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The 95% Rule - Mario Kart Wii's Hidden Fail-Safe

Feb 27, 2020
hi everyone valium here again after releasing my video explaining the mechanics behind the super grind on the wedi circuit. I am very happy that many of you enjoy that kind of video for Mario Kart Li. I think this is my first time making a video. of that Mario Kart Wii style, so I'll try to keep coming back before getting into today's topic. I want to clarify something that was asked in the comment section of my last video. Some people asked if super grinding is useful on any other track and the sad answer is that at the moment no other track benefits from super grinding besides n64 mallya Raceway a bit here.
the 95 rule   mario kart wii s hidden fail safe
I'll be showing off Rocky's homework and have that video linked in the description below. super grind in Mario Raceway using the pipes before the last lap from there you can gradually progress through the finish line and after the first lap you are a dead end added at that point however if you remember from my video from our last Luigi circuit will remember how when we finish the super grind we can be thrown off the floor with significant amounts of airtime while being able to use this to our advantage during flap tasks where we aim a single full turn as quickly as possible using all three mushrooms in one turn instead of spacing them out across turns instead of trying to take the second turn while super shredding, we can go up the hill while using our first mushroom and we can finish our super shred just before we hit the exit. -the limits part causes us to shoot off the ground with an insane amount of airtime from there we can use another mushroom to preserve airtime and land right in front of the normal shortcut on the runway this saves less than a second of the flat task that doesn't use super grinding just to reiterate that for now this is slower during a three turn task because consuming all three mushrooms to accomplish this, as well as setting up the super grind, ends up wasting more time than it saves. compared to doing the race normally with that out of the way let's move on to the rest of the video in the last video we focused on the Ouija circuit because I learned more about the mechanics behind the super grind during the creation of a new tool assisted race on that Hint, if you haven't already, go check out that video on my channel.
the 95 rule   mario kart wii s hidden fail safe

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the 95 rule mario kart wii s hidden fail safe...

I'm very happy with how it turned out recently. I've been working with a few other task lords in the community to improve the current bogeyman. thirty point one one zero seconds mulish task log during my attempts to improve the parking section of this crash log again i felt quite uneasy about the weird mechanics of getting a lap count every time i sometimes had to go wider around the last car to get a lap count and we've never understood why, just like with the super slick after years of existence of these glitches we can now say we fully understand the mechanics behind the lap count of the Coco shopping center parking lot.
the 95 rule   mario kart wii s hidden fail safe
I don't want to overwhelm anyone unfamiliar with the coconut cup glitch, so first I want to explain the game's checkpoint system. Mario


wii has a series of checkpoints that are set throughout each course. to follow the player's progression as they drive through each lap, however there are certain special checkpoints that we call key checkpoints if you somehow bypass a normal checkpoint, such as via Bowser's castle shortcut For example, your lap will count normally, however if you skip any of these green key checkpoints and try to complete a lap as normal your lap will not count one last thing to keep in mind regarding checkpoints each Once you are inside a key checkpoint region the only key checkpoints currently loaded into memory are the key checkpoint region the s next key checkpoint in front of you and the previous key checkpoint in this example lets just ignore the regular blue checkpoints lets say we start at the finish line at this point we are at k the zero checkpoint in front of you us is loaded into key checkpoint one and the last key checkpoint of the coco mall key checkpoint five right behind us is also loaded into memory as we move towards the next key checkpoint, the next key checkpoint is loaded while key checkpoint five is unloaded so to summarize this again at any given time if you are within a key checkpoint region only key checkpoints are on the key checkpoint in front and the key checkpoint behind you is loaded with that being said let's talk about the premise of the ultra shortcut there are several different clues that with they have ultra shortcuts but i think the easiest of all to explain the concept of ultra shortcuts is grumble volcano if you move at the right angle to the side of the road you can get enough airtime to land on this rock go far enough to passing the finish line, this puts you at the zero key checkpoint, driving around the side of this rock allows you to completely go around the zero key checkpoint boundaries so the game doesn't detect you're driving backwards remember I said before at any given time the key checkpoints immediately in front of you and behind you are also loaded because of this we can go from key checkpoint zero to key checkpoint four already loaded which is the last key checkpoint region in the grumble volcano, when doing so the game detects that we went from an earlier key checkpoint to a later key checkpoint and thinks we progressed correctly through tr through the scenario again this doesn't work for skipping key checkpoints later in a track because the key checkpoint after which you would try to skip is not floating in memory in this scenario, however the last key checkpoint on the map it loads up allowing us to get a lap count so is this is always the case the correct answer is actually no this information alone is slightly wrong and believe it or not there is an additional piece of the puzzle which no one was sure about until now, let's go back to the coconut mall and delve into the mechanics behind the glitch.
the 95 rule   mario kart wii s hidden fail safe
Let's start by looking at an older log just to show how racers dealt with


entry and parking. It just so happens that I used to have the wolf log multiple times. on this track, albeit only for a couple of days each, so I'll use one of my old days to show what the first major strategy was for the glitch to start going out of bounds requires abusing the game's collision system for several months before my world record players use this area here to go out of bounds falling between these two walls will cause the game to try to kick you in some direction if you get the right angle it can cause the front wall to push through the back wall and hit you out of bounds at the time of my run, although we had just found a new area where we could abuse the collision right next to the second escalator if you plummet towards this pink block on the wall and then hold right after it you can bypass a solid escalator wall now the mechanics behind this version of the glitch is still a bit unknown we think it is similar to the glitch in n6 4 decays in jungle Parkway by hitting a horizontal wall as the top of this finish line the game allows you to temporarily pass through normal vertical walls, well wasn't the pink block a vertical wall actually? wall first, you can temporarily go through the wall of the vertical escalator, according to all that out of the way, finally let's go to the parking lot instead of driving directly through the parking lot.
I turn to the right and head towards the first palm tree. there is actually an invisible wall along this line and this sets the limit for a key checkpoint 0, remember to get a lab count of ultra shortcuts we need to go from key tech point 0 to the last map key checkpoint so we need to get through inside this invisible wall here activate key checkpoint 0 and we can go through the rest of the parking lot once I get close to the last car here I start veering to the right making sure to go wide enough to get past the last key checkpoint on the map, the game thinks I've reached the end of the lap correctly, so it triggers the next lap when I cross the finish line to get laps two and three to count, we drive to the wall of the mall at the key checkpoint, turn around, re-enter the zero key checkpoint, and then drive to the last checkpoint map key, so if you've been paying attention, you may think that this process doesn't seem to make any sense.
Okay, why should we leave the zero key checkpoint? Go to key checkpoint one and then just turn around and go back to key checkpoint zero. Now this is where things start to get really weird. Going around the checkpoint limits will count your turn except it doesn't work here your turn doesn't count in coco mall coco mall is an exception to the


but it's an exception even the right word or it's center coconut trading an opportunity to understand the checkpoint system a little more, let's fast forward almost two years from the date of my world record and look at a new strategy first performed in world record time by japanese player two kami, he laughs like me, but after the first lap he doesn't cross. at the finish line, he instead turns around and jumps over the curb, triggering the next lap to start in the process. there a chem II simply goes to the last key checkpoint on the map and repeats what he just did a second time.
I won't explain why this works yet so now the question we have to ask is why can you get the p count by doing this sidewalk jump strategy and otherwise you have to travel all the way to the front of the street wall? mall entrance the answer lies in the fact that the chemi triggered the lap later than normal to explain what i mean let me first show you what happens if we try to get a lap count by crossing the finish line normally and without traveling to the front of the mall on the screen you can see what we call our complete lap this is an address in the game code that keeps track of what percentage of the lap we have completed if we have a value of two point five seven three four for example that means we are in the second lap and we are around 57 point three four percent in the lap plus we have a checkpoint screen for that just approaches e at the key checkpoint in brackets look at what happens between both values ​​when we cross the finish line normally and then go from the zero key checkpoint to the glass key checkpoint you will probably notice first that we entered correctly d the checkpoint key five but our full lap was down to one point nine instead of staying above two ok that's weird let's go incredibly wide and hit the last key checkpoint as early in the track as possible going to the point leftmost of the checkpoints in the parking lot still nothing back to the delayed lap count idea of ​​Takumi jumping over the sidewalk players speculated and taskers confirmed if you have this higher than normal laugh count , you could take the turn through the last key checkpoint much tighter than if you had the lap count closer to the finish line again.
Before we didn't really have a great understanding of why this was until I started noticing a pattern let's focus again on completing the lap and the key checkpoint is showing up this time as we do the two kemi lap count strategy let's do a pause in the first frame where i triggered a lap and let's see our lap completion it's two point zero one one two one four now let's try entering the last key checkpoint since a is as far to the right as possible at a point with a higher lap completion ok this doesn't count the lap let's try to go further left a jump ok this finally counts the lap which means to get a lap count in this situation we must had to reach the last key checkpoint add a completed lap of around two point nine six one two one one or before subtracting our completion from two point nine six one two one one for our finish lization when we trigger the loop of two point zero one one two one four gives us point nine four nine nine nine nine seven which is almost exactly 95% ok ok well let's try to trigger the loop a little earlier let's say two point zero zero nine one three one repeating the process produces set only one full turn of abouttwo point nine five nine one one five or previous result in a lap count I repeated this multiple times for many different lab completion values ​​and they all spit out the same magic number 95% I was never able to jump more than 95% before completing my lap between the frame i triggered the lap and when i enter the last key checkpoint this explains why you cant get a lap count if you go through the finish line first normally the last checkpoint of cocoanut mall happens on a value of ninety-five point two percent in its first meaning is that you will never be able to comply with the ninety-five percent


, you will never be able to count the turns in this way, this was the missing piece in the puzzle, the game has a built-in security mechanism to prevent cheating and certain ultra shortcuts. by avoiding lap counting where a player's lap completion is increased by more than 95%, this explains that coco mall is not an exception to the checkpoint rules, but simply the only example we have so far. now to learn and understand this strange and


mechanic again.
I'd like to reiterate that this 95 percent rule is compared between the completion of the laughs when you enter the last key checkpoint and the first frame you activated to the left, it doesn't matter if you travel further in. to the lab before entering the parking lot, you will not be able to jump to a higher lap after discussing this theory with several people in the community. Attention, all we do is go around a small rock. There is no way for this to follow the rule. We're cutting through a lot of the track, so actually, the snarling volcano doesn't disprove this theory.
The farthest into a lab that you can pass through the last key checkpoint. is at about 83% lab completion as this is nowhere near 95%. The lab will always count through this Mushroom Gorge glitch. I have verified that another ultra shortcut cuts less than 95 percent of the track, even including Rainbow Road. With this in mind, there is one track that raises a flag regarding ultra-shortcut potential and that is Des Desert Hills, where the Lasky checkpoint is located. a 96% lab completion so unless we can find a way to slow down the lap count you will never see an ultra shortcut now let's talk about another rule this time the magic number is about 4.9 percent cent let's take a look at Kimmy's lab trigger she can jump over the curve and make the lab count again this is simply because she lands inside the zero key checkpoint so the game updates her progress and therefore counts turn in the process.
I was talking to other people in the community about whether this definition is correct and they all seemed to agree, but I mentioned a crucial bit of information, spindrifting over the curb much higher up wouldn't give you a lap count, it's clearly still on the key region of the checkpoint zeroes so what happens as you turn the game has another trick up its sleeve after making this last turn through the key checkpoint five now you can see our full turn it freezes at one point nine six one four six four because we've left the checkpoint region now let's see while I try to turn and drift higher the last thing I could trigger the turn was a two point zero one zero five two five let's try this again, but let's take the wider turn so that our full turn increases closer to two let's go back into the parking lot and try to drift again, as you can see, now we can drift anywhere within the parking lot before key checkpoint 1 and still get a lap count just to reiterate everything i said in this video the game prevents you from jumping 95 percent ahead of wherever you have turning on lap on this prevents the current coco mall strategy from counting laps unless you zoom in far enough to get to the checkpoint before completing this 95 percent lap, plus you can't get a lap count by going back to the zero key checkpoint, unless you are within 5% of the full lap when you left the last key checkpoint. homework, but other than that, it doesn't affect much else;
It's really fun though to continually learn more about the inner workings of one of your favorite games, many years later this video was so much more than I initially expected, but thank you so much for sticking around until the end. It was really exciting to investigate the coco mall spin counting mechanic. Investigate the underlying rules of 95 percent and 5 percent and try it out on a bunch of tracks you guys have any suggestions for future video ideas. I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe for more videos like this and the likes in the future.
Be sure to keep an eye out for our improved coconut. mall 3 lap glitch task coming out soon and see you next time thanks for watching

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