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THE BOY (2016) Ending Explained

Jun 10, 2021
Hello guys and welcome to another edition of the



, this time we will look at the


film The Boy, a doll psychological thriller starring The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan, aka Maggie. If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's now available on DVD and on demand, so be sure to check it out because there will be major spoilers, but before we start, let me introduce you to my friend Frank the puppet, hello everyone, I'm your friend Frank, the monkey, oh yeah, hello silly monkey, I'll put him on the couch for now, so the main question of the movie is Brahms the doll possessed by evil, or is there something else going on.
the boy 2016 ending explained
Well, I mean, there's no way a dog can be possessed by evil, yeah, so the only one doesn't have an ambiguous


. It has a twist ending, but there are other pieces throughout the film that can help explain the entire story. The film follows Maggie, I mean Greta, a nanny who has accepted a new job in the remote English countryside, apparently she is running away from some problems of her own, so are we. She meets Malcolm, the handsome grocery delivery guy who doesn't have a very good game, like he's saying she can read Greta in her gum.
the boy 2016 ending explained

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the boy 2016 ending explained...

I allow you. Yes, I'm going to read your gum. I'm professional. Yes, I can tell you think that this. isn't charming and I'm a complete moron, we meet the Heelshires, an elderly couple and the parents of a little boy named Brahms. The Heelshires have a long list of rules that Maggie must follow, so from the rules they presented to us, we get our first couple. of clues to figure out what's going on, things like not throwing out extra food and making sure to play loud music and not forgetting to tend to the various rat traps on the grounds while Mrs.
the boy 2016 ending explained
Heelshire worries that they could get into the walls hmm, loud music, extra food, worry about rats in the walls, could someone be living in the walls? There has to be more to it than that, right, yeah, I mean, we're only like 10 minutes into the movie. Anyway, let's keep digging, then Maggie meets Brahms and yes, he's not a real boy, he's a doll of course, it's very strange and even Maggie is starting to look like there might be zombies around because she'd rather be in a zombie. . apocalypse Instead of dealing with these weirdos right now, she decides to make the best of it and tries to take care of the doll: Mrs.
the boy 2016 ending explained
Heelshires detailed specifications after all there have been other potential babysitters who have been rejected by Brahms it's time to wake up rod you're not a baby Miss Evans you shouldn't be afraid of him Frankie it's time to wake up well why fortunately Brahms does? They approve of their hurray and the parents feel comfortable leaving Maggie while they go on vacation, so it's just the two of them in the house and Malcolm shows up from time to time. He reveals that Brahms was a strange child and died in a fire when he was a child. shortly after the doll appeared we see more scenes indicating that there is something else in the house, as we see Maggie taking a shower, there is a low angle point of view watching her and they take off her dress, wait, what is she doing there?
She's just rubbing her legs. Not even soap or anything ever heard of a washcloth lady. In fact, this scene isn't so bad after all, in this scene she also wears what is the most impressive towel ever seen in a movie. The thing never falls or moves a bit. That's what we should try to explain is that towel, which now has to be the work of evil satan, the towel of doom and stay in place no matter what things get weirder and weirder in the house, like shadows seen on the wall or un


PB and J showing. outside her door and it appears to be the doll's doing, so she gets a call from Bram who tells her in a creepy childish voice to follow the rules and decides it's probably best to try taking care of the doll.
She receives instructions and after making the doll move on its own, she becomes convinced that it is in fact Brahms' spirit trapped in the doll. We also see Brown's parents on their vacation, walking toward the sea killing themselves to get away from Brahms, which ultimately drove them. to break after all this time, it will take a few more steps to figure it out, then Maggie even gets the doll to perform the moving trick for Malcolm and they both now fully believe that the doll is alive and possessed by Brahms' spirit. a girl named Emily says that Brahms and Malcolm knew who was murdered, so Brahms must have killed the girl and her parents set the fire to protect Brahms from any repercussions related to the right to kill, yes, probably unexpectedly, the Maggie's ex Kolsch owes who is the source of her problems that she ran away from in the first place and as soon as you see this guy you say oh this guy is a jerk Betty is going to die after some more Brahms stuff Maggie tries to explain to him to Cole about the possessed doll and Cole doesn't believe it, smashing the doll against a table, crumbling it into piles of pieces, this wasn't a smart move and the house seems to come to life, banging on the walls and strange noises coming from everywhere. .
Oh, some supernatural shit finally. is he going to come down please, Cole walks up to a mirror and the mirror explodes sending Cole flying through the air, an arm comes out from where the mirror was on the wall and Brahms comes out, that's right, Brahms is not dead at all , has been living. on the walls all this time and now he's some kind of malnourished maniac who can throw guys into the air flying across the room he must be fueled by a psychotic rage that gives him superpowers whatever is here now deal with it and, As predicted, he kills Cole by chasing him.
Malcolm and Maggie walk through the house, finding one of her hallways and discovering her room hidden within the walls, including Maggie's lost dress in a strange doll of her own. I don't want to think about what he does with that thing too. There's a letter his parents left Brahms when they went on vacation saying they weren't coming back and the girl is yours now look, damn, someone knew exactly what they were doing and they let Brahms get away with Greta, well , at least they approve it. I hate when my parents don't like my girlfriends, they keep chasing them around the house and at one point Brahms screams that he will kill her just like the others, he finally comes face to face with Brahms and stabs him a couple.
Sometimes we escape the house with a wounded but alive Malcolm as they walk away, we return to the house and see that Brahms the doll has been rebuilt, implying that Brahms the guy, not the doll, is still a lot. I really thought the ending would have This time Maggie burned down the house and killed Brahms for real but no she just left and after all they are considering a sequel I'm not really sure where they would go with that but I have a title guy: growing up is hard. with a - instead of a - look, look, that's pretty good there, so thanks to the rules given at the beginning and some hidden clues throughout, it's pretty easy to figure out that it's actually a living Brahms that's there. behind it all, not really a super amazing Giro but probably more interesting than if it were just an evil doll, but the whole story of Brahms is not so clear thanks to some important things I mentioned.
I think I can understand the whole story. Brahms was creepy. child from the beginning and, in fact, he killed Emily when he was a child again. The fire that supposedly killed Brahms was actually started by his parents to cover up the murder, but how to keep it protected but also contained and watched by Leslie. living in the walls of the house out of sight was created while the doll was created by his parents as a way to preserve their son as an innocent child and they forced themselves to truly believe that the doll was their son unable to cope to reality. of what he had done, they tried to come to terms believing that the doll is their son, but they still cater to the real Brahms by leaving extra food, playing loud music and all that, but Brahms is still a murderous psychopath and this is not It is controlled and worsens over time.
While his parents try to find new babysitters, Brahms killed them, all of this is supported by Mrs. Heelshire mentioning how Brahms had rejected other babysitters and, near the end, Brahms even shouts that he will kill her like the others. His parents were forced to continue covering up more murders and eventually, and quite understandably, could not continue the charade of faking it. their son was still pure even in Dolf form and therefore the only way to really get away from Brahms is to commit suicide, it's a bit sad, I mean they definitely chose a strange way to deal with the situation but they obviously still loved Brahms.
Brahms despite him. Being a lunatic Oh, and as far as adult Brom goes, he's able to do a creepy kid voice. I guess a lot of free time alone in the walls probably made him crazier now that I think about it and I must have learned to do weird things. child's voice maybe it's the remains of the child inside him as he didn't really grow up stopping his development after the first murder and the next two decades in the walls or maybe it just doesn't make much sense so there you go. Guys, the doll is not possessed by evil, there is nothing supernatural happening at all, not that it can really happen anyway, right, Frank, wait where are you going, ah, okay, guys, if you have any questions, Be sure to let me know in the comments below, oh yeah, make sure.
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