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Terry Crews Doesnt Stand Up for Former Co-Host Gabrielle Union

Apr 10, 2020
America's Got Talent


Terry Crews came under fire this weekend for not endorsing Judge X Gabrielle Union after she spoke out against the sexism and racism she said she experienced on the show. Look what Terry said was never my experience on America's Got Talent. it was the most diverse place i've been in my 20 years of entertainment top ten acts were younger older asian women why was it all in the gamut after




took to twitter hinting he just dumped her under from the bus that while I also question why he refuses to talk about what's going on behind the scenes and why he's talking now when everyone agreed to wait until the investigation was over since he's directing ok Amanda so what do you think about all this?
terry crews doesn t stand up for former co host gabrielle union
I mean, I know everyone thought. but this, I'm really so deeply upset by this iconic moment, it's on a basic level, it's cheesy, it's okay on a basic level, but you know I'm just going to read my card, okay it's so easy to support black women, it's so easy it can be done effortlessly so when you see examples of someone giving their energy to obstruct you wonder why they would make that choice, yeah why isn't it instilled in them to protect? this woman she protected him when he was in another adverse situation she spoke her voice but i think i speak for many sisters i think i speak for many sisters when i say it is part of the larger conversation of black women Sincerely wishing the support from our brothers when we are talking and talking and there really should be a code because many sisters feel that often we are in code and our brothers are not and I get angry all the time because there are brothers who do not follow the code and it put me in very dilatory and now there are other brothers who think that I am something that I am not because other brothers were not in the code, but I will say it when I see this scenario. play in a different because in hollywood black women aren't really considered willie would have been much more encouraging and they don't don't think about black women you know why because it's easy to ignore us you're absolutely right the moment we say something wrong, especially the three of us here as black women if we say something wrong I still have to have a lot of black men speak for me if a black man has said what you said in the statement about if a black man stood up here and said black many Black women are not capable of being in faithful relationships I tell you there wouldn't have been a fit of rage against that person the same way there was against you and I just me I really feel that way I think black women still get it constantly on the chopping block in a way that you don't have to and I really want to see our brothers practice selflessness over selfishness when it comes to protecting us like that, you know?
terry crews doesn t stand up for former co host gabrielle union

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terry crews doesn t stand up for former co host gabrielle union...

I guess I wasn't even looking at it that way. I think he was looking at it. I have to keep my paycheck. That's selfish because I could have gotten it. We talked about that toxic masculinity because he was challenged, he was there to talk about the Brooklyn knives, but in the end they got him, they got him, Amanda, and they said what's on your mind and then he came at him with it. no comment you can tell right now he's under investigation if he says no comment it


't make him look like a man okay thanks that makes you look like the most manly today because that means you're like nah I'm repping I know what I have to do and what i have to do right now is just bite my tongue or at least even say i'm a man just say you know what's going on this is an ongoing situation this is an investigation I just wanna make sure my girl Gabrielle gets sick and she's alright that's all you need to say you can really be like it ain't me just say my bag get out of there yeah yeah this ain't me I mean that sometimes it's nice to have a PR person, you know, I mean pay per PR person to help you get through this because sometimes you don't under


and you don't have the language.
terry crews doesn t stand up for former co host gabrielle union
Look, at some point I had a language to explain myself. You know, I'm saying that this girl has the language, yes, the language. what i mean by language is ok because i'm a numbers person that's why i'm an engineer and i can handle numbers but sometimes you don't have a language sometimes you just admitted it oh sure you know what i can't comment on. this right now and there's nothing wrong with us winning again you wouldn't even go through this if you see you have the high it's ok there can still be racism in various spaces oh oh yeah
terry crews doesn t stand up for former co host gabrielle union

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