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Jun 04, 2021
aha, it's so nice to live up to this bill, so nice, oh, you know why I have a very good idea today, you guys will love my mother, just wait and see, hey Jenny, why are you coming? Come on, you're not going to ask. There's no questions like what are we going to do, okay Chris, hey Chris, Chris, will you act okay? That's fine, that's fine, keep it tidy. Listen, listen, you have a comment. What's going on? No, Chuck, just come, you see chamber ghosts, just you. I know, just go with the flow, yeah, I just woke up, please don't make a noise.
the best scare prank ever on mindofrez
Brian, who was closed, snores like a bear, see? Oh my God, I'm glad we went with the flow with this because you know what I'm going to do. He's always teasing us, yeah, yeah, it's okay, be in some way what you here is what you want to do, don't move because I want to whisper, I want you to hear what we're going to do, okay, I'll be the whole one time. again, okay, over here, oh yeah, what did you have? This is mom, I do it, you know, and Chris, babysitter, oh daddy, go, go, look, look at my shirt, why don't you say goodbye?
the best scare prank ever on mindofrez

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the best scare prank ever on mindofrez...

Oh, yeah, no, guys, I'm here today. ty you're Brian moody so today we'll get out fine while he sleeps we had you know and we're buying a custom one what should we have? Oh, nobody be


d, are you sure? I think we need to go there to the custom sword and see. what they have is fine, but we have to buy from the craziest, scariest customer there, okay, I remember what we're not, he grew up watching Toki boy as he grew up, he knows it's already scary stuff like that, I believe you, He is he. a teddy bear, yeah, that's crazy, okay boy, knives, we'll go out and show


ything we do better on camera, yeah, yeah, what do you think is better?
the best scare prank ever on mindofrez
I don't know well, we came there to solve it, yes. Okay, we'll show you all the pictures of


ything we do, what we were going to choose and everything's fine, just watch until the end, so wait a minute, who's going to wear the costume? What do you mean you and me? Yes, I think it's good. I want to make a joke with this guy, he is all because I will be there, where he will know well about dads, mom res, no, I don't want him to think that you know, let's pretend that you are sleepy, okay, okay, I know how.
the best scare prank ever on mindofrez
To make that tree we're going to pretend that you're sleepy so he doesn't think about it guys, in case you don't know, Chris Chris just joined the family and the YouTube channel, so you'll see Chris very well. on the channel where I was very late, he's fine, he's our cousin and he's also Brian's


friend and, um, Chris, I definitely want to


him because he's always pregnant. Hated like, hey, that's my little guy, you want to


Canaan so you know no. Don't give them a sample of his medicine so they can decide how I feel.
Ok guys, if you are new to the channel, please subscribe, like and share the video. If you want more bracelets like this, watch the video till the end, subscribe and hit the like button. If you want to see more videos like this, let's get these, let's go, I can't wait, man, this guy is about to explode. I hope he's so scared that he pees his pants, he laughs, hopefully, imagine if he'd be good, but Dhabi's cool, so we. Let's get this going, we have to do it now, get this guy right. I hope they are somewhat afraid.
Chuck yells Thursday. Do you think we need to get some good scary costumes? So guys, we're just getting to the mall. Oh my gosh, are you ready? to party, see if we don't find it, then we'll cross the street, the Halloween store, that's what we didn't have, yeah, scary guys, I hope you understood this, so guys, we're about to enter Party City Halloween , he's alive, let's get him, so Jaden. What do you think which one? No, you don't know the same guys spanking, it's not funny, right, Chris, I need your help, please, I need your opinion, stop it though, it's not funny, I'm not the one who should be afraid, come on, finally.
Antro got shy oh my god Kalin is going to be happy with this oh yeah I have to show this to Kailyn Jaden that costume looks so creepy oh my god let me see you lift your head oh my god you look so creepy coming at me with a customer i will vote for my life and spanking guys let's try this one more time because we couldn't find any customs we wanted in the oldest city or party city so now we're heading to the halloween store yeah here they are . We will have a lot of costumes and masks.
Listen, it's a big store. They should have the custom we are looking for. I mean, we're going because we need to get the right one so he can get scared. Yes, yes, I hope we find something. Scary man, what a mom, that's what you do, we're supposed to find some scary things, I don't know, you're looking here to find out what's wrong with you. I mean I'm just going to buy this oh my god Jaden what are you looking for there girl help. I find some things scary, oh my god, so many costumes, so hard to choose in life, I don't know how you think I got it, this one here, this one always is, oh, you don't like Chucky, I think this is the one.
That guy sleeps with teddy bears I hope they're all so funny he lives with a 30 we're like are you kidding hey Cris are you done? I think he's going to be scared I don't know what you think he doesn't I don't know, I don't like the mask, if I were a little boy a year old I'd say yes, but I don't think so, no, no, no, we're doing something else, Chris I didn't like that custom. It seems so fake or cheap, yes, we need to scare him a lot. I'm scared of it. What do you think Jaden is definitely right?
Definitely not, so I was thinking, I don't know, maybe like a black rope, a black rope like that, how scary. mask I think it makes more sense, let's see the hard part is which: are we going to use it? It is very difficult to choose a mask. I like that. Chris likes this one. Jada. What do you think? Which? Which? Which? When? He says in this monkey the idea is more creepy, yes, look at your lips, let's see how it looks. Hold this, Jamie Jamie, he tried a lot of different costumes, but I don't know, it's like none of them are going now, I don't know it's.
He's okay, maybe in a black robe and a hoodie, maybe we'll look pretty. Say it's funny and I think this is creepier. Yes, yes, this is it. What do you think? That you are hungry? I can't see you, Bob, I think he's fine, yeah. I think we're going to pick that one, make sure you love it because all sales are final. Oh, I haven't tried it on just in case. Oh yeah, go ahead, hey Chris, are you ready, oh yeah, I think it's going to work. I think I'm going to go to work, wait, wait, wait, you can't be trying to rob someone with dripping shoes, man, you can't do that, we're going to have to show you something else, come on, man, come in, okay, then .
Everything will be ready now Chris I think we're good now definitely let's not forget this here so Chris, you like California so far, what do you think? Yeah, definitely, man, it's beautiful. What is there not to enjoy? Look. I know the weather is beautiful. and it's all just a couple of things that I don't like, that I can't, I don't think I can get used to it, I think before many know it, blue skies, what are you so afraid of? Mara is like, lit up here. I just don't like fires and earthquakes, but other than that, this is perfect, it shoots perfectly, that came, man, we, from the bronze, that's usual for us, oh, my hat, sorry, man, excuse me , Miss Mahan, do you know what I like? most palm trees palm trees nice skies warm weather it's just the friendly people uh in the grunts he's not so friendly ha ha that's true the people he's so friendly it's not even funny what could i say to you one thing touch your pet No I think it's going to be friendly oh no this is not meant to be friendly it's scary we have to scare people his face his face oh my god I can't wait to see the reaction of this guy who likes to be scaring people people like what if you get scared, yeah, what if we scare you, we gotta give him some of his medicine, that's all, so we're good, we go back home and make sure he doesn't see that costume.
I think you should go through the back. Chris, just in case, yes, I'm going to change, no, no, no, because we have to figure out how we're going to do it, let's hope we don't sweep, yes, yes, if we sleep it's even better because for me, for the boys, They like to wake me up more. to something terrifying like that in front of me, what do you think you wake up with this? Yeah, yeah, okay, so if you want to help him, you have to quietly go to the back and then I'll go to the front and then I'll see.
What's that? And if he's sleeping, it's even better if you can let me know. Okay, I'll let you know that you have your phone right now. JD. You have to be calm. Okay, let's see you. Okay, let's see if. this guy finished. I saw that Brian is sleeping, which is good. Chris, you did well. Yeah, Chris, guess what's sleeping? Yes, I check his room. He's sleeping, so he'll be fine. Oh my god, I can totally hear, make sure they get dressed. It doesn't stick out well, okay, sorry, who's going to know right away? Thanks, I know, but the nice thing about catching him when he's sleeping, you know, you see that when you're sleeping you like to sleep and you're like, oh. there yeah, yeah, he's going to be sleepy, he's going to think it's real, yeah, jaren, it's your food, good, yeah, it's good, okay, okay, Chris, where did you do that?
It's creepier than it was, let's make sure it's scary. Wow, those are wipes, tears. You don't trip and fall where he's sleeping how are we going to do this right so Jaden I'm going to stand in front of him you're going to stand a little on the back of the bed and scream for help he has to get You scared Jenny and we only have one chance to do this, okay, so we have to do the right thing, if you wake him up, then the joke will be done, the joke won't be good, okay, do that.
What is this? A bow, brother. and you want to stay right, you have a problem with that, yeah, what you're breaking, you ready to get home, are you serious? Has anyone evaluated me? This guy knows who he's kidding, he doesn't know who he's going to stay with. to get married, you sure want to


me in the sun, why do you have medicine on you, something's okay, oh my God, again you want to prank me, war is war, okay, okay, then I'll go out with you when you really need help, no, don't look for me, man, you're bad, what's this, your idea, yeah, okay, bro, and you just got here, man, look, you wanna start with the jokes, why What are you messing with the wrong person, bro, tell them I'm arrested, why not, she told me this is it? like this whole breaking up thing Caitlyn you're not ten you don't like me you sat there watching the videos all the crimes you've been committing and the worries you know what's up with what oh my god you're serious Danny you liked this - come on bad brother bad you want to act like this let's see what's going to happen man okay Wow look guys the prank wars that started are over man you don't know anyone here nothing now say your first days your prank days are everything else, that's it, like this guys comment below who's which side you're going to be on mama res gang res gang Kris gang Kailyn gang or James Gang let us know because this prank war is going to start mom yeah come on guys you could do it. comment below Chris gang boys Chris gay Kristin Jaden we got this, yeah

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