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The 3 Major Lines

Jun 09, 2021
Hello and welcome to this P reading video lesson, so today This is an introduction to the main line. So it's just an introduction if you want to study. You can see more about each line in the illustrations. They are the line that is at the top. holder Which is in the middle The life line Which is around the B of the thumb The life line shows energy or we can also see the hand as the perfect representation of the body, mind and soul. Those three


are found in basically every hand. However, sometimes the direct line and the headline are merged into a single line and we usually call it a line and you can see an illustration of the line to understand the


, you need to keep in mind what the ideal line is supposed to look like. to show you how to determine an ideal Line The BIC with a Different Mount I suggest you watch the video on the timing of the Lines Because I explain in detail exactly How to draw all these sections on the hand Here we have B where Mercury is The mount meets the positive mount of Mars, this will be one end of the line and the other end of the line will be on the mount of Jupiter, as high as possible on the mount of Jupiter until the end.
the 3 major lines
Now I mention again that this is the ideal line. It is very rare for a line to be long, a good line reaching Jupiter is long enough for Jupiter. We take BIC by the hand. They all go hand in hand and we are going to mark two points, so the first point is going to be in the place where Jupiter meets Negative Mars. This time, making it the place just above the end of the Mon thum c The Is rah determines the end of the line. Now it may be a little longer than that, but it will just give you an idea of ​​where it should be, so once we have these two points we can draw the headline.
the 3 major lines

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the 3 major lines...

Again we make it slightly curved. Now let's draw the life line of the third line. The first point will be the same as the first point in the headline, so it will be between Jupiter and Mars Negative and there. Actually, there will be two other points. Another point will be at the bottom of Venus, so where it actually hits Venus and the Moon, once we have those three points, we can draw that would look like a semicircle. More Less and This will be our ideal life line now that you've noticed that I talk a lot about this curved line instead of the straight line.
the 3 major lines
It's because it's easier to have straight curved lines and right now a curved line, a curved line and a curved title. Now Curved lines seek harmony and are flexible, so they accept life a little like an elastic band, you know, if you pull an elastic band, it won't break and it won't be difficult. Now, if you have straight lines like this, ex is theos. he seeks order, which is not a bad thing in itself, but sometimes it can be too much, so it makes the person very rigid, so he goes straight to whatever business he is in and is not very flexible in this case.
the 3 major lines
She has Both The Heterosexual She is very intelligent but This is like my way or the Highway and When It Comes to Love She is a big Heart She Loves a lot but She is very very Intense so Sometimes It is a Little Difficult for Relationships Let's study a little a little bit deeper The heart line and I'm just going to talk about the long line and the short line, so the h line represents our emotions and feelings. This is the way we love and this can be in our very close relationship like a husband. Wife or They can be Our Children, but they can also be Our co-workers, Our Friends and anyone.
Let's spread Compassion. I mention that it is very rare that we have a great Capacity to love and a Great Capacity to Express Love, very spontaneous, so We are open. sincere and we are emotionally since he is little reluctant to show his feelings there is a preference for passion physical comfort sensual pleasures and there is not so much emotional depth now we must look at the headline the headline is in cs our mental capacity ration of thought is what we use to take decisions and that's how we use our intelligence, so the best way to think about the headline is Illuminate two types of Reading light or Search.
If you think about a reading light, the point will be very close so you only see in front of you instead of the search light. It goes very far. So you have a much longer view and this is the difference between a short line that would be more like the reading light and a long line that is more like the search light, in the case of the long tail. As you can see now, you won't hesitate to try new things or take risks and you will have a sense of purpose. A long headline is also called a pioneer headline because it has this pioneering mind and you can go where no one has gone before.
Now you can see a short headline. The short headline is Near You, so you're more tempted to surround yourself with visible signs of security, like material possessions. Money, maybe. a job you may not be short of Now we are ready for the lifeline, so the lifeline is how we apply our energy, how we use and manage our life force, so the best kind of line we can have is long and round. And may you have a great example in front of you right now when it's nice and you want to lead Damage The line is shorter and this happens a lot and a lot of people are terrified because they, oh, my line is sh To die, not at all Don't worry Line short in the case of me for example, Athl has been using his body a lot, so when he reaches 40, he may switch to being a coach or a journalist, so he won't use his body in the same way.
Very often you may have a break because the person is going to use his body in May. The energy session is very important. It is very important to remember that lines can always change, including the life line, and here you can see a typical example of someone who had a short life line and as you can see at 62 years old, it was still short and at 74 years old it was patched up. Maybe many things did not notice the repair and suddenly the line is long, so as you can see, even if he has a short life line.
It may not be a line, as you can see. Here's a little green line just to show you that it's just this little segment that could make the line bad. Now, talking about the shape of the line that I have told you, the best line you should have is actually. The long and round one, but very often you can have a straight one and there is an example in front of you with a straight line, you have a tendency to go against the grain, so you remember the R line, you actually live as it is. Very harmonious, you just go with the flow when you have a straight line, then you tend to struggle with life and may have a hard time letting go, so now I will show you another example of a person who doesn't just have a straight line. life line But the end of it reaches the M of Luna Luna is the Mount of Mind.
This means that the person is very, very, very busy all the time in his Mind and in the Life Line, which should be just the body. In reality, the whole body goes to the mind, so it is just going around in circles most of the time, so it is a type of people who can be very tired because, instead of being totally connected to the vital mind, for example, a person over 90 years old. She's still doing pretty well, but I can tell you that her mind is always on now. This concludes my brief introduction to the three main lines.
The heart line. The headline and the life line. So just go. Look at her line and look at everyone's line around her and see how. you can apply your new knowledge. Thanks and see you in the next video.

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