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The 17YO Who Audio Recorded Being Murdered By Grandma

Aug 23, 2023
Tell us what happens when he gives you an instruction. How many times did you fire the gun? I don't know what happens when you show that you should have done it, yes, this is a fight, what kind of fight is running after me and what are you doing. I'm on the run, this 73 year old grandmother killed her own grandson. In cold blood, the gruesome murder was actually


in a heartbreaking 9-1-1 call where she can be heard repeatedly shooting her grandson as he begged the 911 operator for help. Before finally dying, the grandmother later claimed that He acted in self-defense, but was it really the truth?
the 17yo who audio recorded being murdered by grandma
Let's look at the case of Jonathan Hoffman, the 17-year-old boy who




his grandmother's murder at age 17. Jonathan Hoffman lived in a wealthy area. suburb of West Bloomfield outside Detroit, Michigan, he was finishing his senior year at Farmington Central High School and had plans to attend Eastern Michigan University. Jonathan's family and friends would describe him as a fun, kind boy who was always making jokes and helping others. he was extremely bright and very techie and could build you a computer from scratch. Jonathan was also known for always wearing white t-shirts and gray sweatpants and he said that he wanted to be known for who he was and not what he wore.
the 17yo who audio recorded being murdered by grandma

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the 17yo who audio recorded being murdered by grandma...

His future seemed bright and he had his whole life ahead of him, but then everything changed. The year 2011 was difficult for the Hoffman family. Jonathan's parents, Michael and Jennifer Hoffman, were going through a divorce and had decided to move their family to Arizona, but while they were there, their youngest daughter, Jessie. He was diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumor that required a month in the hospital, three surgeries and many rehabilitation sessions. According to Jonathan's father, Michael Jessie, Michael Jessie's recovery consumed most of his time and Jonathan began to feel alone and missing his friends at home, so when his grandmother Sandra Lane invited him to live with her until he completed his senior year.
the 17yo who audio recorded being murdered by grandma
His parents agreed. Sandra was a former school teacher who lived in a condominium in West Bloomfield with her husband Fred Lane. Jennifer was one of her five children from her previous marriage and she described her as a loving grandmother to her children, so when Jonathan moved in with her, Jennifer and her husband were not worried because they knew he would be safe and cared for. Sandra Lane was really trying to get me to send him back and she said she would take good care of him she promised that she would take good care of him and that he would be happy staying there with his friends and finishing his senior year of high school but what happened next no one could have seen coming um my grandmother, okay. sir, I'm going to get back on track, I'm going to hit home runs, okay, May 18, 2012, around 5:30 p.m. m., West Bloomfield Township Police responded to this chilling 9-1-1 call from Jonathan reporting that Sandra, who had been living with him for several months, can actually hear the anguish in her voice as she begs the man for help. dispatcher, but what you will hear next is truly horrible. “Here he comes?” an officer would later testify when they arrived.
the 17yo who audio recorded being murdered by grandma
At the scene, Sandra ran towards them with her hands up and screamed. I


my grandson. She then took them to the house where they found a gruesome scene with Gore everywhere and Jonathan lying unconscious on the floor with multiple gunshot wounds. Next to him was a Glock nine-millimeter semi-automatic pistol and nine spent rounds of ammunition. Jonathan was rushed to hospital where he was sadly pronounced dead at 6pm. An autopsy later revealed that he had suffered up to nine gunshot wounds to the chest, abdomen and left arm, although there are some sources that say the gunshot wounds were actually five or six.
Chilling moments just after he shot his own grandson, all captured in a heartbreaking 9-1-1 call made by the teen he says he's afraid for his life in this frantic 9-1-1 call can be heard the shots that would end up killing 17-year-old Jonathan Hoffman. He incredibly managed to call the police while he was


shot, further shocking the woman he identified as the shooter. her own grandmother as the tapes were played in court, Sandra Lane, 74, sobbed, police say she was her grandson five times and when they arrived at the scene, Lane ran out the front door with her hands up.
The teen had been living with Lane and her grandfather. For several months attending an alternative school after previous brushes with the law, the news about Jonathan's violent and tragic death shook the entire community, especially the family, who could not understand why he did it, what motive he could have to murder his own grandson in Cold. Blood now, sometime in 2011, probably due to everything that was going on with his family, Jonathan had started experimenting with narcotics, especially synthetic marijuana called Spice or K2, this caused a lot of friction between him and his grandmother to the point The police harassed him once saying that he was acting aggressively towards her, the officer who arrived at the scene said that Jonathan was yelling and screaming and


disrespectful to his grandmother, but when they tried to arrest him for disorderly conduct , Sandra allegedly stopped them saying she would take care of it, she would later tell her husband that she was afraid of her grandson and his friends in another incident that occurred in March 2012.
Jonathan had reportedly taken some mushrooms for the first time. once and then got scared and called the police when an officer arrived. Jonathan reportedly jumped into his arms and hugged him. He was taken to the hospital and treated for hallucinogen use before being charged with narcotics possession and receiving a 93-day suspended sentence and two months of probation after his death. Police found synthetic marijuana. and other substances in his room and tests performed on his body came back positive for marijuana. Sandra told the jury that she armed herself and then confronted her grandson in her Loft room above her when she was asked why she felt the need to carry a gun and said she wanted to. him to listen to her and pay attention then you enter the Loft to make his future you have a conversation with him yes what kind of conversation again what is he telling you however things apparently did not go as planned and the two began to argue The argument became so heated to the point that Jonathan allegedly became violent and attacked Sandra.
Tell us what happens. Vacation instructions. I don't know what happens when you fire the gun. Here is the fight. What kind of fight is running behind me? What are you doing? I'm on the run now according to Sandra Jonathan, even after being able to chase her around the house several times before she finally hid in the basement, was there for several minutes and then finally returned to her grandson's room to check on him, claimed they fought again and then she pulled the trigger again episode I don't know, you just do it I don't know, you're still afraid, yeah, in an interesting development, Sandra's husband, Fred Lane, who was brought in to testify for the prosecution, He told the jury that He had no idea that his wife had a gun and what was his reaction to that?
While Jonathan was worried, his wife never wanted to send him back to his parents, even after he had asked her to do it, she was having it with John because if she did, she would say send him back to his parents. Fred continued to reveal something nice. It is interesting that it happened about an hour before the tragic incident. Apparently after returning home from Jonathan's narcotics test, Sandra told Fred to take the dog for a walk and that she would tell him when she was coming home. Okay, so a game of basketball playing on the grass. and I heard the sirens of the fire department these days.
Sandra had planned the murder throughout the trial, which lasted approximately two weeks, during which the jury heard the harrowing recording of Jonathan's desperate call to 9-1-1 while her grandmother pumped mercilessly. In shooting her, prosecutors told the jury that Sandra never tried to run out of the house despite claiming she was afraid of her grandson and that she didn't even call an ambulance to help him. Sandra claimed she pulled the trigger after he attacked her, but the nurse who examined her after her arrest said she had no injuries and spoke fondly of Jonathan's defense Sandra asked jurors to view the incident through the eyes of a 74-year-old woman who was caring for a teenager who used narcotics and brought strangers to her home.
At her house he argued that Sandra was afraid and felt she had no choice, however, the jury did not believe this story of self-defense and found Sandra guilty of second degree murder. Her husband burst into tears when the verdict was read, but her daughter described her as a monster and asked the judge for the maximum sentence. Sandra Lane pleaded with the judge that the 75-year-old West Bloomfield woman, who claimed it was self-defense when she shared her teenage grandson six times, was expecting a three-year prison sentence for second-degree murder, but the daughter herself of Jonathan, his mother, Sandra Lane, made it clear that she wanted the judge to lock her up as much as possible.
Sandra Lane is pure evil and, if given the chance, she would surely kill again, she has no remorse or conscience. The worries are for herself. She was very sorry when it came time to hand down the sentence. Judge Denise Langford Morris stated what clearly concerned the jury: why Sandra Lane did not call the police and why she shot 17-year-old Jonathan so many times. I wonder if you really felt so violated and so afraid and needing to shoot, why did you keep shooting? Sandra was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison for killing her grandson plus an additional two years for using a gun as ordered by the judge.
At the sentencing, Jonathan's mother could be seen approving of her decision and she later told reporters that she was happy that her mother would spend the rest of her life in prison for killing her son. her. I'm glad they put her in jail and she can't. hurt someone else, how would you have described Sander Lane before all this? She was always a thorn in my side, to be honest, she was very difficult, very nosy, very controlling and I never liked her, what do you think about this case? He believes Sandra's story that Jonathan had attacked her.
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