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The Best Game Of Bike Ever! | Ryan Nyquist vs Matty Cranmer

Mar 13, 2024
Alright guys, here we are at Carrie Action Sports, this is a skate park that's in Cary, North Carolina, they were nice enough to let us do this


. It looks like it's a biting


here between Ryan Negros and Maddie Kramer. It's a suicide game. bicycles and means that only tricks involving suicide will be done, no hands will be done in today's game. Today's game will have five different letters, they will be hands, so now I also have a different surprise that we haven't done. Before, as soon as one of the riders arrives at H-a-n, we will do a challenge between the two riders in which I have chosen a trick that they must do.
the best game of bike ever ryan nyquist vs matty cranmer
It will involve suicide without hangers and the rider who gets the trick will get it. Skip the next rider's turn or take an extra mulligan depending on your situation, it's your choice, but we are about to start this right now, if you look behind me, so many people attended this event,


yone is so excited to be able to see this. Maddie and Ryan are currently practicing and I'm about to announce that this is going to start, so it's going to be awesome. You guys are in for an ultimate light show between two amazing BMX riders. We have black and green regulation. okay, it's regulation, I mean, I guess so, so it's your park, I mean, it's your, I challenge you, so I think it's fair, okay, that's how it will be, I'm going to call the green column, green column, green ready, so we pull green, it's green, it's definitely green, okay, so I said the first trick, um, I'm going to keep you pretty calm, pretty calm, pretty calm.
the best game of bike ever ryan nyquist vs matty cranmer

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the best game of bike ever ryan nyquist vs matty cranmer...

I'm going to do a no-hands fly across the deck, drop no-hands, oh, here we go, you wanna get started. like that, uh, that's true, you want to start like this, don't you, hey, it's calm, bro, it's calm, I'm fine, calm, bro, let's do it guys, now the question is, can Matty Kramer answer right now? I got this, let's do this. up on the skateboard lander and he's going down, he starts going up slowly, yeah, okay, so we're going to make a straight seam handle, okay, but instead of going straight over the box, we're going straight up to the small bag, so just deviate. the edge but not straight but not too scary okay just a little straight yes he has it he has it figured out what do you think?
the best game of bike ever ryan nyquist vs matty cranmer
Well, I've n


taken advantage of this opportunity before, so I'm really more concerned about the speed of everything. what the new controller really is, but what I'm worried about is the speed because, yeah, I've never had it before, it's new and it's against me, okay, let me go here and get the configuration letter that has been delivered. Now, damn it, the young calf has taken the lead. Okay, that one hurt me physically and emotionally. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park, but apparently it was like a walk in the desert without water.
the best game of bike ever ryan nyquist vs matty cranmer
Okay, so I am. I'm going to take it a step further because that's what we're doing. I'm going to go straight again because it sounds like that's what you're comfortable with. Okay, so I'm going to skip right over the double suicide bars, so for those of you. that I don't know what it is, I'm going to turn the bars twice while the hands are away just asking Ryan right now is that your end, yeah, wait, let me think, yeah, I just have to focus on the right speed, no, that It felt pretty good. man, yeah, that was decent, that felt pretty good and I just want to be fair, there's no uh, I can't try to fly first, okay, okay, just one, hey, you can ask too, right, don't take it .
You say let's see how it goes, come on guys, dad's about to jump right now, moment of truth because not only did he hang up but there are parts falling off his


and it's like a garage sale out here, no, no, It's like if someone wants to buy bicycle parts there are things that fall off their bicycle around here people would consider it a good pump people would consider it a good pump nothing I don't know, honey, I don't know, that's your arm, I'm not going back anything but a card this is heating up right now guys, I can't believe you had to throw out the double awesome job because I've never seen you try that, but it doesn't count, it doesn't count.
Right now, Matty is strapped in and is back in the driver's seat, although we'll see what he wants to do and Ryan tends to think I like to go slow and low, so I'm trying to prove him wrong. Cancel. table, yes, can we slide that fence and remove those chairs? I'm sending it from the coin on the fence to that random bag in the back, is it coming out of here? We're hitting the coin on the fence, Stewie on this. What judges, are you in your place? I'm watching and learning right now. He's doing all the things I've never done, so it's like if someone cleans up the trash, cleans up the garbage, banana fields or whatever the mafia comes across, please, I'll clean up Scott.
Corey, okay, now I'll leave it, daddy will leave it, guys, let's listen to that should be serious, are you kidding me? showing up, that was legit, uh, that was good, you got pretty close to that railing, which made me think twice about this, so it's uh, yeah, that was good for 14 years, awesome, here we go guys, That was awesome dude, when was the last time you kicked yourself out like that? uh on Tuesday I jumped outside glad you practiced yeah that was awesome good job coach I'm not. I'm going to lie, I knew I had suicide on the rails, but that approach was something else, so Ryan can set up the trick.
I don't know what he's going to do now, I just know that he has a lot of crazy tricks that he can do. retire when you win, so let's see what you want to do, what was it you guys need to be quiet there, get those kids out of here, there's no training, it was uh, it was his own song, yeah, it came from Jameson, yeah, come on, oh , he is establishing. okay, listen, I'm doing it, I'm going to treat it like a box show, I'm moving forward, I'm shipping it, let's do it, let's do it, I got it, wow, there's too many to remember, so it was like I had to write the


ones go to notes maybe a couple of taps later listen it's just it's hard when they have so many tricks you have to write down the good ones because they get lost in the shuffle maddie like this morning just took I always thought that's a good wait no I already did that one, no, you know, when you wrote that in North Carolina, but come on, guys, a little disappointed, they didn't take their hands off, they didn't go overboard, the shot was thrown out too quickly.
I pushed too hard, yes that one hurt, yes I wasn't going to go into details but it hurts. Okay, good set, not bad, amazing. I'm going to give it a second. um yeah cool joke bro so I wrote it so Ryan has been working on. your fakies let's give you a round of applause what we're going to do here is a quarter pipe there we're going to go up on a peanut butter spreader that's going to be two hands on the crossbar we're going to do a sewee to fakie and we're going to land back on a peanut butter spreader peanut butter and then we'll jump off it, that's what we're going to do because the weird kid is preparing his trick right now, oh wow, weird tricks from a weird kid, Ryan, right?
I've ever seen it or even heard it and talked about how Maddie seems to come up with tricks that no one cares about. Okay, you know what, let me kill myself, no holds barred, she reaches into my pocket, grabs an oreo, puts the oreo in my mouth, uh, say the ABCs. through d and then land no one has done that before and this is in the same realm of who cares okay don't give me the oreos by the way land the peanut butter spirit yeah here's the trick Guys, it's the hands. on the crossbar I don't know what to say about that that was crazy okay jameson do you think your dad understood this trick?
Sorry Ryan, I thought it was going to be an impulse, aren't you wrong? You probably have the same thing. The amount of fear Maddie was when she attempted that suicide, that's crazy, the furthest thing from it, but now it seems like she's backing off. I'll go first. Wow, this is going to be hard if he could land there with no hands. I'd be surprised if anyone grabbed his bag. I think he needs help. I don't think the furniture was on the right side of the room. That was incredible. 10 seconds longer and that's why I only did it on smaller ramps.
You go? to go or not now you're back on the hot lap now let's keep it up hands up he's up he's gone good look at his hands up he's up he's coming down wow come on


hands on perfect that looks solid let's do it now let's do this a little clunky here he is a yes because I can wow potentially crash the game right now imagine this for all the non prospering people out there it's just switch and take your hands off what's the problem here comes the old bowl wow they both said that counted , I know it's a little hard to see, I mean one probably looks great, you're probably thinking it was a change, but no, it wasn't, can we get a fact check?
Please see the


wiki pages. he spins that way, he has dumb feet, I can confirm that you can take the child out of the flight, but you can't take the flower, actually, the Olympics are trained before. I can't believe Ryan is lying about performing the trick and he goes and sets up the trick ryan tries the trick it failed in his hands it's heads up right now ryan has his back to the wall going further so he's going to take a mulligan Every time we go, he's at the top of the ramp again, let's see what he wants.
Does that hurt a lot? I'm not going to lie, that was, uh, we saw, that was a wake-up call, okay, I think I have a trick. I'm going to go with that big quarter. I'm going to spin a 540. I'm going to commit suicide without a transfer in the middle oh what yeah, you can't do it with a small coin and I only have one stipulation: it must be above the ability to cope with the situation. I don't do those little things. I'm going up. I'm going to fly in the air yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm not kidding people, I don't know who you think I am, you think I'm Maddie Kramer, no, no, you're Ryan Nyquist, you're from here, okay, thank you. how many fingers three dogs it's okay, they're good guys, it's good, but here's the thing, if you go that high above coping, you're above Coco, he's not wrong, that's why I love the way Corey plays , you say, shout, that's good too. way of thinking about it that's good that's good I'm going to try that that's good let's try it what do I have to lose?
I'm using the mulligan I'm going to try that of course yes, so what comes of this? right now guys, I'm going to try it first, let's support you guys, he's here right in front of you, ladies and gentlemen, it's a tie game, guys, this is crazy, it's exactly what we expected, heads-up, we have new school versus old school, but cinematic control right now the question is what trick is he going to do let's find out there we go there he is we're going to do here wait wait wait slow down there champ oh let's back up there it's kind of It's hard for you to see, I'm sorry, but this has to happen.
I'm going to try to get him to count on it. Let's do it, let's not go too fast, just be fast enough to keep going, oh, you have to throw it like this. It was amazing, basically, I got to the landing on that one, you could see it, but my foot slipped and touched and that was it, so Maddie took my helmet off, that was pretty amazing, there's no way to get in. Hell, he would have ever done any of these things or except them in a very daily session, so I appreciate you pushing me, but that was fun, man, it was close, definitely close.
Thank you so much Ryan Nyquist, I would have to say this was It's an incredible honor to bust fucking Ryan Nyquist. This is crazy. Give him a round of applause for making the damn digression. Yes, I'm very happy that we finally made it happen and it feels like he just won the biggest event in the world. I know you're probably all going to forget this tomorrow, but I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life. Can we give it to Maddie for winning something? Yeah, this is amazing, it's such an amazing day for this kid, honestly, like I remember my first trophies. a lot so this is a big one and it's one he made too which is a little weird but it means a lot more because he made it by himself you know it's a cool advert for our game see you soon guys please Please get it.
I want to let everyone know that there are a couple of official t-shirts left from last weekend's event. If you are interested in getting one, you can go to or the link in the description of this video.

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