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The Best Colours Ever! | Level 1 of Colourblocks | Learn Colours for kids | @LittleZooTV

Jul 01, 2023
foreigner but where is here and who am I ah red that's what I am I'm red red red red red now where am I there's not much to see around here hello little crab now you're red red like me I'm so excited I wonder how else I can call her? Oh, because it's time to take control. You will find me in tomatoes when they are ripe and good to eat. I'm into hot peppers, strawberry jams and roses. You'll find me on a fire truck running down. the street I'm in lollipops and lobsters up red gets your attention red for danger red for love red is in my soul you'll find me in red peppers and red poppies and red and I'm in red balloons red ribbons and red wellies oh now I'm singing red red and I'm ready red means stop what was quite a game chase the balloon I love that means it's your turn to chase the balloon red exciting oh I got that too it's red oh and it's red like me oh are you here?
the best colours ever level 1 of colourblocks learn colours for kids littlezootv
I'm excited and I'm redheaded, where am I and who am I? looks like I'm blue cool oh hello eh I'm blue now you're blue too I can color things doubly cool oh it looks a little white I wonder if a blue sky I made it let's explore oh this can be a blue river and a little boat cool blue, huh, the butterflies flutter next to the blue bells, they're as pretty as can be. I'm in my little blue boat under a big blue sky and nothing bothers me the blueberries ripen in the blink of an eye the kingfishers are fishing for their teeth I'm in my little blue boat watching the bluebirds go by and nothing bothers me


ything is cold


ything is calm everything is fine go with the flow that's the way to go I'm heading towards the blue of the bay in my little blue boat under a big blue sky I'm sailing in the deep blue sea in my little blue boat watching the fish jump high and nothing has bought me the blue ringing it's a beautiful sight even the jellyfish agree and now I'm jumping playing hide and seek nothing has bought me the sound of shrimp, starfish and some seahorses also all kinds of new blue friends for me I found the chest full of sapphires and an old blue shoe diving into the deep blue sea everything is cool everything is calm I can also lower my sail floating with the tide for the trip whoa riding on the back of a big blue whale here we go hmm sometimes things don't go your way you feel sad and that's okay but even when you run aground things can change tomorrow is another day and out of nowhere you have a new crew to help you who needs a sale when you have your own whale making the trip without problems goodbye little blue boat and now that I have told my city nothing bothers me nothing bothers me nothing bothers me foreigner where am I?
the best colours ever level 1 of colourblocks learn colours for kids littlezootv

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the best colours ever level 1 of colourblocks learn colours for kids littlezootv...

I'm oh I'm yellow happy to be here oh this is a good dance floor whoa sand I've made sand happy times oh that's a nice circle I bet you would like to be yellow yellow the sun much better oh hello yellow rubber duck you have some friends , aunts, uncles and cousins ​​and they want to be yellow too, yes, yes, yes, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yay, I have a lot of new yellow friends, so let's have a yellow party, hello, corn on the cob, hello, dough, right? receive your invitation sunflowers and canaries join our celebration hello cheese oh hello bees and yellow jumping balls mustard cream dandelions you're welcome an animal I'm so bright you'll need your shadows I turn lemons into lemonade super fun come join me in the sun I'm happy I'm yellow bright and bubbly I feel good today is the day it's time to party with yellow the dress code is strictly yellow wear hats or anorex it's yellow cups and yellow plates and yellow fingers snap I have a yellow tablecloth and look at banana seeds a pineapple piñata that's full of yellow veins I'm so bright you'll need your shadows I turn lemons into lemonade hello I'm yellow smiling shining super fun come join me in the sun I'm happy I'm bright yellow and bubbly, I'm feeling good today it's the day it's party time Oh yes it's a map, a scavenger hunt will be the perfect yellow party game, turn right at the yellow Digger to turn left next to the Big Lemon, Big Lemon I think that would be easy to spot whoa fish hello x mark the spot with a big yellow color yellow party hello in yellow smiling shining super cool do you want a piece of yellow cake?
the best colours ever level 1 of colourblocks learn colours for kids littlezootv
I'm happy. I am bright yellow and bubbly. I feel good. I hope you had a happy time with yellow. I'm red and I'm ready to roll. hello flower I think you should be red too red the flower is red red like me oh this flower is red and this one is red red red red red red red whoa oh flowers but they are not red they are not even a little bit a little bit red oh I haven't read things, let's look for where they come from that's not right that's not red that's not right blue cool blue like me whoa I haven't seen you before you're not red I'm not blue cool to meet you, I'm red, I'm excited to meet you, I thought the Blue was the only color in the world and I thought red was, so what does blue do?
the best colours ever level 1 of colourblocks learn colours for kids littlezootv
Blue is a cool color, you'll find it in delicious things like blueberries, oh, reds in them uh oh yeah, it's in flying creatures like red ones, you can also get blue creatures like this blue butterfly, look, my big boss is red, oh now what else is blue, oh how could I forget that the sky can be blue? That's huge, oh, it's my turn. uh I need something else to color it red oh a parrot looks like it should be red oh red red oh I can't reach maybe I can color it blue thanks to my blue balloon the parrot is blue uh that's strange just part of his turn blue, oh , you couldn't color the whole parrot, that means Sheamus baits whoever he colors blue and, oh no, I got a little lost, uh, there's an easier way to get to the parrot.
Red, you could offer him something delicious like a blueberry, go ahead. red, the parrot is two colors, blue and red, oh, I'm a red heart for running back and forth, phew, don't worry, red, I know something that will cool you down, a dip in my cool blue paddling pool, lovely, well, red looks like there are two colors. in the red world red and blue only us too eh wow so many rubber ducks where do you think they come from Blue let's follow the trail and see here there is another one and another one was that blue no, it wasn't me then who did that A squeak comes from there, let's take a look, oh, what, hello, Mr.
Jack, you're a pretty yellow, oh, I am, and you're a pretty yellow too, and we're all yellow together, there you are, Mr. Squeaky, I'm not. Mr. Squeaky no, this is Mr. Squeaky and I'm yellow. I'm red excited to meet you. I am blue. It's great to meet you. Mix it up my yellow rubber duck friends. Mr. Squeaky. Queen Quack a lot. Ah, Dr. Ducky, we thought we were the only ones. two colors in colorland we did it so what does yellow do? Yellow is a great color, it's bright, happy, you can find it in delicious things like yellow bananas, look at these yellow lemons.
I love it, but the


part is what it is, tell us. show you sad yellow hey you know what would go well with your yellow sand a little bit of blue look now it's the beach okay and how about a red um how about a blue sky oh your blue sky would look great with a nice yellow one um oh look look to the red crabs oh weren't you looking oh look this starfish could be blue oh oh lounge chairs these lounge chairs can be yellow oh blue red oh how colorful the lounge chairs can be different colors yellow blue and red oh I'm so happy oh I want to color something more right on the seashore hmm um this flag could be red oh red oh but it's not a great color like the sand or the sea look the sun is starting to set why don't you color the sky red? the sky be red oh, let's discover the foreigner, oh, I did it, good job, red.
Mr. Squeaky loves it too. Now there are three colors in color. Earth, red, yellow and blue. Look, what can we do. Blue, yellow, blue, cool, yellow, blue. I'm red, oh, red. stop ah red means stop when you see a red stop sign like this you have to stop so we have to stop our game it's not cool friends I can't help it red means stop it doesn't matter blue I'm happy to play something else oh look scooters yay yellow blue come on means stop ah not again sorry I can't stop and I have too many of these to put on today bye oh dear hmm it's time to stop Tourette's stop oh ah red red red we can't seem to stop red oh well eh look what What happened when our colors mixed oh do you think we should mix blue and yellow to make green?
I wasn't expecting that and I wasn't expecting other colors, so tell us about the green. Green is not. grow things naturally I like nature all these plants are green oh and this frog green green red means stop oh right, nice to meet you I'm green I'm red and this means stop and now it's green which means it's a sign to go green means go, go, frog, go, oh yeah, you've given me an idea for a new and exciting game. Dream means it means stopping. Green means go green means go, go today. Today I colored a yellow banana.
I call it red tomato. Exciting today. I colored a banana yellow and. a little yellow duck I colored a red tomato and a red cube oh today I colored a yellow banana a yellow duck and a yellow lemon today I colored a red tomato a red cube and oh what else can I call her oh can I help the rats head oh What is this? Is an Apple? I think it might be a hat. Oh no, it's a ball. Whatever it is. He will be happier being yellow. No. Red is much more exciting. The Red. Yellow.
Incredible. When our colors mix, there is only one way to discover yellow. and red mix to make orange whoa hello you are the same color as this I am it is an orange it is a fruit with the same name as me it is full of energy basketball balls are orange I also want to play oh yes yellow to red yellow foreign me now I have an idea look at this one leg in motion oh it's not as easy as it seems yes you can do it orange orange oh, playing makes me very happy oh but also tired oh oh dear oh no, it's okay, I have something that will give you a lot of energy eh oranges feel the energy today I colored a red tomato a red cube and a red ladybug today I colored a yellow banana a yellow duckling and a yellow lemon and we both made a new friend Orange ready to start again red what are you oh?
I love it, but it would be more exciting if you were red. Awesome. Oh, I'm going to call you um. Red. Where did you go? Blue fedora. Cool blue. Perfect for a relaxing day. Hey? Oh hello. I don't remember coloring you, but blue looks good on you. I'll call you Susie, wait here, let me get you something to sit on. Blue. Here you go, Bluesy, you can sit down. Hey? Blizzy. Where did you go? Where did the Bluesy go? gradera where are you oh hey blue have you seen my Dora Fedora who is the cutest little red thing ever she is my new friend hey I am also looking for my new friend her name is bluesy you know why she is blue since we are both looking Shall we watch together?
Oh, great idea, follow me, maybe this way, look, isn't it amazing? I call her Adora because she's blue, hey, bluesy, there you are, but where was Ridor again, oh, now she's red, huh, back to Blue, wow, red and blue, cool, oh yeah. Yes, there you are. I've been looking for you everywhere. Thanks for finding my new friend. Your new friend. What's going on? Why does Redora keep changing colors? Yeah, one minute she's blue and then hey, she's gone. Hey, Blazy, Blazy, Blazy, where did she go? Who is surprised? I didn't see you there, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
Who are you looking for our new animal friend? Oh, have you seen her like an animal? Oh, I love animals, what does she look like? Well she's little and cute and sometimes she's red yeah but sometimes she's blue and sometimes she's yellow little kit and she changes color do you mean this little blizzard you found blazy ah I see she did it again oh she changed color yeah that's what she does sometimes it's to hide and sometimes it's to stand out and sometimes it's to show how she feels blue means she's relaxed well if she always changes color I guess that's it already I can't call her Dora oh bluesy either hmm oh how about rhodora bluesy yellow knee green I think she prefers to be? called chameleon so that's what we'll call it red chameleon yellow chameleon blue chameleon green chameleon red and yellow chameleon ok what a nice day for a picnic naturally we can't have a picnic without some beautiful green grass and some red flowers no picnic would do it be complete without a bright blue sky, blue, huh.
Now where is the yellow? I'm here, look everyone, I have the most important thing of all, a yellow picnic basket, excited, cool, this picnic blanket should be red, hey, why is only part of it red, I think. this blanket is supposed to be red and blue eh, maybe we need help green yellow hooray the picnic blanket is a perfect pattern of red yellow green and blue so some things can be many colors oh oh this color has made me happy oh strawberries should be red mmm, naturally delicious, oh look, a beautiful bunch of yellow bananas, great, what else do you have there?
Yellow,I have some pears, leave them to me, green pears, I think it's time for some blue food, how about a blue banana? It's in blue. very yellow, should we try it? what color is a silly color why won't it be fun blue blue bananas are very strange blue bananas are very fun for you I think I'll stick with the yellow bananas at least they don't chase you. I think it's time to color a little sillier, yeah, let's see what other things we can color differently. Look, I'm going to color these strawberries yellow, oh sing, look, the rat grass bounces, let's try some bright green clouds, green, wow, silly colors make me happy, thank you.
You, oh, I'm hungry again, have a picnic this way. I'm glad it's a yellow banana. I'm too hungry for a silly blue one. It's nice to color things the color they should be, but it's also great to have some silly coloring time. You never know what fun things can happen. Laughter, no. Who I am? Green fingers Green thumbs I'm really green Hello little sprout Nice to meet you I'm green Look what I did Oh I colored you green What else can I color? Can the ground be green, green, gray and tell me something? The leaves of a tree should also be green Hello frog, let's color you green.
What is that? You feel lonely. I'm going on a coloring trip. We could make this world greener and find your family along the way. And the sheets sprout on the hillside. You know new life is on the way when buds begin to sprout and leaves sprout. Nature makes its way and is here to stay when you walk through the fields and forests. Keep this in mind: there is a fantastic color that you will love. I will always find that my screen is life, life is green. I'm in every four-leaf clover and every runner bean. I'm on every living plant you've ever seen.
Green is life. Life is green. Have you seen your family, little frog, haven't you? Worry, we'll keep looking when you find a lizard on a rock or a stick insect hiding in the trees or a gecko on the wall, you'll find greens on all of them. I'm in many little living things like these when you. Whether you're swinging through the canopy or on the ground, there's important color you'll see around Clover and each runner bean. I'm on every living plant you've ever seen. Green is life, it is green. I'm into green apples and green peppers and green peas I'm into cacti and cabbages and caterpillars too I'm into cucumbers crocodiles gherkins and budgies lime and lettuce and look there's a lily pad just for you you haven't found your frog family yet maybe I need to color the pond green oh you found them green and all together and every Runner Bean I'm in every living plot you've ever seen green is life life is green green is life life is green naturally yeah I'm here oh what is this feeling?
What is energy? Okay, I'm full of energy, but who am I? oh I know I'm orange above oh I know I'm orange but what is this? oh wow, I colored it now it's like me mmm, it's full of energy too like me, I think I'll call it orange like me Can you feel the rhythm? Can you feel the energy stand up? Feel the energy of the orange. Energy. I put the orange in orange juice. I jump like a basketball. I'm fast as a ginger cat. the autumn leaves orange where it is hey I'm warmer than yellow I'm brighter than red but I'm right in the middle there's a rumor I'm a Satsuma I'm the color of a clementine Can you feel the rhythm? feel the energy get up on your feet feel the energy orange energy I dodge the whole traffic cone I'm blessed with orange I'm in jam I'm here and I'm the


I'm warmer than yellow I'm brighter than red I'm right in the middle I can reveal I'm on an easy peel I'm on apricot and tangerines Can you feel the rhythm?
Can you feel the energy stand up? Feel the orange energy. The energy has you. I've seen baked beans. I'm popping some skins with Juicy Smiles every year on Halloween. Can you feel the rhythm? Can you feel the energy rising in your feet? Feel the orange energy. I put the orange in orange juice. Hello, miss tiger, ready to run, yay. but first I need a little more orange energy, okay, come on, set, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, yay, foreigner, foreigner, I'm on an exciting adventure. I saw this picture in a coloring book and now I will be the first color block in Find the Color Castle.
I'm going to color all of this and then it will be known as Red Castle. Oh, you better go. I don't want anyone else to find it first. Goodbye chameleon. I found it very exciting. Now, let's rotate those blocks. red enjoying looking at my castle in your castle it's blue anyway how to get here it took me a long time to get through the Green Forest I sailed in my little blue boat through the Blue Lagoon I don't bother, well, I'm going to color the flags blue, great down red we can make this a game whoever colors the most flags will be able to name the castle Yes, it sounds exciting after three three foreigners I have colored one two three three blue flags and I can't one two three three Flex we both color the same number of flags that means whoever calls us the blue banner whoa that's what happens when our colors mix blue and red purple cool I'm sure you are you don't see me everywhere you know that's why I'm special I'm real Purple I've had many adventures Imagine riding a purple octopus to the Moon.
Wonderful! You found my castle. Oh, it's your castle. I thought blue flags would make it blue. And I thought red flags would make it red. Your Majesty. Hmm. They look quite wonderful, I hereby decree that their fantastic flags will always hang on the Purple Castle now everyone will see that red and blue mixed to make the color purple, something so excited that Allah washed his highness with the mixture of red and blue tonight, purple, fresh look, come and see these Bruins. I thought it was cool, what are bananas? It's a picture of seven bananas and they all need to be colored yellow, oh, then another yellow, the curved stripes, hmm, I think this is some kind of puzzle, a coloring puzzle, let's try to color the other stripes, now, shall we? what goes between red and yellow? oh how about some red and yellow mixed together to make orange?
I must be the next blue hmm, maybe the next blue, but what about the blue? Another mix of yellow and blue mixed together, bake green, wow, so we have red, orange, yellow, green and blue. could be next is it here we've finally found a rainbow uh who are you oh I'm Indigo and I'm Violet and we're rainbows Jesus but we've never actually seen one wow what's a rainbow it's when you see colors in the sky together a little like that that is our puzzle but we are missing two colors each rainbow needs indigo and violet oh what is happening here purple I imagine you are oh new colors wait have I seen you before?
I am indigo. I like blue but a little more purple I'm like you purple but a little more blue oh and what is this a rainbow ah oh so I imagine it must be a rainbow liver oh shit that's what's happening we've unlocked another puzzle yo this one will lead us to a real rainbow, we will finally see one. I imagine everyone should stand on a rock, but we're missing two colors. Puzzles, don't worry, we have friends who can help you mix up the time. Orange, yellow and blue. for me green we need your help to solve this rainbow puzzle everyone stand on your stones red orange yellow green blue indigo violet we have finally seen one a foreign rainbow welcome colored blocks I imagine you are wondering why you are here I have purple I had a amazing idea.
You can all help me decorate my castle gardens in a style fit for royalty. I've created a little practice space for each of you to invent a wonderful new pattern. The one I like the most, I will use to decorate my gardens. it's a competition let the pattern competition begin wait what's the pattern um look at this red blue stripes stripes stripes I have an idea for a pattern uh green I can make a pattern sick zag Zig Zach rig yellow wave wave wave this makes me Happily, I'm making a high energy spot pattern Separation point Separation point again, not again oh I get it, a pattern is the same thing over and over doing something that looks good in a spot pattern, you repeat the spots and in a wavy pattern you repeat the wave and so only the next line and the next are repeated Stripes over and over again the stripes hmm it already has such exciting patterns what kind of pattern should I make think of two points it's time to judge your patterns yeah oh yeah oh I like that one, oh you followed the summary, well I've finally decided which pattern I like best.
My favorite pattern is all of them, that's right, they are all wonderful, so why don't we put them all together to make one big, super silly mega pattern? I think it's a great idea, you were right purple, this is really the best pattern out there and there are many more we can invent. Hello world, here I am, but who am I? I have purple hands and feet so I figure I must be purple, oh look what. I've done it, I turned it purple, a royal throne, oh, imagine, imagine, if I were a king with a purple cape and crown, I would have a purple kingdom and live in a purple city.
I would fill my purple palace with a million purple things. It would be the king of colors because purple is the color of kings. Imagine if you had a garden. I would never grow vegetables, only red cabbage, purple kale, plums and eggplants. You might allow red onions, since they are actually purple, not red. I would have nothing but purple heather in my purple. I want you to see purple emperor butterflies, the ones with purple wings, for everything in purple earthy notes. Purple is the color of kings. Imagine when it was my birthday, my cake would be purple for sure.
With purple streamers, ribbons and bows and a thing to hang on the door, friends brought purple gifts, all tied with bright purple strings. I would be the king of colors, because purple is the color of kings, yes, purple is the color of kings and queens of princes and princesses purple is the color of royalty look at my royal family with all their purple binary and its purple capes and dresses how delightful it would be to have purple hats and coats my toys would all be purple my dolls my trains my boots I would fill my purple palace with a million purple things I would be the king of colors or purple is the color of the kings Hmm, all this is very pretty, all very purple, but I need to imagine something bigger.
More daring, imagine a purple forest with purple. leaves on the trees that are purple mushrooms and purple toads purple hives for purple bees purple clouds in a purple sky and the rain would be purple, of course, and that through perical puzzles and bombs in my own Royal Purple Heart had a dice of purple as far as the eye can see and everything in the purple land would be perfectly purple like my Purple Palace and a race in the purple halls with purple carpets and purple curtains and purple paintings on the walls that have my own purple playground with slides and purple swings. and splashing in my own purple pool wearing purple water wings I would fill my purple palace with a million purple things I would be the king of colors because purple is the color of kings and queens yes, purple is the color of the King imagine that the the world is a much more colorful place when you use your imagination hello and welcome to today's show color blocks proudly presenting a colorful performance by Little Red Riding Hood Once upon a time there was a color block called Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood She packed a basket full of wonderful red candy for your grandmother's party.
She had a red balloon, a red cake and some red strawberries. Little Red Riding Hood went out through the forest and wait a minute. We need a forest. I can help. Ah, green, can we have one? forest please follow me naturally green green green green where are you? oh no, I'm alone in the forest huh, I'm the big blue wolf, ah, why is everyone confused? oh, for you, that was close, um, that wasn't quite. how the story was supposed to go but where were we? oh yes, Little Red Riding Hood was still lost in the forest hello, who are you?
I'm Goldilocks, my sleeping ducks are hungry. I accidentally ate all their porridge and now I don't know what. to do Goldilocks that's not right this is Little Red Riding Hood not a little golden yellow hair oh it looks like strawberries oh um they said it's fine yes yes hurry up now with the show Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks traveled through the forest but soon they were lost oh no what the way to grandma's house red and yellow next to me Orange run run we're against the clock you can't patch me I'm the gingerbread block what are you doing here?
This is Little Red Riding Hood, not Little Orange. Gingerbread block, well, I know the way to grandma, so you can follow me or stay lost in the forest, wait for us. Goldilocks, the gingerbread block and Little Red Riding Hood came to Grandma's house and found a big blue wolf, but no Grandma, the Big Bad Wolf. You eat grandma no, I don't eat grandma's, I eat blueberries, hey, I'm the big blue wolf, I'm not a bad wolf, where is grandma, hey, wait a minute,Who's grandma, oh, I know I'll play grandma, my grandma, what purple? Cara, you have much better too.
Is it party time? Still, oh no, I forgot the balloon burst. They ate the strawberries and now the cake is gone. I ruined grandma's party. Alright. Red. We have everything we need here. the most colorful party and everyone lived happily ever after welcome to DJ Ducky's disco dance floor. I can see DJ ducky, but where's the dance music and what's with the cool hats you'll see? Now everyone finds their place on the dance floor. DJ Ducky says. Go in color order, well, I'm like you read, so I'll go next in orange and I'm like you in orange, here's a little yellow, this place has blue everywhere, naturally, I'll go between you two because yellow and the blue mix to make green I imagine this must be my purple spot the Royal Place between blue and red oh we join together in a color circle it's like a wheel color wheel who wants to be the first to dance in the half?
I'll go first. I chose the color. On my side, green combines very well together. It's because blue and green are colors. Close friends. We are similar colors. Next, I will choose the color on my side too. Hello. They also look good together. That's because yellow and orange are colors. close friends are also similar colors oh, who will be next will obviously be me. I'm next to the red wheel round and I have the best real dance moves. Green, but red is nothing like green. Green is on the other side of the color wheel. your opposites green is opposite thread but that one I want green if you are sure wow their two colors really stand out they look so bold together they are opposites but they combine well together oh it's time for the next track oh I see, let's be similar oh yes, it's okay, yeah, let's go opposite similar and opposite hello foreigner foreign laughter right foreigner wait back right back right foreigner hello little frog I'm just coloring do you want to join me come on then you should be green and you should be green green and you should be red Just kidding, naturally you should be green too, oh what happened?
I missed a page, what is this? It's green, but it doesn't look like any green I've ever seen. It's a darker dark green, how did this happen? Oh, I hope we see a little more dark green. green oh a little bit of climbing and coloring green green green green Green foreign frog more dark green no this is another green a lighter pink Shovel green light green did you see who did this oh don't say I have an idea I got you green -hand oh sorry, I didn't mean to scare you I'm green hello nice to meet you black hello white are your colors too wow?
Black is the darkest color I have ever seen and white is the lightest color. I have ever seen foreigners, let's try a mixture of green and white to make light green and a mixture of green and black to make dark green. Oh, can you make it even darker and lighter? Now that I know you two, we can make a lot of different greens. Hello, black. and white I want to add some darkness and light to the whole forest green green green green green green green dark green light green that looks amazing wait until the other colored blocks find you too, let's go one for you here you are one for yourself oh welcome to the Big Green mushroom for my first tricks appeared, well naturally wait look the leaves are different greens some look bright like green some are light green and some are dark green oh , that's magical and no, no, for my next necklace, I need each of you. to color a balloon you have it red orange yellow blue violet very good now close your eyes don't look red you can go out now okay white do your thing foreigner open your eyes lighter and mine and mine light orange mine has also changed it is light blue all our balloons look lighter, how did you make that green?
A magician never reveals his secrets. Not for my next trick. Each one will need a pair of boots. Boots at a party. Oh, how imaginative they are. Party boots. Everyone closes their eyes. Okay, black. tour oh hello who are you these are my new friends black and white ah nice to meet me I'm sure oh are you the ones who have been magically changing our colors? Yes, that's what they do. White can lighten colors and black. darker colors let me join you color blocks so now we have light colors our usual bright gold colors and dark colors more color tricks to show you the outside oh look at this everyone look at all these different shades of colors that have made, light colors, oh dark ones. colors oh that was fun I need to do that again fun fun fun now I wonder where I am and I wonder who I am let's take a look no I don't recognize this color oh what was that?
That was fun. What is this? I'm a little bit like this color is red I'm like red but paler I'm kind of a light red and this here this is a light color it's oh it's white I'm also a little bit like white I'm somewhere between red and white a little of both I think, um, pink, I'm pink and pink is fun, it looks fun, fun like me, pink, I colored it now it's pink like me, wow, mmm, this place looks like it could use some Fun, I wonder. if this can be pink soon Ah that's better fun fun fun fun fun fun for everyone oh here we go pink is for everyone pinkies like pink it's fun and when the sky is gray pink and brighten your day pink is fun, fun, fun and pink is for Everyone I'm pink for a pick-me-up that's guaranteed I think pink is what you need.
Pink is for everyone. I think its light pink is fun and when the sky is grey, pink and brightens your day, think it's fun, fun and pink. it's for everyone I'm a little red I'm a little white um the roses in a row I'm the flamingo feathers I'm pink a little red and a little white that's fun pink pink can make a splash with fancy boots and a pink carnation think about anything under the sun pink makes everything more fun so grab a balloon and a fart hat because there are pictures where the party is for all the pinkies light up pink is fun and when the sky is gray pink and it lights up Make your day better pink is fun fun and pink is for everyone yeah pink is for everyone oh here I am but I don't know who I am hmm let's take a look ah I know I'm brown no I say a hat, oh did I?
It would look better if it was brown, phoo boom, what a find. I can turn things brown. Oh, the Earth beneath my feet, but it should be brown too beautiful. A piece of Earth now exploring time, let's see what else is brown. What do we have here? Binoculars with my brown binoculars. I look around, I'm proud, I'm down to earth and I've got both feet on the ground walking, my name is brown, I explore the outdoors through the fields and forests and along the rocky shores. I know where I'm going but I know I'm Outward Bound my name is brown I travel everywhere but I have both feet on the ground early in the morning I put on my big brown boots and then I go on a journey Through the woods to see what I can see look, There is a brown owl in a tree.
There are all kinds of brown things in my neighborhood. I found a conquistador and a pine cone and a bunch of acorns too. Just be careful not to step on it. any puddle my name is brown I explore I explore the outdoors along my name is brown I travel everywhere but I have two feet on the ground so now I wander through my problems with my brown explorer hat there is a big brown bear but No We get too close and now the leaves are turning brown and they're all starting to fall. You can guess that fall is my favorite time of year.
My name is Brown. I explore the outdoors through fields and forests and along rocky coastlines. I don't know where I'm going, but I know he might want to tie me up. My name is brown. I travel everywhere but I have big feet on the ground. Then I go back and find my cabin in the Glade. I collect wood for the Fire. and Life Is Good with my table and my chair and they fit everywhere you know that many things are brown because they are made of wood. I have brown shoes. I have brown socks in a big brown cardboard box.
I have watches and logs in a basket by the door. I have brownies and whole wheat bread. I have my favorite chocolate spread and I like my whole wheat bread toasted, so it's even browner than before. My name is brown. I explore. the outdoors through fields and forests and along rocky coastlines. I don't know where I'm going, but I know I'm in Outward Bound. My name is brown. I travel everywhere, but I have both feet on the ground. which means for what it's worth that brown is down to earth weird what's the problem green I've been coloring the trees in the forest the leaves are easy they're green but I don't know what color the rest of the tree should be oh brother no the rest of the tree should be brown oh wow I agree I will do it who are you?
I'm brown, down to earth, that's me, I'm an adventurer and an explorer of colors and now that I found you, I've earned my color badge Explorer oh houses, it's a pleasure to meet you and you're right about the brown and green tree go well together yeah I know all about the forest oh I'll give you a tour this way here's a big brown brunch and that's a big brown bear over here where did they go looks like we've lost the others come on black , let's go find them oh it's a wooden bridge the eyebrow must have missed it whoa look we mix something dark orange that looks brown oh Brown is dark orange orange and black mix to make brown the tree trunks are brown so they must having come this way and we colored it, we mixed a dark color, it looks like the tree trunks are some kind of brown, should we try again mixing green and red to make? and this is my brown wooden cabin where everyone is we are here hello oh sorry we are late we discovered that mix of orange and black to make brown we found a mix of red and green to make brown wow that is a different brown to me fascinating oh you No I can imagine what we just discovered: mixing yellow and purple to make another brown.
There you all are, what I missed. We have discovered many ways we can mix to make the brown cooler. I want to try, but what does it mix with blue? make brown, oh, I'll try, that's how you make green, oh, what about me too, what are the three of us at the same time, mmm, that could work, one, two, three, three, blue, yellow, red, new friends and many ways to mix brown, what a wonderful day? for a Color Explorer and now all of you are also color explorers, everyone gets a foreign color, just wait until you see the inside, welcome to the Print Zone, the Print Zone, that's right.
I would like you to meet my friends, cyan and magenta, new colors and them. You are so bright Hello, I'm cyan. I'm pretty calm apart from on the track because I live to run and you look a little blue. I'm like blue but I'm different. I am cyan. Great, oh yeah. I'm magenta and I'm easy to spot. I'm always excited to fix things, especially with racing cartridges. Well, I guess I'm a little reddish, but I'm a different color. I am magenta, you will not forget me in an instant. Hurry up, wait a minute, yellow, how did you know about the printing zone?
Yes, see, you know it and we don't. Oh, I've been part of the printing team for years, speeding through my cartridge makes me super happy. Printing equipment cartridge, let's show them how it's done printing equipment Diane magenta let's do this you can do red, green and blue oh oh no I'm running out of yellow we need more color let's go yellow thank you thank you Pete happy team running yellow yeah we weren't running to win We were racing to create something exciting together, come on printing team, let's show them what we mean, ready, set, one, two, three, what's going on, come out and look, how did you do it?
When we mix, we can make many colors, in fact. cyan magenta and yellow you can mix any color you want the possibilities are endless now we have our selection box to refill our ink he is ready for another run laughter beautiful foreigner thank you laughter quite mix to make come on oh um Gray snakes to make dark gray and mix from white to make foreign light gray oh, happy to see you hello printing team oh, we are out of ink, can you help us? No problem. yellow, your pit crew is here. magenta, there is no suitable printing equipment, are you ready to make some ink? let's do it, this is the best of you, cyan, magenta, yellow too, what to just mix with a printing cream, oh my goodness, make red, make red, magenta and yellow, mix to make red is my favorite, cool, next May, mix blue and magenta printing team, it's blue, but a little different to me, cool, we.
I can make a lot of different blues, even blues like you, not nine, wait a minute. I thought yellow mixes with me to make green. Blue and yellow mix to make green, but this is a new green. You see, I'm yellow and I'm crazy. can you make a greennew and fresh, cool, I want to see something cooler, yes, now you can really see what the printing equipment can do. Oh look, when you mix cyan, magenta and yellow, you get black, that's green, but it's the hardest color to mix because we all have to color the same place, it can get a little messy, please, okay, printing equipment, let's mix it up.
It's a lot of work to mix black. We've used so much ink. I don't think we can mix more. Oh, would you like to join? We the printing team could use your help, they're going to need one of these, then black and magenta yellow laughs, the printing team is back to normal, oh, what's up? Hmm, I'm sure I've seen one before. I think blue I think it's a lever, but what does it do? Let's find out what it is. It is a wheel that goes around and around like a wheel with seats for four colors. Well, everyone, take a seat.
Blue, yellow, green. Oh, I thought I'd go round and round. Round and round maybe we're sitting in the wrong seats yeah what if the color wheel only works when we're in the right order hey yeah oh change yellow then green and blue worked oh colors it seems that someone is having fun, I see that it is a round thing it is a purple wheel any place for us oh I'm afraid not orange there are only four seats oh let's try to pull that lever imagine that one two three four five six six seats room for all of us but we have to sit in the The correct order is that the orange is a little bit red so I think it's me next and the orange is a little yellow so now it's me who goes next.
Green is close to yellow so naturally I sit here and green has blue so this seat is for me. I have saved the best to the last purple between blue and red six colors orange yellow green blue violet wow this looks bright yes it is cyan and magenta. My printing team loves a spinning room for two more. We're going to need a bigger one. roll an eight color wheel look who wants to pull the next lever we have to find the right places for magenta and cyan well, I look a little blue so I should go yeah and I look a little red so I should go here okay, take all your seats magenta eight colors coloring makes me very happy my red things and your yellow things are all modeled oh, let's sort them into yellow things but where are we going to put the things we've sorted? a train with two cars help us all the red things can go in the red car and the yellow things can go in the yellow one this pole is red and this umbrella is yellow yellow poles I mean yellow and yellow carts, let's leave these things and then let's look for more things by classifying Express what you do in black and white has helped me color my collection of interesting things.
Now I have light blue things, bright blue things and dark blue things but they are all confusing start an Express combine them light blue bright blue dark blue let's get salty this skateboard is light blue this scooter is dark blue three blue cars but which one it's the bright one Hmm this one is light blue and this one is dark blue so this one is bright blue Hey, we have classified everything into three types of light, bright and dark blue, come on, what's the problem? Friends, we've had a peppy dress, party hats, boots and socks, some oranges, greens and purples, some in light colors, some in bright colors. colors and some in dark colors we have them all gagged wow that's a great grading job a job for the foreign grading expert this sock is purple light purple hmm I think this hat is a bright color bright orange this one is green yes, It's dark green hat, but where does it go?
It's not dark purple or dark green, it's dark orange. We have classified everything into different colors and different types of colors. Different shades of light, bright and dark orange. Different shades of green. Light bright and dark. And different shades of. light purple bright and dark all sorted great oh exciting next time I finish building my Playhouse too we're not done yet huh what have I forgotten? a seesaw on the ceiling no, we need to color them oh yes, oh yes, now let's think carefully about what colors Can we choose and down here? Wow, yeah, it's very red red red where are you?
Oh yeah, I'll color the slide blue, but I want to choose the rest of my colors more carefully. Hmm, who wants to help me color my Playhouse? happy also naturally thanks yellow and green now let's choose a color for the roof I don't want it blue because then it wouldn't stand out against the blue sky well I was thinking of another color uh how about mixing red and yellow for coloring? Yes, yes, you were right. Blue, the orange really stands out against the blue sky. What about the sides, naturally? I think they would look good in green or yellow.
Hmm, green or yellow would look good with the blue slide. I know I will choose both. yellow and green together in a pattern repeated stripes yellow green yellow green yellow yes perfect now what color should I choose for my cushion to relax and think I know something dark black and white can you help mix blue and black to make dark blue cool now let's relax and think hmm, the inside could be light blue, blue and white mixed so that the light blue looks cool, but we are not done yet, there are many other parts to color, we need many different colors, you choose happy times green amazing this It's my amazing dance now my Playhouse doesn't look as exciting as blue oh and more time to choose my colors okay red we can always color it like this so I can choose new colors I choose um oh different I like it I choose one two three types of red red dark red red dad wow great colors thank you it's a colorful world it's a colored world and where would we be without red and where would we be without bread it's a colorful world is a colored world and where would we be without blue?
The color of bluebirds and blueberry pies. You always need blue for the sea and sky. Yes, you know it's true. It's a colorful world. And where would we be without blue? yellow the happiest color I know I'm the sunniest and funniest guy with all my ducks in a row with bananas mustard and custard and cheese canaries and corn on the cob and butter and peas yellow is the happiest and most colorful world it's a world of color and where would we be? be without dreams call me for green peppers and peas you will find me on all the leaves of the trees in a scene of nature it is a colorful world and where would we be without green and where would we be without orange there is no way to rhyme the word orange in its place we can say Clementine purple is perfect for kings and queens for kale and cabbage and ripe over jeans I like to walk with my cape and my crown imagining life in purple City black and white The darkness and the light makes them that cool it's made with black and white and soon and light green now you have light and shadow it is a colorful world it is a colorful world it is a world of color and where would we be without pink, the color of shells, carnations and Cake You?
You'll always find me in a strawberry milkshake it's my favorite drink it's a colorful world and where we would be without food it's a colorful world it's a colorful world and where we would be without brown the color of the boxes and the chocolate to spread on my toasty brown socks and my tasty whole grain bread and when the leaves fall and where would we be without fry and where would we be without red and blue yellow and green and purple too why stop at the rainbow when one color Adventure is waiting for you there are millions of exciting colors

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