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Teen Titans Go! | Will You Be My Valentine? | DC Kids

May 10, 2020
Dear friends, do you know what day it is? It's Happy Valentine's. Do you mean Valentine's Day? Yes, a wonderful party full of flowers and sweets and don't forget about such romantic love. share our true feelings huh i didn't realize that


s day today of course we should all have


s then we already have a secret titan valentine we are here today to talk about the cyborgs in love with jinkx starfire if you would be a superhero. The Charter of Conduct states that there is no superhero. I'll take a romantic interest in a villain, she doesn't say that anymore, cyborg, okay, I'll tell you the truth, finally, I'm pretending to be in love with her to lull her into a false sense of confidence, have you been eating bologna again in fact? , I'm going to take her down right now, she's in a coffee shop as we speak and how do you know I know all about it?
teen titans go will you be my valentine dc kids
Excuse me oh we need more bandages don't worry I got you something big you're lucky your animal superpowers are keeping your arm alive while we figure out how to put it back on. don't let this discourage you, well aren't you upset about the loss of your appendix? No, now I have the sweet robotic arm to go with my manly scar. Robotic arms are tough and anything but losing body parts is not a good thing. What's about you? Maybe the cyborgs, right? We


work to put time back together. Boy, you're not laughing. Beast Boy might have thought it was funny, but now I'm a Skye man. you said i was crazy about beast boy but you didn't tell me i was crazy cuckoo the world of villains


pay dearly for what i found out here peace out


tim what's going on you're leaving without telling me who you are aren't you sorry?
teen titans go will you be my valentine dc kids

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teen titans go will you be my valentine dc kids...

Things are getting too intense between us. Beast Boy, wait, I just want you. Well, go find his tigress, you can't tell me you don't feel anything for me, you want to know how I feel really good. Raven banished her to another dimension. No problem. He was about to tell me how she felt. like someone a bit yes the truth is i would never spend a moment of my precious time pursuing something as stupid as whistling maybe i can teach you how to whistle robin oh this is the perfect environment for whistling no distractions lots of air now watch a fascinating shape from describing the whistle i had full lips too now it's your turn just control a stream of air by pressing your lips together like you're a great teacher why we went on a date i never said yes still here you are uh you're standing right in the eyeball of that turtle, he'll be fine, they're very resilient, seriously, you're always standing on a sea creature, you don't need to be nervous, I'm not nervous, you just don't know.
teen titans go will you be my valentine dc kids
What you mess with me I have a dark side I h Listen, can I show you something? Remember it. Relax oh thanks so what did you want to show me? So what am I supposed to fall for you? about to burst so let's drink i gotta kiss your face just hold on oh that was an intense circle of life baby i thought you'd like it i can't believe this but for the first time i feel like someone knows me you should wear your hood more often. Thanks, well better yeah what does Raven want someone who can match her intensity?
teen titans go will you be my valentine dc kids
I can be in touch with you, do you want? I'm going to give him a monster bear. bring out the guns big flowers she has really bad allergies great though she's gonna run away no she's not gonna run away there's actually five crows now are you sure cause i had Beast Boy we'll wait huh zero one you don't start at zero when you really count huh five , we just divided Raven into five versions of herself. You're fine, Raven told you not to mess with that thing, that you don't like all of your personality traits and it matches them with your ideal superhero partner and why would you waste your time? with that because Robin wants to prove that she is the perfect match to stop them? ok let's get started are we sure it's wise to let the Machine decide who we love and Starfire's ideal match yuppies yeah which Terrace makes me a special Valentine's surprise and from the looks of it it's going to be big , bright and probably radioactive? like you Beast Boy she's planning to destroy us all hmm sounds like someone's down she's not going to be able to slow dance with me tonight oh here look I've been using my magic to watch my every move she doesn't mean that what a joker she is Hey, she sulks when she hasn't even tried to warn you it's ok there's nothing wrong with you it's her she's a horrible person I know I'm just not good enough you know there's another girl out there to which I bet you like. i If she's out there, why hasn't she told me that you're following me?
No, I'm also following you. I bought you this berry pie, my favorite. I know it's creepy. so if any of the other tags find out, if any of the hellos find out, we'll have to keep it a secret, have you been using the power of telepathy again? I don't have the power of telepathy because you've been on my mind, hey, why don't you wear sunglasses indoors? I have to wear them because our future together is so bright mom now so you and the old sea king would have thought uh I don't give credit to your machine but I admit Aquaman has many admirable qualities and is quite in fit you know who else is fit you ain't wearing the shirt or pants yeah i just got back from the pool i swam about 200 laps no big deal all the reflex if im going blind You should go feed Silkie now long before you go to the room exits. t Cathy could cut diamonds I want someone who thinks and acts like me hey Raven hey Starfire look I know what you're doing and it's not going to work just give me a chance please pretty please with scary things on me look I I painted the nails black. for you hey star cute mask it's not supposed to be nice it's not supposed to be threatening oh well it really brings out your eyes are you ready to spend all your time and energy relentlessly chasing me just to feel you frustrated at every turn?
It sounds super creepy. I would never do that. Go Raven. It takes two for a relationship to work. We don't have a relationship. You're talking about giving up all the time. I give up. What about you and Starfire? we're practically dating you're so cool my fir The watch was a huge success. You know it's funny. I brought you here tonight to trick you into kissing me. But instead, I learned a lesson. I had to dress you up as Jeff and the smell of stale corn chowder for him to notice, but also to be nice. sweet and love of my life you are a great detective you tracked down dr. light up his lair using all three rules for a classic stakeout I'm proud of you Couldn't have done it without your guide partner Robin yeah new rule don't mess with jeff so mom wants to see those skeletons now i told death still that was pretty intense see a little goblin I've rigged the moon to explode you're going to blow up the moon don't you even care about the tides why would you blow up the moon because I know how much lights steal that? move the pirate, no, it's Aqualad, yes, it's me, you miss me, Raven, my other girl now, oh, it's on. rocks he's a hero she's a town he's a boy she's a girl when you rejected me i was heartbroken but seeing you now sad alone and single i know i dodged a bullet well i'm not single beast boy and i'm coming out really great uh-huh so sweet look how excited he is to see you come here little man it's time for your bottle.
I don't know what all this is. You're like my baby, little one, no way, Jose. I have something super special planned. Day in the best possible way in a classroom setting, honey, yes star, can we hand out the cards? Now, does everyone have their folded paper envelopes taped to their desk? cards, of course, but today is supposed to be our day. You don't want to hurt someone's feelings. Wait? You didn't get cards for everyone. It doesn't mean she doesn't love you I don't love him I only love you You're trying to ruin her Valentine's day Amazing baby oh what a pretty star Cupid is I thought you finally won her over with that song again You can't fade the way up the few during the w i wish you say you can't fade fade you can't fade i can't fade - i can't fade i'm sick of us we're done yeah that sunshine was really the only thing i brought to the relationship oh no every time i see a rock I think of her, she used to squash me with ones like this, get over it, Tara tried to destroy us all twice, I think, can you push me with this rock, sure, I think?
I ordered too many spaghetti. You may need help. Estrella, this place is so romantic, wow, thanks for the lift. Handsome gondola man, that must be the flower. If you want to choose me, you must answer a question. You made a riddle. you look good in my petals is the riddle sure looks good let's get to what i said you look good wow i'm just saying it doesn't matter nobody cares how you look sorry i wasn't being considerate your the petals are perfect the color really compliment your stem, you noticed and don't think I didn't see that new stamen.
I bought them on sale cou You cheated on me you look like a million bucks you are worthy choose me and let us bring joy to your loved one and your cape matches your hair perfectly I like you so much thank you oh sorry it's hard to contain our love for the Como I ordered for the table, oh I love calamari. honey that doesn't matter robin i just moved i'm sorry but i couldn't carve a message there it's totally delete it whoo all i need right now is a teddy bear sure it's dark in here oh oh how cute you are i'm going to snuggle mate oh robin stop the boys there robin come on i can never use this thing uh it's not a fuel what were you saying?
DNA I wonder what Fred Beast Boy will look like when he emerges take me to my bug man Prince what was that raven nothing nothing can I have this day for you Robin Robin you're like my brother and damn I just wanted this party without meat it's not a party it's stupid and derivative Why do you have to be so mean all the time? I don't even like anything. Of course not. We're just being nice to Beast Boy, so you're lying to him. That's not good, oh, but I do. i love vegetarian chili yes if you love it so much why don't you marry it, marry chili.
I love it so much and I could see us building life and growing all together, we will have it together dear Chui. i have to be the bad guy and explain to her why she can't marry a pot of chili so i bought you some things because i love you and everything you're so amazing you're so amazing yeah that's custom made maybe i could wait for you every day everything what i want to do i just let you see everything i want everything to be alright wrap it up lovebirds friends you've mended your romance yes we did and all it took was a little bit of mental effort and sacrifice so what of We are talking?
I don't remember romance with you.

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