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May 31, 2021
they have cover without shooting this thing in the back, yeah, okay, okay, done. Ready soldier, get ready, well, do you like it? There you have it. I already gave it to my life. You did it. You should listen to me once. I don't know where it is right. Now I don't have light. Oh, he's here, brother. That's a Thomas, way to go, yeah, check this, one second, head up, sure, honey, big brother, you're right under the check under that girl over there. I'm going to knock, is this duck safe, no, it's inside, okay, there's no black one, where's the padlock?
the best taser moment ever recorded
I think I got locked out, are you sure he really came out here? Yeah, he's not home, so his dog, oh, okay, we got him. Jay got it, he whispered to her that he's okay, he's okay, hey, we're up here. Want? ignore him for a second get up there yeah oh there we go he's up there hey brother hours about Lee isn't behind that I heard I heard she heard something up there wait look find that flood nothing oh yeah yeah I heard movement up there somewhere I heard movement in this area right here we slide up here nothing behind there okay, forward more that means watch your face, they think we should attend just do a good scrape all over oh okay yeah busy yeah listen we got a can bigger, a bigger can of that pepper spray, so you don't want any more, come out, let's look at both hands, put them away Claire, you got into cars, I've got it covered, watch out, watch out. for that water, he ain't fighting, you got him pepper, yeah, I got handcuffs for you, yeah, I got handcuffs, he goes, bro, let's get another hand, just fight me, okay, look, you got a knife,


ything else in your pockets, will you be worried about hanging up?
the best taser moment ever recorded

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the best taser moment ever recorded...

Anything about you that's going to poke me, hit me or stab me, can't you see, you read that in stand-up, it's not your flashlight, is it now? It's just that you get a cable for not drilling Ryerson, yeah, oh yeah, me neither, yeah, you said it was. You are not here? Is there any truth to the truth in that statement? Don't you know what you think? Well, I'm not, what is? The room he is renting. I'm trying to help you. He is not the room you are renting. I tried to help you, okay you're not trying to help me charge you some fee, do something, oh that could be the piece if you don't do it.
the best taser moment ever recorded
I would prefer not to do it. I don't want mom to charge me or let me go, that's all. I have to say I was ready to go, yeah, be okay, okay, okay, okay go, but he didn't, yeah, you're not so obstruction, obstruction of justice, resisting a police officer, oh, come on , you don't know, I know, hey, I know you. Why am I giving you a break but I can't give him a break while I


them? I really liked this dog. We have to stop meeting like this. This is not healthy for my community. I'll tell you what I'll bail on.
the best taser moment ever recorded
You're right, yeah, I mean, cooperate, right? We will let you go. I know. I know how you guys are taking care of them. Who is yours? He also came out of your pocket or something. He's okay, dog, you want to set it up. I love you dogs. the other guy's guts you live here too he does it very easily yeah ok then work for us ok he said he was just visiting tonight but ok you're good we'll go from there we'll fix the problem I'll see exactly. Hi Edward Edward, I think he said I have a he's hiding behind the plate I see the vagina I'm hiding behind the plate that's cool don't keep going up there go hold it they're holding it try to hold it I guess I have to be more smarter than the door I am

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