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Tesla Isn’t Worried About Ford

Jun 07, 2021
Today we delve into the latest Tesla news, including Tesla's new battery factory in Berlin, another Tesla recall from Ford competition that heats up the model's speed records, and more, so let's get into that first today. I've been reporting now on Tesla's radar removal and lumbar removal. Support for both is due to parts limitations at their core and now Elon has finally opened up about the issues Tesla is facing regarding chip shortages. Originally, Tesla said they avoided global supply chain issues by citing an extremely rapid pivot to new microcontrollers. Now Elon has expressed that that problem is still present and said that our biggest challenge is the supply chain, especially microcontroller chips, we have never seen anything like it.
tesla isn t worried about ford
The fear of running out is causing all businesses to over-order, like the toilet paper shortage, but on an epic scale, and he said that's obviously not the case. A long-term problem At the same time, there have been several reports that Tesla plans to pay upfront for chips or even go so far as to buy a chip factory to supply them exclusively. This is an issue affecting all major car manufacturers and the latest The affected vehicle launch is the new all-electric Nissan Aria, which has now been delayed due to this issue. It seems like something that will continue to affect all vehicles long into the future, including Tesla.
tesla isn t worried about ford

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tesla isn t worried about ford...

The next Tesla is facing another recall for the model 3. and the model and I recently reported on a recall that was a voluntary recall by


for loose bolts. Tesla recalled a certain number of models 3 and models and and it has now been confirmed that there are around 6000 vehicles the brake caliper bolts could be loose eventually separate and come into contact with the wheel hubcap and cause a loss of brake pressure. tires in exceptional circumstances. Tesla has since fixed the issue on the assembly line and will move forward with this recall, so I'm sure several viewers will receive emails or letters soon.
tesla isn t worried about ford
Regarding this issue, it will probably just be a quick service appointment to inspect and tighten the bolt if necessary. The new recall Tesla is facing is actually two separate issues that are also for the Model 3 and Model Y and relate to the front seat belts and retractors. Not being properly secured to the b-pillar, a poorly positioned fastener can prevent the seat belt system from working as designed, increasing the risk of injury for now, this affects certain models 3 manufactured between 2018 and 2020 along with certain models and manufactured between 2019 and 2021. According to Tesla, around 5,530 cars are being recalled for the B-pillar issue and 2,166 cars for the retractor issue, there have been no injuries related to this issue, but the fix will be similar to the other recalls on the market, examine, replace and fix if necessary.
tesla isn t worried about ford
For free, the following is some great news about Tesla and their future in battery production, as we have talked about for a while, they will build their own 4680 battery cells in the future to help with demand and also improve costs and battery functionality. their pilot plant is running in Fremont right now and this will probably cover the start of the rollout of 4680 cells in the new model and coming out of Texas and Berlin, then they will build new battery factories in their new Texas and Berlin factories and now have officially applied to the manufacturer's battery cells in giga berlin, this will be the first large-scale battery factory they will build to produce their new 4680 cells. cites that electric car manufacturer


has officially applied to the state of brandenburg for approval According to emission control laws for the production of battery cells in Groonhide as auxiliary equipment for the production of vehicles, the American group completely revised its application documents and submitted them to the state office of the Ministry of Environment announced on Thursday that this It is great news for the future of Tesla as its new battery cells should come with significant advantages that help reduce costs while increasing range and performance, at the same time Tesla will continue to work with suppliers and now Tesla reportedly plans to use LG Chem's new 90-nickel ncma cathodes for models built in China. used batteries from lg chem and catl in shanghai to build their cars now for the model and they are planning to use this new ncma cell which is made up of 90 nickel and traces of other elements to form the battery, this should reduce the cobalt content. in the cathode at around five percent in the future, the goal is to not need cobalt in any of these cells, so Tesla will surely improve this even further in the long term, but for now one of its goals has been to use more nickel in 2020 elon said quote well I would just like to re-emphasize that any mining company out there, consider more nickel and don't wait for nickel to return to some high point that it experienced about five years ago or whatever, look for efficiency like Environmentally friendly nickel mining at high volume Tesla will give you a giant contract over a long period of time if you care about nickel in an efficient and environmentally friendly way so I hope this message reaches all the mining companies, it looks like tesla is following through with what they said and offered a big contract to LG Chem to make these nickel focused cells.
This should help contribute to greater range in Tesla vehicles, but it is unclear whether they will be used in the 4680 cell form factor or not at the moment in battery production and supply. It is a particular area that Tesla is thinking a lot about, while others tend to rely on suppliers in the future, this could cause a huge supply squeeze as more and more electric vehicles come to market and are sold in greater quantities the Thursday. Ford shares hit a six-year high. and in essence, it probably has to do with a jump saw. In EV sales, they saw a 184 percent increase in EV sales driven primarily by their popular new Ford Mustang Mach.
The total sales of electric vehicles were 10,364 units in May, which is very high. For Ford, still a gasoline-focused company for now, in Norway, battery electric vehicles accounted for 60.4 percent of all new cars sold last month, up from 43.1 percent ago. one year. They are trying to be the first country to end the sale of gasoline and diesel engines by setting the date of 2025 and electric vehicles are extremely popular there, as a result of which 1,384 mock Mustangs were registered in May for a share of 10 of the overall Norwegian market and the Tesla Model 3 came in sixth on the list behind some other electric vehicles and even the Toyota Rav4 hybrid Ford hopes to continue leading electric vehicle sales in Norway for the time being, this is likely to continue until let tesla launch the model and there, the model and it has not yet been shipped to europe and Tesla is waiting for its Berlin gigafactory to build that car at the end of this year to introduce it there, so for the moment Ford is beating Tesla in Norway, but how are they doing in the United States and how is it affecting Tesla according to Ford?
Former CEO Mark Fields regarding Tesla and Elon Musk cites that they now have real competition and that's why you're seeing some of their share in some of the major markets under a lot of pressure. Ford now has the Mustang Machi and just announced the F-150. Shining the vehicle is incredibly attractive because it fits what truck buyers want, but also includes some great specs at a reasonable price, right in line with the promised price of Tesla's Cyber ​​Truck when directly comparing the Cyber ​​Truck with the F-150. There should be some advantages for Tesla, but pickup trucks are a very niche thing, and a particular draw of the F-150 is its incredibly large front trunk, which adds significant space to the cargo capacity of the already incredibly popular F-150, a new pole compared to electric ones.
Trucks shows that the Tesla Cyber ​​Truck and the Ford F-150 are neck and neck in consumer demand. There are a number of attractive electric cars hitting the market in the coming years, including the rivian r1t cyber truck hummer ev chevy silverado electric f-150 lightning. Lordstown Endurance and more, however, Tesla has a significant advantage in electric car production. This new survey took responses from 28,000 people interested in buying a truck and found that the majority would like to buy an electric truck. The question was whether most car brands go electric. plan to buy an electric vehicle in the near future 25 percent yes, mostly a truck 23 percent said yes, but not a truck 31 said no and 21 said not sure this is good news for consumers electric vehicles as a whole, but the following: The main question is where it becomes more interesting when asked if you are planning to buy an electric truck soon, so which of the following would you be most interested in?
Ford has the most 25 interested in the F-150 Lightning but Tesla was right behind with the cyber truck at 24 the chevy silverado electric is at 23 and then the rest are far behind after the gmc hummer electric in the 12th to be honest, this polo surprises me because it still favors the cyber truck even among 28,000 people the


f-150 is barely surpassing the wild design of the Tesla Cyber ​​Truck, however, the Cyber ​​Truck It's having a lot more demand than the F-150 and people aren't really paying it all the attention. It's great to see that the F-150 overcame more. over 44,500 pre-orders in its first 48 hours after release;
However, Cyber ​​Truck recorded around 146,000 pre-orders in its 48 hours after launch. Elon later updated that figure to 187,200,250,000 and the latest for pre-orders for the cyber truck shows an estimate exceeding one million pre-orders for the cyber truck, there are many factors at play here including multiple orders Fleet pre-orders from die-hard Tesla fans and more, pre-order numbers don't fully reflect demand, plus none of these cars have been seen and Tesla and tech fans tend to pre-order more than the average truck buyer. A die-hard truck fan will probably be a little more convincing for an electric truck compared to the average tech truck. fan who still wants a wild looking cyber truck, if we cut cyber truck orders in half to account for a variety of cancellation reasons, this is already 500,000 cyber truck pre-orders considering the demand for these trucks its the same based on this polo or calling the f -150 higher demand than the cyber truck really makes no sense this is not to attack or anything and im really excited about this truck and its popularity along with elon musk It's just important to be realistic about what's going on here and not just assume that every truck buyer will automatically buy an F-150 Lightning because it should ship soon and Ford is set for trucks.
Tesla isn't playing the same game as these companies, but they're still winning. The F-150 Lightning is impressive and will sell without a problem, but time will tell for Tesla's fear, but it looks like they will do well with the cyber truck. Plus, Ford will probably end up with some battery supply issues they haven't thought about yet. Tesla, on the other hand, is rising. Contact suppliers and build your own battery cell factories, as I mentioned above, to fix this problem before it becomes a big problem. Ford is also planning a full line of electric vehicles based on this platform they are developing, which is great to see that they are planning an electric explorer, a Lincoln version of that same car, and a possible electric bronco, plus the manager of Ford Communications said: Yes, we will fully electrify the Explorer as you would expect, given our plan to deliver 40 of our lineup as fully electric vehicles by 2030.
We will continue to leverage our strengths and electrify our icons and high-volume segments that we dominate today. We will share details later and they also shared some teaser photos of the vehicles and how they will look built on this platform. It's great to see them. Ford vehicles, I just wish they were a little more aggressive thanthe 40 EVs by 2030. Next, some very interesting data from April shows that the Tesla Model Y is now surpassing the Tesla Model 3 in global sales figures, around 392,000 electric vehicles were Tesla registered globally in April ranked the second and third place with the model Y and the Three and this is the first time they have sold more models than the Three.
The first place is occupied by a small Chinese electric vehicle that sold around 29,251 units during the month recorded by Tesla. 16,232 models in April and 14,980 model 3s, this is not really a surprise since this is what Tesla expected from the beginning of the model and Elon Musk originally said that he expects the model Y to outsell the model S x y 3 combined in Tesla. earnings call in early 2021, he further said he believes it will become the best-selling vehicle of any type in 2022 or 2023, and later posted a tweet saying it seems quite likely, at least based on revenue in 2022 and possibly of total units in 2023 for the year.
To date, the Model 3 still outperforms the Model Y, but this is the first sign of what we'll see in greater numbers once Tesla is building the Model Y in Berlin and Texas toward the end of this year. It has been delivered in Europe yet and that will be a big boost to sales of that car over the new Plaid S model which should now launch on June 10 at the Tesla factory. Tesla has reportedly set a new quarter-mile record time with a run of 9.2 seconds. to jay leno, who was on the track when tesla attempted to break the record, tesla has been testing various prototypes of frames and frames plus in recent weeks with a possible new retractable spoiler coming to the frames plus model, now it seems that they have achieved this record. and was leaked by jay leno on an episode of spike's car radio podcast.
He said he was at the famous Bakersfield race track last month watching Tesla break this record and saw the checkered model run the quarter mile in 9.247 seconds at 152 miles per hour. Apparently at that time an official from the National Hot Rod Association was there to make this official. This makes the Plaid model the fastest production vehicle ever based on the quarter mile and that confirms what Tesla has said on its website for a while now citing a 1.99 second zero to 60 and a quarter mile time. 9.23 second mile, this puts the model right up there with crazy exotics like the Bugatti Chiron Sport Porsche 911 McLaren P1 and more for a quarter mile, it's absolutely crazy to watch.
This comes from a four-door electric sedan and is another step in Tesla's overall mission to prove that electric vehicles not only make sense but are better than gasoline vehicles. Below is some exciting news for the future of electric vehicle charging. Tesla has its own supercharger. Network which is, by far, one of its greatest advantages. Most road trips are possible and stress-free thanks to more than 25,000 stations around the world, but almost no other vehicle manufacturer is considering the desperate need for a reliable charging network. There are third party companies like Evie. go chargepoint ionity electrify america and more, but they are still not as easily accessible or reliable as the tesla supercharger.
Now 711 has announced that they plan to install 500 fast charging ports in select convenience stores by 2023. They say this will give them one of the largest and most compatible fast charging systems of any retailer in the US. Add 500 Charging ports at 250,711 stores will make electric vehicle charging more convenient and help accelerate the broader adoption of electric vehicles and alternative fuels. Any new charging network is great news for electric vehicles. I hope it's quick. It's enough though, as even an average j1772 plug won't offer much range in the typical time you'd spend at a 7-eleven stop today. BMW released pricing for two of its upcoming i4 models that should arrive in late 2022.
This is an all-electric sedan and the price is surprisingly cheaper than most expected. We can see detailed photos of the interior and the price of the bmw i4 e drive 40 is 55,400 plus a 1,000 destination fee, everything is estimated and preliminary, but you should get a 5.5 second 0-60 and a range of 300 miles. The high performance model is a bmw i4 m50 with 65,900 with a 3.7 second 0 to 60 time and a range of 240 miles. These numbers still don't compete with the model 3, but they are closer than expected and it's great to see another compelling ev coming from a well-established brand like BMW, that's the latest Tesla news for today, so in the meantime if you want See a breakdown of the features Tesla has had. removing from their cars lately, you can see the video linked here or in the description below.
Thank you very much for watching and I'll see you in the next one.

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