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Terrifying New SHADOW LEVIATHAN | Subnautica Below Zero - Part 15

Feb 20, 2020
talk to you and metal gear solid just call me deepthroat ok so all the terrorists suspect me they don't want me to do any of this for some reason i don't know. Altera ever knows what he really wants where i am i want to get out i want to come back to the surface. I am completely lost. I am sorry. I found one thing. Siri looks new. I am beyond the water lilies. a Newton ooh let me eat pingu there was also a piece of this what is this fragment from the seat tower aquarium module? I don't have that, right? further into this area this is where


thrives when you don't know what you're getting yourself into you're just exploring dark creepy areas and you don't know what's about to happen this could just be the edge of the map it also looks like it actually there might be nothing down here yeah i think this is nothing d bromley is happening though well its either nothing or its something and then i'll be surprised by something else and i'll be really scared this doesn't feel true me i don't know if it should be here but i define it Lately i don't want to be here yeah this is the edge of the map every time you hit these hard edges ok ok great yeah no light here anyway i hate to be literally squeezing my rear at this time.
terrifying new shadow leviathan subnautica below zero   part 15
Oh God give me something again please I can't see oh God that was creepy. Hello, I am only a hundred meters from the surface and everything is completely dark, probably because it is night, yes it is dark outside. i've seen hello i need to find a new place to go now i'm kinda wandering i haven't been here yet this is under the giant jellyfish jesus ok ok ok ok sorry sorry ok just keep going just keep going oh this i don't know none of this I can't fit down there Kelly should I oh Jesus that's a bad bad idea I'm coming back here wait until I come out again in a different area now what I told you not to follow me Tara now you have a problem where are you?
terrifying new shadow leviathan subnautica below zero   part 15

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terrifying new shadow leviathan subnautica below zero part 15...

Why do you hide? You know? There are many lawsuits against me. No name looks bad. The name has a price. Do you really want to know. Meet me. The gate color is 22:47. what are you doing here marguerite oh there's a new arm fragment can i put together? Is this arm super shocking? the whole area down here ok torpedo she was really hiding ok i need food this is cool what i like about these areas is they are all completely underground like going down here normally is one thing but then you find that hole. The one you go down and then it leads you to like this holy thing I think we're on the right track just a hunch is ok I don't know if I lose this arm fragment either I want a grapple arm the grapple and drill is all space what you needed is great there are these you can't scan them probably just say something like cave crystals new glow guys a ruck rub i can eat you know i want to eat you the same i also have fish i can turn into food right now i'm NOT doing this had a mouth well well further down in Z Blamey deep Guess I'm just gonna find his base somewhere Oh what's down here?
terrifying new shadow leviathan subnautica below zero   part 15
Why is that what is that? I don't want to be here what are you hey hey hey no no no no no no no no no I can't go I can't go faster I can't go faster I have to go faster Jesus Christ is not a new reaper I hate this this this sucks this is the worst also amazing i'm sure oh me oh what was that ok there you go I'm going to heal you cause you needed a discussion I want to get closer with the scan though definitely a new type of fish Bladder Reaper well I can get me some water oh man you go to the Emmy flying in the distance, terry plant, we've made bets, we've got terry plants, we've got a great gi. ant guys who want to eat my so amazing Nauticus I also need to be careful with this because I am using precious power from the AC truck here.
terrifying new shadow leviathan subnautica below zero   part 15
I only have 25 energy left. I did it. Where are you? Where is your base? There's another no no sometimes making noise oh it's you I don't want this I don't want it uh-uh so take it back I'm detecting a phone to signal from one of our facilities and everything do you know anything else most of my consciousness was lost to the Inspector eyes huh this place is really cool I was surprised that Aryan Dark Souls there Duke files you get to the Crystal areas and I hope we see something soon because I feel like I'm hanging around Allen you I want to confirm or deny these reports This seems important.
What are we looking at? What are these saints? They just look like giant rubies. You have them, of course you don't. That alone would be helpful. out of power down here deathly quiet please tel me, i'm going in the right direction, gotta be everything, everything's new every time i turn a corner, well then where are you? the way she was talking to me i thought i was right on top of her base then it passed Now that there's probably a very good chance she passed it oh god it's that other oh it's another but what if I don't want to ?
Since the business of a substantial facility in the area I like this even though this is all Go Go what are you sucking oh oh oh he's going to eat my ass yeah Sonny quick ok ok oh oh I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm literally stuck Not right now move what am i stuck on oh my god i just saved it's holy just don't look at it just close your eyes it's all good ok ok what about max depth? What do I do now? I'm so lost down here. I'm getting stuck. oh he's coming back oh no oh let's take him straight to the devil's anus well I'm here so I found out his name is Shadow Leviathan co where am I?
What should I do? I have a suspicion that I've missed the base I was supposed to be at, so I'm heading back. I'm also trying to make sure I don't run out of power. so i'll bring terry back closer to the entrance please please no please no please no please no please no god good good good it's happening me just whatever yeah yeah oh god i'm stuck again i that It sucks well I've done it Three energy left I don't know what I'm going to do Whoo no I ran out of energy I ran out of energy I ran out of energy What do we do?
What do we do? I hate this, am I dead? is this death is this what death is I can't do anything I can't go anywhere what it's like to get out let me get out I don't know where I'm going because I'm going to die. I have no oxygen or anything. Oh this sucks. I found the bottom of it. Oh, what was the code. I don't know what the code is. I'm not gonna do no so just get back in this truck C oh he's acting like he's not in the water excuse me are you kidding?
Oh, almost, almost, he's going to do the same thing again, no, no, no, don't don't don't, oh, thank God, that's okay, that's not the worst thing in the world. Oh god, he says he's right behind me. to get to the base oh my god this game ever this is the most stressful day of my life 22:47 ago ok ok i'm still going in the right direction that's good now i just need to find the door i can't believe a god It was right here and everything that was right next to where it was supposed to be the whole time and I got a lot deeper into it ok don't look at it from the outside just go in where is the door where are these 30 seconds you had? to get in i'm going to die again oh she's a moon pool that's how i get in there's no outside door idiot custom shrimp suit don't ditch the moon pool thing i want to see the rest standard marguerite's shrimp suit altera prawns based on a siclari on the chest whatever the jaw she is so rude this is so stressful getting here this is where i use the code jesus christ is he your dog names marguerite maeda now you owe me you trained a stalker how long you've been here too long the aliens have been looking at you you had i needed you you mean this what do i care what you need what do you care ma'am i want out of this jumped puddle off a planet if i help you give me the tablet if you help me i won't kill you it's a start you can stay here to catch your breath the moment you're ready get off my bass oh man she's great well you'll pay for the night where did your dog stop?
Marguerite made it confidential, okay, seat issuer defense, great, yeah. people Oh your face is so awesome dogs so full of death t Hey I think this guy's animation broke can I have the thing? I don't know if this base is quite finished or if it's fully functional or something because nothing's actually happening, but this is great. I sleep in your bed though my problem is much bigger than this because I can't do anything now ok nothing seems to be interactable a shower where was that what a simple scatter that's there we go I can build a shower wash off dirt like garbage I am or not a sink so this is the deep dive update it's so creepy though this is the last update for the game like all this kind of stuff and it's cool that you have an NPC in the game now that he actually has dialogues and stuff for you very nice it adds a lot more life to the game now that you actually have someone else you can interact with and their story to them and that kind of thing I love but yeah I don't know what I'm supposed to do now can I take Your shrimp suit for a ride, no what am I supposed to do? stuck here now i'm 1,200 feet down i don't have a truck with a seat i don't have enough oxygen to get out i don't think and i have no way to build new things so i'm stuck here and it will keep restarting me on truck c oh i don't know i want I'll figure it out next time and leave this episode here, but I'm glad I found this base now, I should have found it many times. before but you know what c'est la vie I'll figure out how to get out of here the next time we have to crash the game to do that because I don't know what else to do about it but maybe just maybe I'll be able to find one route to get out of this area but every time I die I'll just respawn in truck C we're just going to raise a problem just give me the thing please but yeah that's going to work It's for this episode Next time we will go deeper.
I think the base that Alan was talking about is not this. I think he's talking about where we can go to do the bow. Hitect skeleton or body that needs to do what it needs to do, but until then we'll figure it out next time. I will leave this episode here. Thanks for watching and I'll see you at the next meeting. batteries out there

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