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The Best (Or Worst) Of Hector Salamanca | Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul

Aug 05, 2023
key, don't they start? oh, the men's room is there on the left. I need to see your boss, okay, well, I'm the assistant manager, the manager isn't actually here today, not the manager, the boss, you mean Mr. Free Mr. Free, well, he's not here right now. . I'm sure I can help you with whatever you need. I need Frank, but like I said, he's not here and I really don't know when you'll be back. I can accept a message. Oh wait. I don't have to do that. I will be happy to receive a message. I'm sure Mr.
the best or worst of hector salamanca breaking bad better call saul
Fring won't want to keep you waiting. Foreigner, excuse me sir, he can't light that here sir, no smoking on the premises please sir. Look, look at the signs, no smoking, you can't, that's a health code violation, uh, sir, they're just employees, Mr. Foreigner, you can't come back here, they're coming. The connector wanted me to talk to you face to face so that there were no misunderstandings. From now on there will only be one route to cross the border for our produce chicken trucks, that is final, but you must understand that this is only for efficiency, there is no disrespect towards you or your family, what are you doing? him here?
the best or worst of hector salamanca breaking bad better call saul

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the best or worst of hector salamanca breaking bad better call saul...

The boss wants you to fix this, I'll fix it. Right now you have to work together, that's what the boss wants. It would surprise me. He'd be careful what I say if it were you who you think you are. You should be kissing my ass right now. My family and I built this old business. we did it all together no no Salamanca made money from Salamanca blood from Salamanca you have to calm down I pay and you treat us like dogs Hector this is not personal it is personal


9-1-1 you should not be here when they arrive, yes I need an ambulance In the corner of that stick, a door, my boss collapsed.
the best or worst of hector salamanca breaking bad better call saul
I think he's having a heart attack. Come here, does he have a history of heart problems? Yes, and he was taking some medication. Thank you, we are heading to Lovelace, if you want to continue abroad, thank you tomorrow, go to the district attorney and explain that my nephew is gone, he was yours. The idea will ask you why, then you say something before telling it that you forgot. ask for what you want I don't give a but you're gone, let's talk about my payment that time passed No 5,000 for you the price is 50. What if the payment is that you won't live long enough?
the best or worst of hector salamanca breaking bad better call saul
Oh, do you think you can negotiate with I say the word My nephews go to a certain motel Visit your daughter-in-law and granddaughter What do you think will happen? Then consider your position carefully. I got my money or neither of us will get out of here. Will you? to die for this maybe I need the 50,000 more than you do how did you manage to live so long with a mouth like that um 50,000. and God is yours look good reproductive foreign look services no no no Nyla foreign system my name Me one to you, hello, what can I get you black coffee?
He really did a number on you, I'm sorry, I know you, the young man who did that to you, he's my nephew, the impulsive one, he always has been, he thinks he's a boxer, he should have shown you respect. I apologize on behalf of my family. Apologies were accepted and you know what you should go to jail. The


thing for him is to teach him to respect his elders, but not for eight years less. The eight year charge is gone, maybe 10. Aggravated as


t, they're gone and you've got your wallet, that's right. I would like you to tell the police that the gun was yours.
Would you buy some heat under the color about if you crashed into his car? or not, but there was a fight and he took yoga yoga out of your pocket, you have it and that's how the Prince of his got in and then he would be subject to firearm charges. If you're an ex-scope, they go easy on you. so you are a psychic I even get twisted because here I make him apologize and it serves as aggression for the


possible result for everyone and for your trouble you take home five thousand dollars think about it foreigner God doesn't care about his sisters incredible Don Héctor took you quite a bit time done Hector mine is a cartel business but it is mine and it is legitimate my employees are civilians your actions here today have endangered my interests and those of the cartel I am the cartel and from now on you are my mule you are going to bring my product Miranda Norte I understand that your supply line has been compromised and this is very unfortunate however my trucks are already at maximum capacity make a space Don Héctor you must understand that I responded to a Bolsa do you want to cry to Balsa cry to Balsa or to the hell Eladio adding more product will threaten the reliability of the entire operation May I ask if Danny Ladio approved this?
I approve it. You are doing it. What kind of man talks to the DEA? No man, no man at all, a cripple. little rat what a reputation to leave behind is that how you want to be remembered last chance to look at me actor oh my god guys

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