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Aug 13, 2023
Oh God, I'm so scared. I'm going to try to do a test. Okay thanks. I am very excited. This is one of the best days. Hey guys, Chase, he's in the bathroom right now, getting ready to take a shower. What is our plan? We're getting ready and then we're going to have breakfast with my family, or we're doing it right, we don't like it and then I'm going to film with my


and then I'm going to film with my brothers later, so we're going to make two separate videos, so this one en One is going to be my


telling my parents that i m pregnant
One is going to tell my brothers, but how I did this is I told them that we found out where Chase is going to go to med school, but I really don't know where Chase is going to go to med school for another year, but my parents They don't know, so I was like, "Okay, perfect, where are we going and we want to make a video about it because I feel like it's kind of sketchy. I feel like it's suspicious if we say we want to film with them without having a big reason." , so I'm really nervous.
telling my parents that i m pregnant

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telling my parents that i m pregnant...

I'm really excited. Yesterday we went to my parents' house and it was really hard. I was having terrible morning sickness and it was basically all day, so I was trying because we wanted to leave earlier, but I was feeling really bad and I wanted to do some things like I want the house to be clean before I leave. I have this thing I have to do that took me forever to get out and we ended up not leaving until four but I had to stop every five seconds to pee. I just threw it, it's like the whole trip or me and yes I started to feel bad.
telling my parents that i m pregnant
It was kind of chasing me to stop and have a snack. We stop a lot to get there until 10 o'clock and it usually only takes three hours, but it's okay, this is the apartment so there are no kids around. here, Journey is downstairs, but there's no one else here, so I can make a little more noise, but I'm so excited I can't wait. I'm like I saw Chase yesterday and obviously it's a dream when you're a little girl to have a baby and tell your husband, but it's also a dream to tell your parents that you're brothers.
telling my parents that i m pregnant
I see that you are very excited about it and I have been waiting for this phone and I am really very excited. So we're going to have some breakfast and then we're going to go tiger with them, so you guys have it all right, so we're going to tell my parents and this is how we're going to tell them, so I had to do it. Do it by having them guess too, so I have three different items of things that I also like related to the move and then when it happened, I just guess and at the end we will have Chase's stethoscope here. and then, and then, the last thing, the last thing, it's kind of fun and I hope you understand it.
We'll see. I'm so excited yesterday while I was driving there was a point where Marissa sent me some great music, Chase. It's the driving code, we were sitting on my lap. I was so happy and I feel really grateful for this and I'm very grateful to have Chase and I'm grateful to have my niece and my family and I'm just I'm very excited that the Disney Experience is coming up and I feel really very grateful to want to go. . I'll let you know everyone was okay, let's get started and tell my parents okay guys Chase is ready and now. we're going to go lovely in fact we're going to go to breakfast and then we'll tell him how excited you are Chase excited he's excited guys Kobe bear so excited to see cozy.
Hi, here's his girlfriend, are you excited to see her? girlfriend, where is she? Where is she cozy? Where is she cozy? oh yeah, are you excited, okay guys, we're here with my mom, dad and Chase, and I'll tell you where we're going for med school. We were very excited and very nervous, it's good to be good, you are nervous, I don't want you to go too far, I know it is very close, what are you? You made the right decision, yes, we have been praying about this for a long time and we feel very good about this place, okay? and Chase got early acceptance, which is huge, so of course he got her accepted and you sure are amazing coming here, this is, yeah, we felt like we were doing well, okay, dad, Where are you?
Come on. just say hot or cold at first and then we'll do the clues and you guys keep guessing, does that sound good? Oh, okay, well, I know you guys had the idea to go to Texas, so I'm going to guess the state is probably Texas, okay mom, what do you think I'm thinking in the East, but somewhere where they have red brick houses and a very cold winter and because my father is in Kennedy, I have always felt a part? of her like living there makes sense like part of her just loves that kind of stuff no, I'm speaking as an assistant, they say wow, I'm speaking as Boston or yeah, so it's okay, that's my assumption, it's good, really? they want to keep their hot or cold, they're both named Benji like warmer, okay, oh wait, we're done, so we'll give you three clues and you guys can go ahead and see wherever you want.
Well, first clue Chase will pick up on the clues: we have a bear. A bear. He was trying to be a more realistic bear, but that's okay. A bear like Are you happy with Kobe's bag? No, this state is known for its bears. Chicago, Wyoming, yes. we have a medical school, they have medical schools everywhere I guess there are several states, yeah, it's very nice, it's in Chicago, there's one that's not only okay, well, they're warming up, right, trying to remember Chicago, okay no getting more because then Texas we're thinking about everything on this side of Texas like Washington Chicago Cubs um Chicago Arizona doesn't have bears well part of Arizona has bears did me good like the cold like Colorado California Colorado California California is okay, okay, okay, my nice guest is going to be Colorado Colorado is my name, okay, what's your name?
I think we're not going to say, I said Chicago, that's right, okay, we're not going to stay cold or hot on this one, okay, okay, we're going to move on. I guess this is self explanatory. Are you excited to go to this place? Okay, this is pretty obvious. Yes, medical school is a good medical school. It is quite well known, very well known. I don't know if you know about medical schools, although we don't. Maybe it's well known enough that even us simpletons would know anyway oh you guys definitely Chase I'm kidding oh look at the bear the bear has a nice stethoscope here we go but my heart is racing because I am nervous.
I'm not listening to your heart, okay, tell me what you think next and then I'll tell you how your heart really feels better, ready to go and she's alive. I can hear her heart now ready, so now I'm changing. My thought here is that teddy bears could be for children, the only hospital I can think of for their children that is famous, same as Judy's Hospital, yes, because I have a I don't know where it is located. My cousin's daughter was there for cancer and they helped her. Okay, so that's your St Jude guest, but I don't know where that is.
I'll tell you if you need to look it up. I have to listen to my own heart because maybe my heart will tell me the truth. This is like used. this will be your final guess because the third one is pretty obvious we're in Memphis Tennessee is in Tennessee so dad is guessing Tennessee I'm still back in Colorado I think maybe my heart's social thought is Colorado because that's a little commercial to Tennessee , okay Dad says Tennessee, I say Colorado, okay, we have a final one that's like, but that's like, I mean, that's warm for Texas, like, let's get on with it, okay, that's cool, I'm going to say Colorado, but it's okay, it's okay.
Is there anything else you want to know first, like showing you where we're going, basically, like any other question, yeah or, does it work? Are you


? I'm not going to do it, no, dad, this is not that video, uh , this is a trick maybe they really aren't going anywhere unless I'm


oh my gosh this could be so much fun okay um I'm going to say uh I'm still fine she's not crying so She must not be pregnant, I think so, um, okay. I don't know, I didn't do my research online, he definitely does remember, think of the song, the mountains of Tennessee.
I mean, it depends on where you are at work, okay, this is the latest daddy gummy bear we're looking for. on a map of the United States, so pathetic, can I say it's higher? I forgot, it's above um, I don't know, I really like a big doctor, you can't do that, you can't do that, I'm going to say Colorado. Colorado is my final answer and dad says Tennessee again Tennessee, okay, I think we're supposed to be okay, ready, no, I'm not ready, okay, you'll understand, no, give me one more ham first, obviously, hand It's pretty obvious.
Chase's first choice was this is like the school you ordered, yeah, this is what we prayed for, yeah, yeah, so he closes his eyes. All the schools you wanted to go to, you should know it's like being an athlete. I want to go to this university because I want to play soccer. at that moment it happens, he works hard for me, that's amazing, he's very smart, he can do anything, he means too no, I doubt it, okay, I'll close them, close your eyes, dad, bye, yeah, we both close the eyes. here scared take my hand I'm scared okay now I'm going to show the camera keep your eyes closed okay ready one two three open oh my god you didn't know how to film with you guys without


you we're just in medical school oh my god, wow game wasn't it February 11th actually what's my favorite number oh my gosh that's so cute our baby is the size of a blueberry right now we call him blueberry okay so chase boy or girl.
I love it actually she says she feels like she's a girl I think she's a girl boys so we'll see and Kobe bear will be a big brother oh my gosh Kennedy has 11 sisters and five brothers Chase says how many brothers four brothers right, all of them kids so you You have to be a male Gene in your family, yeah well we have February 3rd, yeah February 11th was a great thing, who knows I might have a baby on February 3rd we'll see but We are very excited, yes, oh God. Heck, we'll still be here in Utah, so that'll be fun too.
Have you felt like you've been sick or something? Yes, I was very sick yesterday, so it took me a long time to get home or get here. Sorry no. It's okay today, I felt very good, so I felt better and I apologized, do you know what medical school you go to? But no, you include both in the information at the same time, oh, I'm very happy, sorry, I cleaned it up. I tried. to clean it so it doesn't sit on it but I changed your diapers you guys okay guys this is the video I'm showing my parents.
News. I hope none of my brothers have sneaked in. Oh, give me one last hug, give me a hug. Chase over here give us a hug dad give us a hug okay congratulations um here I'm going to take this off because I don't know.

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