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The Bachelor: Roses and Rose: Pillow Fights, Mispronounced Words & Beauty Queen Drama

Jun 07, 2021
we have a new favorite feels so good the death of a thousand birds and the worst pool party ever confused so much more confusing ever this is your


season 24 episode 3 recap grab your glasses it's time for


s and


s hello everyone it's me, Lauren Xena guys I had to be on my feet to properly showcase this dress as you know we're just doing chic in 2020. I told you guys last week and look at this turtleneck look at these long sleeves look at these pockets you know what i love a dress with pockets and it's so playful and it gives me so many vibes and it just won't be as good or when i feel so we wanted to give her moment in the spotlight now as a lot of these women are being sent home and never we'll meet them though i want you to meet this dress and it has so many vibes very fluid in the curve and detail from harry potter accio beautiful light your little plane over here PTL very handmade sale at Handmaid's Tale yes women were being sent just go to colonies and look now i'm sitting and it's not that fancy but it's okay okay we can't be perfect Aleya I've had multiple titles I'm so used to being yeah another new feature for 2020 and we couldn't be more about branding, I mean putting our logo on a wine glass, okay guys, check out Handmaid's Tale?
the bachelor roses and rose pillow fights mispronounced words beauty queen drama
It's such an intense show you never know what's going to happen but they know what's going to be bad and that's how I felt the whole episode this week so sinister so dark so tearful not lighthearted we're missing a bit of that joy, isn't it? I think that's why Demi Burnett came back this week to bring a little pop to bring a little fun to bring a little of that Demi do -Right, you know a little joy guys it's me in my office with sunglasses on sol because to be honest I'm still emotionally recovering from Brad and Jen at the SAG Awards, did they watch that I think they did it because they love a show about love? and that was love i mean i was deeply shocked right the two of them touching g raising so many questions wondering if they're just giving fans a moment of reconciliation we've all longed to see for so many years or if there's something more a year lingering chemistry should Jennifer give it to Brad and move on and be with him after all he said it so publicly and she's totally over him she's been married and divorced since everything that happened with the two of them I was really thinking about it and honestly i'm not even sure if i would have the energy to do grad this week but it turns out yes always forever good let's do it we open after full champagne battle of bullies and everyone looks a little worse for wear from wear and tear isn't it, no one looks great sorry it's the next morning and everyone is still crying she's been crying all night so i'm singing a little laugh a little joy the sun hasn't even risen you know and that's hard that's hard I'm affected by the seasons so yeah the citizens were going ugh a lot let's start strong one shot every time Hanna says she's not a champagne thief why what would steal champagne? she never had a paint thief cause i wouldn't steal hey im not a champagne thief what to say?
the bachelor roses and rose pillow fights mispronounced words beauty queen drama

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the bachelor roses and rose pillow fights mispronounced words beauty queen drama...

I thought it was interesting that she didn't say I'm not a thief she said very specifically I'm not a champagne steel wouldn't steal your champagne look I don't know if everyone had a stealing moment as a kid actually I wasn't too scared of my mom , not the law. My mother, you just don't know what's going to happen. landed safely with one line quote of the week she says you never know, you never know when someone is going to break, break, break, break or pop, break, break guys would you buy this tumbler ? Let me know in the comments below oh this dress is just so much now you know who was popping this episode Victoria Please she says she got a date card last night and she got a date card.
the bachelor roses and rose pillow fights mispronounced words beauty queen drama
She was so excited to have a date today and I noted if I missed. I don't know when that happened, but she will have a date and her hair. she looks good, very good Peter picks her up and drives a nice little red truck for no apparent reason, they always want to give them a fun car and that truck is really stopping traffic, isn't that a drink for every car? That's like hey Baxter can you drive? What is your biggest favorite reason to drive? I hate when people don't use their cues, you know, because it's the easiest thing in the world to just move your cue.
the bachelor roses and rose pillow fights mispronounced words beauty queen drama
I'm up and down and there you go and now you're communicating with your fellow drivers on the road and keeping everyone a little bit safer. or something you're dating sleeping marry whatever use your cues this is my favorite Peter and Victoria communicate they are having important discussions like do you like red or white wine better that's such a critical decision to make . To be honest, I was deeply offended that Rosie didn't come. as part of the options i felt so good just soaking up every moment i have alone with him victoria pete really made me want to she talked about how she never thought i was worthy of a man like peter i thought i might be the kind of man with the one who would be happy and just wanted to tell her girl, you're a girl, you're invalid, you're impulsive, you're smart, you're safe, you're loving, you're beautiful, you're important, I wanted to take a moment for the blog because I still think of Victoria too P we are already getting to know the ladies better and we saw Victoria a lot this weekend look I don't know what's up with her and Peter but yes Victoria P is single Victoria P at a


ette party Do you think she has such a deep emotional history?
She seems quite mature. She is honest about her feelings. She is beautiful. I like her. Let me know in the comments below. Thoughts for the bachelorette party say pray for brettandjen ok folks I would love to dance the lion now ok I like Victoria P but not sure about the D and t is for dance guys are Dancing again, we've danced so far. every episode this season we got the counter maybe now we need the two step count oh ok yeah Peter didn't dance with Hannah I don't know when this happened geez this dress sitting down is like the pockets were born . hips i don't know there's a lot they like they have their new country outfits and they're so color coordinated and peter says he loves the lion dance peter has so many layers you know we know he's german you know he's cuban we know he's californian and now we know that he's a country boy I guess s I don't know deep as an onion always discovering new things you know we could start a trek back first class with their premium economy continue all the way to regular economy and who knows what's in the back back of the plane in that bathroom where you can stand in line and wait instead of up front we're running out of airplane metaphors right now while you're dancing in the mansion people are arguing you want to talk yeah okay yeah Hannah Anne and Kelsey do is arguing.
I like this. Guys. They're going to discuss things after the champagne feast. It will be positive. It will be productive. It will be powerful. talk it over I agree to disagree, we can agree to disagree on what's right, but it's not the best resolution, is it? I apologize for that but then Kelsey apologizes but she has a butt attached but you you told me to say away f from you and that's not cool so let's make this about me no. Hannah Ann is making some good points like Kelsey saying she doesn't know where I don't know you and Hannah saying well you know why you called me.
She pretends you don't know me so why not? I'm not going around and now Hana is crying because Kelsey says that she doesn't even like champagne. I don't even like champagne. what i really like. champagne, why did you do this after the delicacy? Co from the champagne and you just said Finn asked oh the fanaa stealing is a dud that's all this is asking Oh hmm what was I tired of all the


yeah this could have gone better perfect but what goes well like Peter's date with victoria pete she tells her story in a mime i did i had passed on when i really wasn't and she's been there there's so much you know i'm sitting here thinking we have these favorites in hannah and matt a son but peter seems to be falling in love with victoria now tells her that he has never been so inspired by a person i have never been so inspired by someone in my entire life and that it feels so unbelievably good dating her feels so good wow peter thinks unbelievably good i mean what this is not a prop plane from a statement you know what i'm saying this is a sentence 747 is big it's a big 747 but it's ok thank you but let's go back to the mansion where things are not so serious how do we know The ones that aren't so serious because everyone seems to be drinking and a woman is engaging in a pilot cosplay Peter yes that's God she's a liya alia Alia oh yes I've spelled her name no less than seven different ways on this piece of paper, okay, she's there and Aleya reveals that she's basically a former pageant girl.
Everybody likes to look at me and think that because of the pageants and what I do, I'm like the sweet, fancy, proper little thing. Did she say she can get nasty, bro? I'm like, really good at putting on a face and I don't need to know what that means. I don't know very sinister. Don't drink to every sinister statement. This episode. Do you mind if I kidnap you? If I don't answer a question. if you're doing this for any reason other than to see if this can work for me I don't have time for that so again we needed to keep things lighter and Demi Burnett came back to help with a group date and they're about to The World of Rocky's girls, she walks in and wakes up the women by hitting them with


They don't drink for every difficult morning. This episode is another hard one, um, it looks hard. morning, but it was interesting to see where the women slept, wasn't it in those bunk beds? Why don't you think about your rooms? camping look im not someone who cant share a room like i need d to be like here is my space and my stuff in it and this is my corner where my items are ok and it means youre not coming here you know what what am I saying? they only have on this show you stay in a mansion but you're sleeping on a bunk bed and your items are stacked on the floor very unchic you know very little 2020 for me personally so women dress up because they're going to be in a fight


s coming out and keanu called lingerie linger II like cute pajamas ling reboot yes he did he did no yes he drank for every common


word in this episode after the champagne steel vs finale? the pajamas linger y'all want to get these glasses it's just a good marker for y'all the sticker up here that's your fill line so keep going because you need to make sure you drink every time we're in a country bar in this episode we're in a fucking lounge why then are we taking a pill Fight in a bar and don't drink to every feather you see.
I just give you all the birds. Make your birds drop four girls. I hope they don't tear them off. I don't know, Sam, you look confused and scared. Are the birds dead? Did they kill the birds? They killed the birds. Can we google it so they kill the birds? She is looking for it on Google. She only finds out if they kill the birds. use feather pillows they are some sort of feather alternative let me know in the comments below this is so heavy Wow thank you guys so much for all the love and feedback on the last episode.
Get dressed again. I've been trying to be classy, ​​but it turns out that everything classy doesn't breathe. Breathing is not elegant. The pillow fight turned aggressive. He beats her in the pillow fight because the layest says everyone everyone thinks I'm a pageant person and I want to prove that I'm not and I'm like who thinks you're a pageant person we don't even know you yeah we don't i know and then i drink for every ominous comment in this episode Sydney makes these promises about what she will do to Alea. Sooner or later she's in for a rude awakening in this voice that's so unbelievably even but she haunts me deeply.
She is saying that Alea doesn't see. what is coming for her that the pain is going to be so unimaginable that she would not wish it on her worst enemies worst enemies the deepest and darkest realms of sad and horrible help is from the universe yes, but Alea will not be stopped Alea is a contest the girl alia knows how to put on different faces she said so herself and so we see she has a pretty good conversation with peter she really opened up this is too heavy right now ok jesus oh my god i cant drink a whole bottle i never have done this now, that's a light mm-hmm, and we see the sydney mission play out, sydney is in for a done. -Quest mission Do you like to work?
I have three jobs and when I say fact-finding mission I mean Sydney is looking for Alea to make some admissions about who she is as a person so Sydney can use them against her later. sounds so rehearsed so you know what I mean and if the cameras are like its a dark episode guys you know its like here is our plane is it gonnaland or say I got it? Oh these spin that's fun and now if you come here worrying about how you're perceived then you're not going to be your true self to Peter and that's what he's here to find out he's like a real person.
I must say, I was a little worried about Sydney. Here I think it's always a bad idea when a contestant on these shows focuses on someone else. Focus on yourself. I just want to squash this now that Sydney has told her that she thinks some of the women in the house are so artificial and she couldn't believe this surprised them. Peter not only didn't have a problem with what Sydney was saying, but he wanted to get what she was saying out in front of everyone, including a layeth, we have some concerns regarding some people here possibly not being honest with me, so had to tackle it.
Sydney, you had mentioned that there were people who are maybe different off camera or different in the house when I'm not there, let me know whose side you were on here. I'll be honest, it all felt messy. I didn't think a spade should have gone. to Peter, I think you personally think it would have been fake and I didn't think Peter should have gone to everyone. Olea has to address everything and Peter chooses Sydney's side, even giving her the rose. I was impressed. Why what? who gets a rose when they title ed this is unprecedented the show is changing not me oh this dress is tight i cant move in it so what do you think he gave her the rose and i had to get the rose deep emotional question of the week? what are we really gratifying here and then we're back at the mansion for a pool party and peter seems to be in sydney another new favorite emerging in this episode thanks for being so strong im getting some of it that i can lean on because he He even takes the time to pull me aside and apologize to her for bringing up their conversation in front of everyone. to each other i will never apologize for doing or saying anything about their pain now alea stands firm on her ground she says no one has a problem with her personality no one else has anyone like you but she drinks every time someone says they have a problem with his personality he likes to step back a certain way from the camera when the cameras themselves big name weren't wrong in their speculation of other things all of a sudden the cameras come on and his voice goes up like five octaves but other than Olea We always have a little moment. with matp right, yeah, Peter tells Maddie they had the best first date he's ever had, the best first date of his life, oh that's another 747 from Peter, so P for Peter is confused and who will go to Victoria PE.
It is P for person. he can trust so he takes her into the woods to get our take on Alea god I love all this forestry work with Peter and Victoria P here they are pulling down more trees here is another shot so much forest oh now they are holding hands in the Al going into this forest, she was really open to all the opportunities that will come after this and drank every time we found out that a cast member is also a pageant


. I was like Miss Louise Yunnan, well bad habit of conscience and Victoria P and bedtime knew each other beforehand Victoria P says Millea told her she couldn't tell the producers they knew each other you know she asked her not to tell we producers knew each other poorly why why a certain Peter Webber was in love with Hannah Brown, a pageant


from Alabama and at least two of his favorites, or knowing that Madison and Sydney are from Alabama, a variety of his favorites are pageant queens pageant so she has a favorite named Hannah Wow anyway Victoria's article says that Alea had discussed with her the potential opportunities she would get out of being on the show even if she didn't end up with Peter and there is certainly a judgment here and a question about is anyone here for the right reasons, I was really open to all the opportunities that will come after this. but how do you feel about this?
I have no problem with people talking about what they could win by going on the show at the end of the day you're going on a reality show you're either the lead or the contestant whatever you know being on the program will give your Instagram followers potential jobs, that's just a given and I don't think it's anything new, so to be honest I'm not judging, sorry we talked. Again, okay, you know, I thought this was a pool party. Have we seen the pool? They are all in bathing suits, but they seem to be cold and crying.
It's the worst pool party. I don't like pool parties. okay so Peter's gone and McKenna's frustrated so I don't blame her and she's back in a gray suit she looks good okay kelsey and kelsey got a rose and then hannah and a rose you know what? It was kind of nice I see you getting roses back to back and you guys, I know you had your issues but I think you patched things up because I saw Hanna and I made a really nice comment on Kelsey's Instagram and you know what growth is all about and I love it, girls, I'm sorry.
Because of the interruption but there's been a bit of a change tonight so it all comes down to one last rose and McKenna's worried she's not going to get a rose but I was thinking McKenna girl you ok she kissed with you on a counter, you know, I quickly realized about Peter that there are two tell-tale signs that he cares about a person who makes out with you on a counter and he refers to you with two names Hannah brown counter two names McKenna counter Hannah and two names whatever you see I say anyway and Peter sends Alejo home I found this pretty shocking.
Did you guys think this was fair? I felt like Alea was getting Lampoon or she hadn't even done anything that bad. Let me know in the comments below and Peter seemed to regret it too as he spoke to these producers. was the last ominous comment of the night because as we saw in the trailer Alea is going to close the front again, do I have to tell you guys even though all this back and forth is not elegant and as we have discussed 20/20 is the inheritor? de chic just so we can keep trembling Bader can't wait keep him shaken and oh wow you know what else he's out of shape we also see in the trailer that Victoria F has a one-on-one date with Peter where they will see a performance by a country singer His name is Chase Rice or something.
In short, Victoria says that she dated Chase that she saw court. This really shows the gift that she keeps on giving. I give credit to the producers. Okay, it's not fancy, but it sure is good TV. please leave your comments below, you can find me in a cameo, also on instagram and twitter in honor of this week's episode. I'll leave you all with an incredibly sinister statement, delivered in a decidedly flat tone.

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