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The Backyardigans - Episode 75 | FULL EPISODE | TREEHOUSE DIRECT

Feb 24, 2023
foreigner the magic skateboard is fine now i'm going to try an omelet oh man hi i'm Tyrone i'm trying to do a trick on my skateboard because today is the biggest skating contest ever the show-off Showdown the most amazing skaters in the world will be there . I'm not that awesome yet, but I'll still try to win the Showdown show. Hey, it's worth a try. Today is the day I've been waiting, dreaming and skating because I practice my moves. I've worked on my tricks, my jobs are weird, my Ollies and my kids, I've tried really hard and I'll sure do my best to win the biggest skateboard contest in the world. ready to skate and win the day the hat tubes are raised and the big rounds are set the trophy is there for the winning ticket it will be hard but i'll give it all i've got who knows but it sure is worth it . the alien shot down come on folks let's get out of the desert to skatesburg and the most amazing skate park in the world too skatesburg skate park right in hmm i wonder where all the amazing skaters come from look at your head oh wow those were some cool moves yeah that was me dude im skating Uniqua this is skater pablo hi dude and this is skater austin whats up?
the backyardigans   episode 75 full episode treehouse direct
Are you guys at the Showdown 2 show? think you can win it worth a try you must be a pretty good skater yeah let's see your Ollie huh my Ollie yeah you know mate you're Ollie huh sure you have to do a lot better than that to win the show. Showdown, yes, or maybe you could find the magic skateboard. There is a magic skateboard. Don't pay attention to those guys. They were just kidding. There is an old legend about the magic skateboard hidden in skatesburg. I could really use a magic skateboard because I'm not that good but you don't need the magic skateboard.
the backyardigans   episode 75 full episode treehouse direct

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the backyardigans episode 75 full episode treehouse direct...

I'm going to tell you the secret to being a great skater. Yeah, the board doesn't make this skater. The skater makes the board. Gator does the dash that's that now come on I'll show you some moves the more you practice the better you'll do well show it off and you'll get a little better, get a little better, get a little better, okay today. I want to show you how to ollie look at me now try it what happened you fell down but sweating everyone falls down the important thing is to get back up I really want to win tries I'll follow what you say and get a little better improve a little improve a little improve a little is alright today foreigner and as long as you keep practicing you keep getting better hey where you gonna practice catch yourself in the show off showdown dude show off showdown here i come oops stop oh no oh no my skateboard is wrecked oh man where do i get another skateboard? you better skate park start slow a little faster move let's try awesome this board handles great oh hell ok hey yeah yeah Wahoo this is not just any skateboard this is the magic skateboard for doing all sorts of things and he's the reason i found the skateboard messed up and i'm flying down the street.
the backyardigans   episode 75 full episode treehouse direct
I found the magic skateboard. I'm so hot. I melt the country. Ollie coming look at this wow you've improved a lot you must have been practicing look what happened is I found this new skateboard uh-uh dude remember what I told you the board doesn't make the skater the skater makes the board I got it huh yeah I do i got dude so you find that magic skateboard but dude that was so much fun fyi it's gotten a lot better that's good cause the showdown showdown is about to start you still think you can win i don't know but It's worth a try, well come on don't worry buddy you've been practicing so you'll be fine.
the backyardigans   episode 75 full episode treehouse direct
Why should I care? house tubes and


tubes that's the extreme extra ramp roll each skater has to skate through all three parts of the course if you fall you're out but the last skater standing wins the golden alley the first challenge is to skate down this ramp and cross it roller coaster grinding lane remember if you fall you're out Ready Set Go good magic skateboard don't fail me now check out the new guy he's doing good let's see how he does in the loop hang in there buddy this part It's very complicated, it's not complicated for a real skater like me, oh man, you good, yes, but I'm leaving? can't lose buddy i told you the board doesn't make the skater the skater makes the board remember yeah i guess i don't care how good your board is we'll see how you do in the max pipe challenge thanks .
Ultimate Pipe Challenge They look much bigger up close Not only are they big but they are tricky so be careful it is very easy to fall into the pipes and if you fall you are out. smooth go magic skateboard go annoyed are you okay yeah but i'm out be careful buddy i don't have to be careful i got the magic skateboard ok what's up where did that guy make that move i have to admit all good in the pipes thanks but the ramp extra extreme is even more difficult, we will see if you really have skills, I don't need skills, I have the magic skateboard, there are only two of you left in the competition, hey. you're right well you know what they say it can be the best friend and by the way i mean me now but yeah it's only nine you got skills but still i'll try one will fall and the other will fly I've seen everything you've got and I know it may be the best contest but my voice may be the best you've done the best so I'm ready for you. out of competition you can use mine you don't understand that was the magic skateboard seriously yeah i found it when my other board broke that's how i did all those tricks but now it's gone yeah but It doesn't matter, remember what I said. you, the board doesn't make the skater, the skater makes the board, are you sure, of course, I'm sure, now take my board and break it, dude, thanks, dude, are you sure you want to do this, dude, yes, it's worth a try, ready? no problem here nothing goes wrong i did it again you are a great skater dude you are good too but now comes the hard part to show who is the best friend i fell that means pablo is out so tyrone clear this jump.
You'll win you can do it buddy or make skater make skater do board Showdown dude that was awesome yeah you blew the competition away and you totally deserve the golden Olive but I have to tell you something. I found the magic skateboard seriously, yes. and i used it for the first two challenges but then i lost it but you didn't use the magic skateboard for those jumps at the end that was it mate yeah and you were free. Hey, you're right. hook it's like i always say the board doesn't make the skateboard man it's our honor to introduce you to Golden Ollie skating Tyrone now that you've won the Showdown show what you gonna do next?
I'm going to get something to eat I'm hungry hey let's go back to my house for some frozen yogurt that's my face mine too yummy what's up guys I'm so soft look at my house that was one hell of a skateboard adventure don't you think I'm sure was it totally you I bet we've got everyone in our backyard to explore, now it's time for us to snack, we'll feed you next time, see you next time, see you later, sweetie, thank you, thank you.

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