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May 30, 2021
What's up my beautiful YouTube family? Thanks for tuning back into my


s. My name is Chad. If you are new to this channel, go ahead and subscribe. I promise you won't be disappointed. Press your thumb up. You like this video and also the notification buttons. all the time i post videos throughout the day forget it this is my intro has changed for the next two videos i have been making they have been requests for all my people with life threatening illnesses and we have just been cheering each other up each other and stopped my other


s just for them.
tedeschi trucks band   midnight in harlem reaction
I did a recent video for "You Need to Hear This," it was a title and we just talked about being there for each other in these difficult times. here they are not even vital and the coronavirus some are fighting cancer some have a date when the doctor says they only have this amount of time to live and I have been humble in talking to many of you and many of you say uh, me creating this channel and reaching out to you I lift your spirits daily and it's the most humbling thing I've ever heard when I started the channel guys I didn't have a vision I didn't have a plan I just wanted to. exploring my music and learning or expanding my musical horizon, expanding and exposing myself to music that I wasn't exposed to as a child and just knowing that I have gotten to help people in their days has been incredible and I heard them, I'm in the comments section, even if I don't respond, I'm reading the comments and, um, this is a special request.
tedeschi trucks band   midnight in harlem reaction

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tedeschi trucks band midnight in harlem reaction...

This person who requested this song was one of the first to write to me about his and I's illness. I'm sorry it took me so long to get to this and I saw you write that and I know you wrote to me and said can you react to this which I requested a long time ago and I'm sorry it took forever to do so. Get to work, but I hope you're doing great and have better days ahead, but I'm happy to do this reaction for you, um, the group. I hope I don't butcher this




name and this song is


in Harlem. and this is a live performance by elena so this is for you let's dive in well i came my heart was bleeding he was born i grew up all your time well i went down to the river there were needles on the ground no more mysteries no more the secrets are that the Streets are winding and the sun's paths close them.
tedeschi trucks band   midnight in harlem reaction
I'll take this dream to the other side of town. Don't play, this is a great suggestion, um, from the organ, I always love it when it's full of instruments on that stage, the brass section, phenomenal work, man, the tone they were playing there, I think you should definitely have headphones to listen. uh the style that they are playing and hearing their wind instruments sounds beautiful um the keyboard and the organized musician every time I go down that road it reminds me of my dad uh I tell you guys my dad is an organist and when I see organists up there playing in this style it reminds me of him and he did a phenomenal job.
tedeschi trucks band   midnight in harlem reaction
I love the chords he played. I loved the volume control he had throughout the song. It was incredible. The lead singer did a phenomenal job. Her voice is incredible. She has a phenomenal voice. for my man, the lead guitarist, that solo was fantastic, he shouted the lyrics without saying the lyrics, um, it was a heartfelt tune, the guitar solo started to pull at me, it was a little emotional knowing that the request you sent and and with what you're fighting for, that solo definitely does it, uh, pulling gives you just a hair and I appreciate these requests and like I said, I hope to react to this, oh I'm leaving out the drummers, I didn't expect to see two drummers there above. in this configuration, but that's it guys, I always tell you that the mute configuration that I'm used to playing in is the drum style, the bass, the compact bass, the compact drums, it's probably a 20 inch bass Up there. the more drum style I'm used to playing on a smaller set, the set I have now is the biggest set I've ever played on a 22 inch bass drum, but I love that style, I love those k symbols placed there. k sounds really good one day I will be able to get some caves, they are expensive, but one day I want to have a couple uh k symbols um, but I enjoy this reaction and the person who requested it, I hope you like it I said, I hope this makes you smile, I hope it brightens your best days and I hear you guys, I'm here for you and I just want to show you my love and appreciation for supporting me and being a supporter. what you're struggling with, that's humbling and I love you and I just hope that whatever you're going through, there are better days in your future.
Thank you for your request. I enjoyed it and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. a beautiful song I want to see what else these guys can do I like this style thank you guys for tuning in above my reactions don't forget to like don't forget to subscribe I'll see you in my next video

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