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The 2020 Porsche Cayman GT4 Is My Favorite New Porsche

Jun 10, 2021
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gt4 and it's just amazing, the 911 has the reputation of being the flagship


, the ultimate porsche sports car, but this is my new


porsche and it's not even close and today I'm going to review this car and Explain why Before we start, be sure to check out Cars and Bins which is my new online car auction platform aimed at modern era car enthusiasts, anything from the 80s, 90s, 2000s or now we want see on cars and deals right now. a great selection of cars if you are looking for something interesting from that era so check out cars and deals at by clicking the link in the description below first a little overview the


and the boxster are the basic sports cars of porsha, they start around 60 000. for 300 horsepower or if you want more you can upgrade to the s versions which have 350 horsepower for a starting price of around 70 000 but if you want real excitement you will have to go for the top of range.
the 2020 porsche cayman gt4 is my favorite new porsche
On the Boxster that means Boxster Spider but on the Cayman it is this the new Cayman GT4 The original Cayman GT4 came out for the 2006 model year. I reviewed it a few years ago and loved it, but that version had 385 horsepower. It has 414 thanks to a 4-liter naturally aspirated flat 6. Porsche says it will do 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and has more downforce than the outgoing model, meaning it's quicker on a race track - no surprise, of course, this Cayman is also very expensive. gt4 starts around 101k with shipping and that's before options and since this is Porsche there are a lot of options, the sticker price on this particular car is just under a hundred and twenty thousand dollars, that's in 911 territory, but to me this car is better than any 911, yes better than a 911.
the 2020 porsche cayman gt4 is my favorite new porsche

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the 2020 porsche cayman gt4 is my favorite new porsche...

I know that will upset some porsche fans who just need to have the newest gt3 with the coolest slanted seams that is better than their friends gt3 , which is the old version that no one can tell except 27 guys in a Porsche meet, but if they're honest with themselves, this is a nicer car, it's the perfect size, it's got the perfect power, the perfect speed, the perfect performance. without having a grotesque rear wing or too much power to use anywhere. This is the car and today I'm going to check it out first. I'll take you on a tour of this gt4 and show you all of its cool quirks and features.
the 2020 porsche cayman gt4 is my favorite new porsche
Then I'll get it. I'll go out on the road and drive it and then give it an excellent rating. I'm going to start with the quirks and features on the GT4's exterior and discuss some of the styling touches that set it apart from a regular Cayman. Actually, not so much, especially compared to other new Porsche models like the GT3 RS, which have these giant wings, air intakes and vents and really go out of their way to make sure you know you're looking at something different than the GT4. The big distinguishing features are at the front, you can see that the bumper is much more aggressive than that of a normal gator as it will hopefully be lower with a larger intake so air can get in and it looks more Aggressive and bold, the same goes for these vents.
the 2020 porsche cayman gt4 is my favorite new porsche
On the side of the car you can see that they are larger than those found in a standard Cayman and of course they say gt4 to distinguish them a little more, but by far the biggest difference between the GT4 and a standard Cayman. On the outside is the spoiler, this giant rear wing, back here, it's not GT3 RS level, not even close, but it's still big for a car like this and it helps it stand out from the traditional gators, of course, It also provides additional downforce for serious track use. Now, speaking of improvements to the exterior of this car, I mentioned earlier that the gt4 starts at around a hundred thousand dollars, but this one has a sticker price of just under a hundred and twenty thousand dollars, a big reason for that increase .
It's the brakes, this car has the optional Porsche carbon ceramic brakes which cost 8k more so they really increase the price. Carbon ceramic brakes dissipate heat better than standard steel brakes, which is better for people who want to seriously use the car on the track. So the brakes cost an extra eight thousand dollars. The other really important option on this car is these seats. These fitted sport seats cost an extra six thousand dollars if you want the car to look sportier and sportier to match the entire GT, so the base price. 101,000 the sticker on this car is about 119, but those two options account for about 14,000 of that price increase.
As for the seats, they certainly look sporty, but that also means they are quite tight, especially at the bottom, they work for most body types. but they have a lot of grip in place and make getting in and out of the car a little more difficult, frankly it's hard to imagine paying six grand extra for these tighter, less comfortable seats, especially since they're not even power, these are seats manually adjustable seats that you have. You have to pay a lot more money for them and yet these seats are very desirable on the second-hand market, I suppose, because this is what people want in their sporty and bold Cayman.
These bold, sporty seats too, if you want to maximize comfort, get rid of them, again, you probably would. First of all, I don't want a gt4. Speaking of the sport seats, can I direct your attention to the center console, which I love because virtually every button is performance-related? The button is marked with automatic signal. If you activate it, it will automatically engage the accelerator as you downshift, just like a sports car should. Below it is a small sleep control button. You press it and the sport suspension activates which makes the car drive even harder than normal, I'll get to that when I drive it next, it has two buttons that can disable various electronic driver aids, the top one, esc off , turns off the stability control, the lower one, esc plus tc, also turns off the traction control in case you think you know your car's electronic systems better, those could be useful on the race track and beyond that , another important button on the center console on the other side is the escape button.
You press it and it turns on the sports exhaust which sounds much better than the normal one, I'll listen to it in a few minutes, next one thing I love about this center console among all these sports related buttons, one thing you won't find here is a sport button, there isn't one on all Modern sports cars have a sport button, but this car doesn't. I guess Porsha's thinking is that the whole car is a sporty button. If you get a GT4, you don't want to drive in comfort mode, so you might as well always do that. the car in sport mode and I love that now one drawback of these buttons on the center console is that you still have blank spaces.
I always complain about blank buttons and here they are again staring you in the face. In this case, it is relatively fine given the character of this car. It's a sports car. Elements have been removed to save weight. I especially don't like seeing white spaces on luxury cars, but I wish you couldn't see them at all. It would be better than searching for blank spots for options you can't afford or I didn't understand and of course the last thing worth mentioning on the center console and probably the most obvious is the shifter, this car has a manual transmission Even in this push towards automatics with Porsche and their lightning fast dual clutch PDK, this thing still has an old school manual, although PDK will become an option for this car in a few months, but for now you want one of these , you should get a manual, this is the best way to get this car and next step I want to move on to something that I find absolutely hilarious here is the strange combination of weight savings focused on ultra light rails but also modern comfort and convenience features, for example on the door panel there is a cloth loop that you pull to open the door, the door handle has been removed it is too heavy, instead you get this cloth loop which I am sure saved you three pounds.
What's especially fun here is that this weight-saving cloth loop door handle sits right next to the power window and power mirror controls if you really wanted to save weight, you'd use the manual windows and mirrors along with that. fabric loop, but you don't really want to save weight, you just want to look like you're saving weight, hence the loop next to the electronics and This strange kind of weight saving demonstration continues throughout the car, for example, it has a complete infotainment screen with all the usual navigation functions and it is a screen, but it doesn't have lights in the visor mirrors, it just has the mirrors that they have.
They removed the lights to save weight, but gave you a full screen with a navigation map that can guide you around the city, tell you what the weather is like, and know which route to take for the best traffic conditions. It seems questionable and is another great example of this. these seats, these six thousand dollar ultra tight sport seats for maximum usability on the track and then you have a dual zone automatic climate control system so you can perfectly set the temperature to whatever you want and the car will automatically blow air up to reach the desired configuration. so your butt sits here in this tight, minimally padded seat, a sacrifice for maximum track performance, but at least you'll have a nice, comfortable temperature and another example that this car, with all its focus on the track, It still has cup holders, they're gone. on the passenger side, above the glove box, these famous Porsche cup holders that everyone hates, but I love that you can remove the cup holder and then put the trim back in place so it doesn't show the whole internal mechanism.
I think this is brilliant but most people seem to think these cup holders are flimsy or poorly placed anyway, this track car has them so you can take your drink with you on the race track, this really is a big reason why I love getting into these Porsche GT cars. I always find it funny how Porsche feels they can take them off and still make people think they are sporty instead of going too far and just annoying people, opening the windows would annoy people but a door handle with fabric loop is a cool weight saver and Porsche seems to have precisely mastered the line between sporty weight saving that you can charge more for and just annoying people, but anyway, moving on to other interesting features here, one is the gauge cluster, you have two traditional analog gauges, the stud in the middle, the speedometer on the left.
On the right you have a gauge screen and you can scroll through several different screens here that show all kinds of data, your trip information, tire pressure, music, you can also access the navigation map which shows a satellite image Google of where you are personally located. I think it looks really cool next to the other gauges, it's like the new meets the old and could be useful. Also, another interesting quirk in the glove box is that we have the owner's manual inside this bag, although it is not just the owner's manual. In fact, it's called the owner's manual which is good to know.
To be interesting, we all understand what an owner's manual is. You don't need to tell us that it contains things that are good to know, but I actually find a different item in the owner's manual bag would be even more fun and that would be the maintenance supplement, specifically the cover with this guy cleaning his Porsche and loving the Porsche badge. This photo perfectly sums up most of the Porsche enthusiasts I know obsessed with keeping their Porsche clean and loving the Porsche Crest dreaming of stray seams, that guy is probably about to run in and post on the red list, but he had a great idea for the off-colours of the ventilation slats.
Finally, the last interesting element worth discussing here is the infotainment system, which is, of course, the screen. Overall I have to say it's pretty good, nothing particularly unusual or special here it's fine, very intuitive, responds very quickly to your touch, it's a good and easy to use system, that said it feels a bit dated compared to newer Porsche models and Especially compared to Tesla or Mercedes-Benz with much better systems and larger screens, this screen for example cannot show two things at once, so if you have the navigation system on but want to change the radio station, you must leave the map behind. go to the radio tab, change it and thengo back to the map or scroll through several different menu items in your gauge cluster so they both show two things.
Many modern screens can show two or even three different things at once, so you don't have to do that, but overall I'd say it's a good system, especially in a sports car where that won't be the focus or reason why. the one where you buy the car and then we move on to the exterior of the gt4 where there are Some interesting items worth mentioning are these brake lights. I really like their clear appearance, very distinctive, very modern. I especially like the turn signal, which is this bar right in the middle that divides the brake lights.
It's a good look for this. car now talking about the brake lights another interesting element back here are these little red things on the bumper at first glance they look like reflectors but they do more than that this is also the location of the rear fog light turn on the rear fog light I can see that illuminate down here. You turn on this light in heavy fog to let drivers behind you know you are there. This little piece on the bumper is part reflector, part fog light and, speaking of rear lighting, another interesting quirk. Newer Porsche models are migrating to a full light bar in the rear, but it's been a few years since the Cayman was redesigned and they're not ready to do that yet, so it has a sort of faux light bar in the rear. rear, this little black piece that joins the two brake lights, I think it's meant to look like a light bar and keep the design in line with the other Porsche models, but it's not a light bar at all, it doesn't illuminate it .
It just looks like one and next I want to talk about the engine in the back, since this is a mid-engined car, now the base model versions of the latest Boxster and Cayman use a turbocharged four-cylinder instead of flat-plane engines. six as they have done in the past. and this has generated a lot of controversy and a lot of negativity, many people think that it negatively affects the character and driving experience of the car, as a result of the high performance versions that came in gts and the porsche gt4 went in the opposite direction. and pretty far, this car has a flat six, not only is it a four liter flat six, a pretty big engine and it's naturally aspirated, no turbocharging here, like basically every other modern sports car, so you get A GT4, you get a four-liter flat six naturally. it claimed 414 horsepower, 309 lb-ft of torque and like I said 0-60 around 4.2 seconds, I'm not sure how long Porsche can keep getting away with making engines like this, big aspirated six-cylinder engines natural in the world of fuel economy and turbo charging regulations but it's good while it lasts and it sounds pretty good listen to this engine in sport exhaust mode and finally let's talk about practicality and specifically storage which is something I've always liked about the Cayman because there are two fairly large storage areas, press This little button on the key fob opens the rear hatch and you can see the rear cargo area, which is big and long, not especially deep, but big enough for you to put things in here easily and, frankly, a lot of things, and you even have these. little cubbies behind the seats on the side Porsche said, "Hey, we've got some extra space, why not give people more storage?" so that's on each side in the back here in case you have a smaller item and you don't want it to roll with the rest of your cargo while driving, you can store it in one of your rear cubbies, but as I mentioned, this car has two fairly large storage areas.
I just showed you the back one, but you also have one up here. Press a different button. With the key fob you can open the front up to here and then open it up and you have another fairly large storage compartment which really enhances the practicality of this car. You have two places where you can put bags, luggage, whatever for a trip, which makes this a good car for a weekend getaway with its sport bucket seats and those are the quirks and features of the new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4. Now it's time to take it out on the road and see how well it handles driving the Cayman GT4.
I have to say it. I've driven a lot of cars for these videos and there has never been a car that I was so excited to get into and drive during a video shoot. I just say let's get this over with so we can go driving and people say well the xj220, the f40, all those cars make me nervous, this car is just fun, I'm going to make a big one here, I really think this is one of the best sports cars I've ever driven in my entire life, it's unreal. car it's so much fun to drive it feels so fast it's so exciting I'm absolutely in love and it's the perfect size it's so tight and fun to go around the corners car I'm one of those people who thinks the 911 has gotten a little too big to be what it is that once was, this is the car and if it weren't for guys like me who have to have four gts because they're cool, if they just got over the need for cool quickly.
The expensive thing that everyone looks at, that would be the car, doesn't get any attention every time you arrive at a meeting or event. Oh, it's not a 911, that's great, but when you're on the road and when you're. pushing it and when you're on a curvy road there's nothing that drives like this car and in my opinion it's one of the best sports car experiences I've ever had driving this car so let's talk about what makes it so great. I already mentioned the size, it's tight, it's a bit perfect to move around and I really love it, another good thing is the power, yes the car is powerful and feels very fast, but it's not aggressively overpowered.
You know, you drive an F8. and you're way over the speed limit two seconds this thing you have to work the gears if you want to pass someone you have to go down a gear hear that automatic beep feel that incredible clutch and shifter but that's another thing that makes this car be so cool not only is it a manual but it's one of the best manuals in the world, one of the best clutches, one of the best gear levers, it's really fantastic, it's a pleasure to shift these gears, then there's the steering and handling incredibly sharp, incredibly poised. incredibly well balanced amazing it just feels perfect the car feels like an extension of you a go-kart to quote clichés but in this case those clichés are actually true it's amazing how quickly the card changes direction and how quickly you feel that you are one with the car now i want to say that i am not one of those obsessed porsche fans who freak out over the stray seams on the gt3 touring or the regular gt3, the gt3 rs or the rs 4.0 or whatever, I don't care There are so many versions, there is so much obsessive speculation and rent-free publications.
It's not my thing, but I love a car that drives well and this is a car that drives well and maybe better than any other car I've driven, I truly believe that. This is one of the best sports cars of all time, I mean it, and that is the


Porsche 718 Cayman GT4. I love this car, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it and I know some people just They need to have a 911 because it is the top of the line model, the flagship. Porsche, but if people were really honest with themselves and didn't care what their neighbors or their friends thought, they would agree that this is the best car to drive, this is the Porsche to have, and I would buy it before any 911, and I truly mean that. now it's time to give the new gt4 a score from doug starting with the weekend categories and the design of this car looks good but with a huge wing and a giant front end it's more useful than pretty and gets a 6 out of 10.
Acceleration is 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and it gets a 7 out of 10. The handling is wonderful, magical, just a little bit of light in front and it gets a 9 out of 10. The fun factor is incredible, the car It's so exciting, so wonderful to drive, it's a great decision. but I give it a 10 out of 10. The cool factor is minor for most people, it's just an alligator even though it went into v and gets a 6 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 38 out of 50. they are Everyday categories and features, this car is reasonably well equipped, but doesn't stand out much and scores a six out of ten.
Comfort is below average. It's a pretty tough ride, especially with these seats, and gets a four out of ten. The quality is excellent. fantastic interior and Porsha has a good reputation which gets a 9 out of 10. In practical terms with only 2 seats it gets the usual 2 out of 10. Finally value and I think it's excellent, it's a fantastic fun car for half the time. money from many supercars that, frankly, aren't even that fun, these also don't lose value like many other new cars and score a 7 out of 10 for a total daily score of 28 out of 50. Add it up and the score obtained is 66 out of 100, which which puts it here against other new Porsches and modern sports cars.
The GT4 beats the competition from the BMW M2. The GT4 wins in the weekend categories, which makes sense. The GT4 also beats the new 911 in the weekend categories, which is huge. Where the GT4 falls behind is behind the new Corvette C8, the C8 isn't as sharp or as fun, but it's faster and right now it's a lot cooler, but for me the relative subtlety of the GT4 is kind of a point. For sale to most people, it's just a Cayman to me it's one of the most fun things you can have in a new car these days.

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