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Testing Blossom's FAKE Baking Hacks!

Jun 14, 2021
this looks like a fire hazard i mean we're making caramel popcorn but starting with butter and then just these caramel candies that apparently won't stick together and make a mess then you're just adding some popcorn kernels which they coat and it just pops and makes this like perfect caramel popcorn that also looks like gooey and chewy. I don't believe them. I feel like a lot of these videos tend to lie so let's try this and see if it actually works, I've got all my ingredients here and thank you so much for sponsoring today's video. um, I'm just going to start.
testing blossom s fake baking hacks
I have the burner here. I'm going to turn it on so I'm supposed to start by just adding a little bit of butter. I made sure to get the exact same caramel candies that they used. There are no measurements, so we're just guessing how full that pan is. I'm so nervous because I feel like you're not. well and it's going to be very difficult, but if this works and it's that easy t This is like an amazing hack that's half of these videos that I find on the Blossom channel, like ideas on how to create these things very easy, very simple and most of them don't work but if it works it's amazing and there are definitely some. the kind that works but muslims don't add the popcorn they cover it on top and it magically gets covered all over with the caramel like no i don't think that's going to work i don't think you can just add a layer of popcorn corn on top not giving it like a shake but they didn't shake it hard to make things not the way you want to make them we're making the popcorn they made a pyrex bowl I have this kind of pyrex flat bottomed plate but it has to be pyrex i'm still a little worried about this glass like it's going to explode pyrex doesn't really do that you have to be soggy i don't know if it's like a deep caramel color or if it's like burnt caramel oh that's really covered there was enough popcorn in there for this to be completely covered in popcorn oh yeah yeah it doesn't look like there's that doesn't look like they're definitely not completely coated in candy corn like you know when they take it off It's fully coated I'll take it off I'll take it off I don't like this I don't like this it's going to burn oh it blew up on my shirt not me so burnt obviously not fully coated like theirs I want I mean if we could do a side by side comparison of what his bowl looked like in hours and it was on really low heat I kept thinking I should turn the heat up I should turn the heat up because it's taking a long time to pop I'm ok I mean no because I don't want it to burn if I can find a piece that isn't burnt I'll try it it was so hot why did you put it in your mouth that's not the problem ugh the caramel is so thick than the popcorn I put in my mouth just dissolved it almost came back to this stage as hard candy both like popcorn dissolved in it like that's not the right car amel that's a big flop doesn't look like it ruined the pan so this one definitely it's a flop and we're going to clean up and move on to the next one, this one just feels like why do I like it? get if you want to make brownies using a microwave in case you don't have an oven but why the paper bag instead of a plate is going to work perfectly as this is so you don't have any dishes to clean as or if you don't have no plate I'm just curious to see if we try this and we tried the brownie mix poured into the paper bag with nuts but we also tried it on a plate to see if it has anything different the texture has the paper bag but now I have than try to drop it without dirtying all this paper bag.
testing blossom s fake baking hacks

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testing blossom s fake baking hacks...

I'm going to try to drop it because I don't want brownie crusts everywhere. sides of this these are the most upside down brownies I've ever made but I only use as a boxed brownie mix because I feel like your the person that's going to bake bro wnies in a bag will probably use boxed brownie mix it's like , hey man you want some big brownies I microwaved them myself ok take a look we think that's enough brownie mix ok then bake for 10 minutes a few minutes later oh my gosh oh my god oh my god oh my god smoky hello internet let me open the door wait quick thumbnail oh my god look down like the barrel of that like all I can see is smoke I know let's go let's go well I mean technically it looks like like theirs but like the outside is actually like a brownie like yeah it smells bad in here oh my god i feel like my voice has changed from breathing in all that smoke it was only there like three minutes four minutes like four minutes maybe I like it.
testing blossom s fake baking hacks
I said ten minutes we only had it there for about four minutes and it was like smoke like you could hear it like it sounds sick but I said I'll try it on the plate I'll give it a try because I have done a lot of mug cakes and you can actually cook cakes and brownies in th The microwave as if I had made apple crisp in the microwave. I've done everything in the microwave. It's okay, it looks a little raw and a little overcooked after two minutes. I don't want to do more because I know the middle part is Definitely cooked, it just has a little bit of raw batter in it that would be safe to eat because it was cooked long enough, so I'll just let it cool and we'll move on to the next one and come back once it's cool. .
testing blossom s fake baking hacks
I know considering what we just went through, you know emotionally and physically in this video it's hard to say that I think the next one could work, but out of all the ones we're doing today, I actually have the most hope for this one. one so they took as an ice cube tray which isn't exactly this one but it will work and we have another one that we use as well and we just took these as skewers we put them in it they froze little ice cubes and then dunk them and melt them chocolate and I think the theory is that the coldness of the ice cube likes the chocolate cube sticks but then the coldness hardens the chocolate very quickly and you can take the ice cube off and then fill it like brownies if they're good and chop and eat ice cream the thing it's just that chocolate is very picky and he hates water so I don't know how he'll do with a cold ice cube directly on top of the chocolate and luckily I planned ahead last night and have our ice cubes frozen so we didn't have the square ice. cubes but we have like the regular ice cubes that this person has and we have this heart mold from the last video the spikes wouldn't stand up so kevin took these clips so clever except it's frozen in it look that came off easily so that we're supposed to dip in and make sure it's coated on the sides oh it's getting hard I can see it hardens pretty fast so I guess I should just wait until I drop the ice cube from the chocolate like I can't stop Right now, I can, okay, why not? we do the others and then i'll come back because i don't want these to like to melt too much.
I'm going to make a couple of these but if this works out these are super cute quick little like quick dessert cups ok? no its not quite ready i feel like i feel like theres a little bit of movement let me do this and i'll be right back why are we doing so many oh wait he wants to break free i can see the air coming. outside, but there is water inside, what do you do with the melt water inside? It's okay, I got it and I lifted it up. I just don't know how you get the water out of the inside does that work that yea that worked so well I mean there's still water in there but at least it's not a puddle of water ok that worked that 100 works look at that little cup of chocolate come on look if these brownies definitely work like melted chocolate but the brownie part does look baked so I feel like a brownie and the microwave worked which I thought it would look like I'm just going to cut like a nice brownie chunk oh these they might be too hot for chocolate. one second the last brownie was too hot so it just melted the bowl of chocolate around it so i put this one in the fridge to chill and grabbed some whipped cream how cute this hack 100 worked , I feel it's so easy if people don't have a lot of things and they want to make a fancy dessert, not that my whipped cream looks fancy right now, but I think they look really cute, that chocolate coating is so delicious for win let's move on to the next one before we move on to the next trick i want to tell you about today's sponsor search rewards it's a free moba app that allows you to collect rewards on purchases by scanning any of your receipts either in stores groceries or even online shopping fetch helps you turn your purchases into rewards it's so easy to use just open the app click the photo icon then take a picture of your receipt. or right now.
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I'm supposed to take mayonnaise and just add cake mix it up and then mix it up and bake a cake and like they do like in the mayonnaise jar for no reason I just like oh look I'm making a whole cake mix in a mayonnaise jar mayonnaise, who would want? eat mayonnaise cake think about it for a second it's just because mayonnaise is usually made with eggs therefore that helps with the structure of a cake but of all the things you could do in a pinch I'm pretty sure you which wouldn't be like oh I have mayonnaise in a box cake mix let me add these two together it's going to be great but anyway we're going to see how we're going to end up with a baked cake at the end and it's also going to taste gross and for this vote kevin is the taste tester no all that pie batter is supposed to fit in that jar no he didn't say the amount so it looks like in the video it's about half filled with mayonnaise then the other half with the pie crust until it becomes a curved part on top that looks like a similar amount and now I'm supposed to stick and just stick my mixer in the mayonnaise jar making a beautiful sound in there too ok ok I would like to establish some nas things one this is disgusting two when they poured theirs on the cake bread is runny looks like runny cake batter which is not runny um it says bake it doesn't say what temperature or how long it just says bake two ingredient cake oh god oh omg look at it look at it it's like bubbly ok that was in like 25 minutes and it's like done I feel like it looks like a brownie like a really gross brownie I'm going to let it cool for like ten minutes and then we're going to take it out and see how it is ok it's definitely fresh enough so it definitely looks very undercooked it was in a long time like it was long enough for it to have cooked just the mayonnaise just didn't seem to work the outside looks a little bit hooked but like you i can see it's just mush no ugh it's like sour ooh me It's super gross like there's so many other things you can do to make a two ingredient cake and then bake it or with mayonnaise.
The last one is like how to release a cake from its cake pan. and tearing the cake apart obviously that didn't work and it just says if you put the cake pan in some boiling water the steam will release the cake from the cake pan i always line my cake pans with parchment paper i buy these little circles or i cut them myself myself, lined them up with that and then just ran my putty knife along the side. I never had the problem of the bomb sticking to the cake pan. where they say oh no and forget that they didn't line their cake pan with parchment paper and their whole cake breaks so I know this happens and I'm curious to see if this would be a solution if you notice before you take it out or if you going to get it out if it's just sticking it will help you release it because if i turn it upside down right now it's stuck like that cake is stuck there's no way it's going to come out so now i've created the problem let's see if this will be a good solution it's supposed to being right in the water, yeah I just don't get this because it says the steam releases it, but how does the steam get past?
It's like you can heat the pan and it will cool down. I don't think it has anything but steam I think it has to do with the hot water making the cake reheat and releasing like the sugars it also doesn't say how long I should stay here for a minute 10 minutes we'll give you a couple of us I'll give you a couple more minutesto see if it's been like 10-15 minutes long waiting for this video still kinda hot to touch the moment yeah i really hoped this is going to work and it's going to save people when you run into that problem if you forget the role of parchment it doesn't align it will let me down too thank you all so much for watching and thanks so much again to the patcher for sponsoring this video. guys want more of your info it will be down below in the description box and let me know in the comment section what kind of


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