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This Minecraft Map Broke My Brain

Mar 20, 2022
I never came down here? There is no way, no,


is different, I mean, we have the chest there after completing


part, so I didn't ignore this completely. no chance okay we can get in here this is new what do we have here why am I still crouching can I unbend oh god I'm trapped oh there are no barriers above my head oh oh this is claustrophobic why is it is like this why do you have me swimming oh geez , okay, can we press this? Do I have to be changing? Oh, I've committed to this side.
this minecraft map broke my brain
I can't go back if necessary. Oh right, so I no longer have the ability to make Flippy Dippies. Here, shall we wait? Let's understand that we must do it because otherwise, how am I going to get there? How am I going to be walking on the roof? oh god, am I going to be walking on the ceiling and the walls and everything? Oh, that was a weird little jump like assisted I stand up a little, but wait, what the hell is going on? Okay, wait, what am I going on? This is a bit strange. Wait, I can go everywhere.
this minecraft map broke my brain

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this minecraft map broke my brain...

What the hell can I walk? I can't walk there. Okay, that's my limit. What about the other one? Wait, can I come here? Can I just walk on the dark? I can just walk on the blackness if I want to walk on the blackness oh okay I can come down here and see this pillar oh what a cool pillar why are my Jumps like weird they're slow. I want to check the other side first and see if there are any obvious indicators of something I'm supposed to do there to unlock something on the side I was on, you know, just to see, oh.
this minecraft map broke my brain
Well, that will help us. I'm going to go ahead and take them now. I just need to find the right artboard and then we will have everything we need. Well, that was easy. Well, we're done. Thanks for that. wait, wait, oh shoot, I wasn't supposed to push that like two oh, I still can, I can push it, oh no, I'm screwed, okay, let's hope we didn't have to push that the other way because I'm in. Problem if I had to do it right, well, hopefully all I have to do is get in there correctly. I have to figure out how to flip things so the note block falls over and, um, easy as pie, sure, can I scale this? over here I can just for whatever reason no not in the center but this is okay and that and every once in a while I like oh I made it I made it what oh oh shoot I should have jumped there it was a mistake well we're Here now I just went to back, don't tell me, I just went back oh no, I can't climb, I got screwed oh, I can climb there, okay, everything's okay, we're okay, we're okay, uh, walking on the roof.
this minecraft map broke my brain
Now, that's fun, but the question is: I don't think I can open that? Because well, you know he's going to walk on it. Oh, oh, I'm, I'm relaxing on the roof. Now, no, this makes a lot of sense. Wait, can I? I can't come in here, can I? It's just blocked. This is weird, man. This is rare. Why can't I do this? I don't want to alarm you, but the part that was down with this. The thing about the pillar when I stepped on the pillar again, huh, he turned me upside down. I don't know how to go back.
I mean, this is probably where I want to be. This is probably progress, but I don't know either. how to get back I don't know what I'm doing but what does this mean? I should go down here oh, it's so weird it's so weird oh no, I'm inverted again I don't like it wait my block is there, okay? now the chest is on the ground and I can get through the door is open I want to get through I want to get through wait I say yeah of course space bar to go down that makes absolutely sense.
Can I act? You probably won't be able to access it. this I'm going to reupload now I'm going to reupload this this is not right dude you can't you can't do this this I don't know how he managed this my mind is absolutely I was out of breath. What do you get an ax? What can my ax break? You can break the note block. Oh, that's great. Shall I break up the note pad here? even happening it just doesn't make sense is this count a block of notes? wait oh oh the chest has fallen, does it have something inside?
Here is a work table, how do you really tell me? how do you do it? I can open a chest and the chest is upside down and the chest is a normal chest, it has a crafting table and it can be placed on a lodestone, so come back here then and then I can do the crafting recipe. I can't, I can only throw trash, I can put it in there, oh my god I can, I'm doing backwards crafts right now and I have a key, this is crazy, now I have to figure out how to get back up.
I don't know how to get back up I was trying I was trying and things weren't working wait this is my entry point I can I don't think I can get through but let me through oh I've been turned around oh Thank God he let me out this way instead of having to deal with the pillar I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to get back oh my god oh my god this is actually one of the craziest things I've played in


in recent memory this is crazy okay oh there's another key there's another key guys one key wasn't enough there oh god I'm backwards again how did this happen?
Why are you doing me this? You keep doing this to me wait, can I can I change back? No, no, that was for one-time use, okay? So I got you, I understand that we're going to hang around here, so, uh, very slow, for some reason, why do I do it? I'm constantly changing I feel like I don't need to be constantly changing right now Can we be okay? We can walk here. I'm not moving anymore. We're ok. Everything's fine. This is good. It's definitely where I'm supposed to do it. I'm right, I've changed again. I need to not be changing.
I feel like, oh guys, here we go. Okay, we're zooming. Oh wait, I'm falling. Where I am? There's a button on my head, wait, what's up with what's here? It's something that no, that's nothing where, oh no, I'm in a different place now it's, it's taken me somewhere else now I just circled back are you about to bring me back to where I was if I go back? ? won't let me these are one-way doors these are one-way doors when I do it when I leave when you let me out oh god I'm going to go crazy I'm alone I'm in a i I'm waiting, what happens if I go in and then back out ?
Oh, that was the key all along. Wait, no, I see a way out. Let me pass please. Can?. Can I go back? Don't stop giving me these one-way things. Wait wait. head there I'm going to keep going around I've made it where I am guys it's dark it's very dark oh I'm there there's a sign of lights there's more there's more signs of light here the map space time is tearing before my very eyes and I don't know how handle it wait, I'm back here wait there I'm there I'm here I need to keep both in my field of vision at all times so I can control reality, oh geez, it's like jumping into a black hole or something, that's where I'm right, that's the only explanation for where I could be literally literally inside a black hole wait is where I'm going oh my god I feel like I feel reality slipping away from me there's a button okay wait we have to do the parkour with right side up now okay thanks man okay here we go here we go oh hell yeah sick parkour oh yeah you didn't understand you were in a serious car accident oh unfortunately you were in a coma for 78 minutes and 40 seconds a few minutes less and we could have saved you oh you've been alive that's just a happy ending our story right there that's wow special thanks to all these people here and to Silvathor oh my goodness what a job you've done.
No, oh my gosh, that was amazing, that was good, it exceeded expectations, I wish all of you. I enjoyed it, I'm just a little melted right now, just a little sad that I haven't lived, but you know, here we are, I guess, thanks for watching and, oh, did you put some parkour in here? to the end, in case anyone wanted to know, add some parkour to the end of the map, why not do that? It's there, if you want to speed it up, make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel to stay tuned. for more maps and stuff, and press the bell, turn on notifications, check the playlist for more Minecraft maps, if you want to jump to something else and happy 2022, check out to know when the new stuff comes out, see you.

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