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The BEST Buffet in Las Vegas! Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet Dinner Edition

Feb 27, 2020
Hello, it's Las Vegas and yes, I'm in Las Vegas. It is the last leg of my trip. I drove from New York. I just passed through Monument Valley. This is my last stop before arriving at my new home in Santa Clara, California, and I had to stop here. Las Vegas Bacchanal Buffet is like that, if you guys would watch my videos before you know my favorites are popping up in the world and I'm not going to miss the opportunity because I'm driving to stop and eat here. Instead, I'll show them to you. What did you have for breakfast where did you have lunch?
the best buffet in las vegas caesars palace bacchanal buffet dinner edition
I'm going to show you what you had for


. It's four in the afternoon on a Thursday and I thought no one would be here because who has


at four in the afternoon? on a Thursday, well apparently there were a lot of people, it was the longest queue I ever had to wait for this place, about an hour and of course I'm starving for the first meal of the day. I can not wait. I'm going to go up and see what they do. I have, as I mentioned in my previous videos, welcome to help break down the destiny strip into different sections and different topics, so at the beginning this is Asian stuff and it goes on and there's some soups, salads, cheeses and then you follow all the To the end, you will get your meats and then your seafood before you start eating, but late, you have to explore it, let's see what I am, Asian section.
the best buffet in las vegas caesars palace bacchanal buffet dinner edition

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the best buffet in las vegas caesars palace bacchanal buffet dinner edition...

Oh, chicken feed, this is new, your chicken feed in black ink sauce, ah, wow. the sauce looks good for this crap, skip that crunchy salt that looks really nice and crunchy, actually skip the egg rolls, skip the dumplings, we want to try skipping all the flower noodles, show off my dumplings you can get at each of the cities, look at this. ginseng chicken soup, it actually looks pretty legit and usually if you get a good bowl, this soup is Hardy, it's good for you, it's delicious and they have congee here, forget about sushi. I also throw things at myself.
the best buffet in las vegas caesars palace bacchanal buffet dinner edition
I don't eat anything raw, unfortunately, otherwise I have a towel over this looks great, but I'm going to skip all the sashimi and sushi. I feel like the Chinese food at this


is very Cantonese southern China because here it's supposed to be Peking duck, but this is definitely not leaning duck. just a little stuck going pork some veggies romaine lettuce fried rice okay this is all something we can get anywhere in the world so let's skip all this this is something that tempts me a little bit with all kinds of different noodle soups and, in fact, I love them.
the best buffet in las vegas caesars palace bacchanal buffet dinner edition
I like the fun here, it tastes very, very good. The Romans are also very good. Ah, this is something new here. Singapore laksa. You never had this. My only weakness. I said no needles, no dumplings, no carbs, but maybe I'd buy a bowl of soup or Spock and that's it. I'm going to balance everything so that you have your salads, you have a lot of variety of salads, anyone else really wants to eat pizza when they see it on a


, especially this one, look at this pepperoni pizza, it looks really good and then it has a crust of melted cheese, nice big slices. of pepperoni, I'm a big fan of whenever I see the head of an animal along with its, you know, meaty body parts, look at this pile of roast pork, the scale looks very crispy and gutted, you've got pig's feet there, that is legitimate.
You see that, I think, I think they just smiled at me. I really loved the pasta here. I love meatballs and I love rigatoni. The rigatoni here are fantastic again. I love that they make tacos for you right there, fresh in front of your faces. I know this is my favorite type of mirror. Go for the ones involved in piles of sizzling meats. I love it. They give you small bottles of juice. I usually mix it with sauce water. We have guava mango in the morning. They also give you watermelon, which is my. favorite, you never run into the problem of your waiter not filling your juice class fast enough.
In fact, I really like the soups here. I love clam chowder and this is truffle mushrooms, oh yeah, but she's asking you to look at this too, there's nothing wrong with her. dine on pork belly on top of grits, sign me up with that. I know this is probably not the


thing to eat. I have to get sandwiches. I bet you this is going to be good. Excellent ribs. This is carnivore season. where all your reunion dreams come true and one of my favorite things here, yes it's the lack of land long after you satisfy your needs of course you have different sized potatoes, corn, carrots, broccoli, yes you understand that and then of course chicken, fried chicken and some fries. we have the entire seafood section and this section is huge.
Oh, we have salmon roe. Sun and sea bass miso. Everything ready, looks good. I think I have to get the three stone crabs if you have ever been to Miami or the Florida Keys. I know how much these suckers cost, so get some. These are not the normal types of crab legs you'll find at a Chinese buffet. These are the expensive kind. Get some of those too. I know I've explored the buffet. I formed my plan. attack it's time to run oh okay this is what I have this is the first round so run the first one you gotta take it easy you gotta mix up the meats mix up some salad because you don't want to hold on to too much meat too much quickly, you will wear yourself out.
Well, I'm not exactly following my own philosophy, yeah, it cuts a lot of meat here, uh, but trust me, there's salad under this, you just can't see it, the wonderful pig that Slough Danny back then, yeah, I've got his leg. Sitting there, the normals will take it as pig's feet, it's the


thing there is to eat and I bought some truffle and mushroom soup. I bought this because I know it tastes good and also truffles are expensive. Never go wrong with this thought, hmm, perfect starter, that's right. You can tell when a pepperoni is that it's like a good piece of pepperoni where it's Domino's but you guys, I have a salad.
One thing I've been wanting to try is this growth thing. I don't know if I would have known this. really different as soon as it was cooked, but at the moment it's been a bit difficult. I feel like if I took this pork out of the kitchen straight out of the oven, I think we'd take it out differently, but right now the skin is hardened the round hardened meats I've opted for a little bit of pasta just a little bit a little bit I have some rigatoni some meatballs ha since the rigatoni are vegetarian combine it with the meatball the Italian dishes on this table a legit taste like when in an Italian restaurant you use these dishes, this is a spinach ravioli that looks incredibly pretty.
Oh, I love spinach ravioli when it's done right. What I don't like about this round is obviously that it will fill you up much faster, but every element here is amazing. my sparkling water, seltzer, boba water, whatever you want to call it, it just arrived, pour my pineapple juice, pineapple soda, in the third round. I'm going all out for the meats, so we went to the carving station and got some brisket ribs and some lamb chops. I only had two parts of that brisket and then I felt like I was taking sides from two completely different Michigans on the fattier side nice, melted fat on that spectacular bite nice salty cup here buy more lean brisket a little to top now my favorite: lamb chop that's always something I always get down on having pork belly and grits.
I feel like pork belly is just a nice, juicy, soft pork belly for that dish. The house is very good, now let's try the stew. meat with mashed potatoes, oh my god, sugar, I can't even tell where the peat ends up in the mashed potatoes. I have this, although I regret it a little because it is not visible, make sure it is slid. I swear these sliders have been there for a long time, I'm sure this was good once, but I don't know about this. Now teaching me to judge a book by its cover, even though this burger has been around for a while, it's still really, really good. tender and nice so four plates and usually during this stage before I eat for my birthday I take a break and I'm going to use some seafood so this is the downhill portion of a marathon salmon yeah Haha, this is where you went water in a seafood restaurant. but here you can have everything you want, oh I love this look, it's a low pan, tenth preserves the juice.
I wonder if anyone has ever tried miniature kitchen utensil diets that are worth maybe whatever you want, but I can only because within this little crime. this is the role of the soul Oh, this is covered in hot oil, rock on, you've outdone yourself, you simply incorporate a hot oil into a plate of seafood instead of a mini frying pan. I love you mom, this is literally like me going to a super restaurant placing orders. fish and then pour hot oil all over it there is something about crab legs it is just fun to eat just dip it in the butter with a little lemon or a little cocktail sauce thank you like the full


of the dish Are they still going strong?
I won if you don't like cold because they usually have Chinese buffets, they serve it hot, they'll actually make it after the seafood. Now is the time to check the buffet one last time to see if there is anything you missed or there is anything. You want a second helping, I don't know what it is, but every time I come here I have to understand it. I thought it's not even like it's the best tasting fun, I just know something about it, it's actually really good and there's something about being able to have as much fun as you want, I really like it, I feel like a human being's stomach is compartmentalized from your parents and his special room reserved like a secret chamber, is only reserved for the lords, no matter how much he may have.
Basically I have a lot, this is a chocolate popsicle that is recovering, but inside there was not a handful of chocolate mousse, strawberry, not only covered in chocolate, but matcha, which is incredible, and little pearls of crispy rice tidbits . I don't know when they are. the best way to consume fruit I hit Nina chocolate covered strawberry strawberries are very delicate talking to Sebastian I found this hello decision like a strawberry jelly like a strawberry jelly strong drink Sasha Roja a green sea magic oh god please marry me This is one of those puppies, the loudest I've ever had in my life.
Chocolate mousse. I want to plummet into the state. I'm sure it was Soukup, like I literally just warmed it up, so share. I'm not done anymore. This is my last video of the now buffet. I cover breakfast. covered brunch I didn't want to make a third video but a lot of people asked me what their dinner was like so now it's a typical dinner here at Baka like I said in my previous videos this is my favorite buffet because not only do they have the same amount of different things, everything they have, well, almost everything they have, you can see its quality and that's why I love it, because it's basically like going to many different types of restaurants, but all in one place and you can heat everything that you want one last time from the pocket up, okay, look heretic.

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