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The Battle of Midway - Animated

Jun 08, 2021
In June 1942, the war is going very well for the Empire of Japan; He achieved his main war objective: securing oil supplies from the Dutch East Indies and won further territorial victories against the might of British, American, Australian and Dutch forces. However, knowing that the industrial might of the United States would surpass them in the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia, the Japanese ultimately decide that they must deal a decisive blow to the remnants of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, specifically to aircraft carriers, the threat to Midway and the U.S. The Navy's submarine assembly station for Pacific operations was expected to pull the U.S.
the battle of midway   animated
Pacific Fleet out of Pearl Harbor to fight and end in his defeat. Japan hoped that, along with the loss of Midway, the threat to Hawaii would come from the loss of its airfield. and the hiatus and loss of that Pacific Fleet (the US would come to the peace table) the Doolittle bombing of Tokyo in April further validated the need to destroy the US naval presence in the Pacific on May 28, 1942, the largest assembly of warships ever seen in the Pacific abandons its bases throughout Japan and heads east. Its commander, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, is confident of victory, although little does he know that the US Navy combat intelligence office in Hawaii has broken the Japanese communications code and is largely aware of their plans with the US.
the battle of midway   animated

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the battle of midway animated...

Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz has been alerted of the possible attack on Midway almost a month before the Japanese set sail and he is assembling his defense. He deploys task groups sixteen and seventeen that under the command of Admiral Halsey had executed the daring bombardment on Tokyo a month earlier to Northeast Midway lies in wait, severely damaged in the Battle of the Coral Sea. The aircraft carrier USS Yorktown limps back to Pearl. She needs more than two weeks of repairs that would leave him out of action for the


ahead, but Nimitz is desperate for everything. aircraft carrier can muster 1,400 shipyard workers move onto the ship en masse and work 24 hours a day miraculously is repaired to be ready for


and returns to sea in just 72 hours Yorktown set sail with its escort fleet to rendezvous with forces of work 16 and 17 the American defense of Midway comprises three aircraft carriers carrying 233 aircraft eight cruisers 15 destroyers 16 submarines and 127 land aircraft on Midway itself the Japanese naval force heading towards Midway comprises four aircraft carriers commanded by Vice Admiral Nagumo two battleships Seven cruisers, fourteen destroyers, and 276 naval aircraft nearby sail a transport fleet carrying the amphibious troops that would take Midway shortly after 9:00 a.m. m.
the battle of midway   animated
On June 3, a PBY reconnaissance aircraft detects the approaching Japanese ships and follows them to provide a clearer report: it is just the troops. transport fleet during the night of June 4 P bombers be cautious and b-17s attack transport ships with a hit on an oiler starting at 3 a.m. m. more wise PBs take off from Midway to search for the carrier fleet at 4:30 AM. m. the Japanese first The attack wave begins to launch into the night sky from the aircraft carriers, a corgi charges it and I saw it first. They are the 36 Mitsubishi zero fighters that provide air protection to the attacking force.
the battle of midway   animated
Second come 36 Vocal IET dive bombers, followed by 36 heavier Nakajima Kate level bombers. nine zeros take off from kaga to provide air cover for own fleet and reconnaissance aircraft are launched to conduct 300 mile search patterns at 5:34 a.m. m., a PBY reports quoting the airline that the defending planes at Midway are ready to take off with the engine on using the cloud to evade anti-aircraft fire and zero the PB reports a new sighting at five fifty-two Two aircraft carriers minutes later the Midway radar station detects a large formation of incoming Japanese aircraft at 93 miles and 11 thousand feet the air raid sirens come to life and Marine Buffalo and Wildcat fighters rush to engage the Japanese attack force. 108 aircraft.
Next are the sixteen Dauntless and eleven Vindicator dive bombers, followed by six Avenger torpedo bombers and the B-26 Marauders. Many of the aircraft launches are considered obsolete, the 37 bombers can call for the Japanese aircraft carrier group the underlines hit the United States. The fighters have gained altitude advantage over the incoming Japanese and at 6:16 a.m. They pounce on the bombers, the top Zeros approach and engage the buffaloes and wildcats during a confusing few minutes of dogfights, the Zeros mauling the American fighters, shooting down 13 buffaloes and two wildcats. Navy pilots have postponed a brave fight against desperate odds and Japanese reports later overestimated their numbers, but they are obsolete aircraft that simply cannot compete with the nearly unscathed Zeros of the attack.
The Japanese attacked Midway with a lack of air targets on the ground. Kate's level bombing hit the island's oil tanks and the AAA facilities that are raising a fierce wall of fire to confront them the dive bombing vowels attack the hangars that hold the facilities and the power plant the main hangar bursts into flames Having dropped their fuel tanks the Zeros conclude the strafing attack execute the remaining AAA weapons 13 minutes after the explosive attack began, the Raiders withdraw at 7:00 a.m. The Japanese raid commander sends a message to the fleet that a second raid will be necessary to completely neutralize their base.
It did not disable the runway or shoot down heavier defensive weaponry that would later be used on amphibious troops in Task Forces 16 and 17. Admiral Fletcher orders the USS Hornet and Enterprise to begin launching their air wings. This is much earlier than planned, but he is eager to attack. the Japanese carriers at their most vulnerable just after the air wings have returned from their attack on Midway and while they are refueling and rearming, as only two of the four Kendama carriers have been seen, maintains the launch of the air wing of Yorktown for another hour and a half.
The B-26s and Avengers are the first to attack the Japanese aircraft carriers. Zeros fall on the Avengers as they brave a fire wall to launch their torpedoes against it. They all fail due to evasive maneuvers by the aircraft carrier and five of the six Avengers. are destroyed, the four B-26s follow, one is shot down in its run and another receives devastating AAA damage when resorting to an attempted suicide attack against the ACOG II. It nearly misses the bridge containing the carrier group's commander, Vice Admiral Nagumo, and crashes into the sea. Two torpedoes are launched, but they miss and the two surviving bombers return home.
An ambiguous message reaches Nagumo from a reconnaissance plane that 10 American surface ships have been sighted north of Midway as he ponders what to do with this information at 7:48 a.m. next us When the wave arrives, the Zeros destroy all 16 Dauntless dive bombers and shoot down 8 as they race at a shallow angle toward it. This unorthodox and inaccurate angle of attack is chosen because of the inexperienced pilots, the remaining 8 aircraft dropped their bombs and Miss 15 B-17 heavy bombers that had previously taken off to attack the transport force have been diverted to join the attack. to the aircraft carriers and arrive at 8:10 a.m. m.
At 20,000 feet, the carriers perform evasive maneuvers while the bombers launch their artillery. No wonder all bombs dropped from such a high altitude fail. Finally the eleventh indicators arrive and are greeted by another fierce attack by the defending zeros. The flight commander decides not to advance towards the aircraft carriers but to attack the nearby battleship Haruna again. all of the bombs fail due to the loss of three of the gauges as the planes of Midway's first attack wave begin to return to their carriers. Nagumo can't help but think that the morning's action has been a clear victory for his forces, the morale in his fleet is high, no longer fearing the American attack because so far the incursion has been resisted very easily with minimal damage against his ships.
However, he has now received a more definitive report from the reconnaissance aircraft of him. The report says that the previously discovered US ship is accompanied by a single aircraft carrier. Realizes that this is their chance to inflict a decisive blow on the US Pacific Fleet they desire and orders their planes to be equipped with torpedoes and fuses for ship attack bombs. The fleet changes course towards The Americans a single aircraft carrier should be a simple target to destroy it needs 45 minutes to rearm and refuel their Midway attack aircraft, little does Nagumo know that the air wings of the Enterprise Hornet and now Yorktown are closing in.
Such was the need for urgency to launch the attack that most American aircraft did not form over the carriers, but headed straight out. At takeoff, this has them distributed in a long line astern, a total of 156 aircraft from the three carriers, composed of 41 Devastator torpedo bombers, 89 Dauntless dive bombers and 26 wildcat fighters, approach in fragmented formations, the first to the line, our Hornet and Dauntless Wildcats. of Hornet and Enterprise, but the change of unknown cause in the game that Oh ordered the Americans to have made them unable to find the Japanese fleet. These Hornet aircraft are no longer involved, but the intrepid is from Enterprise and headed north in search.
They still have a role to play. The following are the slow and heavy Devastators on a hunch The Devastator Hornets 15 have preemptively turned north to search for the enemy and the gamble has paid off knowing that their chances of survival are slim, they fly bravely towards the Akagi while the zeros fall on them 14 of the 15 planes are destroyed in the race for zeros and a fire only one Devastator manages to launch his torpedo which fails before suffering the same fate as the others an entire squadron shot down with only one survivor almost immediately 14 The company's devastators begin their attack.
For some reason they do not give signals to their wildcats who escort them to fall from the clouds to protect them from the zeros and begin to run towards the charge. an equally brutal fate awaits them. Seven are cut to pieces by Zeros and anti-aircraft fire before making a last-second switch to launch their torpedoes at her, again, cruelly, all the torpedoes miss, three more Devastators are lost and the remaining four abandon the battle, Force Zero is running out of ammunition and some are beginning to land on Rhian when the Akagi is already another strike force, Yorktown Air Wing, has arrived in a coherent strike group of Dauntless Devastators and Savage Fighter cover;
However, the Devastators find themselves isolated from the others as the group flies through dense clouds, the Wildcats activate some zeros at the start of their bombardment, but still Again, they basically do their attack alone, they take the same slaughter as the others. squadrons and only two of the twelve Devastators return without any successful torpedoes. The massacre of American airmen is not in vain, however, each attack delays the Japanese ability to launch. counterstrike against the American carrier group and keeps the zeros down at sea level, a much more lethal purpose is being served by their sacrifice well above zero cover, now depleted of ammunition. 47 Dauntless dive bombers from Enterprise and Yorktown arrive above the clouds It is possible that the Dauntless is from a company that was unable to locate the carrier earlier and found them at the precise moment Yorktown's Dauntless arrived.
The 47 planes screamed and dropped their ammunition. The cargo takes direct hits from bombs, killing the captain and setting off a chain reaction of explosions. in the hangar between the armed and fueled attack planes, Sawyou receives a similar punishment of 3 bomb hits, including the hangar, finally the flagship Akagi receives a single bomb here with the same results as the armed planes in its hangar detonate in a massive chain reaction between the three. The aircraft carriers burn fiercely and are consumed by uncontrollable fire. Ultimately, the three crews will abandon and sink their ships after the Americans withdraw the remaining Japanese carrier to the northeast.
Launch 18 Vowell dive bombers and six Zeros to counterattack the Americans as Yorktown is retaking. and refueling her plane when she detects the attack on radar, all the fuel pumps on the deck are off and the fire suppression system is ready. The Yorktown Wildcats attack and destroy three zeros and eleven vowels of the remaining seven bombers, two more shot down from the flank, but the rest of the school three hits York Sound starting a fire thanks to thepreventive fire control actions the fire is manageable as soon as the fire is controlled the second wave of aircraft approaches this time ten Kate torpedo boats and six Wildcat zeros and anti-aircraft count for some aircraft Shot down, the Yorktown is hit by two torpedoes.
The Yorktown remains afloat, but a burning wreck in a final, all-out attack on the last Japanese carrier, the Hornet, and the Enterprise launches forty-two Thomases. day and shoot down only two there is no way to stop the inevitable now she receives four direct and fatal hits from bombs her fate is sealed and she will sink the next morning two days later the destroyer USS Hammond is participating in the salvage efforts to save Yorktown is a Japanese submarine infiltrates the protective cordon and launches a deadly salvo of torpedoes against the two ships, both sink the battle is a clear victory for the Americans in the loss of aircraft carriers Japan has strategically lost its most powerful offensive force the desire to take the USA The meeting at the negotiating table has failed and the industrial power of the United States will now confront Japan.
The battle means the loss of the offensive initiative for Japan and it will not recover it.

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