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The BEST BLIND AUDITIONS of The Voice 2022 | Best of 2022

Mar 08, 2024
foreign man, I'm just tired and bored of myself, hey, honey, oh start a fire without sparks, guns for higher, even if we're just dancing in the dark, I'll be ahead, huh, terribly foreign, there's a joke in somewhere and it's my fault. I'll shake this world off my shoulders, oh come on baby, the laughs about me come on the streets of this city and they'll cut you to pieces, they say you gotta stay hungry, well hey baby I'm about to die hungry tonight. dying fall so much baby give me just one look I can't begin so I'm worried your little world will fall apart arms for higher oh just dancing in the dark even if we're just dancing in the dark foreigner to always find you and you, I'll always be fake for baby, oh my god, foreigner, foreigner, hmm Lucy, thank you, foreigner, foreigner, the lights go out, the show begins.
the best blind auditions of the voice 2022 best of 2022
I'll settle for the ghost so you can hear the things that are always there tomorrow night when I'm empty. subtitles not available foreigner foreigner oh the king love is broken just give yourself to me the foreigner king look at this foreigner foreigner foreigner come on brother imagine the world was beautiful there is nothing in between for me this is foreign why can I sing? feelings or some meaning and I feel like I've just been


I don't know why they're girls it's worth something high in the night the smell of the air oh the gray wasn't so good thank you father father for doing no no you can't do it it's the shepherds oh man oh my god foreigner foreigner one two three one long jealous I'm all over his eyes when I'm down I get really depressed when I'm high don't come down then I get angry baby believe me I can love you like this and I can leave it as far as for you who doesn't urge me because If you did, honey, foreigner, one of them is no, no, no, no, no, tomorrow, honey, I can't forget the time. today in your eyes it hurts to say goodbye wherever you are you will always be here for me again until then it hurts to say goodbye my heart is alive and I wish I too Justified I am no one is the number but you don't know it I feel like a stranger on a road by here and I am


in times of trouble, mother, man, we come to you speaking words of wisdom, let it be and in my outside of the darkness, the weather there is still a chance that the foreigner will fall tomorrow. you will never be alone tonight tonight you will still be alive
the best blind auditions of the voice 2022 best of 2022

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the best blind auditions of the voice 2022 best of 2022...

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