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Terrell Owens confronts Stephen A. over Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take

Jun 06, 2021
two black men are here in your case you are defending Colin Kaepernick now in my case I have defended Colin Kaepernick on numerous occasions over the years. I'm talking about the microphone that will join James Browns and all the black people among them. All over the country, in the media, everyone speaks for Colin Kaepernick, but Colin Kaepernick, you are the only person who has nothing to say, you stand aside, while the brothers and sisters who know you were right when you want to go to the police. brutality who know you were right in wanting to address racial oppression who know you were right when you said you didn't deserve to be excluded and didn't bill deserves your cause to be politicized all of us continue to fight on your behalf, but you're the one who doesn't speak for yourself Same, do you have a problem with that?
terrell owens confronts stephen a over colin kaepernick criticisms first take
Well, I think the thing is in the black community, like I said, I mean, I'm in the streets. III, I guess you are yes, you think it is, I think Stephen you have a platform, it's okay to disagree, but it was the way you did it, it was almost like you were attacking him and I think what happened with Colin Kaepernick was the way things changed. Well, you know, right at the threshold of this training is just the transparency that you alluded to with the document as it relates to, I mean, when I was referring to it with the document, the exemption again says when you're at a certain language. something that is not standard, then obviously you have to


the time to review those documents and say that they were not given adequate time to do that, so now they insert that and then they think that I was going to sign it right at the door .
terrell owens confronts stephen a over colin kaepernick criticisms first take

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terrell owens confronts stephen a over colin kaepernick criticisms first take...

That's not fair what you gave him, if you're going to give him a fair workout, then give him a fair workout, you know, he wasn't allowed media access, he was what they were trying to dictate who their receivers were. I have to stop you there. I have to stop you there. I'm on the air right now listening to a Hall of Famer who I believe has had a multitude of opportunities to highlight the injustice that has been demanded of him. Did that stop you from accepting the challenge knowing you were walking? in situations that were blatantly unfair, that you were operating behind the eight ball at a disadvantage, courtesy of a system and an entity that obviously had a lot of power and influence to compromise whatever your aspirations were, you do it, I do it, there are people who established There, you are not the only one who accused me of attacking you.
terrell owens confronts stephen a over colin kaepernick criticisms first take
I would ask you to remember what I said. What I said is that I have been supporting this man. What I didn't support was that you sent, it doesn't mean that he sent. the message that everything has to be ideal and everything has to be fair in order to accept the challenge of acquiring what I have been behind the scenes during my camp telling everyone what I want, if you don't want to work, it's okay if you think it's unfair you want and I know max you want to come in I'm going to do it yes and you want you don't think it's fair that's fine and you want to get your lawyer and your lawyer wants to be there and say that this exemption is an issue that we are ready to resolve, but not until they modify this exemption, accept it, that's different, but don't do it, work to change locations and then go and give a speech to the media without answering questions. any questions about what's really going on, you're leaving others to guess what the hell happened.
terrell owens confronts stephen a over colin kaepernick criticisms first take
Do you mind if he jumps at you? Yeah, before you do that, but go ahead, what I'm wondering about is transparency, Steven A, and that's like, I've done it, I've had incidents of doing it throughout my career and then there have been times where I have tried it. I've been to interviews where I've done an hour and a half, two hours of interview and then it's broken down and edited and then you go on the show and there's a panel of people and then they break down the clips that they show, they don't show the whole hour and half or two hours of that interview that I did so what I wanted was transparency for people to see the full training to see the full training



again you mentioned obviously max is going to come in here like I said I'm in the streets max almost seems more black that you Steven a and with with with with what you come to tell me what with all due respect my brother I'm just a man wait a minute wait a minute it's a check right now don't cry I'm just saying it's time for me to say it myself , wait a minute,


of all, it doesn't cost much, like I told you.
Colin Kaepernick. Eric Reid. Any of you who would like to provoke me in front of black people and talk about what is best for black people. Mention the time and place. I will appear. I don't want to hear what the definition of blackness is. Is there a definitive definition of blackness? Why do you give the impression that because I don't keep up with everything Colin Kaepernick wants? Okay, excuse me. I don't agree with everything Colin Kapernick did. I'm not saying that, but you said, well, you just sat there and used a blacker expression or excuse me from Hollis Queens, New York, you're not, you're not the saint that you are.
He is not the only brother who is on the streets. I'm on the streets every day. I matter and, let's be very clear, you know damn well that's the truth, so my point to you is this again: I'm not going to disrespect you. I'm not going to go down that path, but based on what you just said, it's assumed that Stephen a and T o face each other. Did you know that I invited Colin Kaepernick to give him this platform for the full two hours? you can edit the damn show you can have it live we could talk whatever you want to talk the word is yours.
I also gave that invitation to Eric Reid. I know people on other networks who are giving Colin Kaepernick the same thing they disagreed with him about. to some extent you're questioning his blackness - come on man, there are certain things that are stuck in line, buddy, that's what I mean, you're taking it as disrespect, no disrespect, no time to be suspicious - that's not, no, it's ironic, but in the end At the same time, like I said, I said I'm on the streets, like I said, I delivered mono and like I said, like I said, you don't have to agree.
I don't totally agree with some of the things, actually, as I


it the way I do. I texted him the other day. He could have articulated or expressed his thoughts to us better than in the interview. Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and analysis. Be sure to download the ESPN app and to watch live sports and premium content. subscribe to ESPN Plus

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