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Teo Gonzalez y su esposa en que tanto se conocen

May 01, 2020
relatives a place that would see the birth of a child who in his youth would become the goalkeeper of the León club of the first division of Mexican soccer but one day he realized that with his jokes he made his teammates laugh and discovered that the Comedy was his thing and he decided to say goodbye to the fields to become a talented comedian and his success was so great that he began to appear on numerous television programs such as rumors, the comedians of the humor festival, the laughter house, the laughter factory, to mention some ladies and gentlemen, the number one show in the country, the piolin show is proud to receive a comrade who, thanks to his talent, humility and perseverance, has remained in the public's taste, a man who wherever he stops shines with his own light with own light because it is full of god in the ponytail gonzález gonzález ah thank you very much what a beautiful presentation thank you very much first and thank you for the invitation and how beautiful how beautiful they speak hey but no more guys a lot lest it costs you gonzález or it is one of the Comedians, you look very good, champion, what are you doing?
teo gonzalez y su esposa en que tanto se conocen
Do you bathe with avocado water? If you have it, it's the avocado. What it does? from time to time a little piece of football, no, I can't give it up, I love football, but tiger nuts, no, neither do I, because I'm not what they call a social drinker, who is a little drink and she, from time to time, that is, it's not even a daily thing, it's alas. I'm 33 years old, I'm married and one of my boyfriends has never seen me drunk, he's never seen me have a drink in a toast at a wedding, at a celebration, but he's never seen me drunk, nor have my children. as well as a couple 38 years married 33 33 and some dating 33 yes and this one well that part that is known as a couple is not said and when you had three three children three children you had simón gordita or with someone else not with lupita only only I have three children and another thing I am faithful please be a comedian if you love a woman who behind your bones like me about you and above all not so handsome that I am look I am a I am like an antithesis never in my life I have never drugged I am never faithful there is never a lack of unity and for almost 37 years I have not had a single fault I have never missed a show and well of those things so that I feel proud not arrogant but proud because it is important to say I do not have a fault I have won a very great prestige to fulfill my job of always being at the top of the canyon, I don't have to go around taking care of the paparazzi because they catch me with someone, I'm not faithful and I don't worry about that part because there is someone who says it's not True, well, there is someone who says that you had an affair with a woman, yes, and a product came out of that affair, oh my God, no one knows, we know it here in Chaplin, yes, and what channel am I going to have it on, television champion, let's see, let's listen to it. gonzález that you had a child with someone else other than lupita we are not going to see if it is true or not of course he is nervous no that gonzález you are trembling and trembling the mustache is rising as if it were an elevator and the tail yes the ponytail is rising falling is falling is not relaunching this queue is ready ready madam what do we listen sir you gonzález sir let it be your turn to talk about sir because you were never a father even though I know you are my father because I already took the DNA test and What a pity that after so many years you want to appear here for life and ask about your other children before these videos that you have more children and about your wife not because what the parents of now no longer exists about dad read me you no longer think They just arrive, they think and run, okay, okay, no problem, I don't get used to this, if at some point you want, I'll leave you my phone number so you can contact your family, don't be 1-800, dad, come back to this, your son, we miss you. at home I don't make them so ugly look at me through the airport in Mexico City and this one we greeted each other and he told me that he really liked my work yes a photo and I was happy to take it and all that but very good and If he talks like me, that he does admire a lot, it is also an example for him today, too, that father, no, don't pay too much attention because maybe I risk feeling that father and gratifying as a human being and as an artist to cause someone to suddenly notice me.
teo gonzalez y su esposa en que tanto se conocen

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teo gonzalez y su esposa en que tanto se conocen...

I work to be inspired and have my own style because at the end of the day we are not at all the same but if you are inspiration it is a father who did not ever say it frankly he changes too and it is very father not guys who have arrived logically he is much higher than me than of Suddenly I was a seed in his life, not everyone, how nice, what a correct father, he is going to appear with Jorge Balcon, that too, yes, Falcón, imagine we have an institution in comedy, sharing with him on stage is very nice because we have done an extraordinary tour in Mexico. in many cities in Mexico but they are going to have a trio, right?
teo gonzalez y su esposa en que tanto se conocen
As you can see, Gustavo Munguía will also be there. He is not a girl. It's also going to be there, so imagine a triad of 3, let's see what that third one is, not a few kills it, no, it's not going to be there this Friday, March 13, Microsoft will go. I have boletus for you countries because you're going to see Teo González or Jorge Falcón. Gustavo Munguía is going to be there this Friday from Microsoft and from the beautiful Link from Los Angeles so you can go see this Friday, right Friday, then come back we have the joke roulette and take a shot with Casimiro and we will have Lupita to see How well do you know each other as a couple?
teo gonzalez y su esposa en que tanto se conocen
Yes, it scares me more, winds. This is because they know each other so much. They know each other as couples. Hello very good many nights today the pita 33 years of marriage as consistent gonzález clothes this I saw him first they saw him almost and station and he made the most handsome in the world and he brings to the ips that day he takes it away sorry it was cut listen you were wearing glasses and that day Lupita hadn't used her forehead yet and I still see it. Don't tell me that, Lupita. You didn't see each other in the cafe.
How things happened. She was invited and Theo was hired to give a show and he said goodbye and introduced us to a boy who was my sister's boyfriend and from that day on Saturday and this Monday we were already talking on the phone and you talked to him first and now We saw each other, that's why Diaz and his sister-in-law are known as a couple, Lupita, González's wife, I love you, the other, you can't say anything, I, and whoever brought out the DJ here, we bring out this one, here, we take from the studio, or that it's already going slowly, it's a friend, don't worry.
Let's continue, you better have to take the phone call, please, so that they no longer hear the questions you ask, Gonzalez, to see how well they know each other, between three years of marriage, gentlemen, where they met in a cafe, it was in a cafe, let's go then. They were ready ok he can't listen ok let's go then gonzález and where was the first kiss you gave him on the mouth this place what place gives him a place occasion location son almost chaste he sure was on country boulevard corner with panorama in fact there is one with a statue of Christopher Columbus there I proposed to him and there I think it was the first kiss and there he conquers this halo pita and Christopher Columbus to America I think he is going to take country country and this panorama very good second question when you have to fight over him tupí teté gonzález híjole notice that we are not quarrelsome so I think that híjole I don't know for a long time a long time we didn't fight because they fought last time God why we fight so that married couples fight sometimes over any food in the movies we are not They really fight, trust me, but when it happened that they got angry, that is, if we got angry, it's not that our arguments are sometimes even about really stupid things, not the same as the stupidity and July, the one that bothers you, the stupidity, the worst nonsense, oh God, it's the worst nonsense.
I swear I don't remember now that you probably had to lose it many years ago but what do you think sometimes we fight to see who is right if you understand me like that I am right although who knows that they are really such trivial things that not even They remain engraved in my brain, although we have discussed whether we have fought or not, but no, no, what was the gift that you gave Lupita that surprised her the most in her 33 years of marriage, my children, don't separate a material thing, son, look, she's a woman. who has always been with me in all of them in very difficult moments and at the bottom of the canyon for me when we built our first house it was for her in her name I think that was an important gift because she deserved it, the friends know, but like, well, because the name of the two that I chose no no no one never knows what can happen and if something happens then at least she has a house and for my children to be there then the first house we built because she also built it I arrived with the money in This week I took so much boom and she paid stripes building bricklayers ordering bringing material she designed the house she built it from the first scraper that we did to the ground until putting the last drop of paint she did it and the house is in her name so to see if they match the answers that both know each other as a couple gonzález says put lupita who has been married for 33 years and they met gentlemen thanks to a coffee to a coffee countrymen ok crazy this list I avoided it nervous here I am you didn't hear anything take it away no nothing ok goes wrong and I think the first question we asked Teo González to see how well he knows his partner was where they had their first kiss in front of a park oh god no there he proposed to me in front of a park where he is a statue of Christopher Columbus those who block songs comedians are good with their tongues they will call you what barbarians second question friend when was the last time you argued or fought not only were you looking to see who was right I don't remember I don't remember I don't know what you take your ginkgo biloba, better for your memory, I forget those things, I never save them, there is nothing, my love, for example, one day you gave the chilaquiles that they brought tortillas, but it is not correct, gentlemen, and it is not true. you fight, don't mess, you answer what happens then we love each other a lot and I'm telling you we've had some arguments but trivial things really serious problems there are no friends it's not a social reason it's my government school trivial things that are things that don't matter like tribal boots or that ter asks my queen what was the material gift that surprised you that she gave you gonzález rey material gift yes no I don't remember either but something that did surprise me a lot was when I turned 50 he took me to a concert of a artist that I really like, I had never been there instead of wearing a bean but since who was Luis Miguel's artist, yes, so he is in love with Miguel de Amor, well, son, my love, the best gift he gave you, material for him was when you yourself built your first house in González and now the house fell down because you built it last Wednesday perfect return Bayern and it didn't fall kids and I say that the most beautiful gift now of non-material things were the children that you gave him Yes, that's right, that's wonderful.
The best thing that González wants to say to your wife, Lupita, is that I love him deeply and she knows it. It hasn't been a while ago. You said that because I'm faithful, because I love her, if not, I wouldn't be faithful. I think. That whoever fails or betrays it is because they don't really love their partner and I love her deeply and she knows it and I love my family. We have three beautiful accomplished children. The eldest already lives in Canada and is married doing his job because he is a professional. He received one that fixed a specialty and thank God they took him to work in Canada the company is Marcelo here who is the one in the middle he is an actor he is making his first film to finish he has this one he made a short film in English where they put him in the festival already He has 50 awards for the short film but Marcelo has 6 for best actor and my youngest daughter, who received her doctor's degree last December 6, must be more, because at this point there is no longer Lopito and they are already starting to have children. to have grandchildren and this eternal stick she knows she deeply stated and that is why we have come to where we have come in everything how good in my career it is unconditional support in my work equally as a person as a human being without being with me we are going through I tell you some difficult problems and he never complained to me about anything, someone else came because we were sleeping on the floor due to some circumstances we had this charge of napa the column is good very good very good for it to be here we arrived at a house without furniture or anything and there we lived and slept on the floor due to circumstances we were not poor but because we circumstantially went through that and a few days later we picked up a chair from the trash that Lupita saw and then we fixed it and it was our first chair and it exists, it's called loca lo tex tex I don't know where you come from and the work it took you to get there to where you are and there in your house there are the chairs and then a little room the dining room and until now here we go hey grace Lupita beautiful this for sharing it we and I really thank you may God continue to bless you thanks to you your family create beautiful lupita a hug with love that you are very well let's see when I buy you a ticket to see me in concert also because you carry meat those who have also starved youdaniel there were so many people that it's lockdown he didn't beat luis miguel he's not a little far away i liked it because it's lupita's platonic love i don't really like the way he sings i like his songs gonzález at that level good because casimiro look carefully don't leave costeño he's the better as the center of the country of emptiness I am a stranger also the first to see any oh what a stinker better success or joke what kind do you want of the ones where two Galicians meet and one tells the other Mari how are you she said very happy José Pinar said because 'she's not happy,' she said, 'well, it was my birthday two weeks ago,' she said, 'well, congratulations, but the happiness lasts until today,' she said, 'she's given me so many gifts,' I say 'why they gave you a gift,' she said, 'they gave me a radio and the other.' said hey and they gave me the glasses the other said look and gave me some shoes the other said walk and they gave me a gold medal the other said ok and they gave me the underwear the other said nice this one was an old guy and apparently he played a piano tuned he doesn't understand us animals and seeing at the end there was this gonzález there he playing the piano and he arrives from yoga excuse me they ask him this gonzález arrive violins beats what the pieces that are playing the piano and gonzález disagrees in the third or the third of symphonic especially in the third, like this there is a very typical joke because of the gangoso who reaches the stage in the eyes of others and the stage I am not Agar who I am Andean I am the gangoso said I saw myself in the shoes that is the typical no ha ha But one day he came and covered his eyes and told him fortune tellers I'm not the same Chihuahua you're Ernesto no David there's no ase efraín cold either no well this Jesus neither no I don't know they're Ricardo Granada to go to the only memory that I know this great joy of Juan Catany Deceives is reaching again the quantity of margarita and hors d'oeuvres Casimiro and as such he likes returning to the website because my wife walks around my house as she came into the world and my 7th year is naked but if it happens suddenly we get a guy speaking of without offending Casimiro is a drunk's drunk, a guy came to the bar very drunk and the bartender told him the money had already arrived the drunk and he complained walking up to the pink elephant flip flops he said the bartender hasn't arrived he said how strange Because out there there are beggars, elephants, people who listen to you, that you are faithful to yourself, so good, because you know that being unfaithful is a sin, if that is a sin, being unfaithful is why why why why I punish you with having two blocks. or they are not like tomato seeds, as well, they are useless but it already brings misfortunes on the telephone, a house, not good, Mr.
Manuel Meléndez at your service, listen, we are talking about insurance, sure, well, of course, I am sure, I am dialing no, no, Mr. Which insurance are you telling me about the one you bought with us, boy, I'll buy insurance with you, yes, sir, you bought insurance with us in case your mother-in-law died, so I remembered shortly, it's already expired, we have to renew it, no, sir, we'll talk to you. to inform you that your mother-in-law has just died, tell me that, how sad, how sad, what pain, so that you can talk to me, sir, this was the insurance payer so that he can tell us what he wants us to do with the bodies of his mother-in-law, he wants us to embalm memos, he wants us to embalm her.
We believe or she wants us to bury her and it is convenient we should not risk giving her the three things and close your eyes because we have a surprise martínez de gonzález and it was my mother-in-law if the plane is fine you have gifts for me I have a tree of let's look at champion I want to dance el mariachi loco el mariachi loco I want to dance el mariachi loco countrymen we are going to give gonzález this Friday at the microsoft inner we are going to see the gentlemen at 7 at night teo gonzález thank you champion for being with us for having fun thanks to you because you are a doctor For our soul, notice that they say that laughter is the food of the spirit.
I believe that when people laugh out loud they release endorphins and these hormones are responsible for mitigating the pain in the human body and producing satisfaction even until healing, so if we manage to people forget their problems, cure themselves of an illness or have a good time because we consider ourselves doctors in laughter to listen to today's piolin show visit the piolin show dot net dot net and download the podcast right now

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