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The Best Of Woolie VS The 3rd Birthday

Jun 01, 2021
has infinite fewer shower scenes infinite more mechanical alcohol I feel so bad for this franchise to be the size of the defense unless this ending It's like literally none of this happened. We're all over the world so you can't even go back to a normal Parasite III without a twisted apocalypse involved. I feel like I need to fall into a stream of life and then just appear as another. game for a while not just to save her from this nightmare if I did Bor turns out to be like with the choir behind him and just shoots angel lasers from his just my offensive guard I like, I'm sorry, you know, I feel like we We're about seconds of that and then his face is also like he's like an angel, but he's like a monster, oh no, the wings go from being angel wings to demon wings and now his strange texture becomes leathery, five dollars he has .
the best of woolie vs the 3rd birthday
I'm going to offer an ace to join him thinking I don't believe the five bucks he's going to ask you for, I say, join me before you have to kill him for being a stupid weirdo, so that guy will take you there, He has a chest farm in Clifton Oh so you can lose yours so this is revealing to you where the twisted come from his people the twisted are people all the time mate that's crazy I never saw it coming what a strange twist if you had to guess what the Metacritic score was for 3rd


high good average good said what would you do?
the best of woolie vs the 3rd birthday

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the best of woolie vs the 3rd birthday...

I think not, I already checked it, oh, you checked it well, I think I checked this well, oh, this car is like from the 80s, when did you go, when did you check it before you started, yeah, before you started, why stop make sure it was wrong, why did I do it? I reviewed it because I think it's one of those things where the critics think the game is good but the fans hate it. I'm honest with you. I think this game is good but the story is bad, but the game is not just a story. just dialogues, every club game is fun, it doesn't matter soon, you know, they have fulfilled multiple sacrifices, laughter, I still do it.
the best of woolie vs the 3rd birthday
I think for a PSP game it has a good shooter, you really get good graphics for PSP you know? Stuff like that, true, but the story sucks, that's why everyone hates it. You know, man, that's ironic because I think you're a good person. I mean, your opinion sucks, but that's not all it is to a person. You can have horrible opinions. story, but still be a good person, like having a good game. I made the target score is 71 but the user score is 6.1. I was hoping it would be under 50. Somehow a website like Game Chronicles says it probably would have played much better and had a wider audience on the ps3.
the best of woolie vs the 3rd birthday
I would have praised Square Enix for releasing a fantastic sequel. An exceptional gaming experience on the PSP for any fan of the genre. Definitely check it out. The gamer says that long-time fans of the series will be discouraged. the game based on shooting, but despite having the structure of something very standard, it has a deceptively creative centum ztg d. The Third Birthday is still one of my favorite titles. Playing it again on Vita reinforced my love for the series when the ps1 title hit the ground running. On Vita, I opened a trilogy in one place to play whenever I wanted and the new game is a radical departure from the gameplay, but it fits perfectly with the theme of the series as a whole, now on to the reviews, that's all.
In another book of worms, I mean, we have JD nadir here who says it's refreshing and polished and I like it, seriously, although it has a wicked style of nice controls for PSP and the leveling system is very attractive, probably I should have done it with an accent, does he like Ziya? You know, if you were to take a look at Parasite eve 1 Metacritic, you would see an 81, based on professional reviews but a 9 based on user reviews, here's something interesting, zero negative reviews for Parasite eve 1. Good on both a professional and user level , now I know you don't think fondly of it, but it got a 79, which then an eight point nine and user scores, yeah, and it also has zero negative ratings on the professional side, but it has four on the user side with a hundred and four positive reviews, oh I know, zero negative reviews, excuse me, you know, my opinions are often controversial and people do things like that, what I say, people confuse what I mean, just because I like something doesn't mean I do. know.
I'm saying it's good that you have an example besides this very game. Do you want to talk about DMC? Again people still think FC is my favorite game for some reason, as if that rumor never spread. Do you know what Whitey did? There is a great impact on you when I talk about DMC. Yeah, what's hyperbole like? Did you remember what I said? I didn't say which one is my favorite, but I say something that was very controversial. I prefer DMC. stop about MC 3 that's what he said and then that's not that, that was exaggerated, yeah, because what I said and what you basically do, what you heard, is that the FCC is the


because DMC 3 is the


What people before interpret my words differently than the website, right, sometimes I'm welcome to the min game because hey, there's a lot of history about me, guess what the vast majority of it is random nonsense, in fact, four came out. on his LPS yeah because spoiler alert now that best friends broke up they had nothing else to talk about so they talk about me because I was different they had in common in hindsight looking at it now you can see it for what it was , but and some things are hilarious and some things are tired and, you know, in some cases people throw it at me anyway, so everyone here may like the tiredness in your voice the same way I don't.
I have the same time I mention it, you know, it's the same as I heard that Wooly loves to kill animals or steal cakes, what a liar, he grabs that old Google face and posts it everywhere, isn't it funny? Did you see the guy's video? reading Woolly's story book the liar stole my cake did you see the new video did you see it although it's a reading of him stealing speech it's us it's a bully reading the liar stole my cakes for children did you see it did you see it? Although no, I'm pretty sure, oh, you may not have seen it right, Vijaya, so the problem is, of course, that, as you know, there are people who do things for fun, with some malicious intent, they just laugh.
In a joke, they've heard it once or twice, so it's pretty funny that they haven't heard it literally over a thousand times. That story is incredibly tired, especially because it was so early on when people didn't know anything else about me. so my whole character, in quotes, was born from Willy the liar stole my cake when he's wonder and through some fighting games, of course, oh, he played Street Fighter instead of coming to record Kirby's Epic Yarn and that was it, so you know for a while, I have nothing to go on and it is what it is, so it's not surprising that after years it's become really exhausting.
I don't mind embarrassing photos of myself and I definitely like them. I am ashamed. I do not have shame. I did it Jojo. underwear photoshoots for my content, you know what I mean, I have the intro to this LP and it involves making really uncomfortable noises getting really uncomfortably close to my face and making people feel really weird about themselves. I'm very willing to put I threw myself under the bus because of the goo. I'm doing what would come next. I respect that he actually revels in it. Yes, he loves that. Like everyone is making fun of me because I don't know what to make fun of. of him, yes, making fun of him, right, yes, that's not what he loves me.
The big gays make fun of him, yeah, it's just that in contrast or in contrast to me, I would say yeah, I mean, dude, I wouldn't, I definitely would. I wouldn't film myself doing embarrassing things if I didn't encourage being made fun of like this like it's funny, you know, because I look like, for example, he does it often, but people take advantage of it and edit it out of the way. way I would like. mocking him, yes, he shared them. He likes. I don't know, it's difficult. Yes, I'm sorry. I just retweet almost all the fan art that crosses my path.
I guess I'm trying to figure out how to do it. Do you think I don't feel that way? I'm trying to understand if that's what you mean. I think you have lighter skin than the fact. I already said that in response to that sentence, but okay, I'll say what. I mean, no, no, no, I don't mean, I don't know how to plan as much as you, maybe from my point of view on them, I know that's not what it's about, as much as I think you could. I don't necessarily know how much I've been the butt of the joke for how many years, okay, like you, you might not have the full picture of that little release from 2011 to about 2017 or so, like every joke was about what awful. and like that was pretty like the punchline, I definitely had to develop thick skin to deal with it in a different way, but the way I was actually trying to say it and I've explained it so well is that when you're the target of the joke, right, let's say it could really be humiliating, right, but the way he sleeps, it feels like he's fine, come in, feel all the works, but joke with me, it's like I welcome him, but you No, you don't.
I don't welcome you, okay, that's Lenny or that's Lady Wow, but you don't say, oh, why bring it, take it, bring it all to Joe Fahmy? You know you don't invite people to make that interesting, okay, I don't think so, but I could be wrong because if I think about myself, I think about the many times where I was like, yeah, I'm definitely the absolute butt of the joke and I totally accept it in some ways, but the things I was trying to talk about. At first, he's the tired joke, it was a matter of, like you said, making fun of names, for example, like at a certain point, you're not going to say, oh yeah, keep making fun of my name because you're like me.
I'm really tired of hearing that you know it's okay so you understand the difference between the two, yes, yes, it's okay, but I also think it's ironic because depending on how thick the hides are that you offer, ironically, literally, he just calls you out for being thin skinned, it's literally the The finished skin thing you can do if someone says you have thin skin is say no, I like it, the irony is not lost on me, I think it's funny, that's the case, yes, friend, and as I said, I will do it. I took my pants off for these videos I thought I don't mind a deep throat on a banana and what have been the videos that the Donkey Kong video we did with Mad gets pretty embarrassing, you know, but if it's more fun than embarrassing, so you gotta do it, you gotta do it, are you ready, Woody, for the end?
Because we went in there. I have post-tattoo endorphins flowing through my body right now. I am in you. They feel so good. I'm in the perfect place. State of mind to just sit back and let the world happen to me at the end of the world. Yeah, you know, I'm just very passive right now. You're laughing? Come on, pour into me, but don't come, with whatever memories you can. You don't have you just teleported oh really really he can just swing that's stupid I'm biting my tongue because there are two stupid things this could be and they were both standing there you thought not so you shot?
Eve, why did you do that? The ability to over-dive is not just yours, but you also share it, so someone bumped into you. There are two things I'm putting, I'm holding my fingers against the wind. One of them is the possibility that someone has submerged. her and they forced her to do things and the other one is fine no, only D confirmed that thank God for us for a second it sounded like she was hiding. Bohr is one of two people standing in the church, either Kyle or the priest because she says I wake up. up in the church, but then we saw them running towards Eve's body, so basically everyone who ran towards the base body is all the tall ones, yes, so ever, if the mother created, I want to go all apparently, but what does that mean?
That mean little girl, Eve, who was your little sister, who was innocent all along? I guess she turned out not to be so innocent, like she's a mystery, I don't care about the answer, like you know what I mean, like she was anyway. just let it be its thing, just let it happen. Honestly, I keep getting mentally torn because I just think about the people who would really like those first two games and I feel so sorry for them. I really feel bad, okay, well, I said. the other saturday i think this game is good and i still said buy it because are you having fun now?
This is what fun at Mins House looks like if you were to walk home with a house of men on any given day and see this. It's not fun because I'm not using the right weapon. I agree. I would. This is what I'm saying. An indicator is not just a story. Yes, it is graphically. Definitely. Yes. Have fun. That's why that's why. I'm talking about raw gameplay right now, but you already heard my take on the story. What I'm saying is, gameplay-wise, are you having fun now? No, it's okay, I like how your scene closes the damage, regardless of what exactly was, wait, becausethat's nothing.
FMB yeah that's all their sexy damage because they're floating and he's fighting them they're everyone you care about they've been here the whole time by your side time has stopped and he's just controlling their bodies now which is what I'm referring to. Yes, of course, you know a lot of things about video games. I can't accept, what is he actually doing right now to make those people do that? Do you really have an explanation for what is happening to innocent people? No, I was going to say you know many things about I think that speaking in general I am a person who simply greets beings you know that if I don't explain I don't give up here I don't care I don't think I think I think that's why it is my justification is that it's because It's correct I guess my only question is like at that point don't say man, this is so stupid but I like it yes in contrast I think not No, I don't know, it's a little clear yet, but yes, I love the beginning, it's well, I don't love it because it's dumb, the sequence you love, yeah, I hit Pay with yours, just treat it like you know Virgil doing his whole thing. help the splitters in Virgil 3 it's the same thing it's like you stop the fight really cool right no wait wait a second let me stop you right there you really want to reference DMC oh yeah good game oh that's exactly what I'm doing what I mean this is like Virgil 3 when he starts doing helm splitter helm splitter hell splitter and you just have to dodge him for a while because he's at the top of his hype and you're honestly like oh if I get up I'm going to die here you know that's all. , it's just one of those box phases, it's all good, we've seen it, we've seen it before, if I hate this game so much, I'll try not to associate it with my series that I love so much, that's the joke, damn it, man, just like Kill Bill, the priest didn't do anything wrong, remind me something in Kill Bill, were they mercenaries or, is it coffee, was it oooh, his bills, men, so he was that one?
No police, no, yes, but I mean the wedding day, massacre, poor priest, what did he do wrong? Well, we all know what he really did wrong, so no, let's not go there, he deserved it. I don't feel too bad about it, don't worry. about that that's the ayah we know oh she didn't do it she just watched as she aimed the gun wait she did it she just aimed too hard you dove into ayah and then you shot yourself well that's what they were called from the beginning I guess I did, Yes, honey, for a second, one multiplied by zero, that's when you enter your body and that's when they took away your memory.
No, I think I said somewhere in one of the first episodes that I'm probably playing all the time, yeah. yeah, but you thought it was Eve growing up, who looks, yeah, and then it turns out I'm not, which is constructed, but this is worse, aya, Brea's soul was destroyed, oh, out of your video game, Nicky, the table, right now I am. Seriously, you killed the air by your stupidity, you actually ruined the franchise, literally, you just ruined it, that's what happened sometimes in this game, in all corners of time and space, only to be reborn as what we call the twisted one, ah, you, and that's time zero, that's the The tattoo still hurts, this is, but now you have a bigger pain, cold in pieces, so I have my scars.
Does Li Chang. I stopped counting at 20. Driver. I know you can convert. I'll tell your mom. Become part of this. It's the worst sequel. Me because, oh yeah, okay, sure, whatever Devil May Cry 2 is with all its crap, a world where I cry too has been destroyed. I was about to say that at least that's over. Juicin, I'll see Dante in it, okay, here she is, she's the cool combination. breaker cool interrupted will be interrupted if this game actually kills aya this is unforgivable this is a whole different level of not only is it the worst game ever but it literally literally murders the character you gave her you have to aim Oh she does all she makes baby noises an F she talks confidently and she doesn't do that that's the only point I said that's the reason she's going all the time yeah yeah Wow they had a reason for it all the time Besides hiding what his erection is, how did they do it? come back here without the time machine after beating the last boss, the Queen, who beat the Queen and I came back and for some reason, you know, no expenses, cool, yeah, yeah, look, that's what I mean, cool, no I need it for sure. sure, sure, sure, no doubt, no doubt, no doubt, okay, so, wow, brotherly love, so they switched bodies, yeah, and now I'm still with you, I'm with you on this point, why do I have to shoot him like was she alive?
Because? Do we have to do that right? I mean, honey, because we have to avoid Twisted and Ohio, I want to, but at this point in the game, when I was playing, I was thinking about this shooting thing because in the game they tell me I have to do it. shoot so I'm like no I'm not going to touch the controller and then and then let's do that yeah we're not going to touch the controller this is the same thing making fun of one of the best conclusions to a video game ever. my opinion, okay, snake eaters got one of the strongest closes of all time and it was probably my favorite in the entire franchise because of the way i shot it.
I know you put the controller down in a minute like, oh, you're not shooting right, I should play the music. It's over, yeah, you pick me up, yeah, you bring it back for a second, you blow it up again, you give a lot, you give Kyle a little bit of his real husband, then you throw it back inside his body and now you're using his puppet corpse. because of your stupid new version of the character and Eve is acting like she loves Kyle is she motoko kusanagi Motoko come on come on come on damn it? I'm irritated I'm Makoto look yes seven is not my code Nicole I don't I know it's because she's snow.
Is she the ghost without a shell? Now, why do we have to manipulate Aya's corpse around? You killed her, you ruined the franchise. What's the point of putting the dumb baby inside her brain and using that dream? Say there's a moment. man, she did it, that's up to you, that's a new timeline when she fixes time, a layout, except the real areas like this aren't there, so Eva's possession area right now isn't there. I can't, I can't deal, I can't, there's no back. paid, she said she wanted to focus on that, right, he knows, you know, that makes it a whole new level of creepy, but it's like she never existed?
I want you to live, she did exist, no, he knows this guy has to call, so Eve just Look, she was secretly jealous of her sister the whole time, it's just that what we're getting here isn't, I think it's more like in a place in the area where she will be happy for the inner street or something, now you have never had malicious business. or position the feelings correctly, so jealousy shouldn't be a feeling she had. I'm talking about what this game does to a franchise. this is this is destined less baby this is this is the peach this is the worst thing i've ever seen would make him clap, Game of Thrones deserves that Emmy right now, holy shit, what's wrong with you?
I didn't put the sorry viewers with the cleaner. I kept it to myself, but I hate it. I just wanted to bother you. Did you wear all white today because you knew you were going to yours? That's why everyone was waiting buried on this day. There is a small part of me. It's a bit of a relief. That's the whole game where I hate him. An area I actually hated to hate. II. Yes, I felt like at least that was my little denial. I was in the middle of trying to get that out. Oh, I'm sorry like I was trying to say.
Oh, at least you had a reason for all that horror and counterattack. I was blown away by him through all three heads, so that was just my little like, what do you say? That may be another relief, but as a consolation, my little consolation and roses all the time, where I was helping in a, I literally hated Eva. It ruins both characters here even though I had no connection or cared about Eve as a person to begin with, she's just the last boss of the second game, you take all that away and it just smears everything, there's no save point here, no There is nothing you can do. do, except just Burberry, the blood, the body on the ground, just them, they quickly burn it to ashes and these are the people who made the blitz games.
I can't like it, this worries me, this is franchise murder, it's not. character assassination this is franchise this is the piece this is the worst thing i've ever seen you literally leave no room for anything else so i recorded some footage of the costume you unlock to hit together oh yeah you know what we don't do I really care because I'm like Oh, what we have now is yeah. I know you told me and I saw the photos, so now we have a dead body handled by our little sister dressed in a nurse's outfit and a maid's uniform. friend costume and a chun-sam, yeah, what's the best way to get your own personal tutor?
Oh yes, my moriyama, yes, you put someone else inside. Is he too old for you? Did you need a little sister within your area? Oh my gosh, Ben, this is it. The worst thing the final idea has been, right? I'm so sorry for anyone who loves the parasite eve 1 or 2, or me more than you, well, I mean, because I'm not, I'm a new guy, yeah, yeah, that's the aya that love, that's the Aire Brea that we want to remember until the end of time because we will never see her again because she is dead, but that is how she will be remembered.
Can we have a nice one? Can we go back to? Yes, yes, that's what it is. everything about you you know that's where the ride ends, frankly, holy man, okay, we're done, we're done, no, that, yeah, okay, stop button.

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