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The 15 Best Character Entrances In The MCU

May 10, 2020
Our favorite Marvel heroes are not only awesome at saving the day despite infinity warfare, but they also managed to look amazing while doing it. Today we're going to take a look at the


s that impressively appeared at some key points in MCU history. Whether they exerted a commanding presence or made us laugh so hard tears streamed down our faces, we're celebrating some of the


entries we've ever seen. It's no secret that Spider-Man is one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. Although it was created by Sony and not Marvel Studios, the Spider-Man movie is credited with helping start the superhero movie craze in 2000.
the 15 best character entrances in the mcu
Two years later, in 2008, Marvel Studios began creating its own cinematic universe. and it started to feel bad that Spider-Man wasn't involved, but thanks to a deal of superhuman caliber, Marvel Studios got the rights to introduce Spider-Man into their universe and when he entered the MCU he did so in the most memorable way. way possible with possibly the strangest and yet most impressive battle cry ever Tony Stark yells underoos and suddenly Captain America's shield gets caught in Spider-Man's web. It's a battle scene that Peter Parker will rave about for centuries, even during his own movie Spider-Man Homecoming.
the 15 best character entrances in the mcu

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the 15 best character entrances in the mcu...

Of course, he could have caught the landing a bit better, but his endearing discomfort at beating his heroes for the first time made us laugh at a time when tensions were high, we have a feeling it wasn't quite how we envisioned it. a meeting with the famous Captain America, but hey, he did the


he could with the situation. There were plenty of exciting, action-packed moments during the Avengers' Infinity War, but this triple threat entry may be one of the best early in the movie. Thor wasn't in his. The best thing is that he had lost an eye, his brother and his beloved hammer mjolnir recently and he was feeling a little down.
the 15 best character entrances in the mcu
It was a bad week, but instead of thinking, he decided to make a new weapon and something. New friends along the way joined Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon and Groot and talked about helping to forge a new ax called Stormbreaker. The effort nearly cost Thor his life and cost his new friend Groot his arm, but apparently that's the kind of thing that really helps bring people together when the three best friends finally came to a rage in Wakanda, lo they did it with style. Thor yelled bring me a dose as he positively decimated everything around him.
the 15 best character entrances in the mcu
The Avengers theme played triumphantly as he and his friends proceeded to destroy it completely. everything and everyone unlucky enough to be around them was so amazing it almost makes up for Thor not being able to defeat Thanos once the two finally met well almost come on or why didn't you just aim for the head even at the families of us? mortals can get messy from time to time, so when you've got a blended family of gods straight out of Norse mythology, things get downright weird with the MCU versions of Thor, Loki, and Odin. they are surprisingly better adapted than their mythological counterparts but that doesn't mean there aren't some skeletons in their closets and by skeletons we mean a sister who is estranged from the family and quite deranged we always knew that Odin did a poor job of fathering Thor and Loki but apparently had improved after raising her first child hella she lost control so much he had to punish her by sending her to hell yeah and you thought being sent to your room was bad during thor ragnarok hella emerges once After Odin perishes and doesn't even bother to pretend she's interested in being nice to her brothers, she directly orders Thor and Loki to kneel before her and when they don't, she reacts by breaking Thor's favorite possession, the brothers. older, huh? the power is so overwhelming that Loki's sense of self-preservation kicks in and he's straight out of there, while his retirement ended up being a strategic palace entry that was undeniably awesome there's a lot you could say about Tony Stark and not all of it. they're likable according to Nick Fury, he's volatile, self-obsessed, and doesn't play well with others, so even Pepper Potts doesn't disagree with that assessment, but to his credit.
Tony Stark definitely knows how to make an entrance and has proven time and time again throughout his career in the MCU we believe his best


take place during the Avengers, considering this movie brought together some of our favorite Marvel heroes, that's quite an achievement. manages to combine Iron Man's private sense and showmanship with the meeting of two incredible superheroes during the movie Captain America Meets Loki Baal Natasha Romanov watches from the Quinjet as suddenly someone manages to override the his plane's sound system and blasts it at full volume as Ironman flies by, effortlessly launching Loki to the ground, making a graceful landing, and casually addressing Captain America like nothing happened.
Interesting it just happened Tony Stark is not just a super rich businessman he is also an awesome showman if only the friendship between Steve and Tony could have been as easy as this Avengers entry though Tony's entrance during the Avengers is one of our favorites. The only hero to have made an incredible appearance in the film before it was released, Marvel Studios hyped the Incredible Hulk to be a huge hit at the time. Hook was a much better known superhero than Iron Man and Marvel Studios was confident that the movie would be a huge hit whereas Iron Man's success was a gamble but as we all know Ironman is considered an amazing movie vault.
Considering he was now played by Mark Ruffalo and not Edward Norton, some fans were tempted to switch, but those doubts were put to rest when the Hulk came out to play Bruce Banner. Apparently, he spent a lot of time trying to control his temper, but later in the movie he uttered the now famous line that's my secret cap, I'm always angry and then quickly transformed into the towering Hulk who began destroying everything around him. . The Hulk managed to make an incredible entrance, put Loki in his place, and absolutely steal the show. Captain America may not be as flashy as Iron Man or as intimidating as Lee, terrifying as the Hulk, but that doesn't mean he can't make an entrance when he wants to.
By the time Avengers Infinity War struck fears it had been a couple of years since we saw Steve Rogers in action and many of us expected his comeback, well there were his PSAs and Spider-Man Homecoming but those weren't. . really count during infinity war definitely kept us waiting for quite a while as several other


s showed up before the introduction of Steve Rogers just as we were starting to worry about the fate of the First Avenger he definitely made his presence known when the black order attacked the Scarlet Witch and the things of vision were looking grim enough for our heroes, until Captain America made his triumphant return once a nearby train flew by, emerging from the shadows rocking a very distinguished bearded man, deftly catching a thrown weapon by Proxima at midnight and Black Widow and Falcon proceeded to rescue Scarlet Witch and the vision came to pass that Captain America had not let his abilities falter during his absence and appeared ready willing and able to defend Earth from Thanos and his minions, though we may hate that he has deprived us of so many beloved Marvel characters, we have to admit which Danno says that he is a convincing villain.
One of the best things about the MCU spanning so many years and so many movies is that it's possible to create a great deal of anticipation for certain characters and events, Thanos' appearance was first teased in the first Thor movie, where he was later teased. he saw an Infinity Gauntlet complete with Infinity Stones in Odin's vault, of course, it was later revealed to be a fake during Thor Ragnarok, but it served its purpose during the Avengers. We got our first glimpse of Thanos when it was revealed that he was the one he had. set Loki's actions in motion, it was a chilling moment where Marvel fans realized there was an even bigger threat than the Chitauri falling from the sky and they were quite dangerous, then during Guardians of the Galaxy We finally got a real view of Thanos himself, though he was little more than a cameo and all he really did was float ominously in a chair was a clear harbinger of terrible things to come in the MCU going into Avengers Infinity War. we had quite a few questions and one of them was definitely where the all stone shaft was we've seen the rest of the stones at various points in MCU history but this stone was apparently well hidden fans guessed it was everywhere from Wakanda to a distant planet and it turned out that he was nowhere any of us would have expected and, to make it even more shocking, he was also being guarded. ated by a character who came completely out of left field.
We had last seen the Red Skull and Captain America the First Avenger that came out years ago and the Red Skull movie learned an important lesson about trying to get infinity stones and the short lesson was don't do that, that's it, you're going to get electrocute, you know, they'll make you want to fly away anyway, it's over. Being ripped through space and left on Boromir to guard this stone to see him in an infinity war was quite a shock and we had to wonder if that robe was part of the soul stones job requirements, he was stuck guarding the soul stone Until she was claimed by Thanos, now that the Red Skull is free, she can't help but wonder when he'll show up again.
I couldn't completely spoil this epic Thor Ragnarok movie character introduction, usually meeting an old friend in times Hard is a good thing, but not when that friend is the Incredible Hulk. Thor learned that lesson the hard way when he ended up on the planet. Sekar at the mercy of the Grandmaster, things were looking bleak for Thor after his hammer had been destroyed and his father had passed away and his brother was certainly no help Thor was forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena against a champion The undefeated Incredible Hulk turned out to be seeing the Hulk walk out of the gate and full gladiator armor was nothing short of amazing, as was the way he chose to greet his good friend Thor upon seeing Tony Stark and Steve Rogers fight. each other in Captain America Civil War. it was heartbreaking but this Clash of the Titans involving Thor on Hulk was just amazing not only was it an epic entry but it kickstarted the beginning of an amazing The talkative and easy going Hulk when it comes to villains of the MCU Marvel Studios has sometimes had trouble making them really convincing.
Too often, they're one-dimensional or only exist to be the antithesis of certain heroes, but then we have Erik Kill Dealer who we were introduced to during the first assassin's blockbuster movie Black Panther. He was an incredibly convincing villain. We first saw him releasing some artifacts from the Wakandan exhibit at a museum after calling a staff member due to how the artifacts were obtained. Kill Monger helps. himself to the gun and plans a hasty escape, but perhaps even better is when Kill Smuggler shows up in Wakanda, walks in like he owns the place, and promptly calls out the late king to Chaka for killing his father while the tribal leaders are in state. of shock. casually greets the Queen Mother with a tall aunt even though she was never actually in Wakanda before killing the smugglers acting with characteristic brashness and confidence during the scene she didn't win Der was able to convince so many Wakandans to to side with him, as he demanded justice from his tribal leaders, not only for killing traffickers who know how to make a powerful entrance, but at the end of the film we also saw him come out a champ. some characters heroically fly into battle just in time to save the day, sometimes there's a symphony of music or cheers from the fans, but rarely there's a clink of beer bottles, the korean thor ragnarok presentation was perfect because He played up the comedic tone of the film while accurately portraying the character's attitude, as well as his less-than-stellar state of mind after his interaction with his long-lost sister, Thor, ends up in the heap. it lands and valkyrie emerges clutching a boost bottle and calling out to thor at first valkyrie seems pretty cool and collected until she stumbles across a pile of junk hey this is not a most dug list.
She unified entries and, though she has fallen drunk, she still manages to defeat Thor's pursuers and claim him as her own. We later learn that Valkyrie began drinking in an effort to cope with the loss of her fellow Asgardian warriors who perished fighting hella her.presentation. it was just a hint of a tragic backstory that this information was startling and her overcoming the trauma of him to defend Asgard was significant. Favorite human jukebox Lewis who we first met in the ant-man movie though he can be wordy at best no one gives a better summary of events than this guy and he has his own kind of story tragic, even if she manages.
For a humorous twist, Scott Lang was released from prison, his old friend Lewis picked him up in his totally sweet van. Scott tried to catch up with Elise about his life on the outside, but apparently things had been less than stellar when asked about his girlfriend, Lewis confesses that she left him while Scott was in prison, then adds that his mother died. and his father was deported, but none of it seemed to be weighing too much. heavily at the waist gleefully informed Scott that at least he got the van this introduction was totally unexpected and helped set the movie's surprisingly hilarious tone it also made us look forward to hearing Lois speak in every subsequent scene she appeared in when it comes to Stunning visuals in a Marvel movie is hard to beat.
Doctor Strange, the movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and started off strong with some amazing effects and the introduction of the old man, although we didn't reveal the face until later. it wasn't hard to figure out that the sorcerer supreme was in on this exciting scene, his former student kycilia is stealing one of the mystic texts and the old lady isn't too happy about it, we wonder if Wong was too busy listening to some Beyonce, the former , chases after her and uses her powers to create glass fractals and manipulate the world around her to a ridiculous degree as Chi Silius manages to escape the ancient. everything is back to normal and she acts as if she hadn't transformed the streets of london with her mind-blowing magical abilities if dr. stranger had seen this, we're guessing he would have been a bit more polite and humble when she finally meets the old man, though we love the scenes where she puts the cocky dr. strange instead, it's hard to top this crude display of power both behind the scenes and on camera.
Nick Fury has been responsible for a ton of interesting events in the MCU after all, he was the one who launched the Avengers initiative that brought so many of our favorite heroes together in the first place, oddly enough, this now iconic Marvel character almost didn't make an appearance in the 2008 movie Ironman when he did appear, it was in the first post-credits scene in MCU history makes us a little sad thinking of all the people who probably missed it because they rushed to throw away their oversized buckets of popcorn, but those who stuck around were given a serious hint of what was to come and Nick Fury's first appearance on the The MCU not only managed to break into Tony's house, which is no easy feat, but it quickly burst Tony's bubble, he flatly tells the most self-centered character in l MCU which is nothing special and btw.
So there are plenty of other superheroes out there, apparently Nick Fury thought it was the perfect step to get into the Avengers initiative and announced that Tony is now part of a larger universe. Everyone knows Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, our total friendship goals and they have been best friends for most of their lives when they first met, Bucky was the stronger of the two while excelling in his military career. Steve couldn't even get accepted into the military during the war, but despite this disparity in power, these two had a great dynamic and it was clear that they considered each other the best of friends when the tables were turned and Steve became Captain America. .
Bucky was the one who struggled to keep up with his friend while at least not buried at the bottom of the ocean. Bucky wasn't exactly living the high life when Steve was indisposed, most characters in the MCU thought he was gone forever until he surprisingly showed up in Captain America the Winter Soldier Bu. cky appeared as Hydra's assassin, the Winter Soldier, who was brainwashed and started blowing things up and severely injured Nick Fury. Apparently subtlety isn't exactly this guy's style. It was an action-packed scene that revealed the extent of how dangerous Bucky had become over the years.
Of course, some fans still didn't realize that it was Bucky that made the subsequent twist all the more shocking now that we've talked about some of our top picks. What is his favorite character entry in MCU history? the comment section below and then hit the subscribe button for more great videos from us here at CB thanks for watching and see you next time

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