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Team USA eliminated from 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup after loss vs. Germany | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Sep 09, 2023
Team USA in the FIBA ​​World Championship just got knocked out in the semifinals by Germany with Dennis Schroeder, Lakers Keyshawn's belated reaction I'm not worried about this, no, no, it's not for me, you have Steve Kerr the first time taking over and doing this. Actually, I mean, it's you, you just figure we're better than everyone, so we should just get people out there and play


and we're going to run with it. There are a few sets and some abilities to power up. to do this there are different, they play


differently abroad, it's the court, it's all of that eventually we'll have our horses and these are NBA All-Star type players and stuff, but you know what horses I'm talking about , yeah, when the time comes and


curries, no, they're not playing right now, old LeBron isn't playing, Ada dang Lillard, we've got a whole list of players we could pick and choose to put on this list and a Lots of them don't.
team usa eliminated from 2023 fiba basketball world cup after loss vs germany nba undisputed
I don't want to be on this list because they just don't want to have to go through this at least yeah yeah at least yeah but when this happens and that kid that song has in our lives was talking about this he was like everybody talk about being


champion you are only beating people from your country you have to be people from outside the country they all said are you kidding? we have the best players you're right we have the best players and they didn't play Anthony Edward Jalen Bronson these guys were top scorers you know Anthony it was 23 points yeah picking the person I love Jaylen Bronson that's why I mean, now he did amazing things with New York, but they're not Steph Curry Dame Lillard.
team usa eliminated from 2023 fiba basketball world cup after loss vs germany nba undisputed

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team usa eliminated from 2023 fiba basketball world cup after loss vs germany nba undisputed...

It's not Kevin Durant so LeBron James so yeah yeah yeah even though we don't want to lose I don't even want to see our next level talent lose but that tells you okay maybe we're a little bloated with what we have. Think of ourselves elves here because if you're being my second


because our second


isn't there when it's time to come down our second team won't be in the field okay our main horses will be in the field yeah but the The way we've seen the things we want to believe America has is okay for our first team on a second team that can beat anybody in this country, no, that's not how we think, uh, always. we go with our second teams, we have to go back to our first teams to erase what the second team did us well, so we say that we have an overinflated ego of what we are and should be, but obviously we make more guys.
team usa eliminated from 2023 fiba basketball world cup after loss vs germany nba undisputed
I would say no we're not going to have this we're going to have that dominance we're going to show up and make sure there's a reason why the 22 or so players I don't know the exact number but there's a reason why Top Dogs when they go down they go down top dogs go there's a reason for that when that's when the five circles is like the olympics and stuff yeah yeah so when you talk about we gotta beat 'em all man, we constantly put gold. around our necks so what was I talking about on the track we put the best dogs on them but to be fair to this if I could borrow a phrase from someone from Dion Sanders Europe keeps telling us we're going because they just keep going back and forth and they're getting a little bit better every year and we have to send the best to beat it because we can't beat it with this and by the way we sent a team there without any big man and against Lithuania they totally beat us on the map, we got roughed up , we embarrass ourselves on the board, it's like 43 to 20 something like that.
team usa eliminated from 2023 fiba basketball world cup after loss vs germany nba undisputed
The point is, Joel Embiid just became a US citizen and there was some speculation that they might talk him into being next, but that's where I am. Saying that if they are big dogs, yeah, they're not part of this equation, so there's no need to get mad and trip over them, lose the gym, let me, let me, let me, let me talk about this last book. Last word for the rest of the world, let's look at these latest MVPs, or they don't come from this country. I understand, you see what I'm saying, so we can keep talking about us being that superior, but we're seeing some.
Higher things are coming. I don't know who will stop joking at this point. Yeah, that guy right now is different. I mean what he does on a basketball court. The possibility of him is another level. Be honest, it all comes from somewhere else. this is all somewhere else so yeah we can keep talking right now huff and puff yeah because we're still tearing down all the houses that have the big dog but like he said Dion is saying we go out into the world and we have to let to send backup for seconds and third parties or we have to add some of our stars with these guys the problem is those guys we talked about.
I know, I know they play so much basketball that they need their body to heal. They keep playing. on the court a lot you say making money, of course they are making money, but in the end they need to rest, they can't, they play all this makeshift basketball, they have to slow down and rest for the regular season, that's what you do. You're looking good, so you know how America is doing right now on Twitter. The United States says this is unacceptable. Honestly, we don't do this, yeah, but they've got to get out of the crazy Dallas Cowboy State.
Nothing better than the United States that you have to represent. that every time you step on the court it will be difficult. I wanted to talk to this team. I should have talked, but even though Austin Reeves had a phenomenal run last year, a phenomenal dog will necessarily be in the Five Rings or any of that just saying well, you know, that's all I'm saying in the Jupiter Zone. , they're also attacking Steve Kerr on his coach here because you know, all you see, you read about this, the Europeans say, oh, it's what is Curry without Steph Curry and stuff, you know what I mean, you run for the team that just formed and they've only been together a couple of months, um, yeah, but there's nothing on it and and now they're home, it's home. all amazing man but here it's true yeah but it's not you can't just take a bunch of guys and put them together and say, handle my stuff and we'll be dominant hey how do you know we want them to know that we We don't love you, we're fine if you know, why don't they know that we still want to brag that we have the best country?
We won everything and we want to win this. I want to win the future. I want to win the circles. the limit is everything and we have the talent here. You can still win this without submitting your number. Your top five NBA players clearly, your next best five should be able to pull it off, but I don't know if this is going to be our next best. Top five Bronson and Edwards, I don't know if they'll be the next top five. You see what I'm saying, so what I'm saying is that it's kind of great, it means I think we can send anyone there.
We're going to win, we're going to win more than anyone there and that's just not true. I don't think that's the case. We thought we could send anyone there to play. I don't think that's the case even though these guys go there top guys whatever top second tier guys they just don't want to play now that's it they just don't want to play now okay So Keyshawn, there's a silver lining. Here, speaking of the Los Angeles Lakers, you mentioned Austin Reeves. I think Steve Kerr fell into the same trap your Lakers fell into last year, especially in the postseason when they didn't have enough Austin Reeves to become the most effective player on this team, including Anthony.
Edwards, who always took the most shots but Steve Kerr again held on and brought Austin Reeves and Tyrese Halliburton off the bench to be the starter, he's too good to come out, he's so good he needs to be in the starting lineup and he needs to play more minutes and I think you guys realized that late last year and he's going to start and finish for his team because he's serious business and he keeps showing them at every level that he can play flat so what's doing? Trust him, but what does he do? That's what you get when you watch the game.
I've seen LeBron attack people. LeBron rushed him. He sees the game the way LeBron wants it this season, coming off the bench in this


. Germany made 7 of 10 shots on 3 of 5 of three and I told you in the last four quarters combined against Denver in the Western Conference Finals LeBron hit the wall he's shooting 7 or 23 and one of 10 of 3 Austin Reeves in the He made eight of 10 shots in the last four quarters and seven of eight of three in just the last four quarters but didn't play enough minutes and didn't get enough shots. I don't know where he came from, I don't know.
Never in my career have I seen anyone come from nowhere to everywhere like this kid has and as Rachel Nichols pointed out yesterday, you drive around Los Angeles. I'm on Santa Monica Boulevard, I'm looking up, he's on a big old billboard, I say Austin Reeves. yeah we had an uh Alex Caruso before that okay you can't do something like that in the same yeah okay but offensively this kid is way beyond yeah oh no I know but I'm just saying that we have a way to find those type of players and LeBron has a lot to do with Hollywood, it's Hollywood, it's Hollywood, they screw it up, yeah I get what you're saying okay but this is a kid I saw in Oklahoma for two years shoot 28 threes and now it's advanced.
Late Bloomer Late Bloomer from small town Newark, Arkansas, come out of nowhere, a backwoods hick, well they call them hillbilly Colby and all of a sudden he's as good as anyone on this team, that should be a good one. I wish for your team, oh yes, no, we, we. happy with him, we're good, we're very, very happy with him and LeBron LeBron wanted me to tell you those things, yeah, we're very happy with him, really, are you in close contact with LeBron James? That's what you're trying to do. . to tell me, I know some people here, yeah, were you out with LeBron last night?
Nobody, LeBron resting, right? Yeah. Oh, I thought he was in the lab, that's what they told me. Well, he better rest so he doesn't hit. that physical wall that reads to stop I thought he was the fittest athlete in the world, he is, he got hurt last year, he got hurt. Not only was he heard jumping, you can't play Forest quarters in three series, every game at that age. I just can't, yeah, do it, yeah, but he can't do it, he's much younger than you, he can't do it right, I can't do it, he's fine though, it doesn't matter.
I thought it was LeBron whistling on James next, I can't. Wait, this is pure barbershop to me. Travis Hunter is more impressive to show off. Hey, this will be good.

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