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The Biggest Opportunity I've Turned Down

Apr 19, 2023
yes welcome back to stephen try less best channel out of all my channels i said it it's just me today i'm alone some behind a table being questioned no i haven't been playing again it's time to a q a I posted on instagram about leadership questions and you guys wrote in your dozens so I'm going to go through all the ones I thought were good enough and the rest were just why are you a redhead? Would you rather fuck your mother or your dirt? Anyway, let's go straight to the deep end guys, the


job they


down money or exposure wise, the


job I've ever done in terms of confirmed money or what they said was confirmed money was to do another tour.
the biggest opportunity i ve turned down
I just wasn't in the mood for it and there had also just been a pandemic so I wasn't really planning on doing a little cross country tour. Can you upload some more podcasts? play and then on this channel your comment where is the podcast when is the podcast coming back hey guys where was this energy when there were weekly podcasts yeah that was a sinking ship that podcast was the titanic of my career they put us in our hearts Soul on the line petting an animal's butt basically Tom was leaving Ryan was leaving and then every time I ask Max what he's been up to he says Oh great question Stephen and then doesn't really answer , so the podcast had to end, it might come in the future, would you ever come to reading college for some kind of motivational speech?
the biggest opportunity i ve turned down

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the biggest opportunity i ve turned down...

In fact, I received an invitation to go to Oxford University, not after my A levels, recently to give a talk there. Waltz on Channel 4 or on the BBC. No, you're not getting my advice. The next question is from Jake Bone15. I hope not. Why TF? support Liverpool so basically people tend to support if the father supports that's what made me fall in love with those sweet sweet men in red you write your jokes before any session or just improvise like the crazy person you are I'm crazy in a way yes no I like to cook up some jokes I like to make some jokes when I'm well generally just to show up and have something to show it's a bit like being invited over well this never happened if I was invited to a party when i was at school i would have brought some jokes you know maybe a tray of mini muffins too so i literally brought something to the party and i love that if people did that for my channel i gave away my vacuum the other day was just gathering dust you got a big booty um i guess it's pretty fat i have a fat back though will just say it's gotten smaller recently i said ok well you're still interested didn't new sketches come out on the main channel?
the biggest opportunity i ve turned down
No, there are no new sketches and I'm just wasting time doing Q&A on the second channel, there will be me. I'm thinking of bringing back some of the classics, yeah what's that? You've run out of ideas. Next question, would you leave Harry in your face for 150k houses? I would have to change my answers to the first question, see, this is the question. someone shits in your face that's demeaning regardless of what culture you're in however this is why i might take the money because when i was in college i had to go home because my friend dumped me a fart and next to my face and i didn't get paid for that by the way i probably will. to get another clue diss him Jersey is my city.
the biggest opportunity i ve turned down
I won the corner of this callum because I burned before the next one. So maybe I was born with it, maybe it's something on the spectrum, your favorite performance on a side man Sunday, oh, I'd say the wheel, gotta accommodate, though I felt the wheel keep turning, wheel turning. I think the school won the first one I did. I really enjoyed it so I wasn't in charge so I could only mess around. If you could have someone in a sketch, who would it be? look at the beach and you think oh pretty nice golden sound mind you not in certain parts of the country quicksand i think he might not know it's a sketch but i think it would be really fun to have him CHI with a c is very good and you have money chihuahua also very good next question is from adam longbottom my name is adam long bottom he is a bit like my gerald hogwash my name is gerald oh my god what is your favorite collaboration and feature you have done?
I really enjoyed the one on Chris and D's Channel and he was there playing football sober and then yeah sober then drunk It's essentially getting drunk and playing football with your friends which is what I should have done when I was younger and I said I stayed home and played with myself, which was his favorite podcast segment for the five people who actually listened to it. Pete Davidson holding hands over the weekend what's going on there he is who is Pete Davidson that guy just hit the nail on the head he was our hawkeye in hollywood this is coming from anthony says what GCSE you don't have gcs just assuming I have one you, so i have the usual math science in english well its not usual for views on this channel drama in spanish yes i have a GSS in drama you have probably noticed you are a frigid soul history food technology because we had to. tech not because I was fat I think it's because you plan on putting out some stand up comedy special like with Netflix or Amazon Prime yeah I need to I need to email them back not really I haven't been approached not many companies have do. come closer to me i would in the future for sure top three favorite content creators oh my favorites right now i think nico or milana he is just outstanding you also have chris MD i love watching his videos i watch a lot of james alcott i am kinda nervous as if the next question was Ewan Chapman's favorite sexual position.
Oh, the cracked man is one of them. The hungry teacher would be and what would be a rebound? oh rummaging through my brain I think just recently football announced they were stopping or is it 2007. I would like to make a new football base show boob pints and jokes and it's just me with my boobs out joking or just gimme my own show and I'll do something fun, whether it's your favorite clip or a video of yourself. Dennis gets it. finally you ask. I am worried. It's pretty sad that I have a favorite clip. Of course, it is so bad. boy sorry about the weight guys hey don't apologize for being fat yeah that's my favorite clip it never goes out of style i'm sure it went out of style about three seconds after max said it to him , do, did you cut?
Have you ever collected anything bad here? Girls numbers, sorry, I collected football cards, shooting cards. In fact, I have an album here. Oh, you don't mind, no, yes. I collected shooting cards and concerned letters from doctors that made you decide to take your comedy towards online sketches instead of stand-up. Good question. Callum, the year was 2016. one and I saw Comedy Central doing an online series with Jack mate and I thought why have they gone with Jack mate instead of a traditional comedian and uh curing lesbians with depression they go towards online personalities? That's when I thought hey I'm going to do some stuff online now instead of performing in a room of 30 people who knows how many people I could perform if you ever had any offers to write comedy for any TV channel or show.
No, I haven't and I don't. I don't understand why. I'll be honest with you. Heard about these writers rooms. I'm sure you could contribute. I can write jokes. How many tries does it really take to film a video of Stephen tries? Relatively smooth, especially if you have to do things quickly, but there are always bloopers. I'm not in this shot some days when we're shooting. I decide that I want to fight Ryan. If you were the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, what would you do first? If you pursue comedy. I did not do it. He chased me.
Hey, get out of the bathroom. Creepy comedy. us and he was on a skateboard i was worried enough i came here to summit and he said leave me with those stupid videos comedy videos stupid videos yeah at least five times he said the phrase those stupid videos and you know like that than the next question If you were offered a job in television, would you take it even if your jokes were restricted? it happened and it was the most painful experience next question how many rounds can you do with chris? Usually we do about three. I think that's our record.
Would you ever? I am a celebrity. I don't think I can do that because as recently as my last video I made a joke about the parkland antelope meet this famous duo and the driving ban is wrong so yeah. I think I've burned that bridge. I'll have to enjoy the alligators on my own time which is a realistic dream guest for YouTubers Behind Bars oh realistic so I feel like I have to meet them. work please comment who you are your dream guest on youtube YouTubers behind bars would be what made you or why you became a pescatarian I really only ate chicken I was always nervous thinking I haven't cooked it enough I don't want to get food poisoning behold last week i had food poisoning from vegan rice or chicken.
I ruined a nice pair of Calvin Kleins because of vegan food so it totally flopped literally this is from Harvey hey you player any chance the podcast could turn into that it could work in the future too you know these guys are doing their own thing now Maxi has his tick Ryan is reposting tick tocks Dave is losing weight Cameron is on the radio Tony's wrestling I mean these people are doing things if you are a kitchen utensil what would you be? and why do i look like a bit of a whisk sometimes you forget it's there and then you take it out of the picture oh yeah this is so much fun and you think about what i do you know i froth it's a frother stephen can you send me a strand of hair please Stephen you have not specified who I am looking at also in your profile picture I imagine you are going to use to frame me for one of your crimes so no thanks if you got the offer would you make it a Taskmaster series yes I am a big fan of the show when i first met alex horn he was taking his pants off which is a true story and maybe that was meant to be maybe we could recreate that in taskmaster callum when are you going to get dyed? your hair so we don't have to look at that ginger mess hey stay away callum i'm one of those people who believes in you you know the natural yeah this is the hand you've been dealt in the abu hamza cases and funny oh satire oh last question are you okay Stephen does that guy get it?
I think I was fine about 45 minutes before I started recording this and then several questions about my pubic hair Ginger later I got lost well there was a wow thanks for all your questions uh for those of you who got involved hope you enjoyed . comment section and i will reply there anyway thanks so much for looking stay safe stay humble now ciao sorry why are you contacting me So it makes you stop touching the animals.

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