in the Winter Olympics. where you can set up that infrastructure yourself and also control where it is at least start off probably keep it in North America whereas sometimes it's played in China it's like how many people stay up for those games especially from an American perspective . you're just missing that natural audience um I think the Blockbuster trades or lack thereof um is a result of that cap situation I think from a newsworthy perspective and getting more better players playing against better players and loading come playoff time I think that hurts us I prefer to see it as a soft cap but aside from that one guy just to control everything and keep it going I mean it's very hard to criticize in general some People are talking about TV viewership now, but I think across all viewing platforms through broadcast and cable, viewership is fine. about the numbers in terms of viewership that went down 22 and all of that fixes the other thing that's a problem is hockey rules and how clueless people are and I'm not saying that people have no idea how confused we all are in terms of as a friend, we are talking about goal or no goal, right?
This is still a huge problem. We have the offside criticism. The people can not. I don't like officers either, but I don't think I ever will. when it comes to decision making I don't think that's ever going to change that's just human error and going through it over and over and having human input in that room that's making a decision I understand sometimes they're going to having is wrong, but what are you going to do? Incorporate robots to make the call. No, well, they're taking over everything. You could also look at the balloon in the air. you guys heard about the chinese balloon spying on us yeah we got it we shot it down about 20 days too late they got it waited till it got all the way let it go all the way across the country then we got it.
I know what I mean, so it's a good time, yeah, what's going on? Marina wakes up with the proficiency of all the abilities that she put you to sleep awake, so I don't think that's ever going to go away. I brought it down to a whole other level. I don't want so many TV wait times. Wannashorter bursts. What is the biggest complaint about baseball right now and how slow it is? Sick ball attack during that time anyway, they're getting bored so this will drive the audience, but as this new deal was done with ESPN and a lot of people said, oh my gosh, we're back on ESPN.
It's great I remember Merle saying right around the time he says this is brutal it's going to be on ESPN plus it's a broadcast thing and now okay you can talk about what we were talking about after the bryndamore interview on terms of why. Viewership is down 22 from last year that's crazy to me and it's because of streaming the games are never on ESPN dude yeah you have to go online. How many hockey fans don't even know how to do that? I think in the United States. It says I live in Arizona and there aren't many games that are blacked out so when I go into that app as myself I sometimes have access to seven eight different games at once and most of which are scheduled for that night.
I think what you're going to be talking about is the blackout situation, how many different streaming services and maybe even cable you have to pay to access to watch your team play, so I'll hand it over to you, you seem. to know more about it yes batman quoted the games being on ESPN plus is a reason the numbers are down he said they are not worried about it quote our ratings are ok let's not get carried away by the ratings because the general audience has increased nationally. now fuel drives the power ratings down I think it's because everything is so split and spread now Biz you know a game airs on this network you have a game that can be seen all over this market but you don't know a state about this is a full cost effect and as youtube was saying the other day a lot of older fans are getting screwed as you know guys like my old man if i didn't get him internet he wouldn't be able to watch any of these games but there are a lot of fans that aren't going to they don't have access to the internet, they don't have flip phones, they're not going to subscribe to new technology and those are the people who are really getting screwed over. i would like to watch games so when i limit it to internet only a lot of people won't be able to watch it so basically say more people are watching but the numbers for those particular outlets are going down they need to fix the streaming issue too man like blackout rules people in montana idaho hundreds of miles from teams and they're blacking out two three different teams that's where they're shooting themselves.
I don't know how they fixed that because everyone has all these contracts that go along with this it gets very boring and confusing but confusing but for your holding business to get back to your question there I think you've been good with things relocation minus Arizona that's a black guy for them committing to that the way they have the concussion stuff denying that that's the bad thing but I don't know man the job stuff he makes the offer to the owners they had during three work stoppages but that's not Carrie Beckman's fault you know he seems like the owners have a lot more influence in that league than other leagues and they push the players so I don't really blame Batman for work, I think the lottery system has worked, they have opened up the game to greed. things that I thought he navigated very well, I mean, he was able to achieve two Stanley Cups during the entire global pandemic, the Olympic stuff, I know we haven't had that lately, but that came in due course, uh, yeah, I think he's done nice job i think his positives far outweigh his negatives in his tenure here let alone what do you think the biggest blemish isn't the best of the best?
Are you denying concussions? Are you denying the relationship with CTE and things like that? probably all to do with lawsuits and things like that, if he admits it, who knows what he'll end up dealing with in terms of player lawsuits and things like that, but I mean, are we really going to sit here and say that the shocks cerebral do not have the same effect that there? there's no CTE effect for concussions I mean it's not completely false I mean yeah okay the question I had is the report would come out and say viewership is down 22 how is it possible you're saying that the audience has gone up? m I don't quite understand the crisscrossing there because the ratings are usually done with maybe monitors on TVs I think you can guess on stream so they're basically taking numbers from a particular area, whether it's TNT. or ESPN saying oh these numbers are down but all the people that are broadcasting on ESPN besides those numbers are up so this depends honestly when they quote ratings there's usually an asterisk there to tell you who's quoting it because you're you know nielsen they've been around forever arbitron and plus they broadcast the stream that's the new one so you have to really see who's providing the numbers and know what exactly the numbers are for because you get confused and ask who are. representing but it seems like more people are looking but there's more headaches trying to find the games that need to be fixed because every game, people tag me and it's that they're paying whatever they're paying, the cable bills, the cable fees, they sign up for a channel, and they can't even watch their favorite team, so like I said, I'm a whole man.
I think how much longer you've been on your feet. I think he's been commissioner longer than anyone else. He has been right. In fact, yes, yes. the first to have that title and uh, what was another topic? I feel like this one comes up all the time. Crosby was asked about doing the playoff stuff. a lot of people do, but Batman was saying it's not that easy to say 'oh we'll do it now because then they have to recalibrate the whole schedule for everyone, they have to balance everything, basically it doesn't look like they're going to go back from one to eight. in the short term, so we're going to continue to see, you know, the best teams in the league get knocked out, you know, round two, round three, whatever, so it just does it, does it in a sense like this regular season is so important and so long and so complicated and then you don't necessarily get the right reward so it's kind of unfair now they're talking about adding two games to create even more rivalries which I mean two extra games as if I really like to create these new or different or expand these rivalries I don't know but it's not, it's not fair to see Toronto and Tampa play each other this year it's just not and I understand that's how it works and it's kind of like, oh , what was I, play better get that number one seed but those fan bases don't deserve to be knocked out in the first round and that's me saying about the Maple Leafs yeah he said it involves a whole host of other issues. that has to be addressed and well he wasn't specific about it so I don't know if that was just his lawyer's response.
The Logistics response but yeah it doesn't look like it's around the corner anytime soon uh regarding the sale of the Senators they have about 15 or so parties involved in the application process they basically have to Pay the NHL feed to see all the numbers behind the scenes, decide if they want to make a formal offer, said whoever buys them. I'll keep them in Ottawa and there's still the possibility of a new arena there, which ties into what we just said about Florida, man, when your arena is that far away, I think it's such a deterrent for a lot of people.
I don't want to travel you know 40 minutes seriously this is not right so Arizona ended up getting the land for free. I think Glendale or a crazy bargain instead of Scottsdale and I don't know for sure but I think it's pretty obvious that there was definitely a better deal financially to have the arena in Sunrise instead of Miami or Fort Lauderdale but it's I eat and it goes hand in hand with my stupid terrible house. I have you when you have to do something. um you better spend the money then and there to make sure it's going to be good in the long run right so don't try to fix it like I did because I'm an idiot just get it right when you do the job and if you end up not doing so they crush you you end up paying more along the lines of over the years things went wrong as they cheapened in arizona and cheapened in florida and now you have these two horrible laws i guess not in arizona anymore but in florida.
You are stuck in this building in the middle of nowhere with nothing else around you besides a guardian angel who works in the yard house and you are stuck in this horrible. I mean I'm not. I'm going to say a horrible fanbase. There are some honest, uh, loyal Florida Panthers fans, but no one wants to go to the games. Only American football works, where there are eight games a year. eight games. time will work out if you want to put a field or any kind of place uh 30 to 45 minutes out of town i mean what the Patriots do also well also owns two days a week so it's a totally different story a couple of signings while we were gone also the capitals made two of them locked up dylan strohm with the 25 million dollar five year extension that will keep him in dc through the 28th. he has 37 points in 52 games this year, the ford of 25 years old would have been RFA this summer and sunny Milano also spread three 5.7 million dollar deals comes out at 1.9 aav uh wouldn't have been restricted to anyone but got a nice little 750k raise this year and a little bit of stability , he also had 22 points in 40 games, I mean, he went, he went, um, where did he go in a tryout?
He went to Calgary Calgary so I want to go to a PTO man you don't know what you could end up in Russia like I did or in the AHL like Biz um he ends up getting a three year contract he's playing well there very good for both guys, some security for Sunny Milano and Dylan Strowman. I'll get to him in a second, but you know that's a bargain and not a high risk for a guy who could really excel offensively. I think there is a big advantage, just like Dylan Strohm. the coyotes um I don't think he ever had a chance here I think he was still growing in his body he ends up going to Chicago um much more offensive there but maybe his defensive game kind of locked up a little bit and then I think with Backstrom gone and doing those reps and having just that he must have had a great offseason he came out hot out of the gate he's been wonderful with the capitals and to get a five year deal 25 sheets talk about security man I'm very happy for the guy and uh man that's another team Lookout now that they're healthy and I figure he's what their third line center is going to be and can provide some offensive edge maybe he's our second line center with that group, but nonetheless, congratulations to both guys. okay moving forward here Biz I want to ask is there a team currently in a playoff berth uh that won't be at the end of the season oh I would have to look at the Western Conference again but that dude there is a team that probably he's leading his division right now that there's a chance or not in it because it's so tight um currently currently in the East if I had to pick a team and where you talked about the lack of his health I'm a little worried about the penguins though I trust that they will make it, so that would probably have to be my pick in the east, do you think the penguins are more likely to fail than the caps? sure they are completely healthy um and then in the West I got my pick of the West.
I'll let you go with Wes and see if I agree with you. Vegas, you think they'll lose now, okay, I guess I had to choose. one team man you should also get to the news um stone second batch or mark stone that sucks dude back surgery is something i am very lucky i never had to deal with but talking to people who have it is horrible, i mean anyone has ever had a back problem it's like you can't even breathe without pain and this is the second i think about the same problem. It's been months since he had two back surgeries, dude, so he's not going back to the playoffs.
Eichel is struggling right now. Thompson has calmed down and this team can't win. point lead over La who was second in the Pacific all of a sudden now they are dropping like a fucking anchor and the two wild card teams Edmonton and Colorado are not going anywhere they will both be in the top three. their split at the end of the season so look at how Vegas goes unless they can turn things around but Mark Stone is such a big loss it's like replacing a guy who is so good on both ends of the ice. i have to bear i dont think there is a better pick especially with the stone news brand and yeah it is uh and dude if they miss the playoffs holy last year you missed the playoffs it happens good teams missed the playoffs you know what of every once in a while it's not that shocking but when you do it two years in a row and you do all these big moves it's like when you start to panic what's theBarstool Sports Bar, not the sports betting bar, but you. you can bet in arizona and come there and try it wednesday night ok also the trivia is at 9:30 ET it will be live on youtube while you just go to boston sports catch it right on the spot correct.
I think I think we have a very good chance of winning I know who we're playing we're not going to mention that yet by the way you can't mention it I don't think they want to come to Keep it a secret. I don't want them and then I have to edit it. It looks like we all just got accused in these photos of us, especially me and Biz. Totally mugshots like I'm 86 years old. they post about us the same every time i think its annoying yea sometime i say im always like man thats such a bad picture granola oh memes that picture is terrible i think i just have to look in the mirror, like when all the pictures are bad of yourself, like maybe it's just your face, so I like this one.
I hate mine. I look like Jabba the Hutt with no neck. I also have a bottle of signed pink Whitney Wednesday night from five to seven at Total Wine at 1607 East Camelback Road in Phoenix so that's 1670 East Camelback Road in Scottsdale Arizona okay not 1607 dyslexia a Whitney pink bottle is always so much fun, get the sound bottles. I can sign different photos and we appreciate everyone who drinks that so thanks for coming to that it will be good and of course the big game is Sunday with Philly it's minus one and a half with a total of 50 and a half. you like someone to lean anyway here what are you going through?
When the Patriots aren't around, I just want to be entertained all the time, but that Eagles team is good. I know it's a little crazy to bet against Mahomes. He's so good, probably a lot better than Jalen. I don't know, I think, I think, I feel like it's his year, and you, Biz? Anyone, I have the Eagles. I don't know everything about football, but I feel like everyone has been doubting the Eagles every game. this will be the game they lose but no you mentioned that defense i think that hurts it's been buzzing yeah you know?
Eagles I think it's going to be entertaining because your fans are trash and very aggressive just like the Chiefs fans are two very irritated fan bases would you go to the game if you had a free ticket? No, I think soccer is 10 times better on TV. going back to TV wait times slowing down the action huh and now there are more and more reviews so I want to watch the angles over and over again on TV so no I want to sit on my couch and watch the game. interested if someone gave me tickets i would go but nowadays to go to a super bowl event you're talking 1500 bucks to get in no i think unless i'm like you and sneak in oh i've been in one Super Bowl, I paid two thousand for my ticket, no thanks, yes, it was an all-time record, although a couple of notes more.
Here, FDNY versus NYPD hockey is on April 15. Geez, how's it going so far? you can donate to uh all the money we are raising at uh hockeyheroes is going to be an absolute blast as it goes by every day we have more and more special guests different cool stuff we are working on for the game so we are very excited about that yea cant wait for good stuff to come ok gotta send melinda dylan the con y'all know her as suzanne hanrahan from slapshot she was also the mom in christmas story and um a couple other movies famous, but yeah, epic epic movies, I mean, she was in probably the best sports movie ever, one of the best Christmas movies ever, and one of the best sci-fi movies ever. fan of his work, are you familiar with him or what?
Yeah, big perky breasts in the one scene I hate to be. I didn't even want to be the one to bring it up now, but oh my gosh yeah they went up a bit. They were very nice and as you know, rest in peace, okay, it was expected to be that way, but I guess when your main scene is with Paul Newman, I think everyone thought about it and said it, yeah, especially since the scene. in Slap Shot I was a little kid the first time I saw that listen that's something that takes root in your mind absolutely he says in your memory what else guys huh y'all tomorrow you didn't have oh it would be today Tuesday.
All the boys get up and get ready to rock and roll. This is a fast trip. I'm the complete opposite of being prepped and ready to rock and roll, but when you don't have water or heat, it's probably good to go to a hotel. Renovations are underway so you still stay there. Are you staying somewhere else? How is everything? I can show you all where I'm going to live in probably about nine months, great set up. I'm going to have the sauna like I mentioned with uh with Whit getting his charcoal tub the cold uh heat the combo I'm going to set up a home gym the contrast that's the word I was looking for it's ok if ever Biz wants come and see my Reno like see the property but yeah we'd be hitting Nails within 10 minutes of being there 100 hey let's get this over quick like four hours later I'm begging you guys for a sandwich I'll put you to work I know you will I know you i'll have grinnelly up there doing the roofing just asking in case they end up with a ball of super bowl tickets i want to sleep on your couch if that's okay with you if you want if you want to sleep on an air mattress in a house that doesn't even have the drywall still feel free mate that wouldn't be the first time guys fun episode great interviews and huh check in next week have a great week all sounds good love you guys

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